Kroger to replace Fishers grocery with massive Marketplace

February 28, 2014
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Cincinnati-based The Kroger Co. plans to bring its sprawling Kroger Marketplace concept to Fishers—a $20 million investment expected to create almost 200 jobs.

The 123,000-square-foot superstore would be built on now-vacant land just west of Kroger’s 65,000-square-foot grocery at 116th street and Olio Road. The company plans to keep the current store open during construction, then demolish it for parking.
A multi-tenant commercial building adjacent to the existing Kroger would not be affected, said spokesman John Elliott.

Kroger is seeking a range of regulatory approvals for the project; if everything goes through as expected, construction could start this year and finish in 2015.

The company has two Marketplace stores in Indiana, both in Fort Wayne. The relatively new concept aims to provide customers with a one-stop shopping option. In addition to a full-service grocery and pharmacy, offerings run the gamut from furniture to electronics to toys.

Although the merchandise mix is still being finalized, Elliott said the new Fishers store will include a Fred Meyer Jewelers outlet.

Plans also call for a larger, “enhanced” pharmacy with private consultation space, he said, and a Wi-Fi-enabled café next to the deli. An existing fuel center on the property will remain in place.

The Fort Wayne Marketplace stores each have about 340 employees, more than twice as many as the busy Olio Road store’s 145.

Elliott acknowledged the logistical difficulties of keeping one store open while building another—and then operating the new store while the parking lot is a construction zone.

“We’re going to test the patience of our customers and associates,” he said. “But in the end, they’re going to get an amazing store. There’s nothing like Kroger Marketplace in Indianapolis right now.”

But first things first. Kroger has assembled about 7 acres of land for the project, which needs to be annexed into the town and then rezoned. Plans call for tearing down a vacant home on a portion of the property to add driveway access to 116th Street.

Kroger also needs to amend existing planned unit development guidelines for the whole 28-acre site. Among the changes it’s requesting: an increase in the maximum size of an anchor tenant, from 65,000 square feet to 125,000.

Fishers’ Plan Commission is expected to hear the rezoning and PUD requests at its April meeting.

What’s your take on the project? Do you want to buy a couch and your Cheerios in the same place?

