Browning has new rendering for Broad Ripple project

July 24, 2013
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Browning Broad
                              Ripple projectBrowning Investments has submitted to city officials an updated rendering for its massive $20 million mixed-use development in Broad Ripple. 

Because of the latest changes, city officials have continued Browning's proposal for a zoning change from July 25 until Aug. 15

Browning's latest plans feature more apartments on Carrolton Avenue. The developer also has lowered the height of the building, reduced the number of spaces in the parking garage and modified the architecture.

Click here to see the old rendering. Notice the large balconies are gone from the residential building and the changes to the design of the 35,000-square-foot retail space slated for a Whole Foods.

Browning Investments has staked out about two acres northeast of the intersection of College Avenue and the Central Canal for the project that also would include a parking garage and 108 apartment units.

The architect on the project is Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf.

  • development
    So, the big issue about this is that Good Earth raised a grassroots effort to stop the development because they are afraid of competing with Whole Foods. Why don't they and Browning work together. Maybe Good Earth can expand to an actual grocery store instead of a closet, Browning gets their development without pissing everyone off, and Broadripple gets a really valuable item in a local natural foods store. Everyone wins.
    • wow
      LOL.... the NIMBY's of Broad Ripple crack me up! The original project was WAY better than this proposal but, hey.... if watered down and bland is what they want....
    • Re: Marshall
      Hi Marshall, how was the original proposal better? I can't tell much of a difference. Both are both pretty ugly design-wise.
      It would be nice if they could have the apartments look like the rest of he area in Broad Ripple. It all seems a bit to modern but growth is bound to happen either now or later. Yes Good Earth should expand I haven't bothered to go there in years with all the new options.
    • Bland
      Why do we always settle for bland? Not unlike colonial Carmel.
    • parking garage
      The parking garage is UGLY. They need to do a better job of covering it up!
    • Better
      Given the fact that the current location has a run down and graffiti ridden brownfield and the adjacent apartments are also very outdated and relatively undesirable, pretty much any new construction is better for the location. While I understand that the height may be somewhat tough to swallow for nearby residents, most of the nearby houses are commercial entities who could use the increased amount of foot traffic from the apartment residents. The density on this site will increase vehicular traffic but it will also increase pedestrian traffic and demand for many of the local stores. I am not a fan of the Keystone parking garage design but I hope that the architects on this project will do a better job of making the area have a bit more character.
    • Materials...
      I want to see a materials palette. Generally, I have nothing overly negative to say about the design, but it's awfully difficult to tell much of anything from this bland, lifeless sketchUp model. Brick, stone, metal panel...good. Precast and EIFS...nope.
    • Still one big concern
      I still don't like the idea of Whole Foods right will create a lot of constant traffic just north of an intersection that is already a pain to navigate. I am not against the amount of commercial space, just that a grocery creates a lot of in and out traffic throughout the day that other uses would not.
      • traffic
        Please, stop with the absurd traffic comments. The intersection of Broad Ripple Ave and College is not bad at any time of the day. Well maybe it is for the NIMBYs who long for the intersection of county road 1 and 2 out in BFE.
        • Ugly
          That's all one thinks when looking at this "development." Ugly. Nothing more, nothing less. Simple as that. Ugly.
        • UGLY
          I have come to accept the fact that Indianapolis will forever be haunted by awful, ugly, cheap architecture. For all these projects asking for TIF money, the city should DEMAND decent design.
        • Traffic
          Randy, you have to be kidding. That three way intersection at Broad Ripple, Westfield and College is one of the worst in the city. The only time the intersection is not a problem is about 4 am. Broad Ripple has horrible traffic problems that were only made worse by the morons who eliminated 2 traffic lanes on Broad Ripple Avenue in favor of little-used and dangerous bike lanes.
          • $$$
            Once the developers start walking around Broad Ripple with big cash, just watch quickly building owners will sell out. The face of Broad Ripple is about to change, big time. Oh well, it was a good run.
          • congestion
            The BR avenue bike lanes are great, and I see them used all the time. Are you seriously arguing that it would be safer for cyclists to remove the bike lanes and add two more lanes of traffic? That makes no sense. The bottleneck at College, BR, and Westfield has nothing to do with the bike lanes, which end at BRHS. The bottleneck is simply because BR village is congested, and there's no way around that if you want to keep the village. (And a certain amount of congestion is good anyway, as it keeps the traffic speed down, which helps pedestrians trying to cross the street.)
          • Traffic
