Lawsuit puts Calle 52 in park

March 9, 2011
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Calle 52Plans are on hold for a new Latin restaurant at 52nd Street and College Avenue after a fellow restaurant owner sued to overturn city approval of a parking variance. Calle 52 had been scheduled to open late last year in the former home of a Movie Gallery store, but the owners now are waiting for resolution of a lawsuit against the city's Board of Zoning Appeals. The BZA voted in October to approve a parking plan providing for 21 on-site spaces, fewer than the 56 required under the code. The developers won approval after submitting a valet plan using off-site spaces and making adjustments to the site plan to ease parking concerns. But the concessions did not satisfy Aristocrat Pub & Restaurant owner Rick Rising-Moore, who sued in November. In the suit, Rising-Moore called the approval "arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion, and unsupported by substantial evidence." He says the additional cars will hurt his business and others in the area, and create a public safety hazard. Parking has been a hot topic in part because patrons of businesses in the area have been using parking spaces in front of the vacant video-rental store without paying. Plans for Calle 52 call for 133 indoor seats and 32 seats on a patio, and a menu featuring ceviche, queso fundido, carne asada and pastel tres leche. The owners are Nicole Harlan-Oprisu and Tim Oprisu (who also own Old Pro's Table), Bill and Nancy Ficca and Jamie Browning (The Ficcas and Browning also own Usual Suspects in Broad Ripple). Browning says the project has significant support from others in the neighborhood. He notes Rising-Moore did not apply for a parking variance for his own outdoor operation. An earlier post is here.

  • I'll no longer eat at
    the Aristocrat. I live in the area and had been a regular customer. The owner's objection to the parking variance is silly, to say the least. Rising-Moore should be more concerned about how filthy his restaurant is and less concerned with his bs excuse of public safety.
  • travesty
    It's rediculous the the Aristocrat is fighting this, they should be happy that an abandoned building across the street from them is being used. That fact that parking requirements still exist in urban areas is apalling. They should be able to build as much parking as they deem neccesary to support their business. The aristocrat has no more right to any of the street parking than this new restaurant. I used to love Union Jack (same owner), but I'll be taking my business elsewhere.
    • Rising tide lifts all boats
      Aristocrat is being narrow minded and short sighted.

    • Preposterous.
      This is absolutely ridiculous. It's right on a major busline, not to mention located in a neighborhood that prides itself on alternative modes of transportation. What saddens me most is knowing how much Rising-Moore has done to promote cycling in and around Broad Ripple, only to pull something like this when he feels his business will be affected.
    • Same here.
      I too will no longer eat at either restaurant, which sucks, because Union Jacks had my favorite fish and chips in Indy.
      • backwards thinking
        Old Pros Table has the worst staff and bouncers in broad ripple. Everyone I talk to agrees, and refuses to go there.

        Usual suspects is great, and CASBA is FANTASTIC. So I will support these owners at their new restaurant in SoBro as well.

        Sadly, The Aristocrat apparently is happy with the status quo, and doesn't realize the benefit of increased human traffic in the area (Union Jacks is one of the few restaurants in broad ripple with its own dedicated parking lot in the rear). The businesses at 52nd and college, and 54th and college, etc., need to ban together and lobby for this college ave. streetcar line from 62nd to downtown (not to mention the Uptown project development).....but this is a topic for a different day.
      • boycott
        I also will be boycotting The Aristocrat and Union Jacks and will be telling everyone I know to do so as well.
      • UNION JACK'S
        Rising-Moore sold his interest in Union Jack's some time ago, which might explain why it's food quality has improved. So you should keep patronizing this solid Broad Ripple institution (still the best pizza in the area IMO)!
      • Wow
        Why would you do anything to hamper the development at 52nd Street. I moved out of SoBro awhile ago, but next time I visit it won't be to go to the Aristocrat. He should be supporting fellow SoBro business owners and welcoming the competition - it makes for a better business environment for everyone.
      • All of the above
        I'm also upset at the Aristocrat for its selfish, misguided lawsuit. Even before reading all of the posts on this thread - I also was planning to stop going to Aristocrat in protest. I see I am one of many who feels this same way. I hope someone will walk in to the Aristocrat with a printed copy of the comments here - so Mr. Rising-Moore can see how angry people are at him for not wanting to help the area grow and improve. This isn't a restaurant in "you name it" strip center in suburbia. This is in central, urban Indianapolis. People walk, ride bikes, take transit and drive cars in this area. Hopefully however - there will be some changes made soon with the city's parking ordinance so the out of date parking requirements are updated to more appropriate standards.
      • For Boycotters
        I agree 100% on the boycott and encourage those boycotting to take your business a little south to the Sinking Ship at 49th and College. Outstanding stuffed burgers, Cuban Sandwich and Rib-eye Sandwiches.
      • neighborhood support is a 2 way street
        When entrepreneurs choose to locate their new ventures in easily walkable, bikeable neighborhoods with a high density of area residences, they should be given some credit on the parking requirements.

