Immigration redux at the Statehouse

January 11, 2010
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State Sen. Mike Delph is back this year with another bill targeting the hiring of illegal immigrants.

This time, legislation introduced by the Carmel Republican aims to confirm citizenship of government workers and people who seek state unemployment benefits. State and local governments would be required to verify eligibility of new workers.

A controversial bill Delph wrote last year would have hammered businesses that hire illegal immigrants, but it eventually died.

Are Delph and like-minded Republicans on the right track with this issue? Latinos tend to vote Democratic, but some Republican strategists believe they’re a natural constituency because of their bootstrap work ethic and their conservative leanings on social issues. Some observers have even warned the party that it won’t win many more national elections without finding a way to embrace the growing demographic.

What do you think about Delph’s efforts? Republicans and Latinos?

  • This is racist
    It never ceases to amaze me how many racists are given the soapbox and pretend to be compassionate. If the author had done his research he would have known that 1/3 of all illegal immigrants have no Latino heritage at all, yet this issue is dressed up to be about Latinos. Just the same, it is compassionate to learn Spanish so our immigrants, legal and otherwise, feel welcome. How welcome does this make our immigrants, particularly the legal ones, whose native tongue is not Spanish? Right now we have greater unemployment than has been seen in our lifetime. How compassionate is it for American Citizens, and those who have jumped through the legal hoops to come here legally, to be unable to find employment because those who broke our laws are working the few jobs that are out there? Those who do not support this bill, by default, support special treatment of a certain segment of people. Equal protection under the law should be just that, equal. Allowing those who brake our laws to have priority over those legally here is not equal protection for the citizens of Indiana.
    • Laws mean something
      I support Delph's bill. Government workers should be able to legally work in this country.

      According to the Pew Hispanic Research Center, while illegal aliens in the US are socially conservative, they are otherwise overwhelmingly politically liberal with 89% believing government should provide for people rather than people providing for themselves. That mindset is wholly opposite of that which is touted by the Republican party.
    • Well said
      Very well stated, Cayla. Thanks!
    • Not as stringent as last years bill
      Sen Delph's bill is not as stringent as last years. Yet with an actually Unemployment rate of over 10% it should pass both Houses.

      How many people actually want City, County or State taxes to employ Illegal Immigrants, while Hoosierrs are unemployed?
    • what is it you don't understand
      The feds won't enforce the laws. The states need to step up and increase penalties for these lawbreakers. What is it you don't understand about ILLEGAL. These people don't belong here, they use the system and thumb their nose's at us.
    • We should accept lawlessness under the guise of compassion?
      As Latinoâ??s and some democrats want to make this an us VS them problem, that's just not the case.
      The majority of citizens of both parties want an end to the illegal alien issue by enforcement not amnesty.
      Every state including California that put this issue on the ballot citizens have easily won voting for enforcement.

      The Latino communities have claimed this issue purely for ethnic reasons and are disingenuous and bullying in their actions. The threats of losing the Latino vote is pure racism and has not worked, and we have several states as proof voting for tougher enforcement, it is a hollow threat.

      Thank you Sen. Delph for having the courage to do what is right for our state and country, for those that use accusation to silence those opposing the illegal alien problem; you need to look in the mirror to see the real racist or bully. Enough the sleeping giant of America is waking up.
    • It is called 'Breaking the Law"
      I commend Senator Delph for fighting for America and her laws. I commend him for understanding how the illegals are destroying our state/our country.

      Illegals are people who enter our country from all over the world through the 'back door'. Most of them do not speak English. They thumb their noses at our heritage, our laws, etc. I am tired of paying for their education, their medical, their homes, etc.

      Hoosiers need to stand up and fight for America. We need to get behind Senator Delph and others who tirelessly fight for our rights.
    • Delph stands alone
      Delph is the only one who is really helping create jobs for Hoosiers. SB 213 will ensure that state agencies and contractors are legal workers. Our tax dollars should be spent to employ our fellow-Hoosiers, not drained off and sent to foreign countries. Also, illegal aliens who apply for unemployment, will be prevented from receiving those benefits.

