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  1. Yes you are right you should never run from a dog but the best way to get them to release and this works for any breed is hold their nostrils together for about 10 seconds and then put water into their mouth while still keeping the nostrils closed,this instantly makes the dog choke and it has no option but to release the other way is basically stopping the dogs air supply fingers over nostrils and squeezing the dogs windpipe,headlock whatever you want to call it this way is much more dangerous as soon as it releases you need to go before it comes to its senses

  2. If WTHR doesn't collect enough money to pay their NBC overlords, they could easily lose their NBC affiliation. WISH tv would be glad to pick it up about now. Networks used to pay affiliates to carry them. It's the other way around now.

  3. It's a;; Boring News, nothing but death and destruction. Channel 4 will Hire all new News People. Hey maybe Jenny A would come back to Indy for a Lead Position!!. And Jamie S, would leave Cleveland for Indy. (NOT)!!!! anyway I am asleep by the time the late news comes on because I don't need to see it, because I've already heard it all on the RADIO!! I just wanna be able to see Arrow and the New Flash series on the CW, plus the 100.. Does WTTV even have a building?? and what would the "Digital Channels" be???

  4. Mary, You've been watching CBS way too long they are the ones that lie and twist the stories to fit the Obama agenda and the Liberal mess. Fox will guide you in the right direction. Try it you'll like it. Besides, how could Liars LEAD the Ratings night after night.

  5. This is not an arms-length transaction. The DOL must look at these closely. Management all had a conflict of interest. The ESOP should have a 3rd party trustee involved who is not mentioned here. JK: was there a trustee involved?