        Many of the people most likely to patronize Calle 52 (and Aristocrat, whose owner "did not apply for a parking variance for his own outdoor operation") will live close and walk or bike. And don't we want to encourage the building of communities that support (and in fact encourage, as parking gets tighter = good!) alternative modes of transportation?
      • Unamerican
        So rising Moore the rich guy who lives in Canada wants to stop some Americans from Making a living here. Even if all of his seating is illegal. Didn't I just read that he got shot down for running for the town council because he votes in Henry County? Just doesn't wNt a competitor. Pathetic
      • Whoa
        Is there anyone responding that lives in this area around the Aristocrat? In particular on College Ave. or one of the other surrounding neighborhoods where the only parking available is street parking? Let's start there and move forward with some uplifting and possible problem solving communication rather than bashing the owner. Issue # 1: parking for residents mentioned above. Issue # 2: public safety for pedestrians, etc...with the increase in actual automobile traffic. Issue # 3: If you have the choice to either find a street parking spot at a restaurant (or surrounding area)or pay for valet, which would you choose?
      • This one is real simple. Aristcrat has been benefitting from free parking in lots it does not own or control. He would be against any business that moved in and took those spaced back. Ask him how many spaces he owns and how many seats he has.

        This is going to backfire on him big time.
        • Two Sides To Every Story
          Every story has at lease two sides. It is unfortunate that Mr. Rising-Moore's side isn't represented in this article. Mr. Rising-Moore owns more than just a restaurant on this corner. He is a property owner and resident of 52nd and College. The lawsuit filed against the BZA was in regards to a small parking lot that belongs to Mr. Rising-Moore's property adjacent to the proposed Calle 52 site. The parking layout of Calle 52 would make this parking lot obsolete and deter customers from visiting the shops that use this lot.

          Please understand all the facts in a case and talk to both parties before making biased opinions. The bashing a business owner that is only looking out for the welfare of a corner he helped to build is very unfortunate .
        • ?
          Is no one else concerned about City Dogs and Habig's? One is a newly established business that I believe we all hope to see thrive in our neighborhood, while the other has been a staple for years. Do you see this having any effect on them, being smaller businesses? I'd also like to revisit the issue of residents and street parking. Are there any other options for those of us that have to park on the street? Do you think this may become a safety issue at night for those of us that will be forced to park 1 mile away at times?
        • Delicious
          This is quite unsettling. I look forward to ordering carry-out from the Aristocrat and absolutely love their food, as does my family. My little ones especially love their garlic hummus. My family and I have actually discussed this issue and were concerned that we wouldn't be able to find parking for our carry-out orders. We also heard that Calle 52 purchased an expired liquor license. Does anyone know if this is true? If there is any truth to that, I would assume that the lawsuit from Mr. Rising-Moore isn't the only issue holding up the opening of their restaurant. Thoughts please?

        • Appalling
          At a time when people could be hammering nails, painting walls, and doing all the other things that go into building a new business, a selfish competitor stands in the way of other people working? I've heard that this Rising-Moore guy talks about being a veteran but apparently he a.) doesn't care about other people's right to make a living b.)abiding by the parking laws that he wants applied to others c.)would rather spend $$$ enrichimng lawyers than putting it back into his own place and d.)following local election laws. For that matter, he doesn't even live in the country full-time! Pathetic. He sounds more like a congressman to me! BTW- Dittos on Union Jacks. He no longer owns it. Count me in on the boycott.
        • Not Union Jack's!
          Rick's sister owns the Union Jack and I agree that the food quality increased greatly once Rick sold his interest. DO NOT BOYCOTT UNION JACK!! That place rocks!

