Bloomington piles into Arizona boycott

June 3, 2010
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Bloomington is the latest city to join the boycott of Arizona over its new immigration law. City officials in Bloomington have decided to stop buying goods and services from companies based in Arizona, according to The Herald-Times. Neither will the city send city officials to the state for conferences.

However, the city is not expected to end existing relationships, including trash pickup by Phoenix-based Republic Services.

Beginning July 29, police in Arizona who enforce another law must ask about immigration status if the police think the suspects might be in the United States illegally.

Arizona has come under a torrent of criticism for the law's potential to unleash police abuses, while supporters believe it’s a reasonable response to the costs of supporting illegal immigrants, particularly when the federal government hasn’t stepped in with a national policy.

Surveys generally show Americans support for the law, though Latinos tend to oppose it.

What are your thoughts?

  • Thank you!
    Thank you Bloomington! Courageous move! I have been harassed and threatened in AZ simply because I oppose this law- it has unleashed hate and worse, I've had friends also harrassed by skinheads simply while taking their nieces and nephews to the bus stop now. Not many people realize the author of this bill, Russell Pearce has ties to "white separatism". In '06 he was asked to resign by all parties because he sent out an email with an attachment from the "National Alliance" a white separatist group. He claims it was an accident. He has also been photographed with a prominent AZ neo-nazi J.T Ready.
    • Please...
      Really? This is how we act when a state passes a law that mimicks the federal law? We are talking about ILLEGAL immigration. Isn't it in everyon's interest to stop that kind? MOST Americans are in favor of this "new" law. We have to stop this wave of ILLEGAL immigration. Stop the fear mongering...we SHOULD be afraid of who is coming over the border, not people trying to force compliance with existing laws. AZ High Life, you have it all wrong and I'll bet your story is a fiction. Stop attacking the people and deal with the REAL problem.
      • Ridiculous
        I think it's interesting that most American's support the Arizona law and yet people with no knowledge of the illegal immigration situation first hand- aka people sitting in Bloomington, In- feel compelled to jump on a soap box.

        We have immigration laws for a reason, people should obey them. If people are allowed to get away with not following the letter of the law, then all laws should be optional.

        I'm so tired of people acting as if our government and resources are the solutions to everyone and every country's problem. It's not, we're not.

        Apply for immigration, like many of the other immigrants who have moved her legally, work legally, pay taxes legally.

        You have to prove your citizenship status when applying for a job, why not when you are being interrogated for a violation of the law?
      • take a look around
        AZ is only enforcing laws that should have been done years ago. US has enough problems with unemployment and homeless without illegals coming in that we as taxpayers support one way or the other. Be it through assistance programs or tax dollars, we just need to take care of our own right now.
      • Pearce & Bloomington
        Nice try, AZ High Life. Just because you disagree with Rep. Pearce, you try to defame him. He's also affiliated with the Fordham University School of Law. Have they dissed him as you attempted to with smears about Separatism? Have you applied the same attempt to Sen. Byrd from W. Va., a former, admitted member of the KKK?

        So what happens when a person is pulled over by police? They ask for Driver's License, Vehicle Registration, and Proof of Insurance? Sounds absolutely horrid to me!

        Ok, Bloomington, the Cesspool of Progressive Poo in Indiana. Fine, I will no longer go to, buy anything from Bloomington or Monroe County, and no child of mine will ever walk the former hallowed halls of that Division II School there either.

        Best to the residents of Arizona who have been forced to do what our worthless Congress gets paid to do and refuses to do (enforce existing laws). Throw the incumbents out - all of them!!!
      • 2 Faced
        Will IU also turn down all public funding from the state when the State of Indiana also gets its act together? I sure hope so. Its not racism! Its the law! Un-enforced federal law! Expand the work visa program, if needed, just don't ignore it!
      • Give me a break
        AZ High life, maybe you have been partaking a bit too much - but the focus of the bill is to ensure the safety of Arizona citizens from the gangs and criminals spilling over into AZ across the border. Its a federal law and the obligation of the government to enforce our borders. Full stop. Using an example of skinheads is just stupid. They are breaking the laws too - so they should also be punished. You don't suspend a law just because you say you have been targeted.
      • I am so with you!
        I agree totally with you, BerwickGuy! Bloomington needs to get a life and pay attention to what is REALLY going on in Arizona. I support the state of Arizona in their attempt to bring law and order to their land and LEGAL citizens.
      • What the heck
        As an alumni of IU Bloomington, I can't believe the city I lived in and loved for four years would even get involved in this. First of all, they are wrong. Second, its not their fight. When will congress enforce the interstate commerce act and inform these states and cities who are boycotting Arizon that they are breaking the law? I guess if you are boycotting the enforcement of one federal law, you have little regard for the breaking of another! Its so disappointing knowing these types of small-minded, simpletons are running our governments all across America.
      • Bloomington has no clue
        Bloomington would feel differently if they were invaded by millions and millions of illegals in wave after wave for over 30 years. Lived it in California. I am now boycotting Bloomington.
      • AZ ID law
        i am 59 years old with grey hair and partially bald. i have lived in the Indianapolis area since 1973.i went to the grocery store last week to purchsse some beer for the race weekend. the lady at the checkout asked for my ID to prove that i was 21 or over. seems that the AZ police will be asking for ID also. why is it ok to be required in indiana to show an ID to by beer, but not ok to show an ID in AZ when you are stopped for a traffic violation. if you read the new law in AZ, the police first have to stop the person for a law violation. possibly the folks that are officials at the city need to read the law. their response is one based on emotion, not based on the law. my bet is that their constituents favor the law, but these folks are ignoring their constituents and inserting their own emotions into this issue. if they ignore their constituents enough times, they will be on the outside looking in on election day.

