Fadness sets sights on Fishers' top job

October 15, 2013
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Fishers’ first mayoral race has its third candidate: Town Manager Scott Fadness.

Fadness, 31, announced his candidacy in a Tuesday morning news release. He had been exploring the idea of running since August and already has raised almost $100,000 to support his campaign.

“It has been an honor to serve as Fishers’ town manager and I want to lead our city to an even stronger future,” he said in a prepared statement. “As mayor, I will implement a comprehensive strategic plan that encourages smart growth and creates a sense of identity for our community, while also spurring job creation and continuing to deliver quality services in a fiscally responsible way.”

Residents of the fast-growing suburb will elect their first mayor in 2014 after voting last year to turn the town into a second-class city with an elected mayor and nine-member city council.

The town of about 80,000 is governed now by a seven-member town council that appoints a town manager to run day-to-day affairs.

Fadness has had the job since 2011. Before that, he was deputy town manager and budget director. As town manager, he oversees a $60 million budget and a staff of almost 400.

Voters will choose partisan candidates for mayor, city council and city clerk in the May 2014 primary—typically the most-contentious election in the overwhelmingly Republican community—and return to the polls in November.

He faces opposition from longtime Town Council President Walt Kelly, who kicked off his campaign in July, and current Council member Renee Cox, who announced her candidacy on Saturday.