          Rick is a bully - plain and simple. He thinks Calle 52 will hurt his business and isn't interested in what does or does not benefit anybody else. Not exactly what I would consider a "team player." He's on his way out as a player in the restaurant business and he knows it. Good riddance.
        • Unreal
          Few thoughts: 1- I agree that Union Jacks should not be dragged into this. My cousin used to work there and I know that Rick is out 2- While I get that there are 2 sides to every story (post from above) I know from formerly owning a bar on the east-side that a.) they would not have let anyone close down a parking lot if Rick truly owned it and b.) licenses "expire" all the time and it is a technicality of the transfer. What hasn't been mentioned here is that no business big or small should depend on parking in someone else's spaces. Like lawyers, No one cares much for real estate guys, but whoever owns the property should have the right to lease it to people that pay them. Finally, if Rising-Moore seriously does not have a variance for his parking then he should be ashamed of himself for causing all this trouble. BTW- I could use a bartending job if they ever get this place open!!!
        • It's an Urban Neighborhood, folks!
          I live on College Avenue just north of the intersection in question. I eat out 5/7 nights a week, usually in the Broad Ripple area. Parking is an issue everywhere. It is to be expected in a vibrant neighborhood. Deal with it, people. I do every day.

          I stopped going to the Aristocrat a couple years ago when, to me and my friends, the old, crusty and dirty decor logically seemed to be a reflection on what could be going on in the kitchen. Mr. Rising Moores ridiculous campaign against the people who are proposing Calle 52--all of whom run fantastically run Broad Ripple businesses--indeed seems like petty and jealous ranting. Shouldn't he be cleaning up his own business instead of trying to dictate others? I would like to see him cross his own t's and dotting his own i's (getting his patio seating legal) before he does everything in his power to stop a welcome tenant from opening their place.

          Lets do everything we can do to ensure that this intersection can flower and grow -- in what is clearly an urban setting on the cusp of very positive growth and development, especially when the eyes of the world will soon be focused on what is still sometimes thought of a hick town outside of Indiana. To that end, lets not let the Aristocrat be what represents 52nd and College -- how about a clean, well run, new concept restaurant/bar that will bring a fresh spirit & vibe to this tired old corner. I and all my friends are looking forward to new life in this area of Broad Ripple.
        • Misinformation
          Hi all,

          I am a resident of South Broad Ripple and after reading this misguided, obviously biased blog, I am sickened.

          First of all, the lawsuit that was mentioned does NOT solely represent Mr. Rising-Moore. It represents hundreds of neighbors, including myself, Habig's, City Dogs, The Red Key, Sparkle Cleaners, Luna Music, Sequences Design, and the owner of the apartments above Luna. The issue at hand is simply parking. The businesses represented in the lawsuit have been there for years and years (with the exception of City Dogs), and are now facing the possibility of another HUGE bar/restaurant coming in and taking what little street parking there already is. For instance, who in their right mind is going to buy a 50 pound bag of mulch from Habig's and carry it a whole block to their car? Is anyone concerned about this? In addition, has everyone forgot about the HOMEOWNERS in that area? We just bought our home on College Ave. about two and a half years ago, and I would be damned if a huge restaurant moved in a few houses down from us! Most of these homes DO NOT have driveways! I would be damned if I came home from work and had to walk a block or two to get to MY OWN HOUSE because rich folks from Meridian Hills decided to go to their favorite yuppy bar! These are the issues that are actually involved with the lawsuit.

          Secondly, the proprietors of Calle 52 HAVE let their liquor license expire, and, if you actually care enough, you would know that according to the Alcohol Board, it is null and void. In addition, Usual Suspects/Casba currently has a civil lawsuit against them concerning alcohol as well as recently being cited by Excise Police. Is this the kind of ownership we want in a neighborhood?

          Thirdly, Mr. Rising-Moore DOES have a parking variance. Essentially, it was grandfathered in because of when the building itself was built. In fact, when Mr. Rising-Moore bought The Aristocrat, the only businesses on that corner were The Red Key and Habig's (which has been around for 50 years or so).

