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  1. I would also love to hear more about Corner Bakery. They made the announcement then went silent!

  2. This law made a big difference for a boy I have mentored for a number of years. Haven has a single mom who works long hours and doesn't make a lot of money. He was floundering at a large school with large class sizes. The voucher program was the only reason his Mom could even consider another option for him. She switched to a smaller school with class sizes of 10-12. In those classes, he received personal attention, if he did not get his homework done, his teacher noticed it and addressed it. His GPA went up 1.5 points. Without the voucher program, what are the options for a kid like this? Wealthy families can consider all options for their children, knowing that each child is unique and one school doesn't fit all.

  3. They don't call rural Pennsylvannia "Pennsyl-tucky" for nothing. While your letter is a noble gesture, it will be a quick trip from the opening of the letter to the garbage can. You live in Indiana, Lou, a state where starting to change clocks twice a year was (and in some places still is) seen as a massive imposition of government authority and upsetting the natural order of things. If you need a refresher course, go back and look at the county by county breakdown of the Lugar-Mourdock race to find out just how people vote when they are pissed off at something or someone. You see it as a free speech issue. I see it as a school superintendent trying to avoid the hornets nest of aroused parents mobilized to "protect" their children from whatever they are afraid of. This isn't about the kids and what they are exposed to, it's about he parents that would have reacted, freaked out, and mobilized politically, (and likely won.) because a school tried to impose "values" that aren't acceptable at the family dinner table. All your letter does is help prove the self fulfilling prophecy of the parents who don't need a bunch of outside artistic elites coming in trying to dictate the standards of their own community. You don't vote in those elections and neither do the kids. The parents, however, do.

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