Roundup: Ambrosia, Jockamo, Square Donuts

June 27, 2013
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Moves by a trio of local restaurants lead this edition of the Retail Roundup:

  • Ambrosia at 915 E. Westfield Blvd. in Broad Ripple is moving south to 5901 N. College Ave. and will occupy part of the space where Fox Studios is currently located. Ambrosia owner Gino Pizzi expects to be operating there by mid-August, after Fox studios closes following 42 years in business. The space is much smaller than Ambrosia’s current location—2,600 square feet compared with 4,300 square feet. But Pizzi says his Italian eatery will have better visibility and better access to parking. Ambrosia has been on Westfield Boulevard since 1980. Pizzi has time remaining on his lease and said another restaurateur that he declined to name will sublease the space. “Literally, I’m taking my name and menu with me and that’s it,” Pizzi told Property Lines. “It’s a brand-new restaurant.”
  • Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza in Irvington is expanding on East Washington Street, taking the space immediately to the west formerly occupied by Annie’s Apparel Retail Shop. The additional 1,400 square feet will enable owners Mike McGrath and Robert Stark to expand the bar and add tables and also a separate room to accommodate large parties. Wait times during weekends sometimes can exceed an hour, and with only 10 or so seats at the bar, lines can get long, McGrath said. “If you have an hour-and-a-half wait, that’s not helping business, it’s hindering it,” he said. The renovation should be finished in August.
  • Stacked Pickle, a homegrown restaurant and bar in Carmel, plans to open a new location in Greenwood. The Pickle is taking about 4,000 square feet at 172 Melody Ave. near S. State Road 135 where Massey’s Pizza was formerly located. Owner Chris Long hopes to open the restaurant, his fourth, by September.
  • Square Donuts is taking the space at 1 N. Pennsylvania St. downtown formerly occupied by Henry’s Coffee Bistro. Square Donuts began in 1967 in Terre Haute, where the shop has two locations. It also has stores in Bloomington and Richmond, as well as one at 6416 W. Washington St. in Indianapolis.
  • 36 East Irish Pub & Grill is taking the space previously occupied by Coal Pizza at 36 E. Washington St. The coming-soon sign appeared this week.
  • First Watch, the Florida-based breakfast, brunch and lunch eatery, is opening a fourth location in the Indianapolis area. The latest restaurant will open by the end of the year in 3,036 square feet at the Willow Lake West shopping center at 2902 W. 86th St., First Watch said.
  • Dollar Tree is opening next to Family Dollar in the former Walgreens building at the southeast corner of North College Avenue and East 38th Street.
  • Graeter's
    I've heard from reliable sources that Graeter's will be moving into a space on illinois and 56th street next to the Ill. Street Food Emporium.
    • Excellent!
      Downtown has been in need of more bakeries that don't specialize on cupcakes, I can't wait for donuts! And I promise to frequent a local Irish pub as well, hopefully they nail their theme better than Coal ever did.
      • Ecstatic about the Irish pub
        As the title says, I'm ecstatic to hear that another Irish pub is coming downtown. Such a nice change of pace from all the other bars that almost exclusively sell Indiana beer (that is starting to get old). I just hope this pub pulls it off better than all the lousy pubs that already exist downtown. We need something similar to Fado or Kerryman (both in Chicago) or Irish Lion (Bloomington). Something authentic!!!
      • Graeter's
        I live right next to the Food Emporium. This would be awesome!
      • Downtown Bakery
        You have a great all from scratch bakery downton at City Market - Circle City Sweets - and they are anti-cupcake. Everything else you can imagine, including the best croissants in town.
        • Irish Pub
          I agree with Irish Expat. An Irish Pub downtown will be a nice addition. As he said, nothing but Indiana beer is indeed getting old. It's generally good brew and I'm all for helping the local guys succeed but offer some alternatives.
        • Um...
 I to read this as the end of anything approaching fine dining in Broad Ripple? Because, say, an obnoxious greasy Sports Bar would be an original idea for the village. :-)
          • Sweet Circle
            I agree, if you have not been to the City Market in awhile, I encourage you to try Circle City Sweets. They make everything right in front of you.
          • Khoury's
            Maybe I missed the announcement, but I drove past the restaurant yesterday and there was a coming soon sign.
          • Good news!!!
            Great news about both the donuts and Irish pub downtown. I live downtown and will go to both, I am sure. Glad to hear this.
          • "nothing but Indiana beer"?