          Additionally, the argument has been made that local businesses would rather have the Calle 52 building sit empty to keep "free" parking. That couldn't be farther from the truth. The business owners all agree that increased foot traffic is vital to their businesses growing. The issue is simply parking. Personally, I won't go into Broad Ripple on the weekends because there is no where to park! The fact that people are saying that we all would rather have a run-down, vacant building is asinine. No businesses were even interested in that building until the owner himself cleaned it up and painted it. Other businesses, such as a bakery, flower shop, and a veterinary hospital have shown interest in it (all AFTER the building was renovated). These businesses, because they are smaller and require less parking, would be a much better fit for an intersection with already saturated parking.

          Finally, I have read the comments from this blog and it appalls me that so many people come out to crucify Mr. Rising-Moore. I, personally, can speak to his character because I actually live in the area and have attended many meetings concerning this parking issue. Unfortunately, many of you, as well as this biased author, have not. Perhaps it should be known that Mr. Rising-Moore personally pays to clean up the alleys in the neighborhoods around his business. Further, maybe you should know that he also personally pays a gardener to beautify the (public) sidewalks outside of his business. The idea that he is a "rich Canadian" who doesn't care about his neighborhood is absurd. In fact, he DOES live in South Broad Ripple and cares very deeply for it and the people who inhabit it.

          Perhaps if anyone actually knew the true story, biased articles like this one would never be written. I'm wondering why this author never contacted Mr. Rising-Moore himself for comments! Perhaps he is "in bed" with the Brownings? In fact, perhaps this author should be sued for slander. What horrible reporting!
          • Value
            Where will people park? They will park in the front of residential housing. This will bring down property values on College avenue.
            If you look at the building next door to Calle 52 what do you see? Businesses that will not have parking. What about them? Too bad so sad? What about the land lord of that building? The value of the building is maybe half of what it was bought for. That building is owned by Rising-Moore. So should he just lose everything he invested into that building? Then there is the Aristocrat, take away the parking and how do people eat there? Look what happen in broad ripple. There is no real lunch business because there is no parking. I think Rising-Moore has an excellent case.
            • Congrats
              Looks to me like Rick's lawyers and hi peeps have been busy respondding!!!! The guy is a bully... I have seen him in action. I guess "JRM" wants the corner to standstill that a few businessess continue to make money. I wish life were that simple. But, how can we find out if Aristocrt does have a varance or not? It is not cool if they do and people are saying otherwise "JRM" seems to have the answers. JRM, how do we determine who is right here?
            • Welcome in "SoBro"
              "JB", I live in the neighborhood and would like to show my support of Calle 52.
              As for "Honesty": Guess What? The parking layout for Calle 52 actually doesn't make this lot "obsolete", it makes the parking available on that property what it is supposed to be, and simply prevents the tenants and customers of that building from encroaching on or using the adjacent lot. What don't you people get about the fact that the real estate that the businesses and customers are crying about doesn't belong to that building? Whoever goes into the old video store space should be able to use the parking they actually are going to be paying for for their own customers.

              I'm not for calling for a boycott against anyone--if people want to patronize a business, let them. And this shouldn't be a forum for doing ANY business bashing, especially in this economy, so that's not cool. But why would anyone want to take their hard-earned $$ to a hater like Risingmore, who seems to be anti-growth, anti-competition, and anti-neighborhood.
            • NOBODY had the right
              to tell the owners of the building who or what kind of business they should leasing to. JRM, what IS "asinine" and "appalling" is that you think that somehow people should have that right. You really should get off your soapbox and start looking for a home in the nice, safe suburbs. Sounds like its more your speed.
              • Clarification
                Just to be clear, it is a certainty that Mr. Rising-Moore's Aristocrat establishment has been officially cited by the City for mulitple zoning violations, not the least of which is a lack of parking as a result of the addition of outdoor seating without a permit to do so. The Aristocrat's indoor seating was "grandfathered", but not the seating that was added later outdoors.
              • MKNA resident
                Rick- move to Carmel or a strip center if you want more parking. The Aristocrat is an old, tired restaurant not capable of withstanding competition. This new establishment is taking empty space any you just forgot you don't own it's parkin lot. BOYCOTT
              • soap box
                Hmmm...I guess I'm on a "soapbox" because I own a home very close to the intersection in question and I don't want to walk a block to my home when I come home from work! I would like to know how many other folks commenting here live that close. Most likely, the haters live in Forest Hills, Meridian Kessler, etc. I'm so incredibly sorry that I'm on a "soapbox" because I'm concerned about what's going on in my own backyard!! Please keep in mind that there are hundreds of other NEIGHBORS that feel exactly the way that I do! And also keep in mind that the OTHER business owners on the corner feel the same way! The REAL bullies are the proprietors of Calle 52 that are cramming another huge, high-end restaurant down the throats of homeowners and other business owners! If/when Calle 52 opens, they assuredly will not be welcome by many, many people. I hope they're aware of that.
                • JRM, why?
                  Dude, why did you move here in the first place? College corridor is dense and packed with or without Calle!