  • Kroger Super Store? Bad Choice.
    This is a dumb move, if you ask me. We don't need more big box super markets. Personally speaking, when I stop at the local Krogers to pick up groceries for tonight's dinner, I don't want to park a block away from the entrance and spend half a day shopping. If Kroger ever chooses to replace our local supermarket with one like they are planning on building at 116th. & Olio Rd., I'll just start shopping at Marsh or O'Malia.
  • Nothing is too good for the east side of Fishers
    There are already 2 updated stores east of I69! It is amazing that Kroger would tear down the updated store at 116th & Olio while the store at 116th and Allisonville is a total disaster.
  • Surprised
    Why aren't they building off of 146th across from Hamilton Town Center where there are wide open spaces, instead of an already overcrowded intersection with no traffic lights?hts
  • Don't like it
    I personally like the store the way it is - I hope it does not change. I agree with most of Dave's comments Smaller=Better
  • Nothing like it?
    Nothing like it, how about Walmart, meter. I guess it's easier to write from the press release
    • That's a quote
      I agree the format seems similar to Walmart and Meijer, Doug. That comment came straight from the Kroger rep, not a press release. Thanks for reading!
    • Me TOO!
      I like Kroger the way it is. If it becomes a SuperStore I would rather just shuffle it west "to town" and visit SuperTarget. The convenience of Kroger to the Fishers/Geist residents is it location AND size. And I agree - that parking a half mile from the entrance will not be appreciated. I can drive 1 more mile and park right next to the entrance at Marsh or just a little further and go to Fresh Market or EarthFare just a few more miles north on Olio. Lots of choices........ A super store will basically make Kroger NO LONGER convenient.
    • Yes to store, NO to Parking
      Tell them the can build their store, but the can't add any additional parking or a new curb cut onto 116th Street. The intersection is already difficult enough to navigate (both in cars an on foot/bike) and the existing parking lot is never maxed out. The last thing we need at this location is more traffic confusion and giant sea of asphalt next to it.
    • O'Malia's?
      You're gonna' drive to Greenwood to shop at O'Malia's?
    • Good Move
      It's about time that we got some development in the Olio/116th area. It is very tiresome having to always drive eight miles to 96th and I-69 to go get something other than groceries. Now we need some good restaurants.
    • More congestion
      That's right - more congestion, that's what that area needs. It will eventually be one big highway with one big, continuous parking lot. God awful traffic and ugliness.
    • Neighbor
      I am a customer of the existing Kroger. It is, more often than not, over crowded and seems to be understaffed. 15 minutes at the deli? No thanks. So a larger Kroger sounds great to me. However, I have visited the Kroger in Fort Wayne that they are referring to and though it is a great store with lots of space and food options, it is ridiculous that it sells pillows, toys and jewelry. Wish we could have the bigger store without the junk. And for those who say Kroger on Olio is not busy...stop by there Saturday around 10 a.m. and let me know your thoughts again....
    • Great Idea
      I have been a fan and customer of Kroger since I moved to the Indianapolis area 8 years ago. I beleive this new concept for the store will be a succesful asset to the local are and greater community. I hope to see more of the new Marketplace in my part of town.
    • growth is good
      I can't believe some of these comments. Why wouldn't growth in our neighborhood excite people? It's more jobs, and more opportunity for the community. I am all for growth, even if I have to park a few more car spaces away.
    • A regular
      Those not in favor of this idea are surely not regulars of the current location. It is overcrowded, under-stocked, and the parking/traffic is a nightmare as is. There is too much going on in that strip mall for that Kroger. I welcome the space as I drive the extra miles to the 116th and Cumberland location now, just to avoid the madness.
    • Build It!!!
      I shop at this Kroger. It's a mile away from my house. It is ALWAYS crowded. This is a great move. I'm not sure about selling furniture and jewelry (this is Geist, people!), but if they sold bulk products in addition to their grocery like a Costco or Sam's, I would be ALL over this! That is not to say that I won't enjoy a bigger store so I am not constantly running into people in the isles. Please make the isles wider too!
    • Fishers, the son of Castleton
      It must gall some developers to see patches of grass.
    • Parking garage???
      Has anyone talked to Kroger about an attached parking garage like many of the stores in Florida have? It provides for closer parking for all and is great in bad weather. Also keeps the footprint of the project smaller.
    • Horrible
      Another big box store to destroy the economy even more. People need to wake up and realize that you need to shop and support local companies and not big national companies. Shop Marsh. Shop local!!!!! Don't support big companies.
      • Marsh?
        Marsh isn't local.
        • Marsh Not Local???
          Marsh is headquartered in Fishers.
          • Kroger prices
            They will need to come into line with prices that Walmart and mijer charges. I don't shop Kroger because their prices are a lot higher.
          • Sun Capital Partners
            Out of Boca Raton, Fla
          • Personally, this turns me off
            In the last year or so I've been shopping more and more at the 116th and Olio Kroger store. They have a nice produce selection, and the deli has a complete array of Boarshead meats. Turning this into another big box Super Target? NOT INTERESTED!