  • Fadness Pay to Play
    Fadness has almost raised $100,000 because he, John Weingardt (Fishers Council President) and Pete Peterson (Fishers Council VP) have been forcing vendors to donate to their PACs. The vendors have been told that if they do not PAY then they will not be allowed to PLAY in Fishers!!! If you do not believe me, look at Fadness's campaign finance reports. Almost all vendors that do or want to do business in Fishers. Really, is that what our Town has become?!!
    • Jen - Ever Heard of the Term "Libel"?
      Jen - Your assertions are fairly dangerous. Vendors donate their money to the strongest candidate as they want to build the relationship with the person they think will most likely win. That is the likely reason they have donated to Fadness' campaign. Your assertion that they have donated due to some threat from Weingardt or Peterson is a strong accusation for which you have offered no proof, other than that donations from vendors have occurred. If you are going to put out a defamatory remark about someone or their motives, provide actual proof . . . or just stay quiet.
    • New Candidates Please!
      I would like to express the fact that I, as a Fishers resident, wanted to elect a mayor so there is someone I can go to who is accountable for the actions of the City. The way it was you had to go through seven people, and to get seven people to hear you and agree on something was difficult. Also, I wanted to elect a mayor so some things could be changed. I feel electing someone so new and young as Mr. Fadness for our first mayor would be a bad idea at best. He is not a long time resident and he only moved here for a job with Fishers. Nothing would change and we would continue to be completely controlled by those vendors/contractors outside Fishers, who have been giving to his campaign. I want someone who will hear me and take action regarding those things that protect Fishers now and into the future. I have recently come into contact with one of the newer candidates, Renee Cox and from what I can tell, she seems like an awesome candidate in every way. She is very approachable (which means a lot to most people) educated, articulate and friendly and has lived in Fishers for several years. She has gained experience being one of the newly elected Town Council members, and the only woman on the council. You can connect with her and I feel she does listen to people and can make informed decisions based on all sides of an issue, NOT just the money side. I hope residents will consider another candidate for our new city and not someone already entrenched in its old ways.
    • Another Set of Lies
      Interesting character assassination, "Jen". There haven't been any report deadlines since he announced his intention to run. Too bad your accusations don't line up with the facts. Please say "hello" to Renee and the rest of the Democrats--- opps, RINOs--- oops, republicans that are part of your "Who's the Next Mayor of Fishers" group (aka: Who's the next person from Fishers we'll lie about).
      • Collective Bargaining
        To "All For Fishers"- Your points are hypocritical when saying that Mr. Fadness is "not a longterm resident" He came to the town in 2007 after earning a Masters degree in Public Affairs from IU Bloomington's top rated SPEA program, and "your candidate" Renee Cox has only lived in Fishers since 2005. Call me crazy, but there is not a lot of difference between 2005 and 2007. Nor should that qualify or disqualify any candidate. Secondly Mr. Fadness has taken a budget deficit, in his time as Budget Director and Town/Deputy Town Manager, and turned it into more than 5 MILLION in cash reserves for the town with fiscally responsible moves. He started LAUNCH Fishers (a business incubator) and has helped to kickstart revitalization in downtown Fishers. He has experience, proven results, fiscal responsibility, and a clear vision......who cares what age he is? After all the 60+ year olds in Washington show what you get with age. To top it off your Faux Republican candidate Cox campaigned on giving collective bargaining to Police and Fire....guess she likes the way that policy worked out in Detroit.
      • Do not vote for Fadness
        I'm a republican and I have had vendors tell me that Jen's comments are accurate. It has gotten dirty in Fishers and Fadness has made his bed with Weingardt, Petersen, and the rest of them - so we cannot elect him. If you doubt me, search for the "shakedown" letter from Pete Petersen on behalf of the Royal Tiger PAC to vendors telling them that they will get unfettered access and breaking news before everyone else if they give money to his PAC - a PAC that is funding Fadness. It's a joke and these guys will eventually all be exposed. Elect Walt Kelly or Renee Cox - but DO NOT elect Scott Fadness.
      • Mayoral Election
        I am not with Kelly or Cox but I believe Fadness is bad for Fishers. When it was brought up he was violating the ethics of his professional organization he quit. I would like to think that someone who was a leader would set a better example and when held accountable by others he would hold himself accountable as well. Recently their was a fire in Sandstone and an empty firehouse was nearby sitting empty. If there is a 5 million dollar surplus how come Fishers couldn't afford enough firefighters this year. Fadness made sure he got a 28% raise and the police department got new Ford Explorers. The down town deal was approved by the entire town council and is an idea from twenty years ago. How can Fadness take any credit for this. Also outside if Fishers what buisness has Fadness started and made into a success? I have many questions and misgivings about Launch Fishers. I just read a tweet that thanked the Public Works department for moving furniture for them. Will private business in Fishers have access to public works employee's to move equipment for them? Will this organization set up to start private buisness pay back the tax dollars meant for these workers? I would like to believe the Public Works department has more to do and if they don't then they need to start cutting their budget and letting people go. Did the Public Works Director raise any objections or is he lacking in ethics as well? Also wasn't Fadness on the losing side of the city vs town issue? Now he wants us to believe he is the best person to lead the City of Fishers. I believe Fadness's lack of ethics, lack of concern for public safety, and lack of leadership make him a bad candidate for mayor.
      • No Ethics Issues
        A few points- First--It is obvious Cox and/or Kelly supporters are worried or they would not be trying to fill this comment section with "Hit Job" attacks on Mr.Fadness. Secondly--Launch is housed in the basement of the Fishers Public Library (members of Launch pay a fee for use of the space) That is probably (my guess) why public employees moved furniture....because it's public owned furniture. Fishers also won the Indiana Assoc. of Cities and Towns award for LAUNCH, so a lot of outsiders must think it a pretty good/successful idea. Third-- The Firehouse was getting a renovation, it was not "empty" because Mr.Fadness did not fund firefighters for it and the fire engines reached the fire within 8 minutes, which is under the stated policy of 8.5 minutes or less. Fourth- What ethics was Mr.Fadness violating? That he was going to take part in political activity? If he was going to remain Town Manager indefinitely and took a political position I would agree with you....but his position as Town Manager will be eliminated Jan 1, 2015. So whether he ran for office or not, he will no longer be Town Manager for the City of Fishers, thus his decision to run is not an ethical violation, but rather a sensible decision by someone who will be losing their job, but cares enough about Fishers to take a pay cut to lead it as Mayor.
        • Bob aka (Pete Peterson)