                  And of course the other businesses don't want to see more competition! duh!
                  • competition?
                    Ummm...competition for the other businesses? Yes, Calle 52 is competition for Luna Music!?!? IT'S ALL ABOUT PARKING!!!
                  • correction
                    The Union Jack is owned by a different Rising-Moore who has nothing to do with the Aristocrat's unfortunate position on this. So please do not penalize her.
                    Many in the neighborhood are very disappointed in the Aristocrat and have also stopped going there.
                  • Get Real
                    Luna Music and the other non-food retailers in the area will benefit from the new clientele brought to the neighborhood by Calle 52. More people mean more business. That's how retail works! People will find adequate parking nearby; didn't Luna know about the lack of off-street parking when they leased their store? I think so. And please don't try to paint a picture that all the neighboring businesses were in opposition to the zoning variance for Calle 52. Just as many businesses were in support as there were opposed, including the owners of the condominium redevelopment directly next door to the north, and the owner of the upholstery business directly to the south, behind the dog food store.
                  • Seriously?
                    hey JRM -
                    College is not a "residential" street - especially at the major intersections... you really bought a home there that doesn't have a garage or alley entrace?....and, expect businesses not to occupy residential sites due to your mistake?????
                    • oops
                      meant "commercial" sites
                    • oh yeah, and another thing -
                      I wish they would make all four lanes of College be traffice lanes from 7-10AM and 4-6pm ---> that would make traffic move so much better.
                    • Understand
                      Here are the questions you should ask yourself:
                      -If I owned my home nearby and a bar was scheduled to open that will drastically change the parking situation for me and my neighbors for the worse, how I feel about it?

                      -If I poured my energy and money into my home for years and the sudden proliferation of alchol permits
                      turned my commercially diverse intersection into a 2nd "Bar-Row" Broadripple how would I feel about it?

                      -If a valet service was constantly driving by my front door until 1am 6 nights a week how would I feel about it?

                      -If Habig Garden Shop, the business 3 generations of my family patronized was now in danger of closing because the parking they've shared is now off limits, how would I feel?

                      -If I and my neighbors stuck it out year after year in the hope that our neighborhood would one day improve with COMMERCIAL DIVERSITY and then a giant BAR wants to come in and change what I've been working so hard on, how would I feel about it?

                      There's a saying I love "First seek to understand, then to be understood". I hope many of you can think about this differently and know that the lawsuit is a minute part of the fight and that the Aristocrat is not the bad guy for the neighborhood.

                      All you Aristocrat bashers must have been out of college too long, because you've lost your Critical Thinking skills.

                      Do the math: 168 seat bar + >30 employees with ONLY 21 parking spaces. Who's going to feel the impact? The direct neighbors & homeowners. Those of us who live right here in the neighborhood. Not blocks away on Penn or Washington or Meridian. Right here. Ask yourself, how would you feel if a bar that will hold nearly 200 people (patrons & staff) and only has 21 parking spots wanted to set up shop next to your house? I believe you can see our side.

                      IBJ should be ashamed of this writing, I won't give it the respect to call it Journalism.
                      • To Justin, christopher, and BR guy
                        Rick Rising-Moore has not owned the Union Jack Pub for several years now. Please don't punish the UJP's current owners, who have done nothing but improve the Broad Ripple Village restaurant since they bought it from Rick. Boycott The Aristocrat, if you wish, but don't boycott the Union Jack Pub.
                      • Aristocrat - name says it all
                        Aristocrat - could you expect anything less....the definition itself should tell you all you need to know about the owner! Quite an ignorant play...with a name like that one would think that he would have been a little more philosophical or Socratic his decision making....guess not.

