What to do when a pit bull attacks

March 24, 2010
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News of pit bull attacks just keeps coming.

In March alone, an Indianapolis cop was bitten on a knee while looking for someone for questioning. Another officer shot and killed one of two of dogs that attacked a man while he carried out trash. The dog, by the way, had been at a Humane Society shelter and adopted out months earlier.

The stories are worse farther from Indianapolis. Three children mauled in California by a roaming pack of five. A woman’s arm nearly ripped away during a two-minute-long frenzy in Australia.

There were nearly 300 pit bull attacks in Indianapolis last year. Police spokesman Jeff Duhamell expects activity to pick up again as the weather warms and more people resume jogging, bicycling and other outdoor activity.

“They are an extremely vicious breed, and they always have been. They’ll come after you,” Duhamell says. “The more you pull way from them, the more they’ll lock down and start ripping skin and muscle.”

Pit bull owners say the bad rap comes from unrestrained animals or those trained to be mean. It doesn’t help that the breed is favored by drug dealers and other folks who don’t like attention, aficionados say. Treat the dogs responsibly and train them to be passive, and they’re fine.

(If pit bulls can be trained to be unaggressive, can labs be trained not to fetch? Just asking.)

Mayor Greg Ballard and the City-County Council have been reluctant to single out the breed for special regulation.

So what’s a person to do?

Duhamell says pit bulls running loose are the most dangerous, because they’re aggressively territorial. Stay away from them, and get inside a car or house if you feel threatened, he recommends. Or shout “No!” or “Down!” in the hope they’re educated. Other dogs set them off, so leave yours at home.

A Taser might work if you’re accurate enough to get the probes on the dog, he says. And Mace might help.

Duhamell muses about the potential of pepper spray designed to ward off grizzly bears. The spray, which hunters are required to carry in areas of Wyoming, squirts 30 feet from a small canister.

If all else fails, Web sites focused on dog attacks recommend curling up in a fetal position and protecting the head and face—areas where plastic surgery is harder to hide with clothing.

What are your thoughts about pit bulls? Are they maligned? Any ideas for preventing attacks you can share?

  • Get a Grip
    That would be my suggestion

    In Your State

    "Over the past 45 years (1965-present) there have been eleven (11) fatal dog attacks in Indiana, an average of one (1) fatality every four (4) years.

    At least twelve (12) different breeds/types of dogs have been identified in these eleven incidents. (Note: The number of breeds is larger than number of attacks because one fatality involved three dogs of different breeds.)...In 2005, 29 Indiana children died as result of maltreatment (abuse / neglect).

    In a single year, 2005, more than four times as many Indiana children died from maltreatment than the total of all children killed by dogs in the state over the past 44 years."
  • Bad rap
    Media perpetuates the uneducated view that pit bulls are a vicious breed. Dogs can be vicious, true. ALL dogs can be vicious. It all depends on how you raise them.

    I am the proud owner of an 11 year old female pit bull. She has never shown any aggression towards anyone. She loves people and adores children.

    I raised her right. She doesn't encounter aggression in the house. She doesn't encounter beatings or fights.

    By growing up in a warm and loving house, she has become a very well mannered dog.

    It is a ridiculous comment to state if you can untrain aggressiveness can you untrain a lab to fetch. You don't untrain anything. You never train it in the first place.

    We live in a society of people who can't think for themselves. Pit Bulls are all aggressive b/c TV told me so. Life lesson: There are no absolutes. This applies to stereotypes of dogs as well as stereotypes of people.
    • training pit bulls
      here's the problem...most dog breeds do not require the owner to train them NOT to be aggressive. it seems as though aggression comes naturally to pit bulls...am I wrong??
      • What to do when the media attacks?
        I guess it is of no consequence that the dog that attacked the girl in England was a mastiff, or that the children in California were actually attacked by 5 different breeds of dogs.
        What do you do when the media attacks? I've tried curling up in the feral position - it doesn't help - and there is not enough plastic surgery in the world that will make the media look good or trustworthy anymore.
        • Ah, the "experts" !!
          "Indianapolis cop was bitten on a knee " -
          FACT - This is called a "dog bite" and all dogs can do this when someone barges onto their territory.

          Theyâ??ll come after you,â?? Duhamell says. â??The more you pull way from them, the more theyâ??ll lock down and start ripping skin and muscle.â?? - FICTION - made up nonsense because he really didn't have a case to cite of a police officer having his muscle and skin ripped by a pit bull - so he just slapped his lips together for a good story line for your "pit bull article."

          Ah, information about pit bulls from the business journal and a police spokesperson.

          Now, let me go and ask my 12-year-niece for her opinion... it's got to be better than this garbage.
        • Corex
          Aladar, I stand corrected on the girl in England. The news site I saw had it as a pit bull, but it indeed was a mastiff. Thanks.
          • Yes you are wrong. Dan is correct, you don't train a dog not to do something, you just don't train it to do the unwanted thing in the first place. It's dogs we're talking about here... Descendants from the Wolf,(DNA confirmes that ALL dogs came from Canis Lupis, the Grey Wolf) if they are not trained to do something and are left to their own devices what do you think will happen?

            First when any dog attacks, keep your wits about you. Do not panic, animals can sense fear and distress, if the animal attacking you just attacked for "NO Reason" then they are not going to stop because you are yelling and screaming. Second, use what you can to protect youself, most dogs have a high pain tolerance using your feet and hands probably won't do much (personal experience dog on dog, no pit by the way. An AKC lab and an AKC AB). Didn't know about this one but... If you can... Stick your finger (or bigger) into it's anus. Apparently a dog will instantly let go. Haven't seen this but makes some sense. And lastly... the most important part:
            Don't say it was a 'pit bull'. Pit bull is not a breed of dog, it is a "type" that emcompasses many breeds (any where from 3 at a minimum to dozens). Dogs are deemed pit bull if they even remotly resemble what someone (ignorantly) beleives a 'pit bull' looks like (again pit bull is not a breed).

            No domestic dog breed is more 'inherently' dangerous than any other, dangerousness needs to evaluated on an individual basis. There are numerous 'pit bull' (mostly the real pure bred APBT, and AmStaffs) dogs that work in law enforcement and as therapy dogs. If they are so dangerous why would our boys in blue even consider them as 'partners'? Hopefully the ignorant 'rumors' stop here and I don't have to start pulling out websites that state my point. Like the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) or the National Canine Research Council. Check for yourselves.
            • your bigger and weigh more
              Just fall on top of them, pinning their chest and legs to the ground then muzzle them. Their chest muscles are not strong like ours. If you encounter more than one, kick them in the face while yelling. They are also vunerable in the throat area.
              • Don't run from any dog
                I'm surprised the article doesn't mention what is obvious to anyone who knows anything about dogs. Never run from a dog or act afraid. It is instinctive for all dogs to go after prey so you never want to act like prey.

                ALL dogs will attack prey or defend what they perceive as their territory (though these instincts can be overcome by good training.) But not all dogs have the jaw strength and tenaciousness of a pit bill. Pit bills are not inherently vicious but their bites are inherently more damaging than many other breeds.
                • Start thinking
                  "Aladar, I stand corrected on the girl in England. The news site I saw had it as a pit bull, but it indeed was a mastiff. Thanks.

                  And do you think this is the first time that a media outlet has mis identified a dog as a pit bull?
                  • JM's post
                    JM - 300 pit bull attacks last year, but you apparently are only concerned about the 11 people that died over the past 45 years. Do you want to be maimed due to someone else's lack of responsibility? Do those people that have only been permanently harmed in some way, but are still breathing, not count? Additionally, apparently it is okay that these attacks occur because more children aren't properly cared for. Your post completely lacks logic. Ironic that you were implying that someone else needs to get a grip.
                  • Ignorance
                    The general ignorance of this readership amazes me. These dogs have been bred for generations for no other function that to fight and kill in pit fighting. While any breed can be agressive, CONSISTENTLY dogs bred for fighting cause more severe injuries to people and other animals that any other breed group. Will a Maltese bite and injure someone, sure. Will you survive the Maltese attack, pretty likely. However, combine a fighting breed with irresponsible ownership and you have a disaster on your hands. These breeds need to be banned until some form of practical and ENFORCEABLE ownership standards and laws can be adopted. Until then, ban them. Period. I raised dogs, I show dogs, I know dogs. I would never consider one of these killing breeds.
                    • Where are you getting your info? A pit bulls jaw strength is comparable to any other dog. (Again not a specific breed) And as of right now there are no test to acuratly determine jaw strength of dogs, do some research. I will agree that many pit bulls (APBTs) are very tenacious, as they were used in baiting, bulls, bears and some currently are used to help hunt wild boar. Of course they are tenacious, what hunter would want thier dog to let go of it's game when the game is a REAL dangerous animal. Again, do more research, don't just stop and use the first bit of info that you find either. There are websites devoted to both sides of this cause and many (on both sides) give info that is not and cannot be researched, or proven.
                    • facts
                      I think that was a Bullmastiff not a Mastiff. There is a big difference as to temperament.
                    • Unreal-This Isn't Journalism
                      First question is this...how does this topic have any relevance to a BUSINESS journal? I do not see how this is business related.

                      Second, why in the world was Duhamell interviewed? It is obvious by his words that his viewpoint is rather skewed. He just spouts off the first things that come to mind without ANY factual basis about these dogs, or dogs in general. He may want to do his research about learn about dog behavior in general and RESPONSIBLE dog ownership before slamming a breed.

                      I am truly SHOCKED at the audacity of the author of this "blog" to not do a hint of research before allowing this blog to be "published" online.

                      This is a breed that has been around for over 200 years. This is a breed that has been honored as one of our top war dogs (Sgt. Stubby). This is a breed that was called a nanny dog. This used to be a family dog and still is. It is the irresponsible dog owners and backyard breeders who have ruined the wonderful reputation of the breed, and the rest of us have to pay.

                      Any dog has the propensity to attack, and pits are no different than any other dog. It just so happens that they are the dog of choice now by the media, and with your idiotic blog, it is just fueling a fire that doesn't need any help. WHY? Why did you have to post this?

                      One HUGE thing to keep in mind is that there are 20+ breeds and mix breed dogs that resemble pit bulls that are NOT pit bulls. This is so much information to find online from reputable sources. The term "pit bull" has become a catch-all term for dogs that have a stocky build, a block-like head, and short hair. The media and police officers do not know what kind of dog has attacked...they just ASSUME that it is a pit bull because of the way it looks. Sounds a bit like discrimination to me, which is what RESPONSIBLE dog owners are trying to avoid, no matter what the breed.

                      Many backyard breeders have screwed up the disposition of all breeds of dogs. When you can get a pup for $20 from a classififed ad, do you think that the dog will be of sound character? NO. Maybe the police department, media, and other naysayers should try to focus on backyard breeders and the irresponsible dog owners for their dirty deeds rather than bash the breed and the rest of us who ARE RESPONSIBLE?

                      "Pit bulls" have received a bad rap because they are an extremely popular breed (meaning there are many out there) for families because of their gentleness, intelligence, and many other POSITIVE qualities. It is the irresponsible dog owners who keep them in the yard, do not include them in the family, chain them up, do not spay/neuter them, do not vaccinate them, and just allow them to be lawn ornaments that cause a majority of the problems. Responsible dog ownership is the KEY to any happy and healthy dog, no matter WHAT the breed.

                      You will rarely ever hear/read of dog attacks on anyone by any other breed of dog because that just might tarnish the squeaky clean image of the "family dog". Keep in mind that dog attacks from many other breeds occur on a regular basis, but the media chooses not to report it. Why not continue to bash a breed that doesn't deserve the beating that it continously receives? The "pit bull" is just a thug dog and doesn't matter to anyone else, right? You couldn't be any more wrong.

                      I am utterly disappointed in the choice of topic for this blog and to be asking such stupid questions about what to do when a pit bull attacks. If you want to make the article less discriminatory, maybe it should be what to do when ANY dog attacks.

                      Here are some reputable websites for you to look at to learn the truth before any future blogs:




                      These are just a few of the hundreds of websites out there that will educate you on the wonderful breed and its relatives.
                    • They're dogs not humans
                      I am a dog owner..Dogs are not human! Everyone please stop thinking and acting like they are! They are animals with animal instincts that can't be bred away! However they can be very affectionate,loyal, protective, and territorial... Bottomline they are animals and can and will attack.. If you don't know it..don't trust it! If your dogs bites someone - I hope you have a good homeowners policy! Aggressive breeds can turn at any moment..talk yourself into thinking they can't or my dog won't and you are asking for trouble. Respect the breed! Saying it's not the dogs fault is not the point...They don't know right or wrong and it is our job as a society to protect people who cannot protect themselves from these animals. If you can't control your dog then you should be held accountable because owning a dog is a choice not a necessity for 99% of us.(working dogs excluded)
                      • Nice reply Chuck!
                        I agree with others...what do we do when the media attacks? I wish I could pepper spary the media, but they just keep coming and coming and won't let go. Thank goodness for the remotes and the channel up and down buttons.

