California Pizza Kitchen to replace Alcatraz & more

January 10, 2011
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  • California Pizza Kitchen plans to replace Alcatraz Brewing Co. on the first floor of Circle Centre mall. Alcatraz has occupied the space at the southeast corner of Illinois and Maryland streets since the mall opened in 1995. The Los Angeles-based publicly traded restaurant company California Pizza Kitchen, founded by attorneys Rick Rosenfield and Larry Flax in 1985, has more than 265 restaurants in 32 states and 10 foreign countries. It does not currently have any restaurants in Indiana.
  • Donatello’s Italian Restaurant, an intimate spot operated by the former proprietors of Arturo’s, has opened in Carmel’s Arts & Design District at 9 W. Main St. The owners are B. Patrick and Beth Aasen and their son Adam.
  • Chile Verde has taken 3,600 square feet at 8345 Pendleton Pike. The owner is Jose “Pepe” Cuevas, who also owns a Chile Verde location at 7369 N. Shadeland Ave.
  • DePalma's, a homegrown Italian restaurant, has opened at 7410 E. Washington St., in a former Pizza Hut. The owners are mother-daughter team Janet and Gina Bozzelli.
  • Hue, a new restaurant and lounge, has opened in the former home of Taste of Tango at Washington and Pennsylvania streets. An earlier post is here.
  • Sweet Tooth Bakery, which specializes in custom cakes, has opened a retail shop along Massachusetts Avenue just east of College Avenue. Owner Jennifer Taylor is offering all cupcakes for $1 every Thursday from 5 to 6 p.m.
  • CiCi's Pizza Buffet has closed its location on West 38th Street. The Coppell, Tex.-based chain still operates three other local restaurants.
  • Quizno's has closed its restaurant on Monument Circle, but fans of the subs still have other local options. The Denver-based chain still has eight Indianapolis restaurants.
  • Gelato Da Vinci Bistro has closed its location at Clay Terrace in Carmel. The restaurant continues to operate on the lower level of St. Vincent Carmel Hospital.
  • Wow
    Wow, I can't believe Quizno's is closing the Monument Circle location. I used to eat there a lot when I lived downtown... it was just a couple blocks from me on Market. Wow... That's just a big surprise to me... considering the location of the restaurant... I wonder why they're closing?? Also, Alcatraz? What's the reason of them closing?
  • Downtown Rest
    Quizno's on the circle was overpriced and dirty. When it first opened it was a great place to take your lunch break. Over time and change in owners it went down hill. Sorry to hear about Alcatraz but it isn't my first choice for lunch. I look forward to California Pizza return to Indy. I have missed them.
    • Not surprised
      I'm not surprised that Quizno's on the circle closed. I went there several times for lunch and the customer service was horrible. Over time, it seemed like fewer and fewer people were in there. I too, became one of those that never went back.
    • Not a Shocker
      Alcatraz is closing because they are a clear 3rd place (if not lower) in the battle of downtown micro-breweries. Their food is really not good... so... How can they compete? Not much of a shocker to me.
    • Alcatraz
      Alcatraz Brewing Company was an oddity. An attempt at a chain brewpub that never took off, for the past several years the only locations in the country have been San Francisco and Indianapolis. The food might not have been anything to write home about, and a place named "Alcatraz" in Indy certainly gave away its chain roots, but it was certainly more idiosyncratic than CPK. At least the latter of these two is a California concept that seems to have proven successful.
    • Whoo Hoo!
      CPK is coming back to town!!! California Pizza Kitchen is so great. Their years at the Fashion Mall were good.....they just had the wrong space in an out of the way they will do GREAT!!!!
    • 54th and College
      Does anyone know what's going on with the building on the NW corner of 54th and College?
      • Former CPK
        Hey Property Lines, has anything filled the space-formerly-known-as-CPK at The Fashion Mall? (the restaurant space above the J.Crew)
      • QZ Circle
        Hope we can get a local to fill the spot Quizno's spot!
        • CPK!!
          I'm so happy to hear that CPK is coming back to town. I love to visit their restaurants for lunch when I travel. They've been missed.
        • local
          Indianapolis does not support the local restaurant take a lok at your IVCA website and tell me besides St Elmos/Harry Izzys(YAWN) and shapiros what local eateries they mention. And honestly being a local restaurantuer, the people gere would rather eat at Chilis and Applebys or some other"Chain"
          • local
            Just look at these fools posting/drooling over CPK, are u serious,,,,go support Some Guys or Bazbeaus or any other local pizza place-they're twice as good...Welcome to Superbowl 2012 home of the "Chain" restaurant, come try our citys flavor-blahhh. I'm sure we go to Chicago and look for the first Applebys too
            • 54th/College
              Nothing is happening at the NW corner of 54th and college. That the right cross street. You still have News Cage, the Gyros place, and the surplus store. NW of 49th and College has been the talk of the mixed-use apartment/business complex.
              • Rock Bottom Update?
                Speaking of both chain restaurants and breweries, has there been any resolution to the lease dispute between Rock Bottom and its landlord? Are they going to be forced out of their downtown location?
              • other stuff
                The "Red Eye" location on E 62nd street appears to be on its last legs. I talked to some neighbors and then the "manager" and they should be closing any time now (if they havent already).