          • Marsh is Local
            Um, Marsh is a local business that supports local. They are headquartered at 96th and i69. And Indiana company. Honestly there cleaner and have fresher products and better service than these large national companies that provide bad service. Support local!!!! You shop local you support local people. Shopping at Kroger only send all your money to Cincinnati so corporate can profit. Shop and Walmart all the money goes to Arkansas so the already billionaire Walmart family can be rich. Shop local!!! Support local. Last thing we need are more big box stores coming in and shutting down local business and they pay crap.
          • Linda
            Linda. By supporting Walmart and meijer you are hurting the economy. You are supporting bad companies that do not care for there employees. They come in and put local companies out of business nits a huge reason our economy is bad!!! Shop local!!!!!! Go research Walmart and see how they treat there employees. You are only supporting welfare!!!
          • bad idea
            I dread the thought of another .Walmart sitting at a maxed-out traffic situation. I will avoid the area at all cost though we live not far away
          • Locally operated, owned outofstate
            Marsh and Krogers and Walmart are all ventures owned by entities outside of Indiana. Marsh is locally operated but not free to do as they wish. Any chain worth its salt in PR is going to donate to the communities in which each store is located. It's just good business practice but to say Marsh 'cares' more or Krogers/Walmart 'cares' less about the homeless or vets or local schools is a result of watching too many 'hometown proud' television commercials.
          • Kroger vs Walmart
            Kroger comes closest to Walmart in terms of pricing. So I welcome the competition.
          • Please don't
            The reason I only shop at Kroger located on Olio at 116th street is because it is just a grocery store. We don't need another walmart like store. Stick to what you do well...which is being a grocery store. This kind of move will move my business Marsh down the street.
          • Please don't
            I shop at Kroger because it isn't a giant place that sells everything in one building. A move like this will send me to the Marsh down the street.
          • Marsh - Florida Owned
            Marsh is owned by Sun Capital out of Florida.
          • Too much asphalt!
            The problem with this is that the existing strip center will remain in the middle of a sea of HUGE parking lot. The plan has waaaaayy too much asphalt.The new building is far to big at 123,000sq ft vs the allowable 65,000 sq ft.The 116th and Olio development standards were designed to avoid such a large building. Secondly the asthetics of the existing strip center sitting on an "island" will look horrible.The FISHERS TOWN COUNCIL should VOTE NO for this project!!!!
            • Agreed: Parking Garage
              I grew up around the Westfield/Carmel area and have now lived in inner city Chicago for the last 7 years. I miss Kroger so much up here!! But I still get to shop at Kroger when I frequently visit my large family that still lives around Hamilton County. That being said, the main big box store in Chicago is Target and they have such great stores up here that are 2 or 3 floors to deal with space issues and they offer attached parking garages. Smaller grocery stores up here also build parking lots on the roof of the store with elevators to get downstairs. I love the idea of a Kroger mega store but agree that parking a mile away is frustrating. I think there are so many environmentally friendly ways they could address these issues and concerns and model some of their stores after the inner city concept stores I have grown to live in Chicago.
            • Bob
              The town council will not vote no on this project because Kroger has contributed over 1500$ to town manager Scott Fadness's campaign. We saw how a developer who contributed only 250$ to Scotty got 9.5 mill in free tax dollars. Also Weingardt and Peterson for the most part do what Fadness tells them to and want to see him win this election. I just hope Kroger doesn't ask for free tax payer money for this project.
            • notakrogerfan
              I hope this doesn't go through-for three reasons. First, the location is already crowded and there isn't much land. If they want a larger store, they should look near Hamilton Town Center. Second, Kroger shouldn't try to compete with Target, Meijer, or Walmart. Third, Kroger needs to improve their existing stores. Crowded, spoiled food, and dirty environments don't make me interested in shopping there.
              • I think this is a good idea
                For someone who shops there all the time. I think that they should build it. But build it over by hamliton center where there will be more space and more convenant for others to see the store from I-69 for more business. More jobs is good for these hard times. I think that this would be a good move for them.
              • We need an Ikea
                we need an Ikea please love the concept of the one-stop grocery shopping but don't we have enough grocery stores? I think the reason why I keia does not come inis because it would run everybody else out of business?
              • Marketplaces Rock
                Moved from Kansas in january and we had several kroger marketplaces and they were FANTASTIC. Not only did they sell everything (in a very pleasant arrangement totally unlike Walmart or that other store up here) but they had a full service post office included, a bank, a dry cleaning drop off and a starbucks. There were plenty of entrances and exits so you could park conveniently....not that walking will KILL any of you!!! Frankly I cant wait for the project to get going and to have all these services within two miles of my home.

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