                        When you want to buy a car where do you go where the car dealers are...when you want to go to a bar you go where the bars are at....when I want to go for food, drinks, and friends I'll go visit the Nicole and Tim...not the aristocrat, it sounds stuffy and boring...
                        • shame
                          Shame on you rising Moore. I too will no longer patronize your restaurant. I will also be starting a Facebook page to spread the boycott.
                        • Seriously
                          JRM - So what you're saying is: you purchased your house in an area based on its future for staying stunted in growth and attractiveness?!? The sleepy little backwater of Broad Ripple? You want to control your "backyard"... that happens to be in an urban neighborhood? With ripe, empty RETAIL space surrounding you and crying out for ANYTHING that can bring jobs and growth to the neighborhood? Gosh how savvy and forward thinking are you?! I bought/live in your same neighborhood and I say: bring it.

                          Please, it would be helpful for you to consult your dictionary regarding the meaning of "hundreds", "cramming" "huge" and "high-end"; none of which are accurate in your assessment of the situation. You haven't the foggiest idea of what the true variables are.

                          While you are whining and waving your flag for all your "many, many" people, I assuredly know many. many, MANY MORE THAN THAT whom are all looking forward to having another choice from which to choose on the College/SoBro corridor for good food and a vibrant atmosphere. How can that be bad for my neighborhood? I can't wait for my friends to come to College & 52nd, look for great parking like in a real city, (oh, wait we ARE a real city) and have a margarita at Calle 52.
                        • Complex problems require complex solutions
                          While there is plenty of reason for the vitriole inspired by the actions of Mr. Rising-Moore (RRM) who has acted the part of a bully, (and he does run a fairly decrepid restaurant that could use a good dusting and better food). Mr. Rising-Moore has in fact been invested at that corner for years and he (RRM) has managed to invest a sense of vitatlity to that intersection - at the very least - by leasing to Luna, Jean Easter, Sequences and the merchants on the 52nd Street side (the bike shop and Rue52 Salon). The issues surrounding the Calle 52 property go beyond a fight over the parking requirements. That is why, I believe RRM irrationally has continued a fight over variances when he himself failed to apply for his own.
                          I have attended more than one of the meetings where these specific issues have been discussed. There is a real and sincere concern among some residents who live nearby over the increased availability of alcohol created by adding additional establishments with liquor licenses to this corridor - which they fear will bring chaos to a corner that already has three providers of booze (The Aristocrat, Taste and the Red Key)in addition to establisments on Broad Ripple Avenue and further north and south on College. For those reasons, I believe some -- including Mr. Rising-Moore have tried to use one of the only tools available to them to fight the impending peril. By opposing the parking variances -- I believe,a handful of residents and Mr. Rising More hope to leverage arguments regarding the parking issues to create a Trojan Horse for their real fears.
                          There are parking issues to be sure in this area. There are already thriving businesses which use the on street parking that is available. It is true, there will be competition for spaces on the street between residents and consumers. HABIGS has never had any parking and has always had to rely on a "loading zone" in front of their corner. Surely, they can make some aggreement with the city for a designated street space during their hours. City dogs and the tenants of that building have less options perhaps, but that is one of the problems that existed when they signed their lease with Mr. Rising-Moore and obviously parking was not clearly segregated from the Calle 52 property.