            Anyone who thinks the BR and College intersection is terrible to navigate is living in some alternate universe. At its worst, it gets slightly backed up at rush hour and on weekend evenings. This is normal, and this intersection is far from the worst in a city that has no real traffic problems to speak of anyway. The 4-block village strip is congested, but the BR/College intersection isn't the cause of that (neither are the bike lanes, but I know it will be many a year before we've heard the last of the whining about that.) Really though, I wish people who complain about traffic would stop for a moment and think about what it really is that they are complaining about. Traffic is not some abstract concept, it is made up of human beings. If there is a lot of traffic in your neighborhood, that means it is a place where lots of people want to be. If you see this as a bad thing, why do you live in a neighborhood like Broad Ripple in the first place? Its status as a destination has existed for many years, and is kind of its entire raison d'être.
            • Traffic
              I'm with David. Well said, sir. This intersection has no traffic problem. I live here and drive through it frequently. I also enjoy the area as a pedestrian and cyclist. Yes, you have to stop. Yes, Broad Ripple Ave moves slowly. No, you can't fly through at 50mph. Those are good things. This is a city, there are pedestrians and bikers and parents walking with their children. Save for a few areas, the rest of the city was hollowed out and paved over to make way for cars, let's hold on to the walkability we still have left. I once heard the expression "you are not stuck in traffic, you ARE traffic". For anyone not comfortable with your personal contribution to traffic at this intersection, let me extend an invitation to you to get out of your car and see the area on foot, or on bike. Slow traffic through the village means BR is very bicycle-friendly. You'll get some fresh air and exercise and meet new people. Consider taking the bus if you can. IndyGo isn't the best bus system in the world, but it works for thousands of people every day. #17 and #18 serve this area. Every IndyGo bus I've ridden has been clean, the drivers while initially gruff are helpful, just ask. Every bus has spaces for at least two bicycles and I almost never see a full bike rack. If you've never been on a bus and are a hesitant, IndyGo has guides and videos on their web site which will help.
            • No Apartments
              No apartments! No apartments! No apartments! These apartments will deteriorate into low rent district in 10 years. We don't need more low rent apartments. Frankly, we don't need any high rent apartments either. No apartments!
            • What about Johnny's?
              I missed the meetings which might have spelled it all out, but in this plan, is Johnny's Market staying or going? I see a tent in the rendering...but doubt that's going to work for either Johnny's or Whole Foods. Anyone know?
              • Design
                I like the new lines on the Whole Foods/retail space. It looks like more of an urban design than the previous, which looked decidedly suburban. Would be great to have a "green rooftop" on the retail space. Loss of balconies along the College Ave side seem like no great loss - you'd be looking over a rooftop and a 5-lane road. Balconies along the canal side could be a great amenity though, especially if they can convince Citizens to improve the canal waterfront. I congratulate them on scaling down the garage. We have an oversupply of parking as-is. It still looks like an ugly parking garage though. Overall I do think the design is improved. Closer to traditional urban, less cartoonish than the previous design. I know some people won't agree with me, and that's fine, I'm even willing to be convinced. Point me in the right direction, show me some pictures of similar designs you think could work better. Seriously, I'd love to see them!
              • Market
                Greg Perry: according to the developer at the meeting a couple months back, Johnny's Market will remain. That tent you see is indeed meant to represent Johnny's Market. Unless they've changed their mind in the last two months.
                • Sustainability
                  The first design was more creative, artistic and fit into Broad Ripple more than the second austere design. Curious if the Metropolitan Division's simply flexing muscle to show they can. Causing the cost of the project to increase with changes. Come on need to keep Broad Ripple alive. As it is, it is waning.
                • Re: Johnny's
                  No worries Greg Perry. Johnny's will be staying and is 100% in favor of this project.
                • RE: Jerry
                  Jerry, its hard to take anything you write seriously when you call this intersection the worst in the city. It is far from being close to the worst in the city.
                • Killing Broad Ripple
                  Broad Ripple used to be fun, funky and different from all the other corporate retail zones in the city. And that's what drew people. Developments like this are going to kill what makes BR special.
                • Building Design Needs Some Artistic Flair
                  I wish the designers would try to add some artistic elements to the design and not play it so safe. Think of words that describe Broadripple: bohemian, funky, expressive, friendly etc. None of these words describe this design. That being said, I'm very happy that the city is developing the area. An empty shell station lot is the worst design of all.
                  • LOL Julia
                    Julia, you must not get out very much. There are devopments like this all over the country in neighborhoods that are a hundred times more "fun and funky" than Broad Ripple will ever be.
                  • Thinking back
                    I lived in BR (warfleigh) for 14 years. Does anybody else think that the City should have fixed the Canal parking lot, instead of removed it? (some reading this might not even know about that lot). Different opinions from diff folks on the bike lanes, but it does indeed imho cause some confusion on the avenue, and yes, I think they are dangerous. Traffic backup at Winthrop and BR ave can be pretty bad, along with the Monon on nice days. Frankly, I don't think the traffic at the Avenue and college is any worse than any other busy intersection in the city.