                        This blog is disgusting.
                      • Pitbulls on the Monon
                        Last summer I had the terrifying experience of being chased by two very large pitbulls while riding my bike on the Monon trail. While I riding the two dogs approached me out of no where. They were unchaperoned and I could faintly hear yells for them from an owner in the background. They did not answer their master. The dogs looked rabid and were growling and sniffing at my ankles. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. Luckily for me after being chased for two blocks I came to a cross section were a driver saw my scary plight and distracted the dogs by calling from his cracked car window in order to help me. As soon as I had some space from them I was able to get away while riding as fast as I possibly could. This incident happened right here in Indianapolis on a beautiful trail that is supposed to be safe for pedestrians. Sorry that I care more about my live and body and the lives and bodies of other innocent people than I do about an animal rightfully known for his vicious nature.
                        • Pit Bulls
                          So balooooney...I have a male pit, was neutered and is the best dog we've ever had. Even our friends, when they come over, are so attached to him. He sleeps with the kids or us and there is NO aggression. When's the last time you gave your dog a treat and take it out of their mouth. My 4 yr old does. So give me break, any breed will attack.
                        • Pits
                          One more thing, my next door neighbor has a 15# mini schnuazer(sic) and that little b****** will bite anyone when he gets loose. Gee....didn't read about that vicious attack.
                          • pits
                            Or an American Bulldogs...obtw...go Dawgs
                          • To Jen--

                            Can you truly say that the dogs that chased you were pit bulls? No you cannot. Unless the dogs were DNA tested (which the tests are generally inconclusive) you have NO idea what breed of dog they were. More than likely they were a mixed breed that just looked like your perception and the medias perception of what a "pit bull" is. A bigger dog with teeth and short hair. OH MY! It must be a pit bull! This is what they look like! Good job on discrimation.
                            • Thanx
                              Thanks...for the false sense of security you are blanketing Indianapolis citizens with! Now that we know how to protect ourselves from the vicious pit bull, we don't have any dogs to worry about, huh?

                              I would have LOVED to see the "300 Pit Bull bites in 2008" out into perspective and include the whole stats for all breeds, not just a one sided slant which fulfills your agenda.

                              BTW, was Duhamell speaking on behalf of IMPD this time or not???
                            • You are mistaken
                              Fay...ask any animal behaviorist ir dog trainer and they will tell you that you ARE mistaken. Pit Bulls are NOT naturally aggressive. In fact, they are one of the breeds with the HIGHEST bite inhibition towards people. A typical Pit Bull will also get along with most every dog it meets. The misconceptions surrounding the potential for dog aggression are a result of the fact that most pits will get along well with other dogs UNTIL they are challenged. S
                            • Sherry
                              I think you are the one missing the point. Who cares whether it was a pitbull or not!!! She was afraid for her life! Any Dog roaming free that intimidates (i.e. hair up, growls, chasing) shouldn't be on the street. Either the owner controls it or it should be taken off the street. Dogs don't have rights...people do!!! You can't discriminate against an animal...only people!!!
                            • Just ban 'em
                              Just ban them and get it over with and let all the whiney pit bull owners get another dog.
                              • what do you do?
                                sensational article? yes.
                                good information? questionable.

                                so, what do you do? if they are going to bite, they are not going to let you pull away. so do everything you can to get your hand in their mouth, not you arm, your hand. you won't be able to pull it away, no way, no how. but you will be able to push it, as in, straight down their throat. push hard. it's going to be a bloody mess, but at least it's not your blood. when the police or the owner do show up, their left with a dead dog. you might be injured, but the attack will be ended, and that dog will never attack again.
                              • Really?
                                If only some of you people would take as much interest in some other topics that appear on this blog as you are about arguing over pit bulls.
                                • Really!

                                  I see you read the article and commented here, so you must have an interest. Thanks for your worthwhile comment.
                                • Don't Be Stupid
                                  Everybody knows that if you encounter a dog that seems to be aggressive, YOU DON'T SHOW FEAR!!! Dogs that see that you are afraid are more likely to persue the attack instead of bagging down. If you show the dog that you are bigger and stronger they will bag off in fear that they will get hurt.

                                  Pittbulls have a very bad and untrue rep. I am a proud owner of three pittbulls, and have owned more than 20. The three that i have now are the best dogs a doglover could want. Neither of them have ever bitten anyone and only one of them is aggressive towards other dogs (as ALL MALE DOGS ARE!!!).

                                  Any breed of dog can be trained to be aggressive and territorial, like german shephards for instance, which are a known breed used by policeman!
                                • Ridiculous
                                  Any dog is capable of attacking. IMPD Spokesman Duhammel's statement "They are an extremely vicious breed, and they always have been." is ridiculous. Pit bulls have been around for 200 years. They used to be considered the "nanny" dog because of their solid behavior around children. If they "always have been" vicious, why is it that we've only started having issues with pit bull attacks in the last 20-30 years? The obvious answer is the human element.

                                  There may have been 300 pit bull attacks last year... but how many dog bites from another breed were experienced? How many go unreported? That's the problem with statistics. We can make them say whatever we want.

                                  There are thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of pit bulls living peacefully in Indiana without creating any problems. These are the dogs that are cared for, loved, trained, and contained.

                                  Michael - I take umbrage to your statement. I know almost ALL of the professional dog trainers here in Indianapolis and the vast majority of them say that pit bulls are one of their favorite breeds. A temperamentally correct pit bull can be one of the best pets. Any dog left outside, on a chain, who isn't socialized is a potential time bomb.
                                • Pit Bulls & Rotweilers
                                  I believe these breeds are inherently dangerous.After several unhappy "accidents" in succession, The South Bend City Council passed an ordinance requiring owners of these breeds to have all doggie vacinations current & prove purchase of a large insurance liability policy covering the dog's
                                  misconduct on penalty of confiscation.
                                  • Please talk to people who actually know about dogs
                                    I am always amazed at the number of reporters who apparrently know very little (nothing?) about canine behavior but like to write columns as if they do.

                                    Let's take your Lab example. The first time you throw a ball, a Lab may, instinctually, go get the ball -- an owner then, calls the dog back, the dog comes to the owner, turns over the ball, and the owner praises the dog on a job well done. Most owners do this instinctually-- and it's actually called training. The dog associates this with a good thing (affection) and continues to do it. If after the first few times the dog went to go get the ball the owner smacked the crap out of the dog for doing it, you can bet the dog would quit retrieving the ball because it now associates "retrieving" with a negative "punishment". So it stops the behavior.

                                    Regardless of what instincts are there, the dogs end up being very largely a product of what the owners teach their dogs to do (and not do). That's the same regardless of whether the dog is a chihuahua, a lab, a pit bull, or whatever.

                                    The website, Petabuse.com keeps tallies on pet abuse cases and in the past 8 years, 21% of all of the abuse cases they've tracked have involved pit bull type dogs.


                                    If such a large percentage of the abuse cases involve a certain type of dog, then would it be any coincidence that they are over-represented in dog bite situations? Probably not.

                                    We can either continue to be ignorant and try to pretend that it is a breed-specific issue (it's not) or we can focus on real causal issues like owner ignorance, cruelty and neglect. If we focus on ownership issues, we can protect the public from irresponsible dog owners -- regardless of what type of dog they own.

                                    Or we can pretend it's the dog's fault, kill innocent dogs owned by good owners through breed specific laws, not protect the dogs from neglectful and criminal owners and not ever deal with the actual problem.

                                    There is a reason that every mainstream organization that deals with canine behavior in any way opposes breed-specific laws. Veterinarians, trainers, rescues, and even the National Animal Control Association -- ALL of them oppose breed-specific regulations.


                                    Hopefully we listen to those people when making our laws and not people who have no understanding of canine behavior.
                                  • JusticeForAll
                                    I have owned Bully Breed Dogs for many years now. Multiple dogs living in my home at once. Of course I am a responsible owner & have never had an issue with any dog that I adopted. They are all S/N, UTD on shots, Basic Obedience training & are loved, spoiled and treasured family members.
                                    The one area that I have had to constantly stay vigilant in their training -Not to be Overly Friendly & Excited when greeting people! They ADORE attention & get very excited when people pay attention to them. I have had to constantly reaffirm their proper social skills in greetings, as they love to get petted, and give kisses. They are a sight to see -all those wiggling butts hovering in anticipation of being loved on!
                                    I have NEVER had to train my dogs to NOT be aggressive. All of them were rescued /adopted , most from the most despicable living conditions imaginable.
                                    It never ceases to amaze me that they have such a huge capacity & willingness to forgive and trust the very species that abused them horrendously!
                                    It would be a much better world if the Human species was so capable of the same qualities.
                                  • Ignorance Is Bliss
                                    To George Beamer-

                                    Well, good for the SB Council.

                                    Here is the newsflash for you AND the council...they just enacted a provision that is not clear on what "breed" they are talking about. Unless the dog is DNA tested as someone else posted earlier (which still isn't accurate), those dogs that are confiscated could be of any breed, mixed or pure. These ban restrictions are harmful to all dog owners.

                                    There are many different breeds of dogs, including mix breeds, that resemble what every one thinks a pit bull looks like. With the restrictions that your wonderful SB Council imposed, that is putting all dogs that look a certain way in harms way of being confiscated.

                                    Yea, I am SO proud of South Bend. Maybe they should think and research before they act. Oh yea. That would be way too complicated for any form of government body. Making snap decisions that don't benefit anyone makes more sense.
                                  • By the way, these dogs were not breed to kill. They were originally breed to subdue large game like bulls, bears, and (currently) boar. When that was outlawed they moved to pit fighting, with other dogs. Oh and the fight was not always to the death, usually, because a 'pit bull' does not like to give up(gameness), but not always.

                                    Killing breeds??? All dogs are direct descendants of Canis Lupis (Grey Wolf), so essentially all dogs are of 'killing' breeds. They are animals, all animals kill. You kill... I kill... every living thing has the potential to kill. Stop blaming the dog for something that we, as humans could easily prevent. Yes it is the owner of the dog that gives the dog a reason to do something. These are domestic animals... even further they are pets, treat them as such and you will get all the love of a pet. Treat them cruely and what do you think is going to happen? These are not some mystical creature that we don't have knowledge about, they are dogs, man's first animal companion. We have been around them in some form or another for longer than we can even imagine. They are not a monster or devil or extra-terrestrial creature of any sort. They are dogs!
                                  • Seriously?
                                    Must be a slow news day. Oh, wait! Anything negative about pit bulls is considered news.

                                    Here's a bulletin for your geniuses: punishing the dog(s) is not going to solve the problem. Punish the PEOPLE who are responsible for either failing to train their dog or for not supervising their dog. And leave the responsible pit bull owners, like myself, alone.

                                    We have a female pit bull mix who was rescued from Hurricane Katrina. She has issues and doesn't like strangers. So we're very careful to not put her in a situation where she might feel threatened and be likely to "attack" (which, with her, consists of nipping your ankle when you turn your back). With the people she knows she's loving to the point of being obnoxious.

                                    Our male pit bull was recently attacked - on our property - by the neighbor's hound! Our dog sustained about half a dozen DEEP puncture wounds--the one you'd think would walk away from a fight unharmed if you believed the nonsense about pit bulls being born to fight. We've raised him with love and discipline and it shows.

                                    How about putting your energy into solving a real problem. Or make suggestions on how to punish the people responsible for vicious dogs of ALL BREEDS.
                                  • Hysteria, not facts rule
                                    First, it is 300 "BITES" - not "attacks" - big difference.
                                    Secondly, bites (or as you say, attacks) have gone down in Marion County from almost 3,000 per year in the 1970s to approx. half that in recent years.
                                    Thirdly, there have only been two fatal dog attacks in Indianapolis, one in 1974 and one in 1984 - neither of which was by a pit bull or pit bull type dog.

                                    So, to recap: Dog bites (attacks) have decreased dramatically even as the pit bull population in Indy has increased.
                                    There has never been a fatal pit bull attack in Indy (or Marion County).

                                    So, what of all these "vicious" pit bulls and their being bred for centuries to kill and all the other inflammatory nonsense being said by police spokespeole and articles about how to avoid a pit bull attack?

                                    Funny thing about facts, they rarely get in the way of a good pit bull bashing article.
                                  • What about Vick's dogs?
                                    Also, if they're so inherently vicious, how to you explain the rehabilitation of Michael Vick's dogs? The ones who were actually trained to fight.
                                  • What the Dog Saw
                                    Malcolm Gladwell devoted a chapter to breed specific stereotypes in his book, What the Dog Saw. I recommend it as helpful in this discussion.
                                  • BS Baffles Brains
                                    Another cheap shot by another cheap "journalist" looking for "hits" and "bites".

