Angry at Indiana politicians

March 5, 2010
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The public isn’t seething with anger just at Congress. They’re upset with state legislators, too, according to a recent Politico story. The online article discusses polls taken in states ranging from Pennsylvania to Iowa that reveal deep dissatisfaction.

The story doesn’t mention Indiana, but Tom Hirons, who owns the Indianapolis-based advertising and public relations firm Hirons & Co., says the same sentiment is present here. Hirons won’t say where he gleaned his information because it came through work for a client.

But, he says, it’s obvious voters are really honked at incumbents in both parties. In fact, the only incumbent with any sort of positive approval rating is Gov. Mitch Daniels, who is enjoying “extraordinary” popularity.

“Dissatisfaction is not specific to individuals or to parties, but to incumbency,” Hirons says.

Negative sentiment is so high that it compares to the groundswell that swept Republicans into Congress in 1994 under Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America, Hirons says. He adds that he isn’t certain what’s beneath the anger, though he suspects the sluggish economy and job losses are factors.

By way of background, Hirons votes in Democratic primaries and is tied to the party. However, his company doesn’t work for political parties, and he has employees who are active in Democratic as well as Republican circles.

What are your thoughts? If you’re angry, why? And what do you think of the General Assembly and the governor?


  • Politics
    We're angry because they are spending money they don't have, have perks way beyond the regular citizen that we pay for, they play political games that have nothing to do with logic, commonsense or what is right. There needs to real reform of government. We have too many layers of government. Federal, State, City, County and Township is too many. We've let too many good paying jobs leave this country and let countries like China and Mexico make sell cheap goods here while their people are starving. We're not bringing their standard of living up its brining our standards down.
  • well said
    Very well said Randy.... don't forget the part of about manhandling us into this farce of a health care "fix".... and the fact that people are still contesting having to have a valid form of state identification to vote? I can't believe it was ever optional not to identify yourself this way before! tax dollars hard at work.
  • Upset
    Most Americans are extremely upset. The press today is saying how wonderful it is that on 36,000 people lost their jobs. Tell that to one of the 36,000!!! The government is totally out of control. The current federal administration knows exactly what they are doing and everything that is happening is on purpose!! The American people need to stand up, vote and get all of the liberals out!!! We are sick and tired of all the BS.
  • Worst excuse of politician
    Speaker Bauer sets the "lowest" standards of any politician that I can ever remember. His perceived arrogance and his visible cockiness appear to drive his personal biases toward agendas that are against most "best practice" legislative issues and solutions. The Speaker's public statements and media statements seem to push him into the lowest levels that any politician can ever stoop into. He seems to even drag some good intentioned people with him. He really gives the worst definition possible to what should be viewed as "public service."
  • Someday
    None of them realize how deep these feelings run, but they will find out on election day. I believe that right now we may be on the verge of another civil war. They are not listening to the people!!!!!!!!! Stop the spending and lower our deficit,fix the economy by creating jobs,not higher taxes.Stop the illegal immigration and our jobs and factories from going overseas.Support our troops and keep America and our Constitution safe. Then fix health care with an honest effort on both sides, not the B.S. and vote buying that has been going on under this Administration.
  • Politics
    Thought you'd find this one interesting.
  • The Next Step
    I would disagree with Randy on one point. There are levels of govt for a reason. The problem is that our state govt does not stand up to our federal govt.

    The other point I will make is that it is not just a matter of voting out the incumbent but voting in someone who understands the Constitution, the principles of freedom, and the proper role of govt. Otherwise, we will just continue to be stuck in this ping pong match btwn two parties that walk us down the same path.
  • Whose being represented?
    My feeling is that one of the biggiest problems is that government that is supposed to be for and by the people has become governement for the lobbyists and those who make the largest contributions.

    Medical reform is needed so badly it hurts, but there was NO sensible debate. The GOP threw out all sorts of nonsensical arguments that got people all riled up. The Democrats played to special interests after not once putting out a plan that people could view and understand.

    Also as most people know, Indiana's congressional districts are drawn to protect incumbents. In most districts the opposition party doesn't even bother to run any one. How can their be true democratic representation when only one side runs a viable candidate?
  • The real issue
    It's as simple as 'jobs'. There are many things people are angry about, but finding a job is priority for those without one, and they can't really focus on the other issues until they do. They feel the incumbents don't feel their pain, and areno' taking the jobless situation seriously while they're 'campaigning' to stay in office.
  • Fear feeds ange
    The economy is weak and fear is up. Mitch is the only politician who seems to have the three things people want in a leader: 1- a plan to move forward; 2- a history of success in times of trouble; and 3- the courage to follow through in the face of weak opposition. Add to that the ability to recover from a mistake (IBM -FSSA contract as the best example), and you see what is happening. No other Indiana politician is matching Mitch's standard today ( or for awhile).

    Fear goes down and anger will follow.
  • i know...
    I know that some of you want to quickly blame the Liberals in all of this, but it is a two party system and not one or the other can solely be blamed for all the short comings of our today's system. Both parties are easily to blame as long as you refer to current issues with a look at the past 20 or so years of legislation and reforms.

    They have tried different things to stimulate the economy over the years, but every time, it has not succeeded to someone's liking. We all can blame the politicians (in power) for the crisis, but if you do so, will you have a better plan? If so, What is it?
  • publishing
    I think all bills that are passed and the people who voted on themshould be published inallm papers for eveyone to see,
  • Wrath
    When I declare America "Egypt". What do you think the people will do to politicians, lawyers, ect to avoid God's wrath? They are the ones that make unjust laws. They are the cause of a lot of misery, although they are quite skilled at hiding it from the public, but your evil is not hidden. so let it be written.

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  1. Liberals do not understand that marriage is not about a law or a right ... it is a rite of religous faith. Liberals want "legal" recognition of their homosexual relationship ... which is OK by me ... but it will never be classified as a marriage because marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. You can gain / obtain legal recognition / status ... but most people will not acknowledge that 2 people of the same sex are married. It's not really possible as long as marriage is defined as one man and one woman.

  2. That second phrase, "...nor make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunitites of citizens..." is the one. If you can't understand that you lack a fundamental understanding of the Constitution and I can't help you. You're blind with prejudice.

  3. Why do you conservatives always go to the marrying father/daughter, man/animal thing? And why should I keep my sexuality to myself? I see straights kissy facing in public all the time.

  4. I just read the XIV Amendment ... I read where no State shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property ... nor make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunitites of citizens ... I didn't see anything in it regarding the re-definition of marriage.

  5. I worked for Community Health Network and the reason that senior leadership left is because they were not in agreement with the way the hospital was being ran, how employees were being treated, and most of all how the focus on patient care was nothing more than a poster to stand behind. Hiring these analyst to come out and tell people who have done the job for years that it is all being done wrong now...hint, hint, get rid of employees by calling it "restructuring" is a cheap and easy way out of taking ownership. Indiana is an "at-will" state, so there doesn't have to be a "reason" for dismissal of employment. I have seen former employees that went through this process lose their homes, cars, is very disturbing. The patient's as well have seen less than disireable care. It all comes full circle.