                  • thanks!
                    most appreciated
                  • BRV DEVELOPMENT
                    I personally don't see the big whoop about BR. Years ago it was nice but from what I can tell now BR Ave looks like a spring breakers paradise. I wouldn't live anywhere near it. It might be fun for white 20 & 30 somethings though.
                  • Traffic in BR
                    Traffic in Broad Ripple is not intolerable. The village is only about 10 blocks by 10 blocks. I live there and never wait in traffic more than a couple of minutes. Move to a really big city and then complain to me about traffic. The corner of College, BR Ave and Westfield never takes more than 3-4 minutes to clear.
                    • Traffic
                      Honestly, the only place where traffic backs up at all during the day is at Winthrop Ave and going east. Once you wait the 3-4 minutes for that, it's pretty smooth sailing to College or Keystone depending on your direction. Also, there's always Kessler if you hate BRAve so much.
                    • City center
                      WHY????????????????? do we not get a Whole Foods type market downtown, near the med center??? Would be so convenient for the really growing downtown population & the MANYpeople who work at the! It is so annoying to have to drive so far to shop!
                    • Circle/Med. center area
                      We need a whole foods type store downtown!!!
                      • Lol: Jerry & Julia
                        Thanks for spelling it out DAVID LIVERS. Wow, I would like to see how Jerry would react driving in a thriving Chicago neighborhood where majority people are able to walk within 5 blocks of what they need. While walkability is a foreign concept to most in Indy (for the obvious reasons), this fact alone shouldn't give anybody reason to consider this intersection congested, lol! It's only backed up during rush hour. And Julia, what special BRV are you dreaming up? This neighborhood will only become better and more livable with higher density, mixed use developments like this. Why is there so much crime in BRV these days? It's the low density and number of 'amateur bars' that plague this area that's become less desirable than downtown these days! Why would an established place like Ambrosia decide to move to SOBRO? Why would Good Earth NOT want increased foot traffic? I think you may be dreaming up Broad Ripple during the 80's...and yes, compared to Indy back then, it did seem like a hip eclectic place. But the past should only serve you as a reminder how NIMBYISM becomes anti-community when it comes to development. Unfortunately for you and many others: the year is 2013, Indianapolis continues to grow, and gas prices will continue to climb. Feel like I'm teaching 3rd grade economics. Seriously? Why do some of you people live in the city when all you want is country?
                      • nimbys
                        The nimbys that oppose everything are one of the many things that are holding Indy back. Indy should change its motto to "Land of wide streets and narrow minds."
                      • 58 seconds
                        Today I timed my rush hour commute. At 5:20pm it took 58 seconds to go from 64th street through the Westfield/Broad Ripple Ave intersection. 58 seconds. And that included one red light.
                        • Time to find another argument?
                          Let's see what Jerry and Julia complain about next. Maybe they're spending that exhausting 55.3 seconds at the cogested intersection...and their 5 block drive is wasting 5 minutes of their time? Yes, I'm sticking with the motto WELCOME RACE FANS: LAND OF WIDE STREETS AND NARROW MINDS"
                        • Just build it!!
                          Personally I would like to see Broad Ripple care for it's historic structures. I read on the BRVA site which properties they consider historic, and you can hold them in the palm of your hand. Apartments are not considered historic at all. The properties to be demolished for the new construction were built around 1925, and have been "remuddled" over the years and lost their historic look. The Bass Photo collection has pictures of the northern apartment buildings as they looked when built. They were the "Robin Hood" Apartments. These units appear to be in the best condition of the properties to be removed. It would have been great if The BRVA had some sort of historic district to protect some of these buildings. I see adds all the time for the small homes north of the canal as for sale to developers to tear down and start new. Broad Ripple Avenue is shabby, and the strip malls on the east end are out of place, and the type of construction you find anywhere. Having said all that, they should go ahead with the proposed project, perhaps save a couple of the old apartments? I was initially against this because of the apartments being raised. Much worse properties have been salvaged in historic areas.
                        • one more little item...
                          If I see one more ad for the LOR Corp building I'm going to have a Hemorrhage!!
                        • Awful Design
                          This proposed design by BDMD is awful. Another opportunity missed by a huge firm that is just in it to make money, not a difference.
                        • Grocery's downtown
                          Nan, Whole foods is the prime tenant in the new Market Square development that just got approved and there is going to be a new large Marsh on Illinois as part of the new development there. They are coming!
                          • Over develop small city
                            I'm just going to say we have one parking garages with retail space that none parking at and only two of the retail stores are rent why do we need more? I just don't want to see broad ripple get over developed like a lot of other city in Indiana have. That's really the only complaint. please don't email me

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