                                    Some "jornalists" will do just about anythng to get "pit bull" in the title of their headliine. Were this in ANY way FAIR the title would be "What do do when a DOG attacks". Was ANY decent informaton given? Nope, barely a drop. Did the writer quote from the American Medical Veterinary Association extentsive and expensive "TASK FORCE" done by PROFESSIONALS to REALLY inform people about keeping safe? NOPE. This article is but ONE MORE JOKE and another stain on news in general. Pathetic.

                                    For those who are INTELLIGENT and REALLY interested in public safety look up the article the AMVA task force put out called "A COMMUNITY APPROACH TO DOG BITE PREVENTION". Where it does not sterotype, discriminate and profile but instead gives GOOD SOLID INFORMATION regarding public safety. I am SO SICK of these type of "TABLOID JOURNALISM". This joker should be making LESS THAN minium wage.
                                  • Petey from Our Gang
                                    Petey, that lovable, trustworthy and highly trained pooch that ran around with Spanky, Darla, Alfalfa and the Our Gang kids was a Pit Bull breed. No one had any problem with the breed then. It was a very popular breed and considered supremely loyal.
                                    Just some actual history for the ones on here posting that all this breed has ever been for is fighting!
                                  • Schnauzer guy is an idiot!
                                    It always amazes me when people get pets and think they are part of the family. With a pitbull or any other large dog you have a 70 pound animal living at your house -- nothing more. Just because you train him and he acts fairly good around you and your family doesn't mean a darn thing. They are still animals with animal instincts just the same as if you had a "relatively well behaved" pet leopard in the house.

                                    Pass a law that institutes a $500 annual fee for any animal over 20 pounds. Then most people will stick with small dogs and cats which can't hurt anyone when they act on their animal instincts.
                                  • Hmmm...
                                    Notice how Norm the author of this so-called blog only bothered to comment on his own ONCE, and that was at the begining of the comments?

                                    Not once has he taken a stand in his lack of "journalism" in regards to this article. Not to mention the pathetic excuse of a police officer as Duhamell.

                                    Question is: was Duhamell speaking on behalf of IMPD which is what he is (a simple spokesman), or was he speaking out of utter ignorance about dogs in general?

                                    What a sad excuse for a journalist AND an officer. Actually, this is the PERFECT example of journalists and police officers today. Useless and lacking complete credibility.
                                  • Response to Rock
                                    Rock, I prefer stepping aside and letting others have the floor with the comments. Regarding your question about Duhamell, he was quoted in his capacity as an IMPD spokesman.
                                  • Hmmm...
                                    WOAH! Norm has spoken, but to someone by the name of Rock, though I do not see a comment by a Rock. Anywho...

                                    For what it is worth, I think that this "article" headline should be re-titled "What to Do When ANY DOG Attacks". Why does the media continue to use the two words "pit bull" to get attention? Granted, it grabbed quite a bit of attention here, but only to have REAL facts commented on by readers rather than placed within the article where they should be.

                                    It is so sad to continue to use the words "pit bull" to gain readership when the dogs have done no wrong. It is the irresponsible owners and backyard breeders that have done wrong.

                                    Maybe re-title the article: What to Do When Irresponsible Owners Allow Their Dogs to Attack.

                                    Regardless, there does need to be some editing done. Look at all the facts that people have presented here and come to a logical conclusion.

                                    Another idea...write another "blog" about the reaction to this article and actually interview intelligent people, not use a spokesman with a biased and unsubstantiated opinion, and obtain some facts.

                                    Just some helpful thoughts...

                                    Or...actually write about business related topics since this IS the IBJ, after all.
                                  • coincidence?
                                    Over the course of my dog's life, when I would walk him daily legally on leash, he was attacked three times: two of the attackers were American Pit Bull Terriers and the other was a Chow -- each of their owners confirmed their breeds. And, each of the attacks were surprise attacks: my dog had not walked by the other dogs, engaged the other dogs, barked at the other dogs, etc. Each time we were charged out of the blue and each time, my dog sustained very serious injuries (and my dog was approx 55 lbs). And, each time the owners proclaimed that their dog would never do anything like that -- this was after the attack! My response was, they did attack! It is a moot point. The damage is done. Each of the attacking dogs was off-leash; one with no owner in sight; one with an owner slow to respond; one with an owner who hid behind me as I fought his dog off my dog (who was in my arms at that point while the APBT continued jumping up and trying to pull my dog from my arms.) The owner was afraid of his own dog once the attacking started. If you can't control your dog, no matter what the breed, then you don't need or deserve that dog. Furthermore, if you can't admit to yourself that your dog has visciously attacked another dog (which you yourself witnessed) then you don't deserve a dog.
                                    • 5 dogs in cali mauling
                                      Reply to Aladar


                                      Five-year-old Destiny Colon remains hospitalized at Loma Linda University Medical Center, where she is listed in good condition. She suffered broken ribs and a punctured lung, police said.

                                      Her 6-year-old brother, Hector Perez, who required 235 stitches to close bite wounds on his legs, has been released from a different hospital. Also released is their 7-year-old sister, Princess Colon, who received 18 stitches for her leg wounds.

                                      Police initially described the dogs as a pack of pit bulls. But later examination showed that only the dog shot to death by police appeared to be a pure pit bull, Simmons said. The remaining four she described as a mastiff-pit bull mix, a pit bull-Labrador retriever mix, and two pit bull-Australian shepherd mixes.

                                      (sure sounds like pit bulls are the common denominator to me)
                                      • not a dog attack
                                        you wer eattacked by two very large pit bulls yet they never bit you? Hate to break it to you but it is not an attack. but heck now that I'm thinkign about it they coulda attacked you visoucly sooo we should have them euthanized.
                                        • protecting yourself
                                          I work with Animal Services and believe that pit bulls are genetically disposed to be aggressive just as a Bloodhound loves to sniff things. I have seen someone write on the internet that it's similar to coming from a family of alcoholics - that it's not 100% that you're going to be one too but the chances are much higher. Not all pits are bad but the chances of them showing aggression are much higher.

                                          As for protecting yourself from a pit, good luck. If you have a jacket or sweater, try to wrap it around an arm to use as protection. If you have time, take off your belt to use as a weapon. If you have a pen, stab it in the eye with it. Think outside the box b/c most people who witness this attack will be too scared to try to help you. Most of all, do not let the dog get a hold on your head, neck. Think of the dog's behavior: in a dogfighting pit, it is trained to attack until the other dog goes limp. So if it clamps on your arm, try not to tug it away b/c it'll only make him more frenzied. If he clamps on, sometimes you just need to hold still til someone comes to help. That sounds crazy, but there was one bite victim who did this until 911 arrived to shoot the dog. The woman's arm was torn up but - like a dog playing tug with its owner - the pit was only focused on that arm it had in its mouth. The worst case scenario is to get into a ball with your arms around the back of your neck. I can't imagine willingly putting yourself into such a vulnerable position, but that's the best defense if a grizzly is attacking - playing dead. I tell my neighbors who walk their little dogs to always have a pocketknife, an umbrella, a cane, a walking stick -- something to protect/shield them from an aggressive dog (along with their cell phone to call for help).
                                          • Yep, all mixes are Pits
                                            "Police initially described the dogs as a pack of pit bulls. But later examination showed that only the dog shot to death by police appeared to be a pure pit bull, Simmons said. The remaining four she described as a mastiff-pit bull mix, a pit bull-Labrador retriever mix, and two pit bull-Australian shepherd mixes.

                                            (sure sounds like pit bulls are the common denominator to me) ............

                                            Well, then you are not too critical a thinker are you? The common denominator is that every dog has to be a pit bull according to the media (and you).

                                            From "pack of pit bulls" by the police and media to only one pit bull and 4 MIXED breed dogs.

                                            And what the heck does an Australian shep / pit bull mix look like? - geez, that sounds like a long haired dog that needed to be vamped up a notch by adding "pit bull to the mix"

                                            Can you tell me with a straight fact that someone can ID a dog as an Austalian shep / pit bull x? What a joke.

                                            Thanks for proving my points:
                                            1. The media has to call everything a pit.
                                            2. Police should NOT be talking about breeds or attempting to ID breeds - because they don't know what they are talking about.
                                            3. And people will grasp at any straw (like you) to make this a "pit bull" issue, when in fact, it was 5 dogs allowed to run loose - that is the issue!
                                            • Norm - a retraction
                                              Just about now, it should be obvious that most of the "pit bull" attacks you cited in this "article" are wrong.
                                              But, like every other media article that prints this type of inaccurate garbage, you cannot un-ring the bell.
                                              You have added more lies and misinformation into the Internet universe, and the sooty ashes of misinformation (and outright untruths) further blacken the image of these dogs.
                                              And so, another newspaper "reporter" will do another quickie, cheap Google search and bring up the mountains of misinformation about this dogs, including your contribution.
                                              And it's not just about shoddy "reporting" - it's about the lives of these animals and the people who love them.
                                            • aladar

                                              You've missed the point entirely. Of 5 dogs, only the one that was a pure pit bull was shot by police. Hmmm...why do ya suppose that is?
                                              • Huh?
                                                Lei, I didn't miss the "point"

                                                The police identified ALL the dogs as pit bulls!
                                                So, technically to make your point, they should have shot all five, cause to the police they all looked like "pits"

                                                And how the hell do we know the one they shot is "pure pit"

                                                Utter ridicolousness -

                                                But, yeah, let's keep completely ignoring the other 4 dogs and keep arguing over the one dog.

                                                That's going to accomplish alot! NOT
                                              • what defines an attack then?
                                                How is a viscious, skin-ripping and puncturing attack not an attack? Does it matter if it is only on another dog or does it have to be on a person? When an owner and its dog are legally connected through a 3 foot leash, both are endangered when an attack occurs. As a matter of fact, both of the APBTs bit at me (one tore my large down coat, the other tore a heavy winter coat) but their focus was to lock on my dog and they did. Both dogs were kicked and punched only to bit down harder and continue ripping flesh. As per Animal Control and City laws, those are viscious attacks, safety issues and illegal. And yes, one of APBTs was euthanized because of the visciousness of the attack.
                                              • Any dog can be trained to be vicous
                                                I grew up in an abusive family. We had a few vicious dogs that I remember. One was a pomeranian/pekineses/poodle mix, and the other miniture poodles. If you were by someone and you moved they would attack and bite you because we taught them to be territorial by smacking each other and encouraging the aggressive behavior.

                                                I grew up actually learned better, now I have a german shepard/rottie mix. My family tried to hit me to get her to react like they always had with other dogs. She went and got a toy and wanted to play. She had no idea what they were doing. This is also the big bad guard dog that was barking, growling and licking the mailman all at the same time. Shepards and Rotties are soooooo vicious.

                                                It is discrimination to believe a certain breed is naturally aggressive. If you believe propaganda about dogs, you can easily make the same mistake with people. There are not bad breeds only bad owners.

                                                Keep in my dog has been attacked by a lab/retreiver mix that ripped her face open. My dog was only 7 months old at the time.
                                              • dog murder
                                                dogs kill scores of people ever year in the US it is a national disgrace. most victims are kids. Many times no charges are filed against the clueless dog lovers who let the dogs maim or kill someone. If you have a weapon you can defend yourself if attacked if not the dog will possibly maim you for life or kill you. we need better laws to make idiot dog owners accountable for their actions. Esp when they enable savage dog attacks on our streets
                                              • Seriously?
                                                Hello, i'm a 14 year old boy, and yesterday me and my mother were attacked by 4 dogs simultaniously while walking our malinios and husky mix. The attacking breeds were as follows, husky, pit bull, black lab, and rhodesian ridgeback. We have had issues in the past with a few dogs in this area so i decided to bring a club with NAILS in it this time. Thank God i did. That pit bull locked on to my dogs neck, and i did what was nescassary to remove it. It finnally let go of my dog and proceed to attack my mom. I used a six inch hunting knife in the throat and killed it. this entire time the malinois named hoss is fighting three other dogs. He seriously injured the husky and lab. The Rhodesian Ridgeback actually left without to much of a hassle. My point of telling you this story is simply to let people know that,while i absolutely adore dogs, i do not think you should just resort to getting in the fetal postition. Humans are the dominant species, and the aggressing animals need to know that.
                                              • Stick to your guns, Norm!
                                                A favorite tactic of the owners of this type of dog is that they try to conceal pit bull attacks behind a kind of name-game. "Oh no, that wasn't a pit, it was an American Bulldog, or a Staffordshire Terrier." The problem is that the American Pit Bull is not really a breed of it own and/or encompasses the genes of several breeds - depending on who's doing the talking. The fact that the Pit Bull isn't easy to identify allows these people to circumvent a general ban on there dogs. Nevertheless, this type of dog is proven to be vicious and deadly and no matter how many children dogs of this type kill or how many adults they maim, the owners of these animals always have a ready explanation for why it isn't so. But it's all a part of the name-game.