        jan bednarz
      • Really?
        I now have to boycott Bloomington and offset these savings with a trip to sunny Scottsdale in the winter!
      • AZ
        Bloomington? Why is this even an issue for you? Grandstanding by your politicians? Convenient distraction so you don't have to face any "real" problems. Get over it, get jobs and the economic engine started again in Bloomington, be pro active. If this is what your wasting your time on, Arizona, not Bloomington, IN is the place to be.
      • Idiots
        I am shaking my head at the idiots in Bloomington that agreed to this Boycott. Don't that have any local issues to deal with? I would vote out and board member who wasted valuable time on this. Let AZ figure out what is best for AZ. Bloomington official should deal with Bloomington issues. By the way will Bloomington turn down all federal funds since AZ is just looking to enforce federal immigration laws?
      • Join the AZ Buy-cott
        Bloomington truly is the cesspool of "progressive" (read that idiotic) thoughts and ideas. How about this - lets send all of the illegals already in our state (there are plenty) to Bloomington and let Bloomington support their services that they illegally obtain.

        I too will boycott anything Bloomington. How ridiculous! The public wants illegal immigration under control. Would all of you in favor of Bloomington on this be willing to allow anyone from lets say Iran or Afghanastan to move to Indiana at will with no restrictions? Millions of them? Tell me the difference between that and a bunch of Mexicans streaming across our borders. Bloomington, you make me sick!

        BTW, I always carry ID with me whenever I leave the house. The idealists and students at IU probably don't. They should start doing so.f
      • Arizona law
        The Liberal Bloomington Freaks need to open one of their text books. Read about freedom and price that has been paid to keep it this way.
      • Will leave a "Did not Buy" Card
        I am one of majority of Hoosiers that believe we should enact the same type of law in Indiana.We should expect something like this from the nut jobs that are running Bloomington. It will be a damn site easier to boycott Bloomington and all the stores, that my wife and I shop at on a regular basis.This will be my way to display my anger at such a stupid action by their city officials. Will leave a card at all the stores when I leave empty handed to let you know you just lost a customer. When will the real Americans in Bloomington speak out, or are their any real Americans left in Bloomington?
      • Boycott Bloomington
        This will only hurt the people in AZ who did the right thing, became citizens and are employed. Has Bloomington and its elected officials lost their minds? I will now officially boycott goods from Bloomington in favor of products from West Lafayette or until Bloomington comes to its senses.
      • Bumblington
        I will support a state wide boycott of this town.'s none of your business so stay out of it. Do you really think anyone cares what you think? The leftiest elitst wanna bes think this will get them heaven with 72 virgins? I am so fed up with people not fimilar with the issues..I am! Lived in Tempe for over 30 years and about time. Yes...I am white and proud of it. Hable espanol?
      • Arizona
        i assume bloomington does not have much of an illegal immigration problem.? the lack of bloomington city business will not break the Az economy.
      • I wish our police would enforce im. law
        I am 100% for the efforts by AZ. Here, Mexican's don't have to carry car insurance or have a license. Police look the other way. My son's car was totaled by the illegal Mexican without any recourse.