      Over 15 million Americans are currently unemployed while more than 8 million illegal aliens are working in non-agricultural jobs. American blacks and Hispanics are hardest hit by illegal foreign workers taking their jobs. Why does the IBJ attempt to make this a racial issue with their tiresome remarks about Latinos? This is an issue about the law. It involves ALL illegal aliens, not just one favored group. Doesn't the IBJ care about legal American-born Latinos and blacks?
    • Illegal Immigrants
      Cayla, does this bill specifically target Latinos? The first mention I see of Latinos is from Norm. Hopefully the bill covers all illegal immigrants from whatever country.
    • Another Immigration Travesty Coming!
      The American people very soon better realize that President Obama, pushed by the cohorts of Democrats are going to urge him to start the drive for Comprehensive Immigration Reform? If unopposed the Democrats might pass the CIR, but their is a growing dam of US Workers and an even larger majority of the population, who are tired of these so called Liberal Progressives. China already owns us from our furious buying frenzy of many inferior goods and even some that have been highly toxic. Most of the importers don't care as long as they can make that extra dollar. The sale keeps going on and like fools we are, the cheaper the goods? Why do we not realize why America is in the dung pit? Same with--NOT CONSTRUCTING--a real originally designed border fence. Under contract to the US government, taxpayers have forked out millions of dollars for cameras and equipment that sits dormant along the border.

      None of the politicians will mention this, because they have probably got some lucrative kick-backs from the contractors? While we are saving the world with taxpayers money, we still cannot keep illegal immigrants off US soil. We are still overrun by illegal workers, drug dealers and a whole compendium of criminals. If that is not enough, it is contempt for the people who pay the salaries of our public servants, but they still refuse to enforce immigration laws. Many are so corrupt that they have stalled or even killed laws, that would alleviate much of the pain of the 15 million Americans out-of-work. An example is E-Verify, that should have been permanent, not just for 3 years? another is 287 (g). The list of culprits are long, but Sen.Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and even Janet Napolitano leads the pack, who are out to appease La Raza and other ethnic caucuses, not to forget the massive financial lobbying of every business that wants to low wages with no benefits.

      Extraordinary! As they have almost achieved this, with the collaboration of the Council of Foreign Relations, whose secret agenda is the free flow of immigrant workerlegal or illegal. Much the same as Europe who are having to deal with the same issues. E-Verify is the pariah businesses nightmare, because they can be audited by fed agents. But just like our flimsy immigration enforcement as entering this nation illegally, that is--ONLY--a porous civil infraction of our law. Unless we insist that the Senate-House make E-Verify in-perpetuity, we will still be no better off, although more companies are signing up for the federal program. Napolitano has weakened the 287 (g) police detainment program and lessened stealthily under the table the power of ICE raids around the country. Worst of all--nobody in Washington seems to have recognized, that just before the president signs the AMNESTY bill, millions more will try to get through the borders or fly in by jet.

      I don't have to state to Americans the--BILLIONS--of dollars this will cost--as its costing now in free unrevealed monies that supports illegal immigrant families, stolen by the tax system. Never have I seen people so angry with this administration that is spending the lives of our grandchildren future. The blame cannot even be attributed to those in power now, but through many presidents have we been subsidizing the welfare of illegal families. IF YOU WANT TO APPROVE A TRILLION DOLLAR COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION POLICY THAT'S YOUR CHOICE. BUT IF YOU ARE TIRED OF SUPPORTING THE REST OF THE WORLD, YOU BETTER SPEAK UP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 to be connected to your Senator and Congressman and use the voting power of THE PEOPLE. NUMBERSUSA AND JUDICIAL WATCH for more frightening information and which lawmaker are signers to the potential AMNESTY and their immigration grades of the proponents.