                                                The list of innocent children being attacked and killed or brutalized by these dogs grows longer every year.

                                                I think you've given your article the wrong name, however. When a pit bull attacks, it's already late. A better title would have been "How to Prevent Pit Bull Attacks." That's an easy one: Ban them and criminalize ownership of any the pit bull types. Had the states stepped up the plate to protect their people and removed this danger, much human suffering would have been avoided.

                                              • bingo Ari
                                              • Ari
                                                A COUPLE who say they have spent almost $500,000 in a six-yearfight for their dog to live on the Gold Coast have had their final appeal overturned in the Supreme Court.
                                                Kylie Chivers and John Mokomoko took on the Gold Coast City Council in the Supreme Court over the identification of their dog Tango as an American pit bull, as opposed to an American staffordshire terrier.

                                                The council's ruling of Tango as a pit bull meant the dog, which originally cost them $300, was automatically deemed dangerous and needed to be put down.

                                                To keep the animal safe the family moved it to a kennel just south of Tweed Heads more than five years ago, where it could be registered as an American staffordshire terrier.

                                                Today, hundreds of thousands of dollars later, Justice Glenn Martin found in favour of council lawyers who argued the American pit bull and American staffordshire terrier were the same breed, meaning both were dangerous.
                                              • please see these links
                                                Pitbull owners are purveyors of propaganda. Pitbulls are horribly dangerous dogs. A study linked below shows that over the years 2006-2008 pit bulls killed 52 American citizens, which were 59% of all fatal dog attacks in that period in the USA. Pit bull owners always ignore the seriousness of a dog attack when comparing breed statistics. To them, a minor snap from a yorkie is the same as a mauling by a pit bull.

                                                There are many myths pit bull propagandists purvey. Search google, yahoo whatever for "dogsbite".

                                                To the commenter who allows their child to take chews away from their pit bull, you should stop -- there might come a time when the pit bull thinks the child is too old for that sort of effrontery.
                                              • Ignorance, total B.S
                                                My puggle was attacked two days ago by two
                                                quote "GOOD DOGS" I'm suing, it's as dumb a comment as saying "Loaded Guns are not the
                                                problem....it's the children , who fire them!! The Vet who is I'd say more educated on dogs said...I quote.."PIT BULLS DO NOT recognize CHILDREN as humans, if they run and squeal, what about the woman who raised one for years and came home went to play fetch with the dogs favorite toy and it ripped her face off. The recent story of "KILLER WHALE!!" duh, animals, breeds are labeled for a reason...with statements like that...all I can say is ...how'd you like that mandatory Health care reform...lol
                                                unthinking causes many problems when it comes to sides...research, and keep silent until you have an informed, intelligent rational response. Or the next missing face from a mauled child might be closer to home or in your neighborhood because of stupid unresearched statements. Do the homework, please.
                                              • Get to know the breed
                                                I think before people pass judgement on a breed they should get to know the breed. I was afraid of pit bulls for years while working with animals I was always leary of them. Amazingly everyone I came across was nice, sweet and gentle. One day I did get attacked by a dog, while dropping my neighbor off for a play date a POODLE attacked us. It bite through my knee and hung onto my ankle as I tried to get away and kept on biting. Luckily I was able to get the child to safety and climbed on top of a parked car! The dog circled us foaming at the mouth until two men came out with bats and brooms to get the dog. away. Years later a friend of mine had a pit bull; I wanted nothing to do with it. After a few visits I realized the Pit was one of the nicest dogs I have met. I now own a pit bull and German Shepard/Malamute. The pit is MORE gentle than the German Shepard, both are great dogs. I do think Pits get more media attention than other dog breeds and that a lot of the fear of the breed comes from that. I suggest everyone get to know the breed. They are great dogs. ANY dog not trained properly can be aggressive. Pits don't have to be trained not to be aggressive, they just need to be socialized with people and other animals just like any other breed.

                                                Before passing judgement or trying to ban a breed I think it is important that you get all the facts. I do believe there should be laws that ALL dog owners have to follow and if there is an aggressive dog it should be banned. But don't ban a whole breed, or make people give up their pets (that are non-aggressive) just because some people can't control their dogs. Those people should be punished, not the breed.

                                                Thank you for letting me speak my peace! :)
                                              • misinformed
                                                pitbulls are actually known to be a people friendly breed but dog aggressive. majority of the attacks come from low income urban areas. The problem is you have colors (at least in detroit 95% are colored)not a racisist person just know from research that majority of crime areas are mostly colored. selling drugs and conducting other illegal activites cuz this type of activity is the only thing they know, in these low poverty sricten areas and these people use these dogs for dog fighting so of course there gonna be mean when they been beaten. we need to stop blaming the dogs and start blaming these people that are treating the dogs like this.
                                              • sort of
                                                pitbulls are known to be aggressive but towards other dogs. pitbulls are actually are known to be extremly human friendly, but there are some that are aggressive towards humans. its like saying like all humans are sociopaths. yes there are people out there who harm other people but majority of humans are friendly towards other humans. same thing with pitbulls
                                              • sort of
                                                haha thats like saying that black people are more dangerous cuz then generally are born with more muscle mass
                                              • This breed should be banned from the U.S.A
                                                I live in the country and herd sheep. A stray pit bull killed 4 of my sheeps and got away before I got a chance to shoot him. Not only once but this has happened to me a few times all from the same breed. Animal control would not help on trying to capture this beast so I had to take things into my own hand. I invested in a sheep dog (two) who are known as loyal to their flock of sheep and owner. Even though I spent a few grand on the Kangal dog from Turkey I was impressed on how they were very courageous to the Pit Bull. Not only did they protect the sheep from destruction from the Pit Bull but it was destroyed to pieces by this breed who is not aggressive but very loyal and protective to their owners. I believe that this breed (Pitbull) is born very aggressive from birth. I don't agree with people who say, " its not the breed but the owners who make them that way". That is a bunch of B.S.. Try playing with a 4 week old pitbull and you can see even then how aggressive they are. They really show their teeth even then and can really lock their jaws too. I know because I use to work in a shelter back in the 70's and was very amused by this breed when they were just pups. So I think this breed should be banned in the U.S. such as some dangerous breeds from around the world such as the: Tosa Inu, Caucasian Ovarka, and some Wolf breeds.
                                              • research 1st
                                                There are so many comments that i wish to respond to, but if I did this post would be 4 pages long haha..

                                                I currently own an American staffordshire terrier. Honestly, I was scared to own one, it was my husbands idea to get one. So I did my research...

                                                I would describe them as a dog that you can't just take "out of the box" and have act like a "normal" dog. I am not saying they're aggressive.. but very stubborn, and they need a strong leader with a kind hand to show them whats okay, and what isn't.

                                                So far this puppy is very friendly... to everyone and everything. A little too friendly!! ( we have her in training to calm down when she meets new people) BUT, in saying that they are late to mature, usually around 1-2 years old... which is when their true attitudes come out. Meaning, will they be tolerant to other animals/dogs still?, will they try to become alpha of the house?, will she still greet every stranger with a wagging tail or will she become more reserved and a little unsure... which sadly, can lead to being aggressive, if not handled properly.

                                                I've meet some really mean smaller dogs, and everyone just kinda shrugs it off and laughs, because they're so small. But if ANY large dog acted like that, not just bully breeds, people would be calling animal control faster then you can blink. Proper socialization for any dog is important, and needed. You can not, and should not, get a dog, play with it when its a puppy.. and when it become unruly just throw it in the backyard. Thats when they get out of the yards, off their chains or whatever and start acting out. I totally 100% agree, no dog, of ANY breed, should be off chain unless you are 100% sure you can call it back and it will listen... which for a lot of dogs and owners, isn't possible.

                                                So far this puppy is a joy and and headache at the same time, but I'm waiting for when she reaches 1-2 years old to see what her personality will truly be like. But in the meantime , we are doing everything we can to lay down a solid foundation for a dog with manners, well socialized and obedient. Would i say this dog is for everyone? no, not at all. Would I say that responsible dog owners who can recognize if their dog needs training , get one if they wish. Sure, absolutely.

                                                I guess i should wrap this up with saying that I wish they would make a law with bully breeds... not to outlaw them ( which just makes them more appealing to the wrong type of people, and make the good owners outcasts), but to make it a law that all bully owners need to come from licenced breeders, and have mandatory training by a certain age. If someone calls in to the police, and they don't have proof of the breeder and training, they loose their dog. Period. Can't afford to pay the breeder's price, or the training? Tough, don't get a bully breed then. That way there could be a little comfort to people who don't trust the breed, that if they see one, they would know it has training and the paperwork to support it...

                                                A small step in fixing a bad rap
                                                • It sounds like you need to do some research.
                                                  Sorry 2 say but were talking about the American Pit Bull. The American Staffordshire is not a Pit Bull. Do some research and you will know the differences with The Pit Bull, American Staffordshire, American Bull Dog, English Staffordshire, Bull Mastiff, Boxer, Dogo, and etc. The Pit Bull is a breed bred to fight in the pits therfore making them aggressive, some could say they have it in their dna to fight to their deaths.
                                                • Pit Bulls are loyal loving dogs....
                                                  I have had my 1 year old American Pit Bull Terrier since she was 5 weeks old. She has NEVER been aggressive with anyone or anything. I also have a 6 year old min-pin, a 4 year old min-pin and 2 cats. Not once have I ever had a problem with her. When people come over the only thing she does is lick every one. She is very socialized. I take her to parks, beaches and stores and anybody off the street can walk up to her and pet her, all while she returns the lovings with kisses. She is naturally playful and loving. Any dog can be aggressive, if they are taught to be that way or are beat. I have to watch my male min-pin more then my Pit in the yard because when he is on his leash in his yard he is more protective and territorial then she is especially when it comes to my 3 kids who are 5, 8 and 10.

                                                  People need to get their facts straight about Pits. They are very loyal and loving dogs. It's not the breed that needs to be band it's the stupid people that make them look bad. It's also the stupid people that have the stereotype about them that needs to be banned. You don't like it too darn bad. Deal with it. Pits are not bad dogs.
                                                  • ???
                                                    I got chased by a pitbull.FOr no apparent reason he just looked at me and started running and barking at me because these boys came up to her and she decided to run after everybody.I'm absolutely scared of dogs especially hey are generally viscious!!All my life I have been in 3 dog chases and im only 12 year old girl!!
                                                  • RE: training pit bulls
                                                    @ fay

                                                    You said: "most dog breeds do not require the owner to train them NOT to be aggressive. it seems as though aggression comes naturally to pit bulls...am I wrong??"

                                                    Yes, twice. Where this insane idea about having to train a dog to not be aggresive is beyond comprehension. No such thing, absolute child like propaganda.

                                                    2nd, if there is a pit bull that happens to be naturally aggressive, it's towards animals specifically. Ther are more attacks on humans from Dalmations, and other breeds than pit bulls.

                                                    Pits require responsibility.
                                                    Many of the YOUNGER PEOPLE (than me) think it's cool to train them to be aggressive towards people to impress others.

                                                    This is when pits get a bad rap, because they have a very powerful bite, and are very stubborn, and if made to be human aggresive, a problem could arise.

                                                    There are dog attacks all over from many, many breeds. Just mention pit bull though and the media is all over it time and time again until they get past their own blood lust. It sells, period.

                                                    The writer of this article is either absolutely ignorant of dogs , and or pit bulls , or an absolute liar.

                                                    Do some research , go to some shows, and other pit type events and see for yourself.

                                                    Also the American history of them being bred to fight, explains a bit more on this .

                                                    These dogs had to fight with a handler in the ring and know to never attack the human handler. In those days when the breed was kept to strict verifiable bloodlines, if a dog bit a handler it was put to death, period.

                                                    All of the top breeders of a hundred years ago, and further back "culled" out any human aggression out of the blood lines that was evident.

                                                    Yes some from the strong blood lines are naturally animal/dog aggressive, and require much responsibility.

                                                    Many actually are not animal aggressive and get along with cats, rabbits , you name it.

                                                    Sadly there are people who want vicious dogs that are in fashion to have and right now pits are popular just like dobermans were then rots, etc.

                                                    And many have no business owning a pit, as they don't know how NOT to train them.