        Mexicans should not be above the law just because the federal government (again) can't do their job. We also need to tax employers who hire legal and illegal ââ?¬Å?green cardââ?¬ï¿½ holders. It is reasonable to tax at least a daily fee of $5 to pay for the extra public services required for green card holdersââ?¬Â¦.and to help US workers.
      • Boycott Bloomington
        As the father of a high school student in the midst of selecting a college between IU & Purdue, among a couple of others in state, I will now have to drop IU from the list as I don't want these loons teaching our child. Are you listening Bloomington? No more trips to Zagreb's either until you start behaving more like a citizen than a child. You've officially been grounded until further notice!
      • Boomerang!
        I think this decision by Bloomington is "misguided". This will boomerang on the city and probably the college as well. If the comments here are an accurate representation of the people who are likely to spend money or live in your city, the boycott idea was not a good one! Heads will roll?
      • ignorant
        I am glad to see most comments on here are against Bloomington. How IGNORANT can they be? This isn't about "race" people, this is about applying the law and stopping this country that WE ALL live in from going to hell. Any other country would be all over this situation BUT NOOOOO, not the USA no no no we are about equal rights, right? The US has such an issue with letting selfish, "think the world owes me" , rude, ignorant, sloppy, LAZY people try to take over. So annoying!If I had to give my life to "save" this country I would do it in a heartbeat, but how much you wanna bet that these people coming over illegally wouldn't do the same!
        • That will show them
          I live in Bloomington and I am embarrassed by this move from the city council. I am sure this will change AZ's mind. I can just hear them now, "We can handle anything that the feds throw at us about this law, but now Bloomington, IN is boycotting us. That is it. We better repeal this law. As long as Swayzee, IN doesn't boycott us, I think we could survive this volley from Bloomington." Get over yourselves Bloomington city council, you aren't that important.
        • Kruzan you fool!
          I suppose that Mayor Kruzan is doing the right thing in that he'll get re-elected by the liberal idiots that run the city of Bloomington. The reality is, as others here have pointed out, that the law should be enforced and the Arizona bill does just that. Thank god I live out in the county! I hope the city loses its contract for trash removal, and is forced to raise prices for the town folks service.
        • Hats off to AZ
          I agree with the AZ law. We need to stop illigal immigrants from coming into this country. It should have been done a long time ago. I live in Indiana and I disagree with Bloomington. I am boycotting Bloomington!
        • God bless AZ!!!
          I am not against immigration - just come through like everyone else.Get a sponsor; have a place to lay your head; have a job;
          pay your taxes; live by the rules; and LEARN THE LANGUAGE as all other immigrants have in the past. As an AMERICAN, we HAVE to have a passport to leave or enter our country or any other country!! What in the world makes people think that they have any other option!! It's clearly stated!! So, I'm having an extremely hard time understanding why in the world this is such a critical issue??? Didn't some illegal immigrant just kill 3 people up in Seattle AFTER he was deported and ILLEGALLY came back into our country??? Now, we as tax payers will have to pay for his sorry life behind bars for the rest of his life!!??

          I'm sorry, but Bloomington to jump on the bandwagon of so many other misjudging states - I'm definitely boycotting Bloomington!!
        • Typical hypocrits
          How hypocritical! Boycott to make Bloomington appear sympathetic to freedom seekers as long as it does not interfere with their own comfort, like garbage removal. Typical of a community populated by a large group of people in secure (tenured) jobs who spend their time analyzing and philosophizing but have lost touch with reality. Knowing many, many IU faculty, sympathy would be waning if the immigrants coming, whether legally or illegally, were coming as University educators.
        • AZ Rocks
          Nothing else needs to be said about the Bloomington Mayor's decision to join in with his liberal counterparts who are single handedly destroying are great country. I grew up in the Bloomington area and still have roots in the area. I am boycotting Bloomington financially from this point forward and will encourage my 120 employees to do the same. All AZ required travel for my employees will be approved and all Bloomington travel denied. I only wish the rest of our elected officials had the kuhoonas to make a stand on supporting immigration laws like AZ. Come on Gov Daniels (i am a fan of) show your support for the AZ governor. Enjoy your last term in office Kruzan
        • See Yah !!
          Thanks Bloomington for helping me to decide to relocate my Bloomington based business to Indianapolis because of your elitist (liberal) attitude towards AZ and our country. See Yah !!
        • Calm Down People
          Obviously immigration policy is a hot button topic. I'm surprised by the hate filled use of the word "libreral" as it is some sort of dirty word.
          Any how, THIS should be a prime example why Indiana shouldn't pass a law like this. The last thing we need is a large boycott (and growing larger by the minute).
          At the end of the day, Arizona passing this law has not affected me, and to be fair the people shouting from the rooftops to pass a bill like this, most likely are not Latino. Think about it from a LEGAL Latino immigrant's perspective, would you feel comfortable in a place where you feel the need to be forced to carry around identification.
          • Are You Kidding Me?
            Bloomington is totally off-base on this decision. Like other critics, I suspect they have not read the new law, as it is only attempting to enforce what has been the law.

