Dems won't field candidate for Fishers mayor

July 2, 2014
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Hamilton County Democrats have appointed four candidates to fill vacancies on the November ballot, but the party will not have a contender in Fishers’ first mayoral race.

Party Chairman Keith Clock told IBJ he does not plan to make additional appointments before the July 3 deadline, despite interest from “a couple” potential candidates—including one who decided to wait until next year to run.

A change in state law required Fishers to hold an election this year following residents’ 2012 vote to transform the fast-growing suburb from a town to a second-class city. Voters return to the polls in 2015 during the regular municipal election cycle.

“The whole idea of having one election after another is sort of silly anyway,” Clock said.

Appointed Town Manager Scott Fadness won the GOP primary for mayor with almost 47 percent of the vote, edging out five opponents.

Already the presumptive favorite in the heavily Republican area, Fadness now has a clear path to the post.

No Libertarian or independent candidates filed to run for mayor before their June 30 cutoff, said Hamilton County Election Administrator Kathy Richardson.

Three Democrats already were running for district seats on Fishers’ City Council, and the party selected Maryellen Bein as its candidate for one of three at-large positions.

The other ballot additions are Rosemary Dunkle, who is vying for the District 1 seat on Hamilton County Council;  Mike Davis, who is seeking election as Noblesville Township trustee; and Peggy Russell, who is pursuing a seat on the Noblesville Township board.

Democratic candidates also are running for Congress, the state Senate, state House, Sheridan Town Council and the Clay Township board.

Clock said it’s important to give voters options.

“I am pleased that these well-qualified candidates stepped forward to give Hamilton County voters more of a choice when it comes to vote on Election Day,” he said in a prepared statement.

Only 12 percent of Hamilton County voters turned out for the May primary.

  • Scott Fadness
    Why would the Democrats need to have a candidate when they already have big government spender like Scott Fadness as the "Republican" nominee???
    • Well said
      On the money, Randy. Fishers once again demonstrates that Republicans are masters of big spending crony capitalism.
    • Odd
      Funny and odd how you try to pin any spending on Fadness when he has NEVER voted or had the ability to vote for $1 of appropriated spending. That power has solely been reserved for the Town Council.......which he is NOT on. Perhaps learn how your local government operates and passes budgets before commenting.
    • Right on Randy
      More concrete, less green. More money spent on 'now'( us ) rather than investing in the future of the younger generation( it seems ). Government of some of the people, by a few of the people, but questionably, for all the people
    • Really Bob?
      Bob maybe you should look into how the local government operates. Correct me if I am wrong but Fadness responsibility has been the budget. Once again correct me if I am wrong but the current town council is only part time. The town council is trusting the town manager to make the riight choices. when Scotty's bosses such as Pete Peterson who still hasn't taken off his Fadness for Fishers t shirt gives the impression their has been little oversite or questioning of Fadness. We have all seen what happens when Fadness is challenged. Fadness hides behind the town attorney and then begins a campaign to destroy that individuals character. My favorite though is do not have an opposing view point then Fadness will ignore you and not address your concerns. Fadness just showing how immature he is. Once again correct me if I am wrong but Tom Dickey and Scott Fadness were taking all the credit for the downtown projects until it was exposed Fadness was using TIF money to give to his campaign donors, er his buddies, oops I mean the developers. I will let you do your own research because there are many articles of Fadness taking and given credit by his so called bosses on the town council. I would suggest staying away from Larry in Fishers his article's are so biased in favor of Fadness one would almost belive Fadness is writing them himself. I will admit though Larry's sense of what journalism is would have been widely popular in communist Russia. I am sure his propaganda would have been praised by Stalin himself. Bob according to local ordinances there are to be bids on projects. Once again correct me if I am wrong but I remember a train station project that for some reason was not required to do this for some reason. Once again Fadness had his filthy fingerprints all over this deal. I also rembember the developer and his lawyer contributing to Fadness's campaign and that's when Fadness started his claim of it's the town council who approves spending. Also another great quote from Fadness when tax payers began to question his downtown spending "everyone is to focused on downtown". Not to leave out my least favorite Public Works director Eric Pethel "we have it good because the town manager never turns down our requests to purchase what we want". What's funny is Fadness told Pethel no more buying Ford Explorers or Yukons for department heads because it did not look good to the public. Funny check out Fadness's campaign donor list and one would see Eric Pethel 50$ campaign donation. Bob go check out Pethel's new ride. I guess it pays to be a dear friend to Dear leader Fadness. The only time Fadness was stopped was when he wanted the town council to enact a 1% food and beverage tax. The problem was it had to be tied to an economic project which Fadness had none. Bob if I were you I would question Fadness on the real deficit for the city of Fishers. Believe me when I say Fadness has been using TIF's a lot longer than this year to make the books balance. I will say this the one positive about Fadness becoming mayor is the city council controls the money and not Scotty.
    • Confused is confused
      You must be confused, because you spout a lot of "matter of fact" conjecture but ignore actual facts and the reality and true legal responsibility of elected officials. While you attempt to lay credit/fault of the budget (which I have reviewed and is in fairly good shape thus Fishers' stellar credit rating) and downtown projects at the feet of a Town Manager (Fadness), who works as an employee at the pleasure of the elected Town Council, you put no responsibility at the feet of the council who were ELECTED by the people to have the final say. Trying to claim that they are not responsible because they are "part time" is nonsense. Our state general assembly is also "part time" ......I guess they are not responsible for state laws they have passed either. You claim Fadness tried destroy an individual's character...What individual? What did he say? What were the quotes? When and where were these comments made? With regards to the $200 contribution (out of over $100,000 raised) by a developer who is building in downtown.....I guess you don't attend council meetings. If you had, you would see sitting Town Council member Scott Faultless stand up for Scott Fadness (Faultless did NOT publicly support Fadnesses mayoral campaign) proclaiming it highly irresponsible to lay any blame for the downtown projects/TiFs or other issues at the feet of Fadness because he has NO vote on the matter. Ignoring that fact is simply intellectually dishonest at best, ignorant at worst. Your points regarding other town Directors seem personal to me. I don't know either person and have no opinion other than the fact that if one of them exercised their American right to voice support for a political candidate and contribute $50 ( again to a campaign that raised over $100,000). If you actually believe a $50 contribution gets you a Yukon I've got some swamp land in Florida to sell you.
      • Fadness Attack Dog
        I much enjoy the thoroughness of this Fadness attack dog. Are you an organic Fadness fanatic or are you one of his hired PR management cronies that he spent 6k on in the primary alone? IF you knew anything about Fishers town government you would know that faultless never had to give explicit endorsement of Fadness. That was an easy example of a mentor running political cover. As for the budget, what accounts are you looking into specifically?