                                                    This article is such crap.
                                                    • To add to the types of attacks claimed to be Pit Bulls or Staffy's
                                                      Most dog attacks that are claimed to be a Pit Bull or Staffordshire Terrier are not. In fact one of the attacks said to be Pit were was actually a Newfoundland dog. And that's way off the subject of Pits and AmStaffs. People need to get their stories and breeds straight and not judge what one particular dog does and deem it the breed. I can tell you a dog that was bred down from a Pits and Amstaffs and they aren't evil. Boston Terriers. I want everyone who thinks this wonderful breed should die that see's this to look up the possitive stories about the breeds in question from good bully owners. How they save thier lives. One female Pit had been Raised around this woman's kids all her life and one day she knocked one of the kids down. She ran outside to see why the dog had basically linebacker punched the kid down and away a couple of feet. As she reached the door to the backyard she saw the Pit get bit by a rattlesnake. She saved the kids life. People want something else to blame then themselves and everyone believes it. Oh and another thing the movie homeward Bound Chance was a Pit Bull. In Little Rascals Petey Pit Bull. This country and it's people have forgot what one of the first war dogs was to serve under it's banners Staffy. Let alone for the military to have remembered that when they banned them on thier bases. I hope I've enlightened you all a little bit.
                                                    • To back this up
                                                      The only dogs that have to be trained or worked with to get them out of aggression are abused and or fighting dogs. That's the only ones.
                                                    • And to comment this.
                                                      Did you ever ask the owners why the dogs were running loose. Any dog not socialized by a puppy will attack another dog. And only responsible owners would have a fence, dog tie or something to keep the dog in their yard when outside. If there wasn't then the dog should have been inside or under the owners supervision. And about the kids. I hate that it happen. A pomeranian killed a 16 month old baby tho. I read one insident where the older brother had to kill the family Pit because he attacked his sister. The brother was 6 and the sister was 5. When the father was questioned about his whereabouts he said he'd went to the store and figured that the Pit could babysit. No dog should be left alone with a child without parental supervision. My parents got me my first dog when I was about 5 or 6 a poodle dachound mix and he was a wonderful dog. One day my mom left me in the living room with the dog and went into the kitchen I was still young enough to not know better and found a very tender spot on him that he didn't like and pulled and he bit me. Needless to say I got what I deserved.
                                                    • That isn't the point!
                                                      We don't care if your dog isn't vicious. When we see a dog on the street, we don't know how it was raised or trained. Also, its not that we cant think for ourselves. Usually people don't know not to run from a dog or they will be attacked. A pit bull is an animal that kills dozens of people a year. Its not about what they do, its about what they have the potential to do. No one wants to get attacked by a dog who can bite with 1000 pounds of force.
                                                    • dwhat to do if a pit bull attacks
                                                      Never ever go to the ground with a large powerful dog... stay on your feet and command the dog .. if he will not stop .. act like u are throwing something at him.. If this does not stop him use anything u have for a weapon..
                                                      • disappointed
                                                        I am a father of three small children and have recently purchased a female apbt she is currently fourteen weeks and is a beautiful specimen lean muscular and no doubt the most powerful and naturally athletic dogs I have had the privilege of owning. I have to admit I bought in to the smear campaign that has been launched against this majestic breed and a year ago I would have agreed that this breed was a menace to society and needed to be exterminated. However around that time a good friend of mine who also has three small children rescued a male Pitbull from a rescue organization. After spending quite a bit of time with this dog it sparked some curiosity for me and I started doing a lot of research about this breed and I began going to the various web sites both accredited and just the run of the mill chat rooms I tried to look at both sides and more importantly the generic facts about the breed. Unfortunately like anything the news media loves to create drama because of course drama gets ratings I tried to cut away all spin and make an educated choice. I decided that this breed was a good fit for my home. It may not be for everyone. Having said that do I think that this breed has the potential to be" dangerous" yes but so do all powerful breeds. Some interesting facts that I found in my search first of all pitbulls do not generate a thousand pounds of pressure in their bite. Tests were done recently involving the Pitbull the german shepard and the rotwieler all dogs scored between 320 and 330 ppsi with the Pitbull scoring the lowest of the three. Another misnomer is that pitbulls have lock jaw this is also not true. In conclusion I will say I feel that do to the popularity of the breed the potential for incidence is going to increase do to this I do feel that something needs to be done not just specifically for this breed but all powerful breeds to regulate irresponsible owners and breeders. By the way I am a career firefighter and paramedic and have never personally seen a pitbull attack.
                                                        • Misinformed
                                                          Pit bulls make up 5% of the dog population but account for more attacks than any other breed as confirmed by a 20 year CDC study and

                                                          Pit Bulls Kill More People Than All Other Breeds Combined

                                                          Our children and grandchildren are worth more than any dog or breed of dog. it is time to ban these dogs and put a stop to these attacks. Nothing else will prevent more deaths from Pit Bull attacks.

                                                          Those who defend them with lies, propaganda and misinformation are just as guilty as the animal that attacks and maims or kills a person.
                                                          • My 2 dogs were killed Pits
                                                            My 3 dogs have been with me since birth and have nothing but love in the family. One of the dogs was a pitbull and was cared for and loved from the time we got her about 8 weeks old. For NO reason, she attacked one of my smaller dogs and the other dog tried to help. I watched and fought for my dogs for 20 minutes to no avail. She ripped them apart. During the attack, I tried to get her off, by choaking her, then I got a big wooden stick-which I broke in 3 pieces. At this point she had killed one dog and was going after the other. I picked up a shovel and started to hit her with it. It DID not phase her at all. She continued to bite down on my "honey's" neck until she was not breathing. After she killed them both, she circled them and would not let me get near them. As I came forward, her hair came up again and she came at me. I hit her hard across the face and knocked her down, but she was still conscious. I grabbed my dog and ran into the house. She had a 6 inch cut down her back-ripped to shreds. Her leg was dangling, completely crushed, and her neck was swollen till you could not even tell she had a neck.. I wrapped her up in towels to stop the bleeding, and went to get my other dog. I had to fight for her. She moved, and she was attacked again. Even with hitting her as hard as I could with a shovel, she would not let go of her. I took the shovel and rammed it into her back, and nothing, she was relentless. I did finally get my two dogs in the house and to the vet hospital. They were both still alive, but did not make it. Severe damage beyond believe. AGain, I was one of those owners that always said, "my pit is the friendliest, nicest dog, she would not hurt anyone". UNTIL THAT day... They can not be trusted. It was a very tragic day for me - as I lost all 3 of my dogs. Please know that these dogs are unpredictable---that is the best word for them. They can't be trusted around smaller dogs or children--even adults... UNPREDICTABLE. I was an owner that thought I had her trained,,but she was trained to my standards. YOU can't train a PITBULL--you are only fooling yourself. It was the worst most viscous attack I have ever witnessed in my life. She went for the throats. Up to this point, she had never shown any aggression or ever attacked anyone. I will never own another PITbull and as far as I'm concerned, I had to learn the hard way. DO NOT own one, there are plenty of other breeds that do not have this fighting mentality. UNPREDICTABLE...THAT SAYS IT ALL.
                                                          • USE MACE
                                                            Or a gun. My two dogs were killed by MY pitbull at my house. They were all raised together and never had any prior attacks. My pit was a female--spayed and was about 9 months old. WE love her to death, and she was trained along with the other 2 dogs. We think she got jealous when they were inside the house together and she was outside. (I had company with an infant). When they left, I opened the door and my 2 "other breed" dogs ran out, she jumped on the first one and started to go for her neck. It was the most horrible site. My other dog tried to help and he got attacked too. It went on for 20 minutes until they were both not moving. I used a steel pole to hit her, to no avail. I found a shovel and hit her on the back, neck, head, and she would not let them go. I was one of those owners that always said "my dog would never hurt anyone, she is as sweet as pie". UNTIL THAT day. It was a very difficult decision to have her put down. But my other two dogs suffered a horrible death, and I watched the entire attack. Completely unprovocated and un call for... Please carry mace with you whenever you are walking--with a dog or not... I seen another attack at our dog park with 2 pitbulls on a male that was there with his dogs. Really, it is not worth your life. I still have not gotten another dog, since that incident. The trauma from that attack was the worst, and I tried to no avail to save my dogs. I got bite in the process and had to get 52 stitches total to my legs and arms. I could have died but at the time, I just couldn't stand there and watch. I don't own a gun, but I have one now and I have MACE. That is the most affective against pitbulls. When they are attacking they do NOT FEEL PAIN... and will not let their jaws loose until the animal or person they are attacking is not moving. Please be careful with your dogs and children... They should never be around children--EVER...
                                                          • my dog was just attacked
                                                            I was walking my small terrier/toy schauzer mix Bailey on the sidewalk next to my house on a leash and collar as I do every morning. My neighbor opened her front door to tell me something and her pit bull (AMSTAF) ran out and attacked my dog. My dog was standing next to me displaying NO aggressive behavior, not running, nothing. The pit had n o collar or leash on and immediately started biting my dog in neck and face. My neighbor ran out and tried to hold her pit. I moved across the street immediately to get out of the area. She couldn't hold the pit and he ran across the street and continued to jump on, attack and bite my dog. I finally managed to pick up my dog and the pit jumped up bit his hind legs. Finally another neighbor carried my dog into my house while two other neighbors found the collar and dragged the pit bull into his house. Okay here goes. I have defended pit bulls for years. Yeah it's the way they are raised, etc. This pit bull has been raised very lovingly in a warm home. They have had him since he was a very young puppy, knew the breeder, etc and always told me she was very sweet.I've now found out that a few months ago the pit got out of his yard and attacked a very old, very lame dog. I am sure there are some pit bulls who are non-aggressive but I now firmly believe the breed is prone to aggression. I will never trust a pit bull again. My dog has a puncture wound on every part of his body, his eye is damaged. The vet thinks he will be okay with antibiotics. To the gentlemen who watched his dogs killed I am so sorry. I will always walk with pepper spray from now on.
                                                          • pits
                                                            yes your wrong....i have 2 pit bulls one we got at 6 weeks old.. female sweetest dog i ever owned wouldn't hurt anyone loves kids and people....the other one was a rescue male pit that was abused didn't even know how to play with dog toys. it's the owner that trains the dog to be mean or nice.
                                                          • pits
                                                            A common question regarding the APBT is, "How is this breed different from the American Staffordshire Terrier?". In the eyes of the United Kennel Club, they are the same breed, but many disagree. Some AKC-registered American Staffordshire Terriers are dual-registered as American Pit Bull Terriers with the UKC; however, this draws criticism from many who point out that the bloodlines have been separate for too long for these to be considered the same breed. The AKC, on the other hand, does not allow a UKC-registered American Pit Bull Terrier to be registered as an American Staffordshire Terrier. To be dual-registered, the dog must first be an AKC-registered American Staffordshire Terrier and then it can be registered with the UKC as an APBT -- but not vice versa...
                                                          • :)
                                                            u don't know what ur talking about...bet u never owned any breed of dog...
                                                          • Stop denying the obvious
                                                            It really aggravates me how so many of you pit bull owners like to chine in on how great this breed is and yet you are blind to the obvious and often deadly truth. Let's get our story straight shall we?
                                                            First off, I have worked in the pet service industry for years and I will say that I have encountered almost every breed of dog you can imagine. Yes, I have had the pleasure of working with some very nice, friendly, and lovable pits. I have also had to walk out from a customer's home on MANY occasions because the dogs disposition did not fall within our working policy. No, not all of these dogs were pits but more than 3 out of 5 were.
                                                            In my neighborhood alone in the past 3 weeks there have been 4 vicious dog attacks on other people's pets. All 4 occurred on the attacked victims property. The attackers in all 4 cases were pits. 2 different pits to be exact. The irony to this is that every single attack resulted from the pits either jumping a fence to gain access to the victim or digging under the fence in one situation.
                                                            Just one hour before my post, my child was chased back to the house by one of these loose pits. When I went outside to see what she was crying about, the pit came at me. Thankfully I had armed myself with aluminum bat which I placed upside his head and ran him off.
                                                            Please do not get me wrong. My beef is not with the breed as a whole though I do not care who claims what ... it is PAINFULLY obvious that pits are, in general, a violent breed of dog. Be it due to owner irresponsibility or bad genetics or maltreatment etc. this is sadly, for the breed, a fact. My problem is more so with the owners of ANY breed of dog which has shown ANY aggression towards other dogs or people and yet they remain to do nothing to better confine their dogs.
                                                            We should take all owners of these dogs who have attacked on more than one occasion, smear a can of Alpo to the backsides and let a pack of these loose on them. Maybe after they experience what their own dogs are doing to other people they will start to learn some responsibility!
                                                          • uneducated nit wit
                                                            I got a american pit bull terrier when he was 8 weeks old. he was origionally aweful with other dogs, would growl and try and jump on them. within 5 weeks of training I was able to walk him around other dogs without him even giving them a second look. He is now 8 years old and is living in my house with a 2 year old, a 10 month old golden retreiver ( who ironically doesnt fetch) and a 3 yr old tea cup yorkie. Im fairly possitive if my house were to be broken into right now my yorkie would fight more then my "EVIL" pit. So yes my pit is a loving part of my family... shows NO AGGRESSION towards anything and nit wit reporters like this who can take a few isolated insodence and turn an entire breed of dog into killers should be fired. your think your doing your job so great but maybe if you didnt tell people to fear and hate pits there wouldn't be a pack of 5 homeless pits wandering the streets.. I have an idea lets take brittany terriers tell everyone to hate them so they arent treated well make it so they are starving in the streets and lets see if they get more brutal.
                                                          • seriously folks
                                                            It's amazing, one person owns a nice family pit bull and now they're the opinionated expert educating everyone on how great pit bulls are as pets. The only person I want telling me they are not dangerous is someone educated that has worked with MANY, MANY pit bulls. I do not care to hear about your one experience as if it were doctrine.
                                                            Do not pretend you understand that pit bulls are not innately bad animals at least somewhat prone to attacks, because no one can know that, at least no one that I've seen in this set of comments.
                                                            Whether aggressive, attacking behavior is induced by people, innate or BOTH, there is certainly a danger associated with pit bulls. There's no reason a person who is biased against them isn't justified, to argue otherwise is ignorant, arrogant and stubborn.