      Local Immigration news.
      LAWRENCEVILLE â?? Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway, the shepherd of 287 (g), says the fast-track deportation program is showing clear signs of success less than two months since its activation. Conway shrugs off claims from immigrant rights activists who complain the program is racially motivated. He points instead to data that show 287 (g) is easing jail crowding and could save the county millions, while pulling law-breakers by the hundreds from streets and neighborhoods. Conway credits 287 (g) with a dramatic decrease in bookings of illegal immigrants since its Nov. 16 debut.

      No copyright on any of my comments. COPY & PASTE! We need to get the message out to the people.

    • What Delph fails to see
      Delph's bill fails to realize that it is too late to simply rip immigrants from our state and our economy without causing damage. For example, the Immigration Policy Center estimates that if all undocumented persons were expelled from Indiana, there would be a loss in expenditures (as in persons spending dollars) of $2.3 billion, $1.3 billion in economic output and 16,700 jobs. It is also estimated that immigrants in Indiana paid $2.3 billion in federal, state and local taxes.

      So if Delph's bill passes, the undocumented persons will not be the only people injured. When are folks like Delph going to stop trying to shoot us in the foot?
      • Thanks Delph -- working for Indiana working citiz...

        I agree with the proposed new law 100%. We should not be increasing taxes to pay for people who move to Indiana just to get a free ride. (and take advantage of employers who don't verify green cards)

      • We're Talking About ILLEGAL Aliens NOT Immigrants
        Karen is using a tactic that ILLEGALS and their supporters use to confuse the discussion: They Equate ILLEGAL aliens with "immigrants".

        ILLEGAL aliens are NOT immigrants.

        60% committed a felony by entering the U.S. at other than an authorized Port of Entry and 40% simply overstayed their visas.

        Karen would have us believe that 'revenue' somehow justifies their criminal behavior while hundreds of thousands follow our laws, get in line and wait their turn.

        There is NO JUSTIFICATION for ignoring their criminal acts. None, nada, zip, zero!

        Delph seeks to save American jobs for those legally entitled to them and holds business responsible for comply with existing law.
      • Immigration
        Do we have a problem with immigration, yes, and the fault lies in the laps of our WORTHLESS Congress. However, some of you people need to look up the word racism and understand what it means before you start throwing out that card!
      • Bogus UCLA Study
        New Bogus Study from UCLA Claims Amnesty Will Make Us Prosperous

        Last Ditch Pitch Reveals Desperation of Amnesty Proponents

        By Bob Dane, FAIR Communications Director

        This week, the Center for American Progress released a "study" done by Dr. Paul Hinojosa-Ojeda, a radical open-borders activist-professor at UCLA. In it, amnesty is heralded as an economic nirvana because the legalization of 13 million illegal aliens will cause the gross domestic product (GDP) to rise $1.5 trillion dollars over the next ten years.

        This report is a mathematical fantasy that defies common sense and years of research. It's being used by the far left political elite as a last ditch pitch to sell their amnesty agenda, but we're not buying it. Amnesty proponents understand they have a limited window until midterm elections to accomplish their agenda and they can clearly see that public support for amnesty has no pulse given 10% unemployment and massive government spending. In a desperate final propaganda push they're peddling amnesty as the new Economic Stimulus Package. It's not. It's the next massive bailout - this time to benefit 13 million illegal aliens, and a wholesale sell out of American workers. The fact that this Administration is entertaining the notion of amnesty in this economy should be an affront to every American. Just because 13 million illegal aliens could be administratively converted from illegal to legal status doesn't change the fact that most are poorly skilled, undereducated and heavily government dependent. That dependency will continue if they're made legal - in fact it gets worse because they'd get more in tax credits than they put in. Moreover, since they would have legal status, they'd be eligible for even more government benefits than they already have at the federal, state and local levels. Taxpayers will suffer. Flooding the market with more cheap labor and adding millions of government-dependent people is no way to fix our economy.

