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  1. Great sentiments, but I didn't hear much that would make me think of Indy in any distinct ways. Instead it sounds like the same type of thinking that produces what the other commenter admires about Carmel. We need to invest less in generic streetscaping (nice as it can be) that will do little to leave people with a distinct impression and more in thinking more broadly and more grandly about better design in ALL decisions made related to transit, buildings, and the like.

  2. This clown won in 2012 by a small margin...I hope Hoosier voters remember every ounce of his incompetence, wastefulness and uselessness in 2016.

  3. Indy is more urban than a suburb like Carmel that is primarily commercial and high dollar residential. The author does have a good point in thinking, adapting, and planning the entrances to the fabric of the geographic location and the City's "brand" it wishes to convey. Will the NRCC & INDOT & City PLEASE do something to Keystone at 86th Street interchange! The interchange is a MESS of overgrown trees and weeds, yes it was an area for wildflowers 20 years ago, now it is an embarrassment for a prominent entry point to Indianapolis!!!

  4. So the article admits that total vehicle miles traveled has stayed relatively flat in Indiana (although it's declining nationally), but we need to add more capacity and throw additional money at a transportation model that provides a poor ROI? . This makes zero sense for everyone except for the road construction companies, highway lobbyists, and the politicians with their hands in the cookie jar.

  5. I couldn't agree more. On my drive home from work, I choose to listen to the more opinionated talk shows. In the morning, I want the news, local, national and global. Katz, although I tend to agree with most of his opinions, is a bit too forceful for me in the mornings. I will be seeking a new station for me morning news.