                                                            You are all human beings rudely exchanging disrespectful comments over the defense of what can be and is often a horribly formidable creature roaming the streets of my not-very-good neighborhood and all some of you see if that I insulted your little Bruiser.

                                                            There are differences in breeds. Being BRED for a specific purpose means there are INNATE differences in dogs. There are reasons why pit bulls are used to be fighting dogs. Can't a pit bull owner acknowledge that?
                                                            There are also a lot of irresponsible dog owners out there, even the well-meaning ones who are just not dog savvy that can cause the creation of an aggressive dog without doing anything to encourage it. People are adopting pit bulls daily from shelters with no regard for how dangerous the animal can be, no idea of its past.

                                                            I do not trust your unceasing insistence that the breed is a misunderstood, well-mannered joy. I've had my own experience(S) and I do not trust the average dog owner to identify aggressive traits in their dogs so that they can stop them, I do not trust them to make sure the dogs are properly socialized and I do not trust that just because he's great with your kids doesn't mean he won't hurt my dog or my kid if they were to start playing together at the park.
                                                            You can't tell me I'm wrong about ensuring my own personal safety based on my observance.
                                                            Your observance of a good pit bull means they just get a bad rap, my observance of a bad pit bull means someone gets hurt.
                                                          • seriously folks
                                                            It's amazing, one person owns a nice family pit bull and now they're the opinionated expert educating everyone on how great pit bulls are as pets. The only person I want telling me they are not dangerous is someone educated that has worked with MANY, MANY pit bulls. I do not care to hear about your one experience as if it were doctrine.
                                                            Do not pretend you understand that pit bulls are not innately bad animals at least somewhat prone to attacks, because no one can know that, at least no one that I've seen in this set of comments.
                                                            Whether aggressive, attacking behavior is induced by people, innate or BOTH, there is certainly a danger associated with pit bulls. There's no reason a person who is biased against them isn't justified, to argue otherwise is ignorant, arrogant and stubborn.

                                                            You are all human beings rudely exchanging disrespectful comments over the defense of what can be and is often a horribly formidable creature roaming the streets of my not-very-good neighborhood and all some of you see if that I insulted your little Bruiser.

                                                            There are differences in breeds. Being BRED for a specific purpose means there are INNATE differences in dogs. There are reasons why pit bulls are used to be fighting dogs. Can't a pit bull owner acknowledge that?
                                                            There are also a lot of irresponsible dog owners out there, even the well-meaning ones who are just not dog savvy that can cause the creation of an aggressive dog without doing anything to encourage it. People are adopting pit bulls daily from shelters with no regard for how dangerous the animal can be, no idea of its past.

                                                            I do not trust your unceasing insistence that the breed is a misunderstood, well-mannered joy. I've had my own experience(S) and I do not trust the average dog owner to identify aggressive traits in their dogs so that they can stop them, I do not trust them to make sure the dogs are properly socialized and I do not trust that just because he's great with your kids doesn't mean he won't hurt my dog or my kid if they were to start playing together at the park.
                                                            You can't tell me I'm wrong about ensuring my own personal safety based on my observance.
                                                            Your observance of a good pit bull means they just get a bad rap, my observance of a bad pit bull means someone gets hurt.
                                                          • Bull@#$!
                                                            I recently took my evil pitbull to the vet with my mother in-laws chiwawa my dog went in and loved everyone at the office the staff at the vets office would not let the chiwawa in the office without a muzzle on. so I guess ignorance is your rule huh?
                                                          • pit bull attack
                                                            This may be a controversial topic. But until it happens to you, and your happy trusting 17 lbs dog is attacked and mauled by a vicious pit bull on your morning walk, you have no idea what a horror it is. The dog has been impounded, and my worst fear is that it will find it's way back to a residential neighborhood. It is a killing machine.
                                                            • Chased this morning
                                                              I was walking my black lab today and was chased home by a pit bull. He was not fixed and he was big. I barely got in my house. I looked outside to see if he was still there and he was. I opened the door and he ran at me and growled as i slammed the door. Then I went upstairs and got my gun. I watched from inside as he walked around my house peeing everywhere. I called animal control and reported the incident. Then I saw his owners searchng for him. When they had him under control I jumped in my vehicle and caught up with the and told them what happened and what would happen if he got out again. I did not hold back. I told them I would shoot thier dog. Now I will not leave the house without my gun and I will not allow my wife to walk the dog anymore alone.
                                                            • I totally agree
                                                              Jim, I completely understand where you're coming from. Yesterday at the dog park my friend's French bulldog was viciously attacked by a pit bull. The pit bull's owners couldn't stop the attack, the dog wouldn't let go and was shaking the Frenchie like a rag doll. It was truly horrific, the pit bull had more than half the Frenchie's head in its mouth. I do think some of it is to do with inept owners, this pit bull was in the small dog section of the dog park and it was by no means a small pit bull - it was a full grown unaltered male, probably 120 pounds or more. The 23 pound Frenchie was lucky to be alive after that - albeit with plenty puncture wounds and goodness knows what else going on underneath the skin. All that shaking must have caused a lot of damage. Even the pit bull's owner was screaming "choke him!" because it wouldn't stop attacking. I told them that this dog does not belong in a dog park, it attacked unprovoked and it was definitely going for the kill. It needs to be muzzled in public - personally I don't really care if it attacks its owners, that's their problem. They had no control whatsoever over their dog. I'm considering carrying a baseball bat with me now because the pit bull's owners were hitting the dog and it still wouldn't let go. I don't know if a bat would work better but having been bitten by a dog before, I'd rather have something to use other than my hands!
                                                              I should add that pit bulls are by no means the only aggressive breed - my pug has been attacked by a really nasty pomeranian at the dog park twice already, and I've seen that dog attack many others too. At least with a small dog like that you can usually get them off, though. That's not to say they can't cause serious damage if they want to!
                                                            • Love for animals
                                                              Folks don't ignore the signs. Like a cheating husband. They're there. A growl to a command. A bite that was uncalled for. Once we allow them to taste blood. They can become agressive. I know they're not vampires. But these things cannot be ignored. I own a blue nose pitt. She's two yrs old. Beautiful and playful. She eats with two maltese poodles. They like to taste her food. She loves children and attention. shares her toys. But then comes the visits to the vets. Nayla barks and pull. Begins to tug a bit much. I have to say, like children they have to set limits. I keep my pitt in her room at night. I talk to her alot.. They seem to understand if mommy speaking spanish they did something wrong. I work at children's hospital. I've seen from dog bites, all types to you name it. We must use our better judgement folks. Don't sleep on anything.
                                                            • So what do you do!
                                                              I asked the question on Google about what to do if a pit bull attacked. Unfortunately, I've read all of these posts but didn't get much information about what to do if a pit bull attacks! OK, I'll ask the question, what do you do if a large dog attacks another dog and won't let go? My husband walks our mountain ridges with our 8 year old 95 lb. mixed breed dog and a 13 lb.dachshund. He usually keeps the little one on a leash until he gets closer to home. The other day while walking, the dachshund now off the leash came running back to him yelping. Before too long, a neighbor's pit bull came up to them. Now all of this happened quite suddenly. But it wasn't until the owner came up on his 4 wheeler that the pit bull attacked the big dog. As I've already said, he's a 95 pounder! The pit bull went for his neck and had him down immediately. My husband kept screaming to the owner to get him off. Finally, my husband starting hitting the pit bull with his walking stick and somehow he let go long enough for the owner to grab his collar. No damage was done to our dog because he has a LOT of hair. But if the pit bull had gone after the little dog, he would have been killed. So my question is again, what should you do if any big dog attacks? I've looked online for some sprays and such but none of them were given rave reviews if a dog was determined to attack. My husband was so upset that he had to take such drastic measures and was worried he had hurt the other dog. But on the other hand, he won't stop hiking and he certainly doesn't want either of our animals attacked. So is there a spray or other deter-ant that will help.
                                                            • Agressive by nature
                                                              Well, I have always been suportive and defender of any animal, and I'm a believer that dogs, any dog, are all about how they are treated and trained. However, after a pretty frightening experience recently, where my dog (a schnautzer/shit-zu mix) was in the socialization part of an obedience class with an AmStaff Terrier, I do beleive these dogs are dangerous in nature and need to be properly trained and treated differently that other breeds due to their agressiveness.

                                                              Thank God we acted quickly and it only was a somewhat superficial nose scratch, but it could've been worse.

                                                              I'm not generalizing but I think they should not be mixed with more tranquil breeds until they are properly trained to blend in as well!
                                                            • Kill
                                                              Kill them all ....
                                                            • Why
                                                              Why are all of the breed apologists even getting pitbulls to begin with? You know people think they're dangerous, you know people are scared of them, so what is wrong with you that you can't just get a beagle?

                                                              And the distinctions you make are ridiculous. If it looks like a pitbull, if it snarls at me like a pitbull, I'm calling it a damn pitbull. If, as you say, the genetics tests are unreliable, how do you know it ISN'T a pitbull? Ban everything that looks and acts like a pitbull and our streets will be that much safer.
                                                            • These dogs not safe
                                                              Here in the San Francisco Bay Area a month or so ago, a pregnant women was mauled to death by her pit bull. This women was the "prefect" pit bull owner, doing everything right, training, socializing... This women even gave talks trying to "educated" the public about the bred, believing that pit bulls were miss understood. I think people understand exactly about pit bulls, and that is that. they are unpredictably aggressive and are extremely dangerous. This is not a fault of the dogs, but the fault of the people that are breeding these killer dogs. If this pregnant women hadn't own this dog she would be alive today and preparing for the birth of her child.
                                                            • Banned.. I agree..
                                                              These dogs should be banned. But the funny thing here is I have a black lab and a neighbors pitbull attacked him first and my black lab had the pitbull by the throat and my dad had to pull the lab off.. I believe pitbulls should be banned until the proper laws can be made to protect others. A few months ago the same pitbull killed another neighbors dog, killed one and injured the other.. The other day the same pitbull attacked my little weenie dog when the pitbull was in OUR yard. Yes not all dogs are aggressive but anyone can see these dogs spell trouble. The same pitbull cornered a small child. The best thing for people to do is invest in a gun and a better dog to protect them. Pitbulls are dangerous NOT MATTER WHAT THE ARTICLE SAYS OR PITBULL OWNERS SAY.I have plenty of proof in my hurt weenie dog.& so many people's lives. Anyone can see I am right. Forget anyone who disagree they are ignorant. These dogs should be banned.Period.
                                                            • Our Toy poodle
                                                              A young lad in our neighborhood would walk his Pitt Bull by our house daily. Our crazy poodle never liked any dogs walking by the house. One day the Pitt came by with the lad and our toy shot after the pitt. The pitt lokked puzzled and never flincehed. The lad just held the leash and we had to get our dangerous poodle away from the pitt. There are so many stories about dog attacks from all breeds. Now I own a pitt and we love her! Really people these stories tell me about bad fences, strays, and people who chose to own a pitt and had a dog with behavorial issues. Our politicians close mental health facillites and that doesnt worry you....really?
                                                            • pathetic
                                                              so what should be done when its humans attacking humans as it is in most cases involving harm or death than there is of animals killing or harming
                                                            • Does pepper spray work
                                                              Just curious, does pepper spray work with this breed type?
                                                            • I was MAULED by a Rottweiler in Indianapolis!!!
                                                              March is coming.....for me, it is March 10th that haunts me to this day. In 1998, I was VICIOUSLY mauled by a 170 LBS Rottweiler, who had been fed gun powder & forced into fighting on the East Side of Indianapolis. This BEAUTIFUL BEAST of a dog was enjoying a belly rub from me when he snapped. He jumped to all fours, snapped at my face, I curled up in fetal position & put my thumbs in my ears. He jumped on my back, grabbed my scalp & started throwing me around the room like a rag doll. He ended up ripping off the middle third of my scalp, 2 top vertibrae fractured, both hands unrecognizable. My left hand is now 75% disabled. The emotional damage......still working on that! I am not sure if there is a Prescription of Xanax will ever be large enough to get a good night's sleep. What did I learn from this experience? HATE THE DEED, NOT THE BREED! Even in the hospital, I was trying to get that dog turned around....his name was Clyde. The City of Indianapolis put him down on 3/23/1998. He was a beautiful dog & I cried for him when I received the phone call that he was gone. It was "fight or flight".....I guess I was "FIGHT". He did not get my face & I am still alive! I now work with "Indy Pitt Crew", helping ALL breeds forced into fighting! Thank you for reading my story!

