New Steak n Shake signage includes name of parent

May 21, 2013
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Steak n Shake BiglariIt appears Steak n Shake will be updating its stores with a stylish, sleek look. The Indianapolis-based burger chain unveiled the change at the annual convention of the International Council of Shopping Centers, which runs through Wednesday in Las Vegas. The new look likely will be introduced in California, according to a Steak n Shake spokesman at the convention, who said more details weren’t readily available. In any event, Sardar Biglari, who operates San Antonio-based Biglari Holdings Inc., parent of the iconic chain, wants the public to know who owns Steak n Shake, judging from the signage. Whether customers prefer the new look remains to be seen. But a long line of convention attendees waited patiently for samples of the restaurant’s popular milkshakes. Steak n Shake shareholders elected Biglari CEO in 2008, and the company now is operated by Biglari Holdings. Biglari operates 496 Steak n Shake restaurants and 92 Western Sizzlin restaurants. Eighty-two of the Steak n Shake and 87 of the Western Sizzlin units are franchised.

    I mean REALLY!!! What's next taking away the Burger King's crown, turn the golden arches into silver columns? No I know let's get Wendy a pink mohawk.
  • SNS logo 2.3
    This man has continued to destroy the Steak and Shake brand. Did he not learn from the sins of owners past. The SNS logo and Brand are strong, I cant understand why he wants to destroy the brand other than to satisfy his big ego.This will turn out to be a big mistake. Sleek new look for a traditional product..makes no logical sense
    • Used to be good!
      Steak and Shake USED to be a good place to eat, but the now empty parking spaces tell the story of Poor Service, Declining quality of food and just more gimmicks and rear cooking....I used to be a customer, but no more...won't be many other Good Places to eat in INDY...
    • could not have said it better!
    • Ego??
      I think someone's ego is finally getting the best of him and it will lead to the ruin of a great franchise.
    • JUST SAD!
    • Lipstick on a pig
      Good bye Steak and Shake.
    • Love it!
      I absolutely love the new sign. I've hated Steak N Shake for years now, but this new sign will make me eat there frequently!
      • it's a trade show booth....
        This image is of a trade show booth, not a retail store. I'm sure no one in their branding brain trust would really make their retail stores look like a second-label jeans brand from JCPenney. I would bet it's done at way so attendees know the ownership of the updated concept. (I have to say, tho, glad they appear to be losing affinity to the 50's drive-in idiom they were toying with post-Young & Laramore...)
      • Branding
        Does the IBJ have any fact to backup their assertion that Steak n Shake is changing their branding? Or are trying to compete with the Star on how many stories they can get incorrect??
      • Steak Shack
        So, am I now eating at Patachou or a Shake Shack?
      • Schizophrenic
        Steak and Shake doesn't seem to know what they want their brand to be. They starts offering 4 for 4$ meals in hopes of luring in the younger (McDonalds) crowd but for the most part you can't get out of there for less than $8 minimum (don' forget there's a tip) and this new look would seem that they're wanting to now go upscale.
      • Control freak
        Biglari is a narcissist, power hungry, egomaniac bully. The board made a big mistake YEARS AGO when they put him on the board. He arranged for the ouster of long time board members and put his own people in there and nobody will stand up to him, they are afraid. It will come back to bite him someday and all of the employees and the francize owners will suffer. Hindsight is 20/20.
      • 96th Street Steakburgers
        Eat at 96th Street Steakburgers, far better food.
      • Hmmm
        I'm not so sure about all the negative comments. The recently expanded $4 menu at Steak n Shake represents a tremendous value compared to the quality of a similar meal at any other "fast food" establishment, even after including a small tip... and half price shakes and drinks from 2-4 PM? Um, duh!!!
        • Times, they are a-changin'
          I'm 48 years old. Visiting Steak n Shake as a young boy is a fond childhood memory...just like visiting WoolWorths, Lazarus, Blocks, and a number of other well known brands of days gone by. As an Advertising and Marketing expert with over 30 years in the business, stagnate businesses die on the vine. It's about time the SNS brand got a makeover. In an era when the government thinks it's not only its right but its duty to tell Americans how and what to eat, SNS "may" be attempting to take a leap forward by moving the brand away from being a "fast food" target for the nanny-state. Additionally, the "50's" look has been played out. I can guarantee you that the baby-boom generation that the stores have been decorated to appeal to - ARE NOT SNS's core customers. Don't fear change. Embrace it. Or, prepare for the day when SNS is a distant memory just like that of Roselynn Bakeries, Zayres, Cub Foods and LS Ayres.
          • Fishy
            Wait a minute ... you're 48 but you have "over 30 years in the business..." Are you counting the lemonade stand you ran when you were 12? Expert indeed.
            • Not a retail brand...
              Don't expect this to show up on a store front anytime soon.
            • Nice catch Andrew
              48 year old expert with over 30 years experience? And what's with the "government tel;ling the people what to do" comment? What's that got to do with rebranding a fast food restaurant? I'm kinda surprised there wasn't some Obamacare comment about serving greasy hamburgers.
            • What ever happened?
              Steak n Shake used to be such a good place for a quick sit down meal better than fast food. Loved their old advertising. Now it's like the company is just wildly grasping at the air trying to pull something (anything) to keep them relevant. Alas, some men would rather try to make a 'mark' for themselves than to make themselves, their company, and their employees more wealthy.
