Developer plans mixed-use project for Broad Ripple

January 30, 2013
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1002 Broad Ripple AveA local developer 1002 Broad Ripple Aveplans to construct a three-story building with first-floor retail and two floors of office space just north of Broad Ripple Avenue sandwiched between Winthrop Avenue and the Monon Trail. An existing building on the triangle-shaped property previously housed a United Package Liquors store and would be demolished. Privately held Lor Corp., which also owns the liquor-store chain, has owned the prime Broad Ripple site since 1988. In December, Lor moved the liquor store to its Broad Ripple Station shopping strip to the immediate southeast. The plans for 1002 Broad Ripple Ave. call for a rooftop deck and a large bike rack on the side of the building facing the Monon Trial and more bike parking on the north side of the building, said Lor CEO Adam Hill. Lor filed its plans with the city this week and plans to start construction as soon as it can secure zoning approvals. Hill declined to disclose the project's cost. He said the firm is close to signing a restaurant to take the first-floor space but hasn't done much marketing yet toward leasing the office space. The 9,300-square-foot building would have roughly the same number of parking spaces (all behind the building) that serve the current one-story structure; Broad Ripple's new parking garage should be finished by the time 1002 Broad Ripple Ave. is complete. "Our plan was to improve the image of Broad Ripple Village, while respecting the Monon Trail and its users," Hill said. The architect is locally based Blackline Studio. What do you think?

  • bad idea
    Really, 7 entire parking spaces for a building with another restaurant and 2 floors of office space. This is such a bad idea given the size of that lot and the traffic-tying-up access from BR avenue and Winthrop. Wow, really bad idea. Maybe the zoning commission will take a look at the actual lot size and do its job of responsible development.
    • parking
      The whole point of the brand new parking garage in Broad Ripple is to decouple parking from development. Without a relaxation of parking requirements, this parcel will never be anything other than a liquor store.
    • No parking
      Glad they want to put this space to better use, however, parking & inviting first level design is missing. The parking for the old liquor store is currently in front of the building and appears to be eliminated in this plan. Closest parking is in next door at McDonalds lot or strip mall across the street. The planned building appears oversized for lot and the sidewalk appears too narrow to support outside dining.
    • Fine by me
      My first thought was, it's better than the liquor store. The complaints seem to echo the normal sentiments with any new development; first floor awkwardness, not enough parking, too this or too that...but ultimately I think Broad Ripple benefits from this kind of development.
    • OMG!
      This is a great idea and a perfect plan for this site. As the city grows, we need to decouple parking requirements from development. With a lot of bike traffic on the Monon, the recently added parking structure two blocks away, and hopefully expanded mass transit, this type of development will be the norm. Also, for the comment above, the parking is in the rear of the building(read the story). Besides all you naysayers, if the company wants to invest their money, let them. if the parking is an issue, then let the prospective tennants decide. Many places in BR have severe parking issues. BR is a pedestrian village, not a car village.
    • Approve!
      I think this is EXCELLENT. Finally, a developer willing to be bullish on low parking requirements. Bring on more!
    • Parking
      Listen people, if you want to talk about walkability, community and village feel, you need to remove the thought that each building or development needs "day after thanksgiving" parking requirements. They aren't providing just 7 parking spots, they are providing many more with bike racks.
    • Love it!
      Attractive design and good use of space . I'm glad they aren't including more parking than they are, this IS the city, after all (and there will be a huge parking garage within walking distance, DUH). Did an earlier poster really complain that they would be eliminating a parking lot from in front of the building? They should be eliminating parking lots from in front of MOST buildings in urban settings!
    • Get some legs
      I have seen complaints about having parking close to businesses in other articles in the IBJ and I have to say I am disappointed. As this city grows, people have to deal with the fact we don't need parking right next door to a business. Get off your butt and do some walking. Its good for your health. Also, this design and idea is better than what is currently there. I think most people would rather see this than a liquor store.
      • Thanksgiving Parking
        Love the comment about the "day after Thanksgiving" parking mentality. Look at the sea of asphalt that surrounds our malls and big-box stores - these parking lots are filled maybe two days out of the year. Let's get more of the urban feeling into Indy.
      • L Shaped Building?
        Would like to see back & top view of building and top to see how this fits on such an odd shaped lot.