            Fortunately, Bloomington is but a blip on the radar screen and doesn't represent the majority of Hoosiers' support for the Arizona law. Alas, Bloomington was also a big supporter of the Klan in bygone eras, so it is hardly surprizing that they are still out of touch.
          • Boycott Bloomington???
            I am thankful that the overwhelming response has been positive toward a law that asks it's state officials to enforce federal laws that the federal government won't. Illegal immigration is just that...illegal. There is hope for our country yet but we must be willing to stand up and be counted.
          • Boycott Bloomington
            I plan on boycotting Bloomington !!!!!
            • Boycott Bloomington
              IU Bloomington is run by a pack of outdated rats that are completely out of touch with their students and apparently the entire country. I moved from the stink hole of whats left of Los Angeles last year to IU Bloomington to do a masters degree after the amount of illegal aliens became so intense that I couldn't drive or walk down the street without being harassed or threatened. What I found in IU Bloomington classes were backward hillbilly professors who think the Amish are intensely important and believe the majority of Americans are Mormon. IU thinks they are being diverse by telling you to your face that you can't have a campus job because they are only hiring "colored people" to show diversity. How racist is that to both parties? They also have "Diversity Day" where they make white undergraduates sit while black, hispanic and asian students go up to a podium microphone and tell the student body how much they hate white people. Their idiotic boycott of Arizona comes as no surprise to me.

              IU and Bloomington, SHAME ON YOU. I am boycotting you and your idiot run school and I have transferred to IUPUI to finish my degree. As someone who lived in California for 20 years, you have NO IDEA how destructive and crime ridden the illegal aliens have made my life. They forced me out of my home with their sheer weight in numbers and created towns where no one speaks English and to speak English is seen as insulting.

            • IN to AZ, then back to IN
              Having lived in both about we focus on our own issues. Seriously, we have enough issues here than to worry about someone elses. Does that mean Bloomington is going to force Cold Stone Creamery to shut down since they are headquartered in Phoenix? That would be ridiculous and there would be a lot of little kids that would be sad because of some stupidity on the part of the adults that have no clue about the real problems in the world. I agree with Trent!
            • business no longer in Bloomington
              This move by the government of Bloomington was what led me to relocate outside Monroe County. Too many residents of Bloomington believe so strongly in their own moral superiority that they are close-minded and incapable of thoughtful analysis of difficult issues. Disagree with the party line on any issue in Bloomington and you will be called 'redneck' which appears to be their term for Hoosiers from any other part of the state.

              The Bloomington library renovation work is being done primarily after hours by people who seem to speak only Spanish. Are they legal workers? Was this a factor in their decision?