                                                            • Pit Bulls should be banned!
                                                              The dog who completely tear up my sweet Lhasa Apso 12 just 12 hours ago was also a nice 7 year old pit bull who apparently has never attacked anyone ever. I am crying continuously since. I couldn't do anything to save my baby. people pulled up and nobody could get him off. All the pit bull owners think his is special until one day he goes and kills an innocent pet right in front of their eyes. BTW, the pit bull ripped his owner's arm in the process of killing my dog.
                                                            • Nellie
                                                              What too do when a Pitbull attacks you drab his paw & twist it dont strat at him or her don't run eather. Night for now. I hope I help you.
                                                            • I"LL KILL ANY OF THEM IN A SECOND..! IF I FIND ONE LOOSE & ROAMING WITHOUT ITS OWNER..!
                                                              They are not pets..! They are killers Instinct..! Only good for hunting.
                                                            • Not just pits
                                                              I have a 1 year old red nose pit very playful and great with children. One day I was taking him for a walk and a black lab attacked my dog my dog didn't do anything it didn't try to bite back or anything and HE'S A PITBULL!!!
                                                            • Sad...
                                                              FACT: more people get bit by toy breeds than any other dog. FACT: ANY dog can bite and WILL bite if it feels threatened. FACT: 'PIT BULL' is not a breed, it is not recognized by ANY professional kennel club. It is a classification propagated by the media. FACT: 74% of adults will incorrectly identify a dog's breed and because of media hype, prejudice and ignorance will 8 time out of 10 identify a large aggressive dog as a pit bull. FACT: APBT and AST have been listed as the 'nanny dog' for centuries because of their preposition to be gentle and loyal pets. FACT: in the 70s the same things were said about the German Shepard, 80s it was the doberman, 90s the Rottie and now it's the 'pit bull.' Ironically, America's favorite breed, the lab, is the most dangerous in Canada.
                                                              It is IGNORANCE. People don't know how to approach an unfamiliar dog, regardless of the breed. Dogs can't speak. They don't exchange pleasantries, they don't shake your hand. If a stranger walked up to you on the street, grabbed you and kissed you on the lips, what would you do? Thank them? Kiss them back? Hell no. You'd respond with anger or shock, correct? Then why to people think they can come up to a dog that has no idea who the hell they are, violate their personal space and touch them? ANY dog can feel threatened in that situation.
                                                              ALL dogs are ANIMALS first (with lineage from carnivorous predators), DOG next and BREED last. All dogs are capable of the same actions. All dogs can smell better than humans, just scent hounds are better at it. All dogs can bite, just large muscular breeds do more damage. NO breed is inherently violent but all animals have the capability to be violent. Just like humans. To say all 'pit bulls' are predisposed to attack because some are trained (or have lack of socialization) to do so is like saying since 70% of all violent crimes are committed by black males then ALL black males are going to hurt you. Congratulations, you have been brainwashed by the media. Oh, wait, just because it's in the papers and on CNN, it must be true, right? Just like we found WDMs in Iraq. Stop being sheep and start being educated.
                                                              • Easier said than done
                                                                I was just attacked by a pitbull last night at a friend's house. He could not control the animal. My instinct was to freeze and luckily I was only nipped twice. The injuries were minor. Perhaps it helped that I did not run and stood my ground. I tried not to show fear and kept my arms close to my sides. But when it comes to people saying "do this, or do that" I wonder how many of them have actually been attacked by a Pitbull. I am astounded by how quick and powerful this dog was. There's no time to think in these situations, only survive any way you can. I will never put myself or my loved ones in the presence of one of these dogs again.
                                                              • Scared in my own neigbborhood
                                                                I was out walking my westie when the neighbors pit bull got out and attacked my dog. The owner is a responsible dog owner and has never seen his dog be aggressive in 9 yrs. My point is he is capable of attack and now I am fearful in my own neighborhood.
                                                                • dog aggression is unacceptable
                                                                  Pit bull owners love to say "well APBTs (etc) are not human aggressive, just often dog aggressive". They think it should comfort us that only our canine friends are the ones likely to be killed. Further, dog-directed aggression leads to human attacks. Why? As several posts here point out, people are not willing to stand by while their dog is killed by a pit, so they intervene and get attacked. Pit bulls owners usually thuggish, selfish, dull-witted, and/or incredibly naive.
                                                                • my experience
                                                                  Doxies bite most, but aren't going to take your head off. I had a sweet tiny Sheltie and a Pit grabbed her away and shook her so hard, all I remember thinking is that I wanted her body back. She lived, but was never the same. There is no reason to breed bully dogs. My city has a no-kill shelter policy, with a few exception: desperate;y ill dogs, vicious dogs, and pit bull puppies. They have huge litters, and would take up all the space nicer dogs could use. I love dogs and have always kept them, fostered, them, adopted them and contributed to charities, but this is a breed that simply should become extinct. Nine times out of ten, when I see a pit and pick up my small dog, I get yelled at my the pit owner for being afraid. Bullies own Bullies, is my feeling. I also now carry a Taser to the par and would have no problem using one.
                                                                  • re: afraid in neighborhood
                                                                    Me too! I bought a legal taser, was trained, and carry it.
                                                                  • Re: don't shpw fear
                                                                    That's idiotic! When a big dog is after you, how on earth can you feel anything but afraid?And as for the comment about all males being aggressive, sorry hon, that's just your dog.
                                                                  • inherently dangerous
                                                                    you are wrong---some breeds are more dangerous. if you understood the evolution of dogs, you'd know that some breeds were trained to bring down bigger dogs -- aka pit BULLS. German Shepards have worked with mankind, during wars as far back as the Crimean, and so have a desire to protect humans, not to attack for no apparent reasons. You want a pit, fine, but keep it out of my way.
                                                                  • Why
                                                                    Why do people in life always want to argue clear cut facts. Why does our society live in total denial of issues. Why can't people face the truth. Yes the general rule has exceptions however, the general rule is the general rule.
                                                                  • awesome
                                                                    I think this is an awesome comment..we are proud owners of several pitbulls and none show aggression or ill manners. we raised our pitbulls right. and no one will tell us otherwise.
                                                                  • Ego
                                                                    why is society allowing the sensitive egos of those who choose to own "scary" dogs be more important than public safety? Trying to improve the image of this potentially dangerous breed of dog IN NO WAY erases or should excuse it's risk. Why do pit owners feel their chosen breed can overcome it's genetic want to do what it's DNA tells it to do, when most of the dog owning society admit to choosing breeds specifically for what they were bred for (pointers pointing, border collies herding etc) Sure, not all pits will attack, but all of you pit owners are no better equipped than me to say which ones will or which ones wont. Stop saying that the only pits that attack are ones who have only been mistreated, most pits that attack have owners that were "shocked because it's always be so gentle and loving. When one of your own, Darla Napora, a woman well known for rescuing pits was attacked and killed along with her unborn child by her own pit, why was that not your wake up call...do you think she abused her dog? Or was it the fact that the pit had been mistreated before? If so, than what about the millions of pits in rescues waiting to go to homes, what will they do? You don't really know do you? Irresponsible pit advocacy (nanny dog myth, Petey was a pit, Sgt Stubby and saying this breed is just like all the other) and all the others things you say to try and fluff up the breed are putting people in harm's way. You have had decades to try and curb the problem, the result, this year alone, 14 people in the US alone killed by pits. Move over, let 100% strict owner liability take hold EVERYWHERE (check out Maryland's recent ruling) and potentially save a child from lifelong scarring or worse. Some dogs do certain jobs better than others, it's why we don't see chihuahuas sent in to find a missing child, a bloodhound or tracking dog usually does that job...I'm sorry man has created pitbulls to be what they are, but enough children have paid the price...
                                                                  • Ridiculous
                                                                    This is nothing but nonsense, until you have owned a pitbull you have no room to talk, first in the 1970s-1980s the Doberman was the violent beast. It now the media don't give it no attention it is a good dog now,then it was the Rotwieler in the 1990s and same thing occurred, And as you can see now the same is happening with the pitbull. You never here about that little Chihuahua that is on your block biting and chasing everyone who walks by, but then again it's to small to hurt someone, right?
                                                                  • Border collie attacked by pit bull
                                                                    My border collie was in the backyard of my sons home and the neighbours had pit bull...Unprovoked the pit bull jumped the fence and grabbed our dog by the throat...my dog has had three surgeries and is lucky to be alive...The owner was on the pit bull and trying to pull his head so he would release and a friend was hitting the dog with hockey stick...Nothing worked...I believe the pit bull just released on his own thinking our dog was killed....I like some of the answers on how to react to pit bull attack and the one is wrap belt around dogs neck in choke hold to cut off air supply or get rock and hit in head or eyes....but truth is a lot of damage can be done in a very short time to your loved one or pet....Really these dogs are so strong and intent when they attack to kill...That is a fact...This breed of animal should be prohibited as dogs that kill have no place on this earth.
                                                                  • really
                                                                    The difference being that a pit bull is so strong it will kill in a very very short time I have now witnessed this horrific act and so believe I know the difference between small animal bites and a pit bull attack...with intent to kill....the only reason my dog is still alive and by the way undergoing third surgery is that the pit bull thought he had killed him.
                                                                  • Pitbulls being viscous
                                                                    The statement that pitbulls are a viscous breed blows my mind . In my life I've had 4 different pitbulls and not one has ever shown aggression to any person let alone even another animal . Raise them with love and not for dog fighting then of course u will have an aggressive dog but who says that if u trained a stupid mut such as a German Shepard to be viscous 100% that dog will be vicious and pitbulls do not lock their jaw they have a strong jaw ok and I've seen people from lawyers to doctors who have pitbulls ok not drug dealers ok . Basically if u take care of a pitbull and treat him with respect and love and train him right u are getting the worlds most loyal and friendly and respectful and great with kids and even other dogs and even cats most greatest breed of out of any other breed of dog u could ask for . So don't take what a police officer has to say when 99% of the time cops are lying to u and are specially trained to be able to trick and lie to u so u give information . Never write a statement and never believe a cop ok u have the right to remain silent .
                                                                  • Well Said and very true this discrimination is mere human ignorance!
                                                                    This is very true from personal experience I have a malle 4yr old abd a female 2 yr old they have never shown aggression toward humans or another dog.
                                                                  • amstaff
                                                                    i have an amstaff got him when he was 8 months old and amstaffs are just has loveable as any other dog....loves playing with the other dogs at the dog park,loves the beach,most of all he loves kids i couldnt have asked for a better dog,,,,my personal opinion pit bulls and amstaff got a bad rap from the ignorant uneducated owners who have no clue about raising a dog.....i love my amstaff and if i had a nice big yard i would open my doors for all dogs
                                                                  • Dangerous gods
                                                                    What pit bull owners think about their dogs is not relevant. Most of them, after an attack, will swear that their dog never dig anything similar and was a very sweet dog. If you own a dog that has the potential to hurt seriously humans or other dogs you should use a leash and a muzzle. If you don't, your dog should be euthanized.
                                                                  • mastiff?
                                                                    Mastiff huh. Ahhh, which one? Was it a chow? Lol!
                                                                  • Attacked
                                                                    Just was walking home today. (about 15 minutes ago) A group of 3 chased after me. Thank god they didn't get close enough to bite. (Thats the fastest I have EVER run in my life.)
                                                                  • Pitbulls should be exterminated.
                                                                    I am sorry to all thos owners who say they own sweet pitbulls but the true fact is pitbulls are aggressive! Think of their name!!!! Pit Bull?? Prignally the breed was bread to kill to the death. They would put these dogs in a pit and let 2 dogs fight to the death! They would bet on which dog would win. That is where the Pit Bull got its name! Think about it! You dont know when they will attack. Doesnt matter if you train them. They still have that fighting blood in them and they are demon posed!!! Look at all the pounda! Pitbulls! Humane socities? Drug people havw these dogs to protect there drugs. Believe me it may seem cruel to kill these dogs but would you like it if one of them mauls your child or kills them. Or someone you love is killed by a pitbull! It is not right!!!!:-( Sweet and PITBULL dont mix!!!!!
                                                                    • dog attack
                                                                      Thank you Scott,First off I am a dog lover I have 2,Today my co-worker and I were aggressivley pursued from across the street from us (it was a very busy street)we were walking to our work van a pitbull and another large dog spotted us from across the street,the pit looked @ us straight on in our eyes,looked both ways before crossing the street and was on it's way to attack us w/its companion right behind him or her.I had grabed a rake,when I first saw them from actross the street,we were never so scared,I stood my ground and pounded the rake on the side of the van and shouted with authority,it ois only by the Lords favor I can type this!