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      1. I am not by any means judging whether this is a good or bad project. It's pretty simple, the developers are not showing a hardship or need for this economic incentive. It is a vacant field, the easiest for development, and the developer already has the money to invest $26 million for construction. If they can afford that, they can afford to pay property taxes just like the rest of the residents do. As well, an average of $15/hour is an absolute joke in terms of economic development. Get in high paying jobs and maybe there's a different story. But that's the problem with this ask, it is speculative and users are just not known.

      2. Shouldn't this be a museum

      3. I don't have a problem with higher taxes, since it is obvious that our city is not adequately funded. And Ballard doesn't want to admit it, but he has increased taxes indirectly by 1) selling assets and spending the money, 2) letting now private entities increase user fees which were previously capped, 3) by spending reserves, and 4) by heavy dependence on TIFs. At the end, these are all indirect tax increases since someone will eventually have to pay for them. It's mathematics. You put property tax caps ("tax cut"), but you don't cut expenditures (justifiably so), so you increase taxes indirectly.

      4. Marijuana is the safest natural drug grown. Addiction is never physical. Marijuana health benefits are far more reaching then synthesized drugs. Abbott, Lilly, and the thousands of others create poisons and label them as medication. There is no current manufactured drug on the market that does not pose immediate and long term threat to the human anatomy. Certainly the potency of marijuana has increased by hybrids and growing techniques. However, Alcohol has been proven to destroy more families, relationships, cause more deaths and injuries in addition to the damage done to the body. Many confrontations such as domestic violence and other crimes can be attributed to alcohol. The criminal activities and injustices that surround marijuana exists because it is illegal in much of the world. If legalized throughout the world you would see a dramatic decrease in such activities and a savings to many countries for legal prosecutions, incarceration etc in regards to marijuana. It indeed can create wealth for the government by collecting taxes, creating jobs, etc.... I personally do not partake. I do hope it is legalized throughout the world.

      5. Build the resevoir. If built this will provide jobs and a reason to visit Anderson. The city needs to do something to differentiate itself from other cities in the area. Kudos to people with vision that are backing this project.