                There is a "Mattress Firm" sign up on the Northside of Glendale, apparently indicating a new store there.

                "Calle52indy" seems to be stuck in some DMD Drama , I sure hope this pans out as the drawings and concept look like they should be huge successes.

                The Flatwater Grill in Broad Ripple is fast becoming my favorite place in Indy. Excellent service, terriffic food and the most laid back, do whatever the hell you want vibe in Indy. And no, i don't own it or work there. :)
              • Chains
                I for one do not have a problem with CPK having a downtown location. Yes, I would like to see more local restaurants downtown, but it's not like St. Elmo's and Harry' & Izzy's are the only independents......we have Scotty's, Ambrosia Centro, Moe's Steak House (although it used to be a chain), 14 West, Mikado and I'm sure there are others.
                Circle Centre seems to cater towards the convention crowds for the most part and people prefer the familier how ever backward that may be, and CPK is a solid player that I welcome to downtown.
              • 54th/College
                I was wondering about 54th and College as well. The surplus store, the florist and the News Cafe are now gone and only Sam's Gyros remains. Something seems to be happening.
                • HARRY' & IZZY'S
                • TTH
                  Any update on Taiwan Tea House? Why is it taking so long to reopen?
                • Taki closed
                  I did not know Taki closed.I think Harry and Izzy's will bring some class to this stip mall.
                • I hope its a facelift....
                  That corner could really use a bit of sprucing up. Maybe if the owner would start with taking down the ridiculous wooden edifice...
                • Taiwan Tea House
                  Crossed Wires,

                  I drove by Taiwan Tea House last night and they were working on the interior. It looks like it's almost ready.
                • 54th and College
                  The Army Surplus store is completely empty now and the News Cafe location has a permit sign mentioning Firkins LLC. Firkin is an English term for a measurement of ale/beer. Could an English pub be moving into the area?
                  • NW Corner of College and 54th
                    I am not sure what the long term goal of the landlord is, but the army surplus is gone. The best cuban in the city left with news cafe. Bo-Kay moved to kessler and keystone. It is bizarre that everyone is leaving. I live a block away. I hope it turns into something worth while. All these eateries opening up along college and in braod ripple. I can't imagine it getting any more saturated.
                  • Oh!
                    Oh I wouldn't have known by now... because to be fair... the last time I ate there was 2005... before I moved out of Indy. Pretty surprising to me... at the least... how it went downhill... That's just a shame...
                  • Alcatraz
                    Sad to see Alcatraz go California pizza king is disgusting. At least Alcatraz had good food and great drinks not to mention a great staff so sad to this company go but I guess it is corporate business that has taken over just like Walmart!
                  • Alcatraz
                    *Pizza kitchen
                  • Northside News Cafe
                    They are actually gone. And Bokay has moved so something must certainly be cooking there...
                    • sorry for being redundant
                      I was replying to a comment way up on the thread and didn't notice others had posted about this - sorry.
                    • Harry' & Izzy's
                      They will do OK in the Taki spot, but just OK in my opinion. Needed to be at the Fashion Mall. I feel they would have hurt Sullivan's. Should have taken the new "Season 52 "lot. Nothing against S-52 but they are VERY HIGH PRICED. Good luck to H&I. Hope Nordstrom Rack customer can afford your prices.
                    • Huh?
                      Food Critic -

