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  1. Marriage is between one man and one woman. If you wish to create a new term to define a legal contract defining the relationship between two persons of the same sex ... feel free to do so. I'd support that.

  2. Simon should thank the taxpayers for financing the Circle Center mall.

  3. Anthony, the IBJ needs to be all over this. I hope this is on your front page this week. Are you telling me that $100,000,000 tax dollars went for a few port-a-lets, wheel chair ramps, and beer stands? Where is the outrage? This could possibly be the biggest scandal in Indiana history. Are you sure about this? Somebody ripped us off.

  4. The courts exist in our system of government to protect the rights of minorities against majorities. I fail to see how allowing someone else to do something infringes on your rights. This country has always stood for the ideal that individuals were free to follow their personal beliefs and that the majority cannot force individuals to believe what the majority want them to. No one is forcing you to do anything, you are just angry that you can't force everyone else to believe and act the way you want them to. Trying to turn this around as someone taking away your rights because they won't let you tell other people how they should live is just totally wrong.

  5. Hey, let's all be reasonable. 80,000 people is a huge attendance. It is 3-4 times the size of the smaller cities that surround Indianapolis. This figure eclipses other sporting events in town. The event is still very reasonably priced and the experience has gotten better every year. The racing should be better this year as well. Finally, other cities would be thrilled to have the facility, the leadership and just one of these events in their community.