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  1. Hi, where will we watch football, big Bang Theory and other shows on cbs channel 8 ?

  2. I am glad to see that WISH TV plans to expand news coverage!! I regularly watch that station for news and was certainly hoping that I would not lose that option.

  3. Hopefully, most people reading this article will realize the forgiveness of debt on this deal is completely irrelevant. The property was not worth anywhere near the asking price and some portion of the debt would have to be written off regardless of who bought the property. It is just creative PR to say they are including forgiveness of debt as part of the deal. That being said, LOR's offer was nowhere near $2.1 million in real cash terms either. However, this property is worth more than $1 million if it was priced appropriately and marketed to potential Buyers nationally instead of just a few obvious local Buyers.

  4. Ben: From a previous blog post: Sangiovese Ristorante, as expected, will reopen in the Ironworks apartment-and-retail development at the southwest corner of North Keystone Avenue and East 86th Street. Sangiovese will take about 3,000 square feet on the south end of Ironworks and could reopen by January, owner Chris Evans said.

  5. 1. I know very little about the area, but I am trying to figure out how Milktooth will make it when it is only open 9a-4p. Is there enough businesses/residents in the area to have a huge lunch crowd? Concept/menu sound good, but question the hours. 2. How does Macaroni Grill not make it here? I would choose it over Olive Garden any day, yet Olive Garden is adding locations here and 2 Macaroni's have closed. 3. With that in mind, I hope someone can come into Traders Point and fill that space. It is a great area and has the traffic/potential to do well. 4. When and where in Ironworks will Sangiovese open?