            • Steak & Shake
              It's out for me now.It is always cold in there and the 2-4 shakes happen after people get back from lunch, not when they go.
            • It's Possible
              48-30=18. "Papa" John Schnatter founded his pizza business at 21. I bought my first restaurant at 19. Besides, 'TC' didn't say he'd been an "expert" for 30 years; just "in the biz" for that long..
            • Now Wait A Minute
              Two things: 1. The SNS restaurants I visit on the North Side have been cleaner and more "current" in feel than they were before Biglari took over. It was getting tired several years ago. That's not to say they are always clean... just cleaner overall. The food is exactly the same, though, perhaps somewhat smaller chili portions. Just as before, service can be good or bad depending on the number of people there, the manager who does the hiring, and so forth. Overall, the same. Waiting to pay one's bill at the cash register is still the pain in the side that it was before Biglari took over. And, at least according to the IBJ, sales have been up dramatically when compared with the previous owners. 2. SNS is a diner. It is what it is. That's its charm -- and its important niche. Nicer than a McDonald's, yet not Applebee's. It's an in-betweener. 3. Its branding is important. The new lettering looks fine -- it's from the 30s.What should NOT be done, however, is eliminating the "winged" logo. The comments by others are interesting because it shows that people care. SNS is still seen by many Hoosiers/Midwesterners as "ours." That's the base. Tweaking and updating is good. But an entirely "new" SNS might go over just as well as New Coke.
              • Interesting
                Has anyone else noticed that this article has more comments than health care and creationism at Ball State? No wonder we are a nation of fatso's
              • Copycat?
                All I see in that proposed new logo is Shake Shack - which doesn't hold a candle to SNS in my opinion. Boo
              • SNS
                That's three things
              • Biglari ego unchecked
                Today's Steak n Shake is nothing like the original restaurant. Biglari has downsized the burgers to the thickness of a drink coaster,the fries are usually undercooked yet the prices have risen. The ego-fueled act of adding the Biglari name to the new logo is both distracting and nonsensical as nobody knows who or what a Biglari is. To upscale your logo and then downscale your restaurant's quality is a pretty strange marketing tactic. Culver's is the new Steak n' Shake with their generous size burgers, fresh cut fries and thick malts.
              • Copycat?
                SNS doesn't hold a candle to Shake Shack? I'm hoping that was a misstatement. Either that, or you haven't been to a Shake Shack. SNS isn't even in the same class as SS. We could be so lucky to have one here.
              • YEP
                That's right. I was on air here in Indy at 16 ('82), Bob & Tom's first producer in '85 and now own a national ad agency with offices here and LA. Yep. Over 30 years. As for the "Government" comment, I'm pointing out just one reason SNS may be headed in this new "let's dress it up" direction. But you may be right. ObamaCare may actually outlaw fast food altogether. I hadn't even thought of that. Thanks.
                • Expert at 18
                  I too work in the industry, with over 25 years of experience and your political spin has probably nothing to do with any rebranding. "Let's dress it up" would have nothing to do with the government "telling us how and what to eat." Give it a political rest. And being a producer for a radio show doesn't mean you've been involved in advertising and branding for 30 years.
                • As the world truns, food places come and go.....
                  I don't see what the big deal is. The food market is a iffy one, but being in Indy, most news media outlets claim we are pro-franchise and what not. I've been eating at SNS for decades. I've never cared for their burgers, always a Chili Mac, fries, and a drink customer. Nothing in that meal has changed over the decades, nothing. The biggest complaint I read about SNS is that the fries are too thin cut and thus they aren't "hot" or "warm" enough for certain customers likings. If the burgers are thinner, they can't be that much thinner. They were thin to begin with from what I recall. The strawberry milkshakes taste the same. . I can't see the change hurting SNS. I've had Shake Shack in NYC, I wasn't displeased, I wasn't overly impressed. Food was good, shakes were good, but I really didn't see anything that was leaps and bounds better than Steak N Shake or any other of a handful of places. Some folks are just clingers to whatever is popular at the time. Shake Shack is a hip, NYC cool thing, so some folks will drool over the place just because of that. Five Guys spread fast, and for the most part, they are decent as well. However, for a while, some seemed to think Five Guys was the end all, be all. I really like watching the food markets change with time. One burger placed I really liked was Flaky Jakes, but they too are just a fond memory.
                • Shake Shack
                  Shake Shack>Steak n' Shake
                • He's on the poster
                  I ate at a Steak n Shake a couple of weeks ago and was amused to see a poster of him (and a lineup of employees) just inside the entrance. You don't see that at other chains -- OK maybe Dave the Wendy's guy, but that was when he was also in their TV ads.
                • But Miss it...
                  *sigh*...just bring back the "very berry cobbler a la mode"...good times.
                • Steak and Shake
                  Yeah, I do not know about that look for Steak N Shake. Hopefully that was just for the trade show, because that would call for a giant change at Steak N Shake.

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