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  1. Lots of people complain about the costs of immigrants for schools, helath care, etc. These are short term costs without looking at long term benefits. Compare our country to Japan's and you will see how the lack of population growth, and absence of immigration, has lead to a generation in declicne. We are lucky to have immigrants. Most have gone through unbelievable hardship to get here, and they generally show more grit and determination than some of our own citizens. So let's show a little humanity if not long term economic wisdom. Shouldn't our politicans be seeing the bigger picture and not pandering to xenophobes?

  2. I'm not sure why you assume that just because something is "Family Oriented" there can't be alcohol available. Weddings almost always family oriented, and many serve alcohol. Many sporting events are considered family oriented, and people can purchase alcohol there. Why does it matter if children see adults consume alcohol? Wouldn't it be a good lesson for children to learn how to consume alcohol responsibly? This outlet will allow them to learn the science and art behind crafting beverages. If you don't think there is a social or material benefit to serving alcoholic beverages, you might want to look at how many corporations operate from entertainment to staff recognition. Most responsible adults consume alcohol without any intention of getting "slightly or highly drunk." Perhaps you should be exposed to an event such as this to broaden your horizons...bring your kids too - they clearly won't learn this from you.

  3. Has it been verified from the owners or DD closed on Michigan Road. When a sign came down a month ago - they were still selling donuts they just said they were going through some updating. But it did look closed later. I'm shocked that they wouldn't try to make it work just a little longer as RIGHT ACROSS the street is the new Neighborhood Walmart that is going in - which will drive TON more traffic along that intersection....interesting.

  4. I agree that lights would add fans. I don't know how many, but if I had to take an educated guess, I would say 30k. The fact is the Brickyard has a lousy date on the schedule. "Most years" the race is just too hot! The race would be more enjoyable at a reasonable temperature. Plus, night races are just plain more suitable for NASCAR. I for one sat in the nasty sun one too many times. If they move it to a Saturday night, I would come back.

  5. Illegal immigration SHOULD be addressed by the Governor. Don't you think this is taxing Indiana's crime rate, welfare system, etc, etc?? We all need to wake up...