              I moved my residence and business and needed a motivation to move my banking, insurance, accounting and shopping to another city.
            • Welcome to the USA
              The bottom line is this country is full of immigrants that decided they wanted a better life and came to the USA, LEARNED the official language (which is English in case any of the automated phone systems we call daily are listening), applied for citizenship and contributed to the tax base, used local business's and developed a culture of America first but also recognized their diversity and heritage. These are also some of the most successful and innovative citizens.
              Diversity is an integral part of the American way of life. Giving illeagal immigrants a free pass to continue using free services paid for by legal residents and allowing tax free income to be shipped to countries that fail to enforce crime is not our way of life. Also looking the other way while illagal immigrants murder and sell drugs is not either.
              My family came to this country to have a better chance and we went through the process. No one is asking any more from hopefuls than this. Political correctness has taken a crap right in the way of the moral and right thing to do. Your heritage or country of birth does not grant you special privilage. Becoming a US citizen does.
              Bloomington officials have lost touch with reality and deserve any repercussions they get from this.
            • Agree
              I agree 100% with "Traveled". Bloomington is out of touch in so many ways, and this is proof. One can only hope that Indiana and other states pass similar laws so that the Feds will finally be forced to do their job. Admittedly, the situation is tricky and difficult, but we must proceed to regulate our borders and those who can pass through them.
            • proof of ties
              As an American, I support enforcement of federal immigration laws. As a Latino, I protest Arizonans blatant attempt to marginalize the Hispanic community. Hiding behind illegal immigration as an issue to assert the Arizona Nazi agenda is as obvious as a swastika when you have pictures of State Sen. Russell Pierce hugging a neo Nazi as shown by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. The angry mobs that use FOX NEWS as Viagra to form their hardened misguided opinions ignore Arizonaâ??s recent racist history. Look to the people behind the new law. The ones who influenced the writing and the language. When you know who they are you will know their agenda. ; {)- Boycott Arizona !!
              • let's do this right
                Ramon, you seem like a reasonable man. How about we, as a nation, adopt an immigration policy that mirrors the law in Mexico? Surely, you could have no problem with that. Would a change of that nature placate all of those who find Arizona's law so draconian?
              • Boycott Bloomington
                Who are these nuts? What makes them think, when the majority of the public supports this law, that they can decide for a city, to Boycott Arazona. It's another case of arrogance in government. Lets ALL Boycott Bloomington. Turn about is fair play.
              • Motives
                Slim,Mexican immigration laws have nothing to do with Arizona. Iâ??m just saying there is more to the motivation of those who brought us sb 1070 in its original form. The revised language isnâ??t any better. It should be repealed. ; })-
                Go back to the top and read the last line of this article. The author suggests Latinos who oppose the bill are not Americans.
              • Seriously?
                Rachel Maddow might have come from the Bloomington elite herself. People who quote her, Olberman or Mathews are just as misguided as those that quote Rush, Beck or O'Reilley. Middle Americans (not conservative or liberal but centrist Americans) are tired of supporting those, regardless of race or place of birth, who abuse our social services, break our laws and expect some sort of entitlement. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, surely, you can at least agree that a law is a law. I would think any legal immigrant that went through the process, learned the language, endured the wait for citizenship would be a little angry at those that skirted the system. This issue is larger than any one angle- employment, criminal tracking, taxes, social services, uninsured drivers, welfare, housing, the total perversion of our American culture. I've seen illegal's produce several copies of ID when applying for jobs because their first selection didn't pass the verification process. No trabajo aqui!
              • Seriously, The law is the law
                I fully agree. The law is the law so why are the people of Arizona?? So bent on violating the 4th and 14th amendments of the Constitution?
                An American of color, legal resident, or a person that speaks with accent will have to think twice and ask themselves will I be stopped when they walk out their front door to work, school, even to church. Yes this is separation from the mainstream and will affect the way Hispanic Americans are treated in Arizona???
                To prevent racial profiling I believe the language of should include all persons legally stopped for any and all reasons and not leave up to police officers discretion, or reasonable suspicion. So when grandpas out walking the dog and Fido poops on the grass he better have his ID. , passport or birth certificate on him or Sheriff Joe is gonna have to take him to the poky until I.C.E figures out what to do with him.That' fair .Que no .
                ; })-

              • Amendments
                I find it interesting that you fail to see the irony of not considering Mexico's immigration laws in regards to the USA's. Mexico is much more strict so why do you not protest for the right of anyone to immigrate to Mexico? In your arguments you equate Arizona law to Nazism or fascism. I am sorry but Mexico is much closer to that analogy.