        The report focuses almost exclusively on the broad GDP - the total sum of all goods and services produced - not on the plight of real people with real needs. The study claims that there would be a $792 billion rise in GDP over ten years, yet the Heritage Foundation finds that Obama's planned amnesty will give illegal immigrants not merely health care benefits, but full access to the massive U.S. welfare system comprising over 70 separate aid programs at a cost of around $700 billion per year.

        Yes, our GDP could rise if we add 13 million people to the economy but that doesn't mean the per-person share of the GDP will rise. The abstract economic metric really means nothing for John Q. Public. It doesn't get him a job (in fact it reduces his chances because amnesty would add 13 million more legal workers into the economy all competing legally for the scare jobs he needs), it doesn't increase his wages and it certainly won't reduce his taxes. The winners are companies who get to keep their cheap labor supply, immigrants themselves, and the political parties who will add millions of new citizens, most of whom will vote for the party that gives them the biggest handout.

        The report claims that amnesty will cause wages to rise. For whom - the illegal workers who get rewarded with citizenship and get a few more dollars per hour? Despite their claim that wages rose after the 1986 amnesty, the fact is that when properly adjusted for inflation, real wages for low-wage American workers have not increased since 1986, and since 1965 have actually decreased. Amnesty will not magically grant illegal aliens an education, better job skills, or higher earning potential. It only grants them access to taxpayer funded programs. Their wages levels may rise marginally overall, but not enough to make illegal aliens net contributors as taxpayers.

        What has increased since 1986 is the amount of people coming to US expecting yet another round - their personal round - of amnesty. Granting amnesty just creates the incentive to come here illegally and perpetuates the cheap illegal labor addiction of business and keeps wages low.

        A century ago, poorly-educated immigrants were needed for low value-added, mass production work. Their care generally fell on family members or private charities. Today their care falls on the public by way of massive entitlement programs. Unless immigrants can generate the "value added" to cover their costs associated with being here, their recruitment generates reduced wage costs for employers but far higher taxes for the rest of us. What made sense at one time no longer makes sense. What once was can no longer be.

        Finally, converting 13 million illegal aliens into instant citizens doesn't stop the cost of illegal immigration because it just encourages more. We'll have the staggering cost of adding millions of new low-income government dependent citizens, and we'll continue to incur the cost of the next round of illegal aliens.
      • America is for CITIZENS ONLY!
        Americans are losing their sovreigntry and rights under this constant liberal agenda. I commend him for using common sense to protect our nation and the tax paying public. Let Mexico and the other thrid world countries contribute to their own countries. I do NOT want the Cartels especially coming to America!!!AMERICANS have had it and if they try to give amnesty watch for all hell to break loose...AMERICANS have had enough theft of their money and treasure!
      • Indiana Needs To Be Globally Competitive
        Mr. Delph is completely misguided on this subject.

        He would be better guided if he were encouraging foreign investment in Indiana, boosting Indiana exports, teaching Foreign Languages to students, and supporting immigrants integration into our society with English language support and other services instead of trying to exclude people from essential services.

        Immigration policy is a federal issue, not a state issue. He should take Burton's seat if he wants to write federal legislation.
        • IPC what a joke!
          IPC is made up of all pro-illegal alien advocates like Walter Ewing working with the Catholic Bishops and the Church.
          Mary Giovagnoli another pro-illegal alien advocate worked with the traitor Kennedy, and specializes in asylum and refugee law along with general immigration.

          Any study done by this phony group certainly does not add all costs incurred from illegal aliens forced on honest citizens.
          The study might as well be done by polling illegals about their thoughts concerning their crimes or getting Mexican officials input.
          The church desperate for membership after years of pedophile scandals and payouts is ready to throw every other citizen under the bus so they can regain funds and membership.

