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  1. Gojeepdog, I agree that IBJ could do a little better explaining MRI and the various fees that run with this procedure - but it's best to speak in specifics and not platitudes. So here we go... MRI has somewhat recently evolved. The old tech was called 1.5T "T"=Tesela (as in Nikola, the guy who brought us AC current to our homes). Now, in recent years there is 3T - twice the power. I'm not sure if any non-hospital facilities in Naptown have 3T machines but other (better) healthcare markets sure do! And guess what? 3T is the same price as 1.5T! So do your shopping and know your tech. Also, some facilities have a separate fee/charge for the radiologist - so you need to factor that in to. IMHO the person reading the MRI is probably more important than the number of Teslas but now that's really getting into moogie foogie territory and most folks sadly have no choice in that matter. Last best price I could find for 3T MRI was at Community North (hospital) - even with their added radiologist fee. Anthem does have a tool in their website that allows people to price compare facilities within a certain area for various procedures including imaging certain parts. Why Anthem customers don't use this tool beats me. Happy hunting.

  2. I was worried when I saw the mall's Facebook page remove all recently-posted photos bearing the SIMON logo and then the mall's page was removed from their website. Seeing SIMON sell it worries me; it seems like for as bad as Lafayette Square was, it only got worse once SIMON sold it off and then Macy's and Sears immediately departed a month later. I worry for the future of Washington Square, specifically for the Aeropostale there, which , thanks to the mall's lack of shoppers, always carries plenty of stock for me to pick through!

  3. The only two stores that I like inside Washington square mall are Burlington & that located inside the mall next to target , they have awesome deals on new furniture & mattress

  4. Classy move by the Colts.

  5. The stop light is still at 96th because the state DOT still "controls" that intersecton, not because there were no funds or money ran out. If you notice, there were also stop lights installed at the interchange with 465 when they re-did that, which was well after the Keystone roundabouts were complete. It boiled down to poor planning, and no desire by the state to spend more money for what they viewed as not being necessary.