                I would also study the 4th and 14th amendment and the new law more closely. You will find that the 14th is not applicable to illegal immigrants:
                "Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside."
                and the 4th amendment is closest in spirit to your argument but in the late 19th century the Supreme court expanded the scope of enforcement of this law to include narcotics and greater leeway in probable cause. This effectively limits the scope of the amendment to primarily criminal activity and not essentially a right to privacy while in your car or home. It is true some search's are done illegally but such is the dangers of an overwrought democracy. The "citizens" are crying for action while the immigrants cry "foul".
                If you research back two hundred years you will find nearly all large groups or waves of immigrants suffered discrimination(Irish, Germans, Japanese and so on) and predatory habits which at the time seemed politically correct and needed to balance the wants of the citizens.
                So despite your cries of racial profiling what has happened is in actuality the demand of the society at large, the majority, which in a democracy still forces change and balancing of the wants of citizens.
                Ramon if you are indeed a legal citizen than exercise your right, much like your free speech, to effect change but do not blame your fellow citizens for wanting protection and balance in the American democracy.
                • You are insane
                  @AZHighLife...What a bunch of BS. I have never even read a fairy tale with so much fantasy. No one in your family is being harrassed by skinheads and you know it. Why didn't you call the police? That is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard and I live in Arizona. The information about Pearce being tied to skinheads is unbelievable. You probably think their are monsters under your bed, too. Another imbecile that is of his/her rocker and guaranteed has not read the bill. This state is under seige by illegals, their gangs and drugs. They are illegal. Period. If Bloomington would like to have these lovely border jumpers come by bus and stay in your town...go for it. 1 out of every 10 people in Arizona is ILLEGAL. They are sucking every resource dry in this state and I am sick of it as are 70% of this state. And Bloomington, walk a mile in Arizona's shoes with 500,000 ILLEGALS at your doorstep. There are 2000 laws on the books that could lead to racial profiling. We happen to trust our cops with guns and to use good judgement. And for Bloomington council to boycott another state...shame on you. We are trying to protect ourselves here. How dare you abandon us when we are following the Feds law that Obama fails to enforce. And I guarantee that if you have a problem with the alleged racial profiling, for God's sake, read the bill.
                • Arizona
                  Anybody can go into google and check out the news from Arizona. This state is the neo-Nazi and corruption capital of USA
                • @Sombrero Dude
                  @Ramon....What I find amusing is that people that are against this bill rarely have a legitimate argument as to why. You are no exception. When all else fails, blame someone else. For those unfamiliar with Sombero's skinhead LA, Representative Linda Sanchez was secretly recorded while giving a speech about the law and told them that it was written and backed by White Supremacists. Of course she was clearly attempting to race bait and kick it up a notch with this crowd.
                  She has taken a beating in the press for these comments and although 70% of the country agrees with stopping illegal immigration, we are all skinheads. This is what they resort to. If you read the bill, you will be able to refrain from getting caught up in the hype rolled out by the Hispanic malcontents in LA city government that rolled out this crap to begin with. And I challenge you to get an genuine debate from
                  someone like Sombrero and AZHigh. You will never get one.
                • Join Us
                  If you would like to see over 300,000 people on Facebook from around the country supporting Arizona, please go to Standing with Arizona (and Against Illegal Immigration). Each state has its own page also, including Indiana. There are dozens upon dozens of pages supporting this cause. type in 1000000 and you will get hits on many more pro-LEGAL immigration and you can see what we and other are up against.
                • babyruth
                  The Images are easy to find. Google J.T. Ready and Russell Pierce and you will se them hugging each other oh so close (sigh).
                  ââ?¬Å?JT Ready, who was photographed awhile back with his buddy, Russell Pearce (who says he doesn't know the guy) and at Saturday's anti-SB1070 rally.ââ?¬Â? ââ?¬Å?Shockingly, the connections to neo-Nazis donââ?¬â?¢t even stop there! On June 5th Pearce will be speaking at an anti-immigrant rally in Phoenix. The rally being organized by a man named Daniel Smeriglio who has participated in anti-immigrant rallies in his home state of Pennsylvania with former neo-Nazi Steve Smith. Smith belonged to the same neo-Nazi group, the National Alliance, which Russell Pearce passed on to his supporters via email in 2006.ââ?¬Â?
                  I'll leave it to others to decide whether Pearce is a racist or simply a race baiter, but as for Ready, who is proud of his affiliation with the National Socialist movement, there's no question�.
                  As to the claim I think your all skin heads I say no. But can you deny the connections of racist with white separatist philosophies to sb 1070?
                  ; })-
                • most Traveled
                  Unless you are contemplating sneaking across the border into Mexico your comparisons to Arizona, and the U.S. immigration laws are moot.

                  I suppose we have to wait untilcases actually find thier wat to the courts to find the answers to the constitutionality of the law and how it applies to each individual case. That should cost the State some tax dollars.

                  Your statement questioning my statusâ?? Ramón if you are indeed a legal citizenâ?? only proves that even you are tending to profile.

                  â??If you research back two hundred years you will find nearly all large groups or waves of immigrants suffered discrimination.â?? Wow!! Is that how you justify racist, uncivilized behavior. Itâ??s because the majority approves! I guess thatâ??s ok if youâ??re in the majority but in time majorities can shrink and become the minority. What then? By the way do you support the same rules the Senate?

                  As for free speech those of us who oppose sb 1070 will continue to call for an economic and travel boycott of Arizona. ; })-

                • Racial Profiling
                  Ramon said:
                  "Unless you are contemplating sneaking across the border into Mexico your comparisons to Arizona, and the U.S. immigration laws are moot."

                  You failed to respond by jumping past the issue. Failing to acknowledge other immigration policies especially the border country in respect to the discussion is not only a waste of time but ludicrous

                  Ramon said:
                  "Your statement questioning my statusâ?? Ram�³n if you are indeed a legal citizenâ?? only proves that even you are tending to profile."
                  Extracting racial profiling from that statement is simply reversing the situation to deflect the attention from you. I asked a legitimate question, one which a free citizen is allowed in a Democracy. My intention was not determine your citizenship but to preface my comments that you could indeed make change IF you are a citizen by using the laws and policies in place.