                      Nordstrom Rack may be similar in concept to a TJ Maxx but they are still not "cheap". It's in the same neighborhood, so this location is not exactly slumming it. Elan Furs is across the street along with two higher end jewelry boutiques. They are in good company. Plus I doubt that the Season's 52 lot would not have been available to another steak house, with Sullivan's being next door and all. Not to mention that price of that lot most likely was much higher than the Taki location.
                      • not so sure
                        Shane, While I do not disagree with you, Elan Furs has had large banners across their windows for almost 2 years now advertising 80% off sale (tacky) is not considered HIGH End. It look like a discount store. As far as 2 higher end jewelry stores I believe one of those 2 will be vacant by years end and will make a very nice out lot for purchase. Harry & Izzy's is to open for the Holiday's 2011. I'm just saying I PERSONALLY feel the location was a bad choice as their neighbors will be a bike store, a bridal store, DSW, a baby store opening soon and oh yes...a Thortons gas station. Best of luck to them and truly I hope they find success. I feel they would be better off at the Fashion Mall (or even lower level of office building) considering the current steak house there does not have a non compete.
                        • Agreed
                          I must agree with FoodCritic1 above. You are spot on. BRAVO!!
                          • 54th and College
                            Firkins has applied for a liquor permit for that location, to apparently be called "The Newstand"
                          • Whatever
                            Jim, just because some of us happen to like CPK does not make us fools any more than the lack of reason in your arguments makes you a moron. I can, and do, support local restaurants that I ENJOY eating at. Frankly, I find the food at Bazbeaux's to be mediocre at best and wouldn't even rank it among Indy's best anymore. I like CPK and I will not apologize for that, nor do I feel a need to. There is room for both chains AND independents, and Indy has made TREMENDOUS progress in this respect over the last several years.... I don't think we have anything to be ashamed of when it comes to our culinary offerings.
                          • 54th and College
                            The old florist building around 54th and College is being converted into an Asian restaurant named "Garuda".
                            I work with a culinary school and got wind of that a while back. They are waiting to get up to code before opening. Hope that helps.
                            • 54th and college
                              I think the former florist space where Garuda is opening is on 52nd street (between college and broadway) just arond the corner from the Red Key. It looks to be coming along, so it makes sense that their waiting to get up to code.
                            • Agree
                              I agree that there are fabulous local pizza operatons. My favs are Bazbeauz and of course, Jocomos, in Irvington. Creative and LOCAL. Also love Tulip Noir, Zest and RBistro.
                            • Harry and Izzy
                              Sad to say, don't think they will make it in old Taki spot. I do hope they fare well but must agree with above. Should have gone to Kyestone X-ing. Lunch biz should survive (MAYBE) dinner not so much. Much to far off beaten path and eye sore of a center.Nordstrom RACK and Container store clients typically don't spend H&I money for drinks or dinner, but hey at least they can go across the street for lottery tickets when they leave at the local gas station that you'll be able to see from your table. Great View, and out back you always have the nice view of trash infested White River.
                              • IGA
                                Speaking of food, what is Not happening with the IGA proposed for Meridian Street near Fallcreek?
                              • Harry and Izzy
                                So since it will now have more than one location doe's that make Harry and Izzy's a chain? Steak & Shake is a local restaurant that has turned into a chain do we bash them like we do all the other chains? These people on here bashing chains are crazy. Where do they think chain restaurants come from? They have to start somewhere.
                              • English Pub
                                An English Pub would be nice Guv'ner!
                              • Harry & Izzy's
                                IndySouth - this would actually be their 3rd location....they already operate a location in the airport.
                              • tj marshalls
                                @ jimmy: while it's not the fine establishment of either marshall's or tj maxx, where your mom buys all of your tommy hilfiger and polo with the gold dots on the tags, it is the nordstrom version of harry and izzys, as compared to st. elmo's.
                              • 54th/College
                                The News Cage has been closed for months and the surplus store is for sale, not to mention in danger of forced closure for the sale of government property. I believe they are speaking of the old family video location next to the dog bakery/Habig's.

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