Obama coming to town

March 12, 2008
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Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is dropping in on Indianapolis this Saturday for a campaign stop.

Will Obama or Hillary do better in Indiana?
  • Obama!
  • Who cares about the Pied Piper with false hopes and no experience!
  • berwick... versus the all-experienced professional political spouse (with solutions for America!) and the kinda conservative, kinda liberal, kinda moderate who's a career senator!! I see someone's been glued to the couch watching pundits on their spiffy cable channel!!
  • Pseudo intellectuals in Indiana continue to think what the media tells them to think! No matter how much Clinton, McCain or some Hoosiers down play Obama's substantive experience, HE WILL BE the next President! It's interesting how Clinton's experience isn't evidenced in the tactful people supporting and successful management of her campaign. The respondents below are probably the same people who voted for our current President...and his experience!
  • Sometimes experience can be overrated anyway. How about a fresh perspective entirely? Washington is stale and needs something new. Perhaps because he lacks the experience he can see things in an entirely new way and find new solutions. And wouldn't it be nice if the president and other lawmakers could play well together and actually get things done?
  • The replys imply that I support others. Clinton, no way - she's a phony that is only interested in herself and her power. McCain - more of the same tired politicians from Washington. Granted, we need to clean house, especially in the Senate. The Kennedy's, Shumer's, Lugar's all need to go!

    Agreed we need new blood and a new perspective, but Obama is not the answer. He will get caught up in the Progressive, Ultra Liberal Democrat power machine that has ruined the party. One of his great ideas is to see legislation passed that will enable people filing bankruptcy to only show good faith in order to keep their homes (much like is done now on credit cards). If that loony idea passes, just wait to see what happens to mortgate rates for all borrowers. This is just more of the fairness doctrine that punishes all for the sake of those that haven't taken care of their finances.

    Some of you need to stop drinking the Pied Piper's Kool Aid and realize that reality is not Obama. Perhaps you should listen to some of the hate speech espoused by his pastor. Fox News carries this but likely none of the other networks will.
  • We have been hearing alot of the politicians saying Now is the time for CHANGE well, McCain is wrong for the job if we need change. Clinton has known since 1992 if not longer. To me, that is not change. Obama is right for the job if we truely need change.

    I fear that McCain is the next Regan, Well aged (to put it lightly), too much experience, and have something like McCain-e-Nomics...

    Hillary, she has been pitching the same idea since Bill was in office. Health Care for All. Great idea at first, but will go to hell like all the other things to help america... look @ Social Security.

    Now if we have an Obama-Clinton combo, that would be ideal for me. Change, but experience. Where each other buffers the other out to make it a more middle ground.
  • Well stated liberal comments, Wondering, especially how you don't even know how to spell the President's name. Keep your eyes peeled and you will learn a lot about what to expect when you see the Senator's pastor explode with his hate speech, calling attrocious names to great Americans such as Colin Powell and Condaleesa Rice. The Senator's pastor is much more of a despicable person as I have heard in a long time with his name calling and hate speech. If this is the spiritual influence of the Senator, I don't want anything to do with his idea of change.
  • So I misspelled a republician's name from the 80's, doesn't mean that I am a liberal. It just means that I have a tough time spelling names that are all over the newspaper 20 years ago.

    His pastor is not a politician. Obama listens to the religious words of the pastor, not the politicial. It is funny to see people flame someone like Obama without actually doing the research. Berwickguy actually flames on association. One of my friends has tried to tell me that Obama is Muslim just because his name does not sound Christian like. I ask, why don't you do the research before you start flaming others?

    Back to the pastor. He is a spiritual leader for Obama... THATS IT..... SPIRITUAL LEADER. Not POLITICAL LEADER. Problem in todays society, we say guilty by association, but we fail to see what the association is. Obama doesn't agree on the pastor's political issues. If you want to point fingers on Guilty By Association here, Look at McCain. He is being endorsed by our current President Bush on political terms. To see that, it scares me that we will have 4 more years of the same old BS from US Politics because of the guilty by association here, not to mention the age which is why I mention Reagan in my last post. (yes I did look it up after you pointed out my spelling error).
  • Wondering:

    Obama selected that church 20 years ago because of the pastor. We would likely agree that pastors should not be using their pulpits to espouse political viewpoints, especially when they are inflammatory. This pastor married Obama and his wife and baptized his child. Why would anyone want to be spiritually guided by a pastor that inflames people with hate speech and bigotry? He blames Americans for 911. He largely blames the problems of America on rich, white people.

    I wouldn't dispute your point on McCain. I don't like him either. But as a Wisconsin voter well stated when voting for Clinton, I'm more afraid of the evil I don't know than the evil I do know. Frankly, this guy scares me to death. I don't know who I will vote for, but the first one off of my list is Obama.
  • one more lib in indy.... great :(

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  1. Great article and post scripts by Mike L (Great addition to IBJ BTW). Bobby's stubborn as a mule, and doubt if he ever comes back to IU. But the love he would receive would be enormous. Hope he shows some time, but not counting on it.

  2. When the Indiana GOP was going around the State selling the Voucher bill they were promising people that the vouchers would only be for public charter schools. They lied. As usual.

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  4. Jim, your "misleading" numbers comment is spot on. This is the spin these posers are putting on it. News flash, fans: these guys lie. They are not publicly traded so no one holds them accountable for anything they say. The TV numbers are so miniscule to begin with any "increase" produces double digit "growth" numbers. It's ridiculous to think that anything these guys have done has awakened the marketplace. What have they done? Consolidate the season so they run more races on consecutive weekends? And this creates "momentum." Is that the same momentum you enjoy when you don't race between August and March? Keep in mind that you are running teams who barely make ends meet ragged over the summer to accomplish this brilliant strategy of avoiding the NFL while you run your season finale at midnight on the East Coast. But I should not obfuscate my own point: any "ratings increase" is exactly what Jim points to - the increased availability of NBC Sports in households. Look fans, I love the sport to but these posers are running it off a cliff. Miles wants to declare victory and then run for Mayor. I could go on and on but bottom line for God's sake don't believe a word they say. Note to Anthony - try doing just a little research instead of reporting what these pretenders say and then offering an "opinion" no more informed than the average fan.

  5. If he's finally planning to do the right thing and resign, why not do it before the election? Waiting until after means what - s special election at tax payer expense? Appointment (by whom?) thus robbing the voters of their chance to choose? Does he accrue some additional financial advantage to waiting, like extra pension payments? What's in it for him? That's the question that needs to be asked.