Pence wants immigrant children returned to home countries

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Gov. Mike Pence is asking that more than 200 immigrant children placed in Indiana be deported and chiding President Barack Obama for not alerting him of the placements.

Pence said Tuesday he did not learn about the placement of immigrant children with Indiana families until reading about it in news reports. The Obama administration is seeking friends and family members across the nation to take in thousands of unaccompanied children who have migrated to the U.S. illegally.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has placed 245 children with Indiana families since the start of the year.

Pence said in his letter the children should be returned to family members outside the U.S. He also requested regular updates of when immigrant children are placed with families in Indiana.

More than 30,000 children have been released to sponsors nationally this year through July 7. Data published July 24 by the Department of Health and Human Services' Administration for Children and Families show Indiana has received 245 of those.

The U.S. is battling a surge in the number of unaccompanied children who have been fleeing violence in Central America and crossing into the U.S. because they believe they will be allowed to stay.

Children are placed in government shelters and then released to sponsors while they go through deportation proceedings. The sponsors often are relatives or family friends.

Texas, New York, Florida and California have received the most children.


  • yeah
    Look we have a lot of people out of work our wages have stagnated and this ruiness practice of uncontrolled illegal immigration will ruin us. Why don't we just send ships to somalia and bring a few million of those starving wretches. To our country. They are a lot worse off than Hispanics.
  • Good Comment Paul
    Paul, I second your point. This law was passed and signed by George W. Bush. And, secondly, referring to the children as "criminals" as someone commented seemed way over the top. They have had to have done some type of crime and been convicted to be called a criminal. The commenter, who said he is married to an immigrant, should understand this as well as anyone. Anyone can choose to be ignorant.
    • Get the facts
      Those of you yelling to deport them all should at least understand that the law allows minors (if not from a bordering country) to argue for asylum. If you don't like the law, you can petition Congress to change it. But you can't blindly scream that they all need to be deported now, unless you want your government to just decide which laws to follow and which to ignore.
      • Where Are Our Hearts?
        52,000 children in a country with a population of nearly 300 million is decimal dust or a nano-amount of people that can be easily absorbed. In addition, the flow of children from central American countries is decreasing. BL - the country can easily absorb these children while at the same time trying to discourage more children from coming. There is tension between economic concerns and the values of Judeo-Christian believers. But, I cannot see how the economic argument can stand up against the values of the believers, which most people in this country espouse (but perhaps don't practice). The Governor, who is an alleged religious man and a family man, seems to favor the economic argument; I do not see how his position is tenable under the circumstances. Yes, this is a complicated situation made worse by politics but....these are helpless children without parents and many want to simply "ship" them back to who knows where. Where are our Hoosier hearts? I thought the term Hoosier was synonymous with hospitable.
      • Call Them What They Are
        Illegal aliens. Not undocumented workers (too young anyway). I note that this article never uses the word illegal and calls them immigrants. Being married to a naturalized citizen, these people are criminals and need to be deported as soon as humanly possible. The border needs to be closed NOW.
      • DEPORT NOW
        Send them back NOW.
      • bdzbfd
        deport now
      • Think again
        just look at this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS3HylBYUjc
      • Children
        "Let the children come to me." Reunite the children with their families in Central America? Who's going to see that this is done safely? Impossible. I'm tired of the Republicans in this city and state, and I am one.
      • Pence
        Lots of people complain about the costs of immigrants for schools, helath care, etc. These are short term costs without looking at long term benefits. Compare our country to Japan's and you will see how the lack of population growth, and absence of immigration, has lead to a generation in declicne. We are lucky to have immigrants. Most have gone through unbelievable hardship to get here, and they generally show more grit and determination than some of our own citizens. So let's show a little humanity if not long term economic wisdom. Shouldn't our politicans be seeing the bigger picture and not pandering to xenophobes?
        • Really?
          Illegal immigration SHOULD be addressed by the Governor. Don't you think this is taxing Indiana's crime rate, welfare system, etc, etc?? We all need to wake up...
        • NOT ALONE
          Pence was not the only governor to write a this letter.
          • Wake up
            It's not the 250 kids that is a problem. It the hundreds of thousand that will come in the future if we don't stop it. Are you really willing to give up your payroll to support other kids and not your own family!
          • Really
            Last time I looked immigration was a federal responsibility and maybe the governor should pay attention to what is going on in Indiana…….But it is going so well: Crime Education Health Care Stagnant Wages Isn’t there another TIF district or call center that needs his attention? Really
            • Get a clue
              You folks don't have a clue. There is a legal way to enter this country and to get aid. This left unchecked could run us to ruin quickly. I also heard that 'supporters' were getting major $$ to take them in? Who's monitoring this and guess who pays the bill? I support charitable organizations... but this is NOT the way to do it!
            • Heartless
              It's interesting that when people from Cuba arrive on the shores of Florida, they are given asylum because they are fleeing persecution but these children, who face death from gangs, aren't. I'm sick of people like Pence portraying themselves as good Christians and supporters of life but they want to decide who warrants protection.
              • please reconsider
                IF families have offered to host them, then let them stay. How can we send them back to those horrors?
              • God