          You, John Weingardt and Scott Fadness think you can bully people into your pay to play schemes. We will not let you turn Fishers into Chicago. I am a Republican. You three might need to get your party affiliation checked claiming others are associated with Democrats. The letters you have sent to vendors are disgusting and potentially criminal regarding the Fishers Royal PAC. I am a life long Fishers resident and am disgusted with the things that you three have been doing.
          • Fadness Follies
            Fact when Fadness got a 28% raise last year and when questioned about his performance the town attorney had to protect him. Fact when Fadness and yes this was his idea wanted the town to provide tash services he demonstrated his poor negotiating skills by negotiating for higher rates. When questioned by regular everyday citizens on if Fadness knew how to negotiate once agin the town attorney had to bail him out. Now we are starting to hear about the intimidation tactics concerning money for his campaign. I believe these are the same intimidation and bullying tactics Fadness has used to silence any disent at town hall.I have a feeling the town attorney will be bailing him out yet again. If Fadness cannot negotiate a simple trash contract with a company that is willing to take buisness at cost hiw can he be trusted on big buisness deals? Also how is it ethical for a tax exempt organization compete with private buisness for public contracts. The contract with HSE is a perfect example. Public organization that are tax exempt should not be taking jobs away from companies that are trying to survive in this economic environment. But Fadness negotiated this questionably ethical contract and now wants us to believe he is a job creator. Fadness is no businessman , but a poor performer as town manger, a bully that uses intimidation tactics to get his way.
          • Fishers or Carmel
            Fadness has a vision alright. Its to try and emulate Carmel. We are not Carmel nor should we want to be. We need a Mayor who will help build a city of it's own character. We don't need a short term import who's vision is Jim Brainard's.
          • Surprising
            I have the opportunity to work with a lot of local governments in my job, and I am very surprised to see some of the negative comments here. I have found Scott (and the entire Fishers government, frankly) to be very straightforward and has shown nothing but integrity in all conversations. It is sad to see these negative comments, and I cannot imagine they are coming from people that actually know Scott. As someone who is not a Fishers resident, I would encourage residents to take a step back and be thankful that you live in such a great town.
          • Hypocrisy
            Renee Cox is the only candidate that supported a mayor elected directly by its citizens. Scott Fadness and Walt Kelly were opposed to this. Actually, Walt tKelly was the chairman of the Reorganization Committee formed by Scott Faultless at the helm to push for the fake city. Both Scott and Walt did not think that Fishers residents were smart enough to elect their mayor and now they want your vote.
          • Pete Peterson
            Hi Jen, this is Pete Peterson, I'm not Bob, or Alan, or Fred or anyone else. I have never posted on any blog or social networking sight as anyone other than myself. I am happy to discuss any issues you or any other Fishers resident may have with the town or my positions. As with all residents I am happy to sit down for coffee, or have a phone conversation, or just an email conversation if one would prefer. My only caveat is that no one hide behind an alias. My email address can be found on the town website and look forward to hearing from you. Pete Peterson Fishers Town Council - Vice President
            • Transparency
              Pete - that's great that will talk one on one with anyone so you can try to explain your way out of strong arming the vendors. I've seen the letter and that's exactly what you have set out to do. You have stated that if you want to get jobs in this town you must support my pact. In other words if you want to play you'll have to pay, me and my war chest. Now if you want to discuss these things you should do it at a town meeting or in a town news letter. Declare what you have done, show everyone your letter then explain why you did it to everyone. Please don't try and weasel your way out of being exactly what you wanted to replace when you ran.
              • Corruptin, Slander, or Rumor?
                Here are some of my own thoughts on this dispute. http://hamiltoncopolitics.blogspot.com/2013/10/corruption-slander-or-rumor.html IF anyone has any REAL EVIDENCE of vendors being forced to pay, as opposed to voluntary contributions (which is a different issue), then they should come forth with that evidence.
              • Post the Damn Letter
                If the letter exists and people have seen it - post the thing!
                • Reality
                  Wait, so politicians raise money for elections? That is a SHOCKER! These comments appear to just be politicos going at it as usual with the side that is raising money bragging about it and the side that hasn't showing their jealousy. In the end, we all know it's money and friends that win elections, and it appears that Scott Faddnes has a lot more of both right now. Does that make him a better candidate? The donors appear to think so!
                • Come on
                  So you think that the political bosses in this county put a letter out that says give money or you can't have business here? You're dumber than they all are!
                • Libel anyone?
                  Man this election is going to be fun. Amazing how much muckraking there is - and this is only a one party election! Also, IBJ, I'm curious why you allow the first comments from Jen to stand. "Posts that insult, defame, threaten, harass or abuse other readers or people mentioned in IBJ editorial content are also subject to removal. " Seems that those are pretty libelous claims...
                • Holy RINO, Batman!
                  My, oh my, I thought "muckrakers" are supposed to uncover truths for the good of the whole. Where are these truths that are supposed be exposing Scott Fadness as the next Darth Vader? Sounds like Fishers is starting to get a bad case of RINOitis. Let's leave the east coast mentality and the Chicago tactics out of our community, shall we? Hey, mucker rakers, show me the muck! Otherwise keep your trap shut.
                • The dog and pony show
                  The good old boys club is getting ready to end !!!!! Fadness and his cronies are soon to set sail. I and others feel a major shake up is do at the court house, munisipal building along with all the other departments. Some will be fine, some not so good. They know who they are, They are the ones worried about the election. I have not decided who i shall support. But addressing these issues would be a start for the newest city in indiana. Lets not forget this is where Charlie white started his political career. Let start fresh, Lets start right. Lets make the town of fishers the best once more I

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                2. $3B would hurt Lilly's bottom line if there were no insurance or Indemnity Agreement, but there is no way that large an award will be upheld on appeal. What's surprising is that the trial judge refused to reduce it. She must have thought there was evidence of a flagrant, unconscionable coverup and wanted to send a message.

                3. As a self-employed individual, I always saw outrageous price increases every year in a health insurance plan with preexisting condition costs -- something most employed groups never had to worry about. With spouse, I saw ALL Indiana "free market answer" plans' premiums raise 25%-45% each year.

                4. It's not who you chose to build it's how they build it. Architects and engineers decide how and what to use to build. builders just do the work. Architects & engineers still think the tarp over the escalators out at airport will hold for third time when it snows, ice storms.

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