            Other than Tomlinson Tap Room (which was established to showcase Indiana beer), name a bar in downtown Indy that sells nothing but Indiana beer. I haven't seen it. And even if you can name one, there are still plenty of other places you can get your Miller Lite.
            • Graeter's
              They have the best operation and ice cream better service than these yogurt shoppes popping up it is good to see that they have allowed some selective franchising... they will be added plus to any area. Welcome to Indianapolis!!!
              • Fine dining
                5901 N. College is still Broad Ripple.
              • Re: PeterW
                5901 N College is not Broad Ripple. It is the start of So Bro.
                • SoBro is Broad Ripple
                  SoBro (stupid name, but whatever) = South BROAD RIPPLE. Get it?
                  • @Don
                    Sorry to take your bait, Don, but I'll respond briefly. The phrasing was "almost exclusively Indiana beer," and I personally like to try smaller breweries from around the country. I've found the microbreweries in the West to be much better than those in Indiana. And I also enjoy European beers more than most anything this side of the pond. Also, the joke is on you, pal--your much beloved Sun King Cream Ale tastes exactly like Bud Light.
                    • Ambrosia
                      We used to love going to Ambrosia, we've never had a bad meal there. But, I will admit that it's been a few years since we've been there as the parking is a nightmare. Since we frequent Binkley's across the street from this new location, we'll definitely be hitting Ambrosia again!!!
                    • nightmare parking?
                      I guess it's all relative, but I have yet to see part of Hoosierland where parking could reasonably be considered a "nightmare". What are we talking about--three minutes to find a space?
                    • I agree with sassafras
                      There is no such thing as a parking nightmare in this town unless you get boxed in at the 500.
                      • Parking
                        OK, someday in the not-too-distant future, whether you wish to admit it or not, you will be older and walking for several blocks in order to eat a meal may seem like too much effort. While I'm not there yet, it is a little difficult when I'm dealing with an 83 year young mother-in-law, who doesn't like to be let out in front of a restaurant while we disappear for 10 or 15 minutes... And, remember, we're the ones with the money.
                      • Fine Dining in BR
                        Also, the BR Neighborhood Association limits start at Kessler, meaning Ambrosia is still in Broad Ripple.
                      • "SoBro" Is Here... There, I said it.
                        Broad Ripple begins at Kessler Boulevard. SoBro (or South OF Broad Ripple) is east of the Monon and South of Kessler. The area south of Kessler and West of the Monon is Meridian-Kessler. In truth, there are no "real" boundaries to SoBro since it's not really a designated neighborhood. This "controversy" is, of course, beside the point. The loss of Ambrosia to the center of Broad Ripple underscores the problem of what BR has become. It's still a great place, but care must be taken to diminish a bit the Average Joe type places and increase the quaint shops, restaurants, etc.
                      • So sorry about 38th & College
                        Just as this area was trying to pull itself up and polish a bit, in comes another Dollar Store. I WAS STUNNED LAST WEEK when I drove through this intersection. What was once a grocery store is now ANOTHER DOLLAR-TYPE STORE. What used to be a pawn shop is now ANOTHER DOLLAR-TYPE STORE. What was once the Mandarin Restaurant, then was bulldozed to build a decent Walgreens Pharmacy is to be ANOTHER DOLLAR-TYPE STORE! Do you realize how rarely a Walgreens has to close its doors? What a pity for the area.
                        • correction
                          Forgot to say that the grocery became a huge and apparently well-kept laundromat...THEN morphed into a dollar store.
                        • dollar stores
                          Good Lord, how many dollar stores are now at the intersection of 38th and College???? Is it up to three now?
                          • Preston, you had me until your final sentence
                            "And, remember, we're the ones with the money." Get over yourself, Preston. You chose to live an area that 30 years ago was the sticks, for lower taxes and big cheap yards. The majority of the people patronizing local restaurants in Indianapolis are residents of Indianapolis proper. And they value a walkable environment more than you do, or else...well, or else they too might move to Fishers. Your taxes didn't pay for road resurfacing on BR Ave because its a city road. Oh, and somehow those elderly people in the high-rises of Edgewater (Chicago) or the Upper East City (Manhattan) still manage to walk to restaurants--for the most part it's safer than having them drive.
                            • Yes, it's 3
                              And they are all within a few hundred yards of each other. Such a missed opportunity for something other than dollar stores and check-into-cash outfits with their predatory fees.
                            • Walgreen's
                              I heard that Walgreen's at 38th & College moved more merchandise than most...... problem was - none if was paid for.