          A better place to find accurate info about costs is Center for Immigration studies or numbers USA dot com.
          I believe the majority of honest citizens are willing to take the so-called risk and deport the criminals. Next time donâ??t use groups that have such obvious self-serving agendas.
        • Please support Senator Delph
          What you fail to realize is that the earnings garnered by the illegal aliens (a large portion of which is remitted to the home country), would have gone to U.S. citizens and would have in a much greater percentages spent here. When factoring in the reduction of welfare costs, healthcare costs, law enforcement costs, etc., the removal of illegal aliens from this country would have nothing but a positive impact.

          Additionally, all one has to do is look at California to see the impact of decades of high illegal immigration. As I have said many times before, the positive aspects of California are the result of legal immigration, while the negative aspects of California generally result from the presence of illegal aliens, who (even more so with the second generation) impact the schools, hospitals and social welfare policies and expenses of California government. If you want to be like California, continue to ignore the problem until it is too late.

          Problems with illegal immigration or even too much legal immigration can rip a country apart.
        • This is Not Right
          The Indiana Republican party will become the minority party if they continue to let Delph demonize immigrants, embrace mono-ethnic/religious radicals, and alienate enlighten Americans.

          First they came they first came for the Communists,and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

          Then they came for the Jews,and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

          Then they came for the trade unionists,
          and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

          Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant.

          Then they came for me ââ?¬â??
          and by that time no one was left to speak up.
        • In Support Senator Delph.
          Some of the comments are old worn out arguments that don't hold up.I am not a racist nor am I anti-immigrant.I am against illegal immigration.There are still approximately 8 million illegal immigrants holding jobs while 15 million plus American citizens are unemployed.

          Native-born Latinos and immigrants (who have unemployment rates much higher than the national average) are among the first to lose work to illegal workers. Given that, it is hard to view any enforcement of immigration law in the workplace as anti-Latino or anti-immigrant.

          I applaud Senator Delph for standing up for American workers instead of the companies that knowingly hire the illegals.These companies would not hire the illegals unless it was making them more money.For factual figures and information check out NumbersUSA.Com

        • This is not a race based bill
          If you are illegally in our country you should be afraid we will deport you! Deportation is our law for those of you here illegally. The Democrats should be aware that the unemployed will show up at the ballot box the next election partically in Indiana. There has been a 100% increase in illegal aliens into Indiana since 2000. 17.500 plus Limited English Speaking students were in Indiana's public school system in 2000 and now we have 45,885 in 2009. At the Indiana House summer study committee on illegal immigration in Indiana Lauren Harvey, Assistant Director of the Office of English Language Learing and Migrant Education testified it cost on average $11,400 to educate a student. At $11,400 X 45,885 it cost $523,308,900 to educate Limited English Speaking students in our state. Not all of these students are here illegally but if their parents could not work here legally we would save more then the $300.000.000 Mr Daniels seeks to cut from K-12 education state wide!!
          In 2008 Immigrants legal and illegal sent $389 million in remittances back to their home country earned legally and illegal in Indiana. These stats are from the Inter-American Devolopment bank which 2009 info is not avalible.
          Indiana had to borrow millions from the Feds to help pay the unemployed in Indiana.
          The Indiana summer study committee determed a majority of illegal aliens work in manufacturing, construction, hotels and resturants not in the fields picking fruits and vegies like we have been lied to in the past by the lame stream media.
          It's all good to allow legal immigrants to settle in our state it's the illegal aliens that need to be sent packing.
        • NICK
          The claim that immigration is a Federal issue not a state issue is one reason it is such a mess.The politicians use this as an excuse to do nothing.States have the right to make laws and see that they are enforced.
          We have fire coverage districts.Do we want to give that to the Federal level in D.C. and call them when we have a fire? The federal government has messed this Country up enough already.It is time for States to act on the illegal immigration issue.The key word is illegal!Thank you Senator Delph for having the courage that is not shown at the Federal level by addressing this problem.
          • illegal immigration
            In all due respect it is not about immigration. It is about ILLEGAL immigration. Why can you proponents not see this?
          • illegal immigration
            In all due respect it is not about immigration. It is about ILLEGAL immigration. Why can you proponents not see this?
          • Immigration is a Federal Issue
            There are plenty of immigration laws on the books already.

