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  1. If the money someone works hard to accumulate all their life isn't theirs to decide what to do with it before they die, who's is it? What right does anyone, including the tax and waste government, have to these earnings? None!!! Who can honestly step forward and say they deserve that money? Possibly the spouse or children who missed out on time with their family member who worked to earn that money. It certainly is not the government or a pork project from a fat cat politician's home state. Not the unemployed musician or artist who chose their passion over a real job. Definitely not a gaming junkie who has yet to grow up and admit they have wasted their true potential. I could concede that there are unfortunate members of society that have been dealt a difficult hand with some physical or mental challenges that prevent them from earning an honest pay. However, a society that encourages it's more fortunate members to donate to causes that help these unfortunate folks is far better than a society that steals more than half of a person' hard-earned wealth upon his/her death and hands it out to all of the above-mentioned folks. Stop expecteding freebies and work your tail off so you can be the one donating large sums of money to worthy causes before your death. This is one of the last places on earth where this is a real possibility and people want to take away that dream by robbing people of their wealth!!!

  2. Doesn't Angie's List have someone it can refer to itself to buy itself?

  3. There are so many aspects of this project that are bad decisions for future generations. Visit to view the experts opinions and see devastating impacts to local taxpayers. IBJ should research and talk with those against the reservoir.

  4. It's kind of backwards to blame the shoppers/consumers if they don't shop at a certain shopping center. If the stores there don't offer anything anybody wants how is it the consumers fault? I shop at stores that offer me what I am looking for. If those stores aren't offering what I am looking for I go elsewhere. It just seems to me that somebody is killing off Washington Square on purpose. Because if they really wanted to make it successful we'd get the same wonderful variety that Castleton and Greenwood gets automatically. It looks deliberate. And everyone on the east side thinks this is true.

  5. Another Indy based company that's been mismanaged from the start. The handwriting is on the wall...take what you can now as buyout or merger may not materialize!