                            • No official n'hood designations
                              The City does not recognize any official neighborhood boundaries, except maybe for those designated as historic districts. Anyone can start a neighborhood organization and register it with the City with whatever boundaries they'd like. So, if the BRVA decided that they were interested in anything occurring down to 52nd Street, one might then say that that is Broad Ripple as well. I too was shocked to drive by 38th & College and see that Walgreen's had been replaced by "Dollar something". I thought that area was on the upswing. I hope the old 2-story building across the intersection will remain, but with dollar stores taking over, they might have an easier go if they come back seeking a zoning change again to replace it with a gas station.
                            • Preston
                              Yes, Preston, you and others outside Indy "proper" stay away from our restaurants and shopping destinations. Stay in the suburbs and spend your money there. Yes- that's good for our local Indianapolis neighborhood economies. And get your lazy 83 year old mother in law a bike and start reducing her carbon footprint. Tell her to suck it up. The knee-jerk stupidity and nastiness on this comment board is unbelievable.
                            • Graeter's franchisee
                              To date, Greaters has only allowed one person to open up other stores outside of the cincy market. That person tried to come here about 10 years ago but the infastructure wasn't in place. Glad to see he kept trying! The new generation of Graeter kids invested heavily in a new manufacturing facility in cincy (but stil using the same methods), so they could expand their reach. As I understand it, there is a second manufacturing facility in northern Kentucky that serves the Louis/Lex market. The indystar today confirms my post above about their location.
                            • Ambrosia
                              I can't say I'm surprised that Ambrosia is leaving central Broad Ripple, though I think it is very unfortunate. Their visibility was minimal and, since people are unwilling to walk more than 100 feet from their vehicular sanctuary, parking was inadequate. Their new location will have both visibility and parking. Being across from Binkley's can't hurt, either. Hopefully someone will come in and develop the southwest corner of Kessler and College. It is an eyesoar rarely (if ever) discussed.
                            • 38th and College
                              I would say that the neighborhood is certainly on an upswing, especially the area NW of 38th and College. Real estate in that area has been flying of the shelves at premium prices. It certainly is disappointing to have a neighborhood asset like Walgreens leave, and so suddenly. I spoke to the manager there who said the store never made money. About development on the corner NW corner, I know that KMNA is watching that like a hawk to make sure the proposed development plans would mesh well with the neighborhood.
                            • Sassafras and Preston
                              Sassafras and Preston come up you big lugs. Let's hug it out. You know, we City folk and the Suburbers can all get along right? ::Gives you both a long, really uncomfortable group hug:: Can you feel that? Our spirit animals are dancing.
                            • Oklahoma, okay?
                              Oh the city and the suburbs should be friends, oh the city and the suburbs should be friends. One place likes diversity, the other likes sanctuary, but that's no reason why they can't be friends!
                            • Come on
                              @Sassafras.....this is from a Chicago Gold Coast High-rise condo owner/resident with a majority of my neighbors between the ages of 75 - 85 (and "are the ones with the money" LOL at that comment!!). I have to agree with you that here EVERYBODY walks if possible! As I go about my daily errands, I see one elderly person after another with their canes, walkers, etc. out with their caregivers, walking! Many, young and old, in my neighborhood don't even own a car! It's such a healthier way of life. In the evenings, however, not everyone wants to arrive at a restaurant windblown or try to walk in heels. We're lucky that a cab is always just a doorman's push of a call light away, but can sometimes be a lot trickier to find for the ride home. I don't understand why Indy doesn't offer valet parking (usually for a nominal fee) at most of their city street restaurants like they do here. Parking in Chicago is so difficult, especially in the evening when most streets require a permit sticker. If we want to drive, my husband and I only go to those where valet parking is offered. It makes trying those wonderful, but off the beaten path, limited parking restaurants so much easier to enjoy.
                              • @Paul Mickelson
                                I was actually replying to "Chris", not your "almost" comment. P.S. I think Sunlight is terrible. You say you're a fan of Euro style beer. Best examples in Indy can be found at Brugge and Bier.
                              • Options
                                There are several excellent dining options in Broad Ripple including northside social, Brugge, usual suspects, delicia, etc. not sure why everyone is so consumed with boundaries...the new Browning project may attract some fine dining to the area closer to college and the canal
                              • You answered your own question
                                "I don't understand why Indy doesn't offer valet parking..." then you answer your own question: "...Parking in Chicago is so difficult..." Parking in Indy isn't yet difficult. Unless it's a super-fancy place, then you have valet service. However, you make a great point that there's a place for an entrepreneurial spirit, if you ask me.

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