            I can't see how having states write 50 additional immigration laws that conflict with one another will solve anything.

            As a matter of public policy both President Bush and O'Bama have sided with the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center against hate groups like IFIRE.
            • laws
              Nick, you are right on immigration laws. New laws over the same subject don't really matter if the current laws are not implemented. I just have question:

              do you mean O'Bannon or did you mean the president Obama? Obama does not have the Irish spelling with the ' in it.
              • Is FAIR Unfair?
                ADL Background on FAIR
                (IFIRE is Indiana Affiliate)

                The Federation for American
                Immigration Reform (FAIR)


                • Ooops
                  Obama is not Irish? ;)
                • What's legal and illegal?
                  Did all you HOOSIERS come here legally? Do you think all the European immigrants who checked in on Ellis Island were legal? By all means, heavily fine the aliens who are here with no or falsified documentation. But isolationist principles 80 years ago helped keep Indiana a backwater while neighboring states plunged forward with industrialization. Comprehensive immigration reform--making it easier for aliens to arrive documented so that they work and PAY TAXES--is a far better solution than letting a state shoot itself in the foot with rash decisions.
                • trying to feed your family is not a crime
                  If you work hard in this country you should be rewarded not put in prison. Some of them are willing to die fighting in Iraq for this country. We should not use them as a scapegoat for our problems. Hitler did that too to the Jews.
                  • Dishonesty in accusations about FAIR
                    The poster titled, The Company You Keep, is correct, check out the real racist.

                    Which is why founding organizers of LA RAZA, MALDEF, Brown Berets are racist by their own words.
                    Found at snopes. Com


                    Also revealing language used by Mexican officials that they are practicing La Reconquista.

                    Or traitor and racist Professor Fernando Gurerra of Loyola Marymount University; â??We need to avoid a white backlash by using codes understood by Latinos.â??

                    All this and more racist language, on the snopes dot com link by co-founders of major Latino organizations and some elected Latino officials and professors.
                    Proof of racism.
                  • Ilegals
                    INDYGUY...illegals CANNOT join the military.
                    SASSAFRAS...we gave amnesty in 1986 and we got and the joke called AZTLAN.
                    NICK...the SPLC and ADL are twins which DO NOT list hate groups like the ones I've listed to Sassafras.
                    KAREN...ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS is the topic..illegal immigranst CAN NOT work legally in the USA. They CAN NOT use an ITIN. Look up the laws.

                    OH and the bill didn't make it out of conference because of that jerk,Bauer.
                  • Indiana Nuts

                    You need to calm down and get your facts straight.

                    There is a military program that offers legal U.S. citizenship if you serve in our military. Many people from U.S. commonwealths like Puerto Rico, Guam, etc. take advantage of this.
                    • We're Talking About ILLEGAL Aliens NOT Immigrants
                      Actually INDYEAST is 100% correct.

                      ILLEGALS can NOT serve in the military.

                      LEGAL aliens can and do with great distinction and pride and at the same time earn a fast track to citizenship.
                    • ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL
                      Providing food for your family may not be a crimes unless you STEAL a job from an American to do so.

                      There is no excuse, no reason for ILLEGAL to remain in America.

                      Want the truth about ILLEGAL immigration? Visit
                    • IFIRE is NOT a Hate Group
                      Nick uses that old played out race-hate card. It's all they have. The SPLC is the largest paid purveyor of hate speech in America and the ADL is one of their biggest sponsors.