                  Ramon said:
                  "??If you research back two hundred years you will find nearly all large groups or waves of immigrants suffered discrimination.â?? Wow!! Is that how you justify racist, uncivilized behavior. Itâ??s because the majority approves! I guess thatâ??s ok if youâ??re in the majority but in time majorities can shrink and become the minority. What then? By the way do you support the same rules the Senate?"

                  What you did here is call me racist. If you reread the quote with an honest attempt you will see I was quoting historical fact and explaining the reactions by the government to the cries from the MAJORITY of the citizens. I neither condoned nor rejected it.

                  I personally feel the enforcement of immigration laws is not consistent and needs reworking including the language of the law.

                  Here is another right of the citizens; I can sue you for libelous language (inferring I am racist) in a public forum but I choose not to. I can also boycott all things Latino which include products, companies who employee Latinos and so forth (What you do not know is if I am Latino). The issue here is manifold. In the first instance the Latinos are not at fault here. The government and the enforecment of the laws is the issue. In the second instance boycotting a state is neither effective nor logical because a state does not depend on you economically and is a sovereign piece of United State soil and as such will not disapear or dissolve unless done so by ratification of the congress.

                  So your calls for boycott are misguided at best and wholly a waste of time. You need to lobby the state legislature which may or may not be effective and lobby the US legislature which is another avenue. The problem is that the MAJORITY of Arizonians apparently feel the same way for this type of legislation to be passed so unless you can amass of majority of registered voters to lobby the Arizona legislature or vote your conscience than a boycott is akin to bailing an ocean with a spoon.

                  My suggestion is if you want change then use the laws as they are intended or use your resources to effect change. What you appear to want is the benefit of both worlds. You want selective enforcement as long as Latinos are not targeted. You also want what the USA has to offer but you act as if it should be given freely without cost or expectation of loyalty to the country.
                  Sorry Ramon you can not have it that way. Threatening everyone with a shift in majority is a waste of time because everyone here with the exception of Native Americans are immigrants or descendants of the same.
                • ARIZONA-1; US GVMNT-0
                  Hey Slim - i'm with you, if AZ would adopt Mexico's immigration laws then these illegals would be shot on the spot, thrown in jail for a long time, or just never be heard from again... Check it out, you as an American or any other nationality/country of origin CANNOT get into Mexico illegaly without some really tough ramications! Way to go Arizona for having the guts to enforce what the politically correct won't! Keep up the good work, I will be happy to buy anything from you!
                • Trippen While Traveling
                  Until you are able to make a valid connection between sb 1070 and Mexican immigration laws you are wasting time and space. As for your right to ask if I am a â??legal citizenâ?? You do but, unless you Question everyone you reply to in every post I also have the right to suggest the reasons you asked were based on my position and tag name that you are profiling. As for your threat of a lawsuit .Go ahead. Those examples of historical fact are indeed examples of racism and if you want to continue to us those as part of your Justification to continue racist policies go ahead.
                  BOCOTT ARIZON ; })-
                • let Bloomington be Bloomington
                  So hilarious hearing people bash Bloomington for being a pile of liberal poo. Don't Hoosiers realize that it is the place keeping Indiana from ranking in the bottom five on all quality of life indicators? Bloomington is an oasis of education surrounded by a desert of illiteracy--the only place in Indiana not dominated by untraveled, chain-smoking fatsos. I don't entirely agree with their decision, but if that's what their constituents voted into office, then so be it.

                  IU only stands to benefit from being boycotted by the people above--at least that means there will be fewer people at the school who cannot tolerate people who have a different perspective than they do. Let the folks from the East Coast overrun the town.
                • Sassafras is ignorant
                  Bloomington is keeping Indiana from ranking in the bottom five on all quality of life indicators?

                  Get your facts straight. 94% of Hamilton County's population holds a high school diploma or higher. 49% of Hamilton County's population holds a Bachelor's Degree or higher. The population of Hamilton County is two times that of Monroe County and Bloomington's individual stats drop significantly when the summer break reaches the town.

                  Bloomington should be all in favor of dispensing of personal liberties for everyone. The townie's and their elected officials try to govern what others do in so many areas, you'd think they would be in favor of another law in which the government is granted more power.

