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  1. The Star Spangled Banner says "Land of the Free"...apparently Indiana is not part of the US

  2. Having the benefit of learning from other communities' experience would help in the decision making process and the implementation of a successful initiative. Sound like an idea worth pursuing.

  3. Try it with five houses use the ones in NEAR east

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  5. No disrespect to Ms. Daniels but the taxpayers of Indiana who support this school and all those who contribute to the BSU Endowment deserve the best to investigate a financial loss of $13,000,000 against a endowment of $165 mill. What experience does she have? They should hire the best Certified Forensic Accountant to provide clarity to all involved and why it was kept under the rug! Here is my recommendation as a Indiana Taxpayer: This guy can knock it out of the park and also make sure the right controls are in place going forward. Any problems at any other State Schools?