                                                                      • Such a shameful article!!!
                                                                        Two comments in this article just typify how ingnorant and misinformed this article is -- first, the writer's statement "can a lab be trained not fetch?" (in comparing that to training a pit bull not to be aggressive) and second, the police spokesman's comment that pit bulls "are a very vicious breed and they always have been." The breeds commonly called "pit bulls" are naturally NOT agressive towards humans; they were bred to not be agressive. The American Temperament Test Society, Inc, has ranked the various "pit bull" breeds in the mid-80% regarding friendliness towards humans. This is higher than beagles, collies, great danes and other breeds much-loved by people. Additionally, there is no "pit bull" breed. That is a catch-all term for any number of breeds from american bull dogs to american staffordshire terriers that exibit certain physical traits. Has the IBJ forgotten the beloved Petey of the Little Rascals or that "pit bulls" were the symbol of American pride on WWI posters?!? Shame on you, IBJ, for such a slanted and ingorant "news" report!
                                                                      • Pitbull attacks
                                                                        Ignore them their pit nutters.You do what you need to do protecting youre dog.I carry bear spray when I walk my dogs.Let them get a face full of that.Or a bullet to the head if one threathens or attacks me and my dogs.I use to stay when someone shows up at the local dog parks with a pitbull but no more I gather my dogs and leave asap it just aint worth the risk.Why should I risk my dogs life just for you the pitbull owner to show that you dog isnt a killing machine?Ive seen a dogpark empty quickly when pitbulls show up so I know I am not the only who feels this way.
                                                                      • Surrounded by 3 pits
                                                                        Recently I was walking down my road (rural) and three pits ran from behind a house and surrounded me while barking. The owner eventually stuck her head out the door to inform me they were friendly. Sure... except the dogs didn't come when she called! I was so relieved I was't walking with my two dogs.... they would have tried to defend me as the threat was there, I was terrified. Telling a person not to be afraid or it might cause an attack is rediculous! People need to be responsible with their animals and their behavior.I dont care how friendly your pet is...if it rushes me and acts aggressively to me, I am not the one at fault for being afraid. I had called my husband who came with his car and then the dogs moved out of the way. So, now what? I told my kids to not ride their bikes down that road. But why should I? Why should I alter my behavior because of people like that? Those dogs need to be contained. People ride horses down that road! It's a disaster waiting to happen.Unfortuantely it seems that many pot owners are people who shouldn't own any pets, let alone one that needs to be trained properly.
                                                                      • Ignorance....
                                                                        Just THIS MORNING i was woken up by bloodcurdling screams as my girlfriend was surrounded in front of our house by 3 loose pit bulls (yes, they were in fact pits, this is not a catch all term...). I ran out with a knife, another neighbor showed up with a gun, and in the end we had to put one of the three down because it refused to back down. The owner eventually shows up and tries to say "My nephew forgot to lock them in their cages"...thinking that it was an acceptable excuse, but man there is so much fail in that statement... 1. The mere fact that the screams caused him to get up and look for his dogs means he knows they are vicious. 2. The fact that he caged these adult pit bulls daily is another sign that they can not be trusted. 3. Regardless of whether we were 'actually' attacked or not is irrelevant. I am not going to wait to be mauled before i defend my home and those that i love. I threatened to have his remaining dogs taken and put down, but he knew from the beginning what this would all lead to so he stuck them in a car and drove them off so animal control could not seize them. Retarded owners and vicious breeds are a recipe for disaster. The saddest part is this wasn't even our first experience like this. Just over a year ago my girlfriend was actually bitten by a pit, and had i not beaten it severely with a bat i had nearby i'm afraid it may have killed her. I can't recall a SINGLE instance where i've been near a pit and not had it growl, bark, or act threateningly. They are just a vicious breed!!! People who defend pits and claim they are sweet animals need to wake up, a lot of the news reports of children dying from dog attacks are family pets. Not drug dealer's dogs, not ones specifically trained to be vicious, etc. They just act this way naturally. Sometimes they gain enough respect for an owner for them to not attack in the presence of the owner, but you can't be everywhere at all times, you have to realize the truth - These breeds do not belong in suburban or urban areas. Period. Your right to have a "cute companion" does not trump the public's right for safety. We should not have to avoid areas where pits have been seen, or flee them when a pit arrives, we should be able to live our lives normally. The laws in this area need a lot of work, and i personally believe that all pits should be collected and put down. Or at the very least outlawed in heavily populated areas (Public gatherings, parks, etc. as well as generally banned from urban/suburban areas). This breed serves no utility, people just like to get them because they look intimidating and "make good guard dogs"...but you can't define their territory, they will get territorial no matter where they are and who is around - It's their nature!
                                                                      • pit bull bite intensity
                                                                        well said. because of a pit bull's bite intensity and fact extreme violence is bred into them, they need to be eradicated...
                                                                      • Scott Is Right
                                                                        People who defend this breed to the death make me sick. Read what Scott wrote! There is no argument after reading what he says.
                                                                      • We Have Our Facts Straight
                                                                        Based on the fact that pits make up only 5% of the dog population, but are responsible for a majority of attacks, I say they should be "band." Yeah, YOU would be a pit owner...
                                                                      • Good information
                                                                        It's a relief to read good information rather than arrogant/ignorant stuff justifying a breed of dog that is just dangerous. Also the people who own pit bulls are often aggressive themselves. I have a neighbor who adopted an abused pit bull about 6 months ago. The dog is leashed 24/7 and barks all the time. The neighbor himself is very aggressive and nasty tempered. He says that he wants the dog to bark and be a guard dog. That is why he treats it the way he does. He is an example of the type who wants a dangerous dog and does what he can to encourage it's aggression. I live next door to a disaster waiting to happen. I do not trust pit bull dogs and very much want them banned or controlled as ownership of a lion or tiger.
                                                                      • knife
                                                                        on 8/01/13 0530hrs i was attack by two pitbulls i used a knife to defend myself with,and i cut the mess out of the pitbulls,the lord JESUS CHRIST did the rest
                                                                      • pit bulls
                                                                        Just got accosted by two pit bulls running at large while I was getting my mail. These animals were in my yard and one, that I was told by the owner is very aggressive, (I guess that's why they named him Hannibal walked me to my door. I didn't know if it was going to attack me or not. The woman went out in a car later looking for them. If you have these dogs, for goodness sake, exercise an appropriate degree of caution so the rest of us don't have to wonder whether we're going to be maimed or killed just walking to get the mail!
                                                                      • Oh please
                                                                        Pitbulls naturally have a high energy level and need a lot of attention. They are the biggest sweethearts when raised in the right home. I've seen homes with mutliple pitbulls that get along fine with other dogs and people alike. They are normal dogs no worse than a labs, just more athletic. Sedentary people, dog abusers, and people without enough time to play shouldn't own them. Btw, pitbulls can be the best cuddle-buddies of any dog.
                                                                      • wake up
                                                                        Walking my dog one day it was attacked by a small pitbull whose owner was just not the full quid. I have had dogs for years and have seen dogs tell each other off and had dogs nip or bite my dogs. I have been bitten on my face from a dog. The difference is when a regular dog bites they tend to bite then back off. The damage done is generally not major, small dogs leave a couple of puncture wounds which don't usually need treatment or maybe stitches at the worst with a bigger dog, but nothing life threatening . To have seen a pitbull in attack mode is unlike anything i have ever seen. They just go into a frenzy and seem to want to attack till they kill, and due to their strength the damage they do is severe. If it had been a bigger breed pitbull, which these days you see everywhere in certain areas, and often lose, I have no doubt my dog would have been killed and possibly me as well as i was risking my life to keep my dog from further harm and was bitten as well. The fact i managed to somewhat get control of the situation was due to the pitbulls smaller size, the fact i stayed somewhat calm, and in the end managed to hold it back in the scramble as i fell by its collar while it lunged at my throat, till the owner finally showed up. If you, your child, or dog is ever savaged by a pitbull purebreed or pitbull cross I am certain you will realise how irrelevant the argument that 'small dogs can be vicious' is! It is not an over reaction, it is not targeting one breed, it is not scaremongering, it just is what it is. A strong breed of dog which when triggered can do a hell of a lot of damage to other dogs and humans. Also these strong breeds often fall into the wrong hands and have miserable lives which is heartbreaking as well. I would like to set up two enclosed ares, one with a pack of aggressive chihuahuas and one with pitbulls and let these people who argue they are just a misunderstood breed to chose which one they would walk into with their children or pets. It seems many pitbulls (except rescued ones) end up it the hands of cruel people, and have terrible lives, the breeding of them needs to be bought under control for their sake as well.
                                                                      • Cats killed by pit bulls
                                                                        Last night we lost two sweet cats to a pit bull attack. They were attacked and killed by two loose pit bulls. I love all animals but there should be more regulations to breeding these dogs and to owning them. To the defenders of pit bulls I have one question. What about our dead cats?
                                                                      • Stats Don't Lie
                                                                        The stats don't lie. I love dogs. But pit bull types are very very unique in their ability to follow through with great damage once irritated. The stats are clear. Pit Bull type dogs overwhelmingly account for the MAJORITY of injuries and deaths in the U.S.. I don't care if your Sweet Sweet Sweetie Pie of all sweetie pies ever pit is a dear. YOU should care about people. YOU should support the uniqueness of the breed being managed. Take a look at youtube at all of the horrible horrible damage people are living with (and in some cases dying from) due to pit bulls. They are unique. I repeat... they are unique. The stats prove it. Stop defending the breed. I love dogs. Use your head and protect people by legislating special insurance required when owning a pit plus training required plus laws governing their removal from the streets. If you can't agree with this I prescribe listening to someones screams when they can't get free of a pit's bite and then talk to them annually about how they live DAILY with the scars and disfigurement. Please start caring about the people in your neighborhood. And if you care about the breed.... I think a lot of people will feel a whole lot better about them if they are properly managed.
                                                                      • Don't you get it?
                                                                        Seems like many owners of pitbulls quickly jump to this: eg. "my pitbull is bred the right way and is caring, loving, loyal, affectionate etc etc." Here's the problem with this: not everyone raises their pitbulls correctly! There are lots of bad owners who neglect or purposely train these dogs to be fighter dogs. So just because YOU have a well-trained pitbull that you think is relatively safe, not all of them are.
                                                                      • Ban Em..
                                                                        Some dog people are TRULY mentally ill. These horrible dogs NEED to go! How anyone can defend hundreds of attacks that are actually REPORTED( never mind the real numbers)that kill kids, maim people,kill other dogs and we are just supposed to keep on going like this? They need to be banned obviously. And owners need to be locked up and fined. Too many dog owners are irresponsible people. Grossly so. Hit em where it hurts.
                                                                        • not true
                                                                          No dog breed comes aggressive by nature. Dogs are not humans and act in a dog way which can come across as agressive to us. Most dog attacks have nothing to do with the breed, but are just dogs being aggressive as they are not treated and trained properly. What is true is that more pitbulls than other breeds end up with idiots that do not know how to train/treat a dog. Thats why they show up higher in stats. In 70's it was the Bouvier, in the 80's the German shepard, now its the pitbull. Next to that not every dog atack thats labeled pitbull attack is done by a pitbull, there are lots of breeds that look them but are not pitbull's. try this test: http://www.pbrc.net/poppysplace/games/AdultFindabull/findpitbull_v4.html
                                                                        • dogs
                                                                          Yes you are right you should never run from a dog but the best way to get them to release and this works for any breed is hold their nostrils together for about 10 seconds and then put water into their mouth while still keeping the nostrils closed,this instantly makes the dog choke and it has no option but to release the other way is basically stopping the dogs air supply fingers over nostrils and squeezing the dogs windpipe,headlock whatever you want to call it this way is much more dangerous as soon as it releases you need to go before it comes to its senses
                                                                        • Agree
                                                                          Thank you for standing up for the pitbull! They need someone to stand up for them

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                                                                        2. way to much breweries being built in indianapolis. its going to be saturated market, if not already. when is enough, enough??

                                                                        3. This house is a reminder of Hamilton County history. Its position near the interstate is significant to remember what Hamilton County was before the SUPERBROKERs, Navients, commercial parks, sprawling vinyl villages, and acres of concrete retail showed up. What's truly Wasteful is not reusing a structure that could still be useful. History isn't confined to parks and books.

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                                                                        5. I only tried it 2x and didn't think much of it both times. With the new apts plus a couple other of new developments on Guilford, I am surprised it didn't get more business. Plus you have a couple of subdivisions across the street from it. I hope Upland can keep it going. Good beer and food plus a neat environment and outdoor seating.