                  Differing opinions are relevant in every day life. Your previous elitist post suggests that those that differ from Bloomington's position are "untraveled, chain-smoking fatsos." Hey pot, meet kettle. Maybe you should slap another Obama sticker on your Volvo.
                • against Bloomington
                  I am so glad to see the outpouring of people who think there are too many liberal freaks in Bloomington. I support Arizona. I haven't done business in Bloomington since Mark Kruzan made his big announcement. What a tough guy. Hey Mark, how 'bout doing something useful for BLOOMINGTON!!!! IDIOT!!!!
                • GO AZ: proving my point
                  Yep, Bloomington is an oasis. Trump up Hamilton County all you want--it's still comprised of people (and their descendants) who made money from Indianapolis then fled when things got too diverse. At least the Stepford Wives have a place up there to protest the shocking immorality Victoria's Secret. Bloomington may be filled with kooks but that makes them an interesting contrast from the right-wing reactionaries who dominate the rest of the state...and, apparently, this blog post.
                • Ramon Final chapter
                  As much as I try to engage you in a meaningful debate you simply skirt the issue with nonsensical retorts and baseless challenges. Your heretical prose belies the lack of substance You neither answered directly any question or attempted to make a full effort to respond coherently.
                  I would try to dissect your last response but you have "sealed the deal" as the saying reads. Good luck with your head beating the wall and next time learn the American system of Democracy or read the constitution before you try to argue its merits.
                • comments
                  Most of these comments are uninformed, truly uninformed, and express your bias. In my opinion you are bigots. You might think this is too strong of language but I tend to think it is seeing your true conviction. Why do you think the rights that citizens enjoy do not apply to someone not a citizen? Why do you think any police force always acts with the correctness of our laws and the understanding and true interpretation of the constitution? Go ask the 14 year old boy who was killed this week by the border patrol. Deadly force against a rock thrower. This has shades of Kent State. The immigration problem will not be solved by this AZ law or all you people who want to boycott Bloomington.
                • Speak to?
                  My question is how is supporting illegal immigration not a case of reverse bigotry? The law is the law until we change it.
                  And you answered your own question of rights. As a citizen, REGARDLESS of how you became one, enjoy certain unalienable rights. As a Human Being you should be treated in a dignified manner but that does not guarantee you shelter from due process if you break a national or international law unless it impinges on Human rights which illegal immigration does not and has never been proven to be so. If you want to immigrate it is quite easy to do so legally. I am sure it has kinks in the system but how can you condone the sucking sound of tax dollars being given to other countries simply because someone makes a conscience decision to break the law of the land?

                  I certainly do not condone police brutality and if they are wrong should be dealt with but if you read further there was precedence with the youth that most likely influenced the decision at the time.

                  Making a comparison to Kent State is a bit much since:
                  1) Kent State involved legal citizens of the USA
                  2) The era and American confluence was tinged by an unwanted and unnecessary war
                  3) Brutal force was utilized to quell a demonstration against the given orders
                  4) We ask and charge the border patrol to defend and protect from invaders foreign or otherwise. They are doing their job plain and simple. These are Humans as well so they have to use their best judgment. .

                  Simply turning a blind eye to a complex problem has not worked either. We need rules to govern the country and they need to be enforced. The millions of illegal immigrants are a drain fiscally and manpower wise. They also displace legal workers, like it or not, which furthers erodes the economic base which we need to rebuild the economy.

                  Is every illegal immigrant a problem? Certainly not, but to receive equal treatment you have to abide by the same laws equally.
                  " The Law of Equal Liberty" means any "each has freedom to do all that he wills provided that he infringes not the equal freedom of any other."
                  illegal immigration infringes on the legal citizens right to prosperity, safety and the American way.
                • To Mr. Well Traveled
                  Where did I support illegal immigration? I didn't. I said the responses in these blogs were excessive to the problem and indicated a total misunderstanding of the problem. To me, the irrational comments reflex a basic bigotry, one that I can see right here in Indianapolis everyday. Nowhere did I say that illegal immigratants deserve more rights than a citizen. I said that human rights are for all, citizens and non-citizens. As for Kent State, that is a symbol of over reaction by an authority towards civil disobedience. Do you really support killing a 14 year old boy because he threw a rock at the border patrol? You mean there is no other alternative? So many negative comments about Bloomington when all Bloomington wants is for a rational approach to the immigration problem, not an abusive law which counteracts the principles that you all claim to be our right as American citizens.
                • BOYCOTT BLOOMINGTON
                  I also will be boycotting Bloomington, My job requires me to go to Bloomington once a week but I will NOT be buying anything while I am there.
                • BOYCOTT BLOOMINGTON
                  I live in Bloomington, but Ellettsville is not that far away.
                • The Real Issue
                  The real issue here is why the feds are opposing this. Pretty simple, really. They want open borders and loss of cultural identities. This helps further the North American Union agenda, which greases the wheels for the New World Order that is being shoved down our throats. BTW, have you read Mexico's immigration laws? Talk about Draconian. Way stricter than the US and AZ laws.

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