      • Right Track
        Mixed-use is definitely the way to go, and there will be demand for this building at this location. I am glad to see the installation of the parking garage spurring this type of development. Two concerns though: 1) the right hand turn from BR Ave. to Winthrop is very tight. They may have a safety issue with how close the sign and seating are to the handicap ramp. 2) Although this is an early rendering, it seems very hard. I think there's opportunity for some native plants somewhere there to soften it up. Also, how are they treating stormwater? Could install bio-retention in the narrow sliver north of the building.
        • Parking
          I am sick and tired of people complaining of not enough parking. I have NEVER had trouble finding parking in Broad Ripple. Granted, I might have had to walk a few blocks, but that walking would be good for most people (especially people in one of the unhealthiest cities in the US). If you want a sea of parking, move to Avon.
        • Solid urban infill
          Solid urban infill project. The same people that claim to want a "village" feel in Broad Ripple always bring up the same, tired arguments about parking when new developments are announced. I am really exhausted by the lack of knowledge about proper urban design. If I have to park my car a few blocks away in a shared parking structure and walk and/or bike to this destination, I think it is reasonable alternative to having another lifeless surface parking lot in the neighborhood.
        • So-so
          Great site plan, bike parking, and low car parking. But the architecture is the red-headed stepchild of the very nice Hinge on Virginia Ave.
        • Bad Intersection
          Agree with Tim's comment on the right turn. This is currently a very poorly designed intersection for traffic flow, and the Monon crosswalk is still extremely hazardous for peds and bikes. Not sure if it's the developer's responsibility to address this, but it would be nice if the city could step in to re-engineer the intersection and walk t the same time new construction is going in.
        • Parking
          They are going to deed parking space from their retail center directly across the street.
        • Excellent work
          Gutsy developer. Fantastic architect. Appropriate infill in a dense "village" atmosphere. Concerns about parking apply, particularly for a restaurant. But that's part and parcel of living in a city. Cheers!
        • Fast Food
          Looks like a 3 story Jack in the Box. Is that the restaurant they're courting? I hope not.
        • Nice!
          APPROVE IT BABY!! Thank you Lor for helping broad ripple evolve! Is BRVA on board?
        • GREAT IDEA!!
          This is a great idea for Broad Ripple. Parking will only be an issue potentially for trying to lease the office space. Walking a block or so to a new restaurant is not a big deal and plenty of restaurants around this area have no parking and do very well. I was just hoping by looking at the rendering that it was going to have a rooftop restaurant/bar. Something that Broad Ripple doesn't currently have that would certainly be successful. Overall still a great idea and huge upgrade to the building that was there before.
        • Approve!
          let's just make this happen. Broad Ripple is a destination where you park once, walk where you want to go, then leave. Individual parking requirements from the 1960's need to go away city-wide, not just in this solidly pedestrian oriented village.
        • Parking
          THERE IS NO PARKING PROBLEM IN BROADRIPPLE- Great plan, great use of a prominent urban corner. Nice orientation to the Monon Trail. We need Chipotle in Broadripple
        • Scale?
          My feeling is that the building is an exceedingly "cold" looking structure. The height over-powers all the surrounding buildings which seems only to accentuate the coldness of the design. Who is the roof deck designed to serve,the offices or the restaurant?
        • Sweet!
          Approve it! And please stop talking about parking. People are moving back to BR, SoBro and MK from the burbs because they desire the opportunity to walk and bike to eclectic nodes. Again - shore up the ground level plantings and build it!
        • Brilliant
          I understand the desire to have to the door parking but Broad Ripple is and should be a walkable community. This plan is in keeping with off-site parking within a reasonable walking distance, exactly why the new garage is being built!
        • OK, but...
 looks like the outdoor dining is set up for the B.R. Ave front. Why not utilize the Monon frontage, perhaps wrapping around to the Ave side for a nice deck space?
        • Colorful
          Craig McCormick from Blackline here. I'm loving the colorful comments. We used the soon-to-be-adopted Envision Broad Ripple Plan as the basis for our design. A draft is available at Pushing the building to the street, focusing on the pedestrian, and bookending the historic Village were priorities. I will also note that the ground floor will be mostly glass facing the village (not dark tinted as the rendering implies, but transparent), there will be a 37' long public art mural on the trail side and a landscape buffer between the building and trail. We are working with IndyParks to do that properly. Parking for the office use will be shared with the owner's large lot across the street. Broad Ripple needs density to thrive, and that's what we hope to bring.
