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  1. The lay offs at Community Health Network, St. Vincent, St. Francis and I U have certainly saved these hospitals a ton of money while paying out a kings ransom to the very people who approve of the lay offs. No CEO should make over a million dollars while laying off a cleaning person making $l8,000. There is something very unethical and immoral about that. And I was laid off in 2010 from Community Hospital East and the layoffs are still happening. They've gotten rid of all of their LPN's. This leaves the RN's having to do everything on the nursing floors. They also got rid of their unit secretaries. The bottom line looks good on paper but I've had a couple of doctors tell me that everyone at East are angry, scared and overworked. So beware patients!!! And "putting patients first" is nothing but a empty slogan. And they are in the process of shipping all of the profitable departments from East to North making east look less and less profitable. I am sure that they would just love to close down Community East if they could get away with it. They went from 800 beds to 125 or so.

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  3. I'm a CPA who works with a wide range of companies (through my firm K.B.Parrish & Co.); however, we work with quite a few car dealerships, so I'm fairly interested in Fatwin (mentioned in the article). Does anyone have much information on that, or a link to such information? Thanks.

  4. Historically high long-term unemployment, unprecedented labor market slack and the loss of human capital should not be accepted as "the economy at work [and] what is supposed to happen" and is certainly not raising wages in Indiana. See Chicago Fed Reserve: Also, here's our research on Work Sharing and our support testimony at yesterday's hearing:

  5. I am always curious why teachers don't believe in accountability. It's the only profession in the world that things they are better than everyone else. It's really a shame.