                      Want the truth about the SPLC? Check this out:
                    • As a Democrat I support Delph's bill
                      I preferred his stronger bill last year that would have required workplace verification for all employers. Removing illegal aliens from jobs would open up jobs for Hoosiers. The misleading claim was made in another comment that we would lose jobs by getting rid of illegal aliens. Of course, if they leave the state there would be a small decrease in expenditures, however, even the illegal's advocates concede that 2 jobs would be opened up for legal residents for every 3 illegal immigrants fired. Also, those illegal immigrants consume far more in taxpayer supplied services than they pay in taxes. All levels of government would benefit from their departure.
                    • Actually, Ellis Is. immigrants were all legal
                      And, the sensible quota levels that prevailed until 1965 allowed an unprecedented increase in wages and salaries in the United States, as well as maintaining open spaces by restraining population growth.
                    • Commenwealths
                      People from Puerto Rico, Guam, etc already are US citizens. The only thing they have to do to vote in US elections and apply for US jobs is establish residency there.

                      After some hesitation about donating to to the SPLC, One Old Vet's blog inspired me to write a new check to them again. Thanks.
                      • So You Support Race Hate
                        Sassafras admit that (s)he financially supports organizations that use hate speech and completely unsubstantiated claims about organizations simply because they want our borders secured and existing laws enforced.

                        So much for the "Rule of Law" in his/her world...
                      • Send them back!
                        If I remember right, there are already laws about hiring illegal. They just need to enforce the dang laws and fine those companies hiring them and deport the illegals. It's ridiculous that these people are working here when Hoosiers could have a job somewhere.
                      • Either/or
                        Either we enforce our laws or we don't. If you're here illegally or without authorization, you should be barred from working. Unemployment, especially in entry level and unskilled positions, is at record levels. Americans suffer as a result. Meanwhile, some illegal aliens test our generosity and tolerance further by having children while they're here. These "anchor babies" are automatically granted citizenship and thereby entitled to all the benefits that accrue to every citizen. Another form of stealing from the American people. It has to stop.
                      • Immigration is a local issue
                        The federal government's responsibility is to ensure that our national borders are secure. Once the borders are crossed, immigration becomes a state and local issue. Indeed, cities and states bear the brunt of enforcement efforts. There are no federal police officers. That's why it's imperative that all jurisdictions and all levels of government work together to enforce our laws. LaRaza, MALDEF, etc., distort the truth about immigration and work hard to promote a pro-Hispanic, anti-American agenda by controverting our laws concerning immigration. Groups like IFIRE, NumbersUSA, etc., strive for truthfulness and common sense regarding immigration. The rule of law and American interests are promoted, as they should be.
                      • Racist is an understatement
                        The ignorance amongst Hoosiers and the Government in this state and many others never ceases to amaze me.
                        Why is it in many countries it is a skip and a hop for many immigrants to get residency but for the majority of Latin American Countries cannot due to their ethnicity? Many of the immigrants are not Latino but a good majority are and would not matter if they were here or gone many of the jobs they do would be left unfilled which would jack the price of getting your dry cleaning done, the roof on your house completed or your grass cut. If these individuals were given a better opportunity as many of our other immigrant brother and sisters we would not even be on this site even reading or replying. So instead of spending all the tax dollars on getting them out of the country and losing million of dollars of revenue lets spend 1/3 of the money to allow them to get residency.
                        The racism and ignorance never ceases to amaze me
                      • pay off
                        leticia olalia morales of 15501 pasadena ave # 8 tustin ca 92780 submitted fake documents and paid 5000 dollars toobtain a US tourist visa. she also used fake employment records to obtain a work visa. she is now applying for citizenship.

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                      3. This house is a reminder of Hamilton County history. Its position near the interstate is significant to remember what Hamilton County was before the SUPERBROKERs, Navients, commercial parks, sprawling vinyl villages, and acres of concrete retail showed up. What's truly Wasteful is not reusing a structure that could still be useful. History isn't confined to parks and books.

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