          • Waaahhhhh
            Allah forbid you fatties have to actually walk. Ohz noez you might actually burn a calorie!!! A parking garage is being built two blocks away; consider this an opportunity to whittle away at that derriere saddlebags!
          • Yeah no parking
            So let me get this straight, everyone is okay with building an office building there with no parking. How do you lure tenants? Where do the guests of tenants park. if I am leasing 2000 sq feet of office space for my 20 employees I better have a palce for them to park. Bad idea along with the lofty ideals of no parking and a biking community, you need common sense and common sense tells me no parking, no tenants.
            • Ick!
              Not only is the building ugly and oversized for the corner, it will NOT be easy to lease due to the parking issues. It might be ok to park and walk 2 blocks in good weather and when you are out for the evening walking the strip - but if you want to do business with the tenant(s) in this building, no one is going to park and walk that far. I can see the tenants turning over in that buiding already! Good luck Lor Corp!
              • Brutalism
                I love BRUTALISM and it's impact on walkability. Barbed wire along the top would help
              • Yes! (But...)
                I, too, am excited about the new development. I personally like the design as it finally adds something "new" in a quality way to the streetscape. While I agree that parking is not something that is crucial for many occupants of the building (and we should be encouraging walking), I have to agree that most office tenants will need adequate parking for both themselves and their clients. One never knows what tenants will be needed down the road and that does seem to be a deficit. Additionally (and this doesn't regard only this development), one MUST take into account handicapped parking. Not everyone is simply lazy. The only other concern is to make sure that future retail/restaurant tenants help restore a balance between a livable Village and one that continues down the road of post-collegiate party town. This project certainly has great possibilities.
              • Read the Comments
                JD, did you read the comments, especially from the developer? The developer is using parking from the existing development across the street. THERE IS PARKING. So, you "lure tenants" just like you would lure them to any other building.
              • It's Fine
                Barb, they are using parking spaces in the lot across the street? How is that 2 blocks? And yes, plenty of people park across the street from a building, in both good and bad weather. Also, the image is simply a rough design. It is not what the actual building will look like. It is more of a placeholder to give a general idea of the massing and height of the building.
              • Client visits
                Does everyone here just have meetings with clients in the suburbs? If I have a meeting in Broad Ripple, or downtown, or Chicago I park at a meter or in a garage. Sincerely, Rocket Scientist
              • Fantastic!
                G.B. Landrigan does bring up some good points especially parking for persons with mobility problems. But on the whole this is a wonderful development. Come on folks, when you go downtown to dinner or sporting events, what do you do? Most of the time you either pull into a garage and walk a few blocks, or pay a meter and walk. When I come to BR Village I do the same - just park once then WALK to the post office, shoe repair, Bogie's barber shop and end up at Bazbeux's. That's what a village is all about. Part of the draw is that you pass by other merchants as you walk to your destination...which is SO much better than driving up to one store while ignoring all the others. Just like the new parking garage, this is another home-run for us. GO FOR IT! (PS - now if we could just get the owner of the building between the alley and Carrollton, south side, to do something about the AWFUL appearance of the storefronts.
              • JD & Barb
                JD & Barb, why are you so concerned about if they will be able to lease the office space? Leave that up to the developers!
              • please make sure
                Please make sure to use native plants! See the side and front of the building housing Big Hat Books for example. Along the parking adjacent to The Brew Pub, see the tiger eye sumac, for example of year round color, and on the front various amsonias for stunning spring and fall color. However, there is one very toxic plant growing by the Brew Pub. Don't use that one.
              • Rooftop Restaurant/ Bar
                Broad Ripple is well overdue for outside rooftop the urban design, but make it two stories with retail shoppin on first floor and restaurant/ pub on second story with a rooftop setting. Boom, game changer!
              • Comments
                I am so surprised to read all of the comments in support of this project. It makes me so happy. Thank God people like Barb, Rob & Mike are quickly becoming a minority in this city!!
              • Great!
                Enough autocentricity! Great idea.
              • Agreed
                "MariaJanuary 31, 2013 3:11 PM I am so surprised to read all of the comments in support of this project. It makes me so happy. Thank God people like Barb, Rob & Mike are quickly becoming a minority in this city!!" Completely agree. I think the developers know much better what their parking draw might be than someone commenting on an IBJ thread. Let's leave it to the pros on this one. Fighting parking issues is D-E-A-D.