                Glad someone else brought up Pence's belief in the invisible man in the sky. I've often wondered if Pence's God is against other humans too. Be nice to see the media ask his opinion. Does his God want him to allow children to starve? I can handle my elected officials believing in God. I can handle my elected officials being against Mexicans and the like. But to couple those two seems a quite a bit off.
              • Wake up people
                Here's how this played out. Pence Advisors - Uh, Governor Pence, the Start is reporting some 200 immigrants are settling here in Indiana. Governor Pence - What? Pence Advisors - Yes sir, it appears by our latest polling that most Hoosiers hate immigrants, gays, blacks, and liberals. Governor Pence - Well, I'd better come out against this quickly and go on the record as opposing this and I might as well bash Obama, and anything else that my electorate might have watched on Fox News. Pence Advisors - Yes sir, it would look very presidential. kind of like Perry sending National Guard to the border. Governor Pence - Should I call up the Nation Guard to round up theses kids and take them back to Mexico? Advisors - No, we just want the votes. You just keep on doing nothing until we tell you to. Governor Pence - Oh. Ok. What time is lunch at the Columbia Club?
              • Common sense
                This is easily fixable and should not even get to this point. The Federal Government should build a fence/wall on the entire southern border. We should have more guards/military on the border. Pull all $$$ we give to Mexico until they stop encouraging human trafficking and this is not an issue. I have yet to hear a decent explanation of why we can't do this? Our federal government is encouraging human trafficking.
              • Markus
                Please point out where I describe myself as a Republican or advocated one way or another about what we do with these children. You don't know how I stand on this issue. My comment merely exposed the left's hypocrisy for claiming the mantle of compassion here, when they were the ones who dismissed the wishes of Elian's dead mother (who died getting her son to our country) and shipped her boy back to Castro and his third world dictatorship. You guys advocated the same thing for Elian that Pence is advocating here for these kids!!
              • Not his daughter
                I believe you need to get your facts straight. Nicole Pence is the Gov's neice, not his daughter.
              • Rule of law, schmule of schmaw!
                So, Pence wants the federal government to ignore the 2008 law that allows children from these countries to argue for asylum in front of a judge. How did this guy become governor? And how is that we'll soon be subjected to repeatedly seeing him on TV being taken seriously as a presidential candidate? Am I in Bizzaro-U.S.A.?
              • GM, You're Just Wrong
                You're wrong. No other way to put it. The boy's biological father wanted him back. His US-based non-immediate family in Miami opposed. The courts sided with his biological father. Let's not revise history here.
              • Saint
                When God ask Mr. Pence at the gates what of my children what's this Christian man going to say ??
              • What a jerk
                Mike Pence is a typical example of compassionate conservatism. All conservative. No compassion. And like most jump-to-conclusions-Republicans, he starts criticizing before he has all the facts.
              • Wow GM
                I had wanted to bring up Elian too, not because it reflects poorly on Democracts, but because it shows utter hypocrisy of Republicans such as you. Elian came from an environment much more hospitable than these children. Elian didn't have to worry about joining a drug gang or have himself or his family murdered. So although you so badly wanted to "protect" that child, you don't seem to care one bit about the well being of the "Elians" coming to this country now.
              • Tool
                What a jerk. I'm sure those 254 kids are really going to put a strain on our economy or be the cause of more crime. Does he even know what's happening in their home countries and why they risked such an arduous journey for a chance at a better life? And, I'm really not understanding what business it is of his, if Hoosier families choose to take in these kids? Typical Republican - all about the fetus, but who cares about innocent children who legitimately need our help? Not Mike Pence.
              • Disgrace
                Pence is a disgrace.
                • Well
                  I'd like to see Mike Pence returned to whatever country it is that his ancestors came from, because it SURE wasn't America. While we're at it, I'd like to see his daughter transported to another news channel in another state. She's unwatchable.
                  • Wrong
                    The courts were involved because the boy's family fought back against the Clinton administration's decision to send the boy back to Castro (who Gonzalez now calls his "real father"). Fidel Castro is the left's favorite tyrant, and they had no intention of letting him be humiliated, despite the fact that Elian's mother died getting him here. Instead, they sent Elian back to be Castro's mascot and political tool.
                  • Nice Try, Gin
                    Apples to oranges. Elian's biological father, a Cuban national, demanded the child be returned to Cuba and the courts ruled that ONLY HIS FATHER could petition for asylum. This had nothing to do with democrats. But nice try.
                  • Elian
                    I remember it was the Democrats who held a family at gunpoint with jack-booted, armed swat teams in order to return Elian Gonzalez back to Cuba, a tyranny his mother died attempting to get her son away from. She was looking for a better life for her child too. But then, Elian was Cuban and was likely not a future Democrat. For the left, this is all about boosting its voter base and giving its big business campaign donors cheaper labor.
                  • Who is in charge
                    The gov sounds like the president, the "I read it in the paper does not work for me. I wonder if Pence was not going around the country and Europe trying to build his reputation as a future Presidential candidate the state would be better off. In addition, the state surplus is a built on smoke and mirrors, just like the ex gov.
                  • Hypocrite
                    Honest to goodness Indiana...only if you're one of us.
                  • Christian values?
                    Mike is a firm believer that life begins at conception, unless that conception happens in a country where these lives can't be lived safely because of poverty, neglect, or criminal danger. But you know, we can't blame Mike. He would welcome them in a heartbeat, but he can't stand up and do the right thing because it would piss off the John Birch legacies that helped him get elected. Be a man and take a stand, Mike! I'm behind you.

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