              • Love it!
                Fingers crossed that the restaurant that they're close to signing will be local. I could see that being a great spot for one of the many talented young chefs that Indy is starting to cultivate. As for the office space, I could see that really appealing to some young entrepreneurs that would be much happier having the Monon right outside their door rather than close parking.
              • too much building/too little space
                The developer is planning to build a three story building with a restaurant on the first floor on this lot. The lot is 11,000 square feet in size. By comparison, the McDonalds lot is 55,000 square feet. Awful big building for an awful small lot. The other thing going on is the lack of parking space. The parking lot across the street is not really available since 3 wise men jealously guards their lot, quite a few cars got towed last summer. This is kinda ironic given that 3WM applied for, and got a zoning variance to reduce the amount of parking that they had to supply. This sort of parking shortage leads to a lot of predatory parking practices. Parking down the street in the new garage may be possible, it sure won't be pleasant given that the city granted a variance so that the parking spot size could reduced to a minimum, and that the turning lanes and angles are very sharp in that garage. This is not good urban planning, it just amounts to letting developers fit oversize buildings into undersize lots. (such as the way the new garage is going to loom out over the sidewalk) Of course, you can always cram a 200lb woman into a lycra running suit, but the result sure ain't pretty.
              • rob
                Rob, you are wrong. This is GOOD urban planning. You show that you are wrong when you hold up the suburban McDonalds next door as a comparison. You also don't know what you're talking about. The developers OWN the parking lot across the street. Like I said earlier, thank God you are the minority!
                • calm down rob
                  Finally, Broad Ripple gets a development that helps MOVE FORWARD in an urban friendly manner. Being a downtown dweller and business owner, I have only been hearing how Broad Ripple is turning into a ghetto of cheap bars. It's true. Which is a good thing: Broad Ripple won't be able to afford to keep catering to the low density, anti urban development that plagues such a high profile 'village'. I guess what I can say, Rob, it takes more than liquor and parking lots to create a REAL NEIGHBORHOOD.
                • Convenience
                  To people like Barb & Rob: Convenience is overrated. Live a little bit...and realize how much such a convenient lifestyle has brainwashed you when it comes to critiquing proper infill development. It's Broad Ripple. Not Castleton, Carmel or Fi-town!!! Just move away or don't visit this area anymore if you're so worried about not finding your ideal parking space.
                • Parking Garage
                  Justin, The whole point of the Broad Ripple Parking Garage is to use taxpayers' money to build a parking garage and commercial building to be given away to Keystone Construction, a big contributor to the mayor. We get nothing out of the deal.
                  • finally architecture that fits
                    It's finally good to see a piece of architecture that finally fits the BRV strip!!! Unfortunately, this architect didn't have anything to do with the parking garage design: what a missed opportunity! 2 great designs for each end of the strip would have been great. Maybe BRV will learn from this missed opportunity?
                  • Approved
                    The architecture isn't great in my opinion. But, it has the proper urban form, being built up to the street. It looks a little awkward, but three stories certainly isn't going to overwhelm the Village. It has windows to provide transparency. And parking, is not an issue. In fact, I'd be fine with zero spaces on site. Disability parking could be provided on street, just like it is in any higher-density urban neighborhood.
                  • In and Out Burger
                    Please be an In and Out Burger
                    • Or
                      a Wagamama
                    • Oh I Wish!
                      They (IN-N-Out) doesn't come this far (East). How about Bub's Broad Ripple?
                      • Chipotle
                        Is it going to be a Chipotle?
                        • great idea!!!
                          Awsome spot for a Kilroys II
                        • Chipotle
                          Chipotle would be awesome! But, what about parking... ha ha ha. Heaven-forbid you walk that burrito off.
                        • Yes..again
                          Broad Ripple is always going to have parking issues....always. Walking and biking are part of and will continue to be the promoted culture of the neighborhood.
                        • Looks good
                          While one can quibble about small details of the design, in general I think that this is exactly what BR generally, and this spot specifically, needs. Parking is not much of an issue in BR during 9-5 business hours, so I don't see much of a problem here at all, even without the dedicated parking. And the bike racks will help relieve a lot of the pressure anyway - on warmer days, it's not uncommon to see 20+ bikes outside of La Piedad. Adding bike parking will just make this more of a destination for some users. I like the rooftop idea a lot, too.

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