                          Some of the burden for the on street parking could be relieved if the city would maintain the alleys and encourage residents to park in rear loading garages or pads behind their homes and apartments. To add to the messy and stressed environment, curb cuts for driveways eliminate at least one on-street parking space. Residents could have additional greenspace in their yards, reeduce drainage from hard surface into the overburdened sewer system and come and go from their alleys creating safer, less interupted traffic as they exit into the thoroughfare. Using the alleys for ingress and egress helps relieve traffic congestion in general and adds breathing space to the environment. Many residents in Meridian Kessler avoid their alleys because there is virtually no maintenance from the city. The perception is that alleys are dangerous and unfit for use. This belief has some merit, although many of our alleys are not in much worse shape than the pot holed streets with which we contend. Many who won't drive up an alley are driving off-road vehicles with 4 wheel drive and tires that could take the beaches of Normandy -- The perception that the alley is a detriment needs to be a focus of concern for planners and development gurus. Think of the time that we could save and the costs if we were not constantly having to take these parking issues to the BZA. The reduction in city staffing to resolve these problems should be a reason alone for the city to pave the alleys and give abatements and incentives to plan and design appropriately.
                          There are many fine people involved in this fight, the Oprisus and Mr. Rising-Moore included. Many of these issues could be avoided if the city was ahead of the game and was thinking and planning at the same time.
                        • Leader of the Troops
                          Rick Rising-Moore is a good established neighor who has contributed much to the success of College Ave. in Meridian Kessler. This article did not have its facts and was completely slanted.
                          He is fighting the fight and paying the legal expenses to save the businesses that wouldn't be there if he wasn't. Calle 52 is not competition for his restaurant and Aristocrats is not competition for them. They are too different. In the building next to Calle 52 there is City Dogs Grocery below and WrightWorks above (they employ 7) and residential apartments. Rising-Moore owns that building and has done massive restoration to it. He wishes to protect his property and his tenants. If they can't prosper then his building goes vacant. If Habigs can't use the angled parking on that side, which they have done for 60 years, then they go under and thus also become vacant. Then it becomes a trade of vacancies. Right now the former Movie Gallery is vacant because small businesses can't get loans and at one time they wanted $9,500 a month rent when it was unsightly. We have been in the Great Recession.
                          It appears that the real Bully is the property owner of the movie store who doesn't want anyone on his vacant lot. A fence was put up on December 14th at the peak of retail selling. Habigs was still selling Xmas trees. City Dogs delivery doors are compromised as trucks can no longer get there. Customers now have to back out on to College in traffic. It is claimed that the fence was put up because their insurance company required it. There are a lot of vacant bulings whose insurance doesn't require a fence. If it was put up for interior construction it was premature. It was put up for spite. Do not be quick to threaten to boycott either restaurant. There are many unknown facts and logistics. It is fool-hardy to establish a restaurant without parking to support it. Consider Binkleys, Mama Corollas and Zest who have and need parking. On street parking is suicidal for a place that seats 165 with a staff of 35. There is no parking now at night and they are not even there yet.
                          Aristocrats and Habigs are the corner anchors with senority. Without them the other businesses would not have rooted and Calle 52 wouldn't have wanted to be there. Do not bite the hand that feeds you.
                        • Myths
                          I love it how just because a place is going to serve alcohol, it will turn the area into Broad Ripple south. The same argument was made with people who were against Napolese. Ever since they moved in, everyone stopped going to Rock Lobster and started getting wasted on high price wines!

                          I've never been to Aristocrat, and now will NEVER go there.
                        • Neighborhood Growth
                          As a neighborhood resident on the southern side of the intersection in question, I stand in support of the Calle 52. It seems, at times, that we're at a critical point in the growth and revitalization of the neighborhood, particularly the southern side. Small businesses that drive visitors, growth and beautification to the neighborhood can only help our area prosper and increase property value in the area. A quality business over a vacant lot/building should increase property values. The change could just as easily go the other way and I, for one, would prefer to see more prosperity rather than more vacant buildings and empty storefronts.
                        • Too Much
                          If you don't think this area is saturated with alchol serving/selling establishments and headed down the same path as Broadripple you haven't opened your eyes in a while. Here's the list of business at the 3 intersections of College in our neighborhood.

                          2)Recess' new lounge
                          3)Bottle Shop
                          4)Sinking Ship
                          5)Upland Tasting Room
                          6)Just Wingin' It (pending alcohol permit)

                          9)Taste's expansion plans
                          10)Red Key
                          11)Garuda (pending alcohol permit)
                          12)Calle 52 (pending alochol permit)

                          13)Moe & Johnny's
                          14)Jazz Kitchen
                          16)News Cafe
                          17)Fresh Market

                          There are many of us who say. Enough! We need something else besides food and drink to make our neighborhood liveable & desirable to families.
                        • Correction Re UJP
                          Please note that Rick Rising-Moore does NOT own the Union Jack Pub in Broad Ripple. Do not dis a fine, responsible, green, community-minded establishment like the Broad Ripple Union Jack Pub. They are not involved in this brouhaha in any way at all.
                          • Re: Too Much
                            Go: First, I do not live in the area, but am frequently there patronizing several of these businesses (Yatz, Taste, Moe & Johnny's, Sam's Gyros...). You should be TRILLED that you have so many high-quality options for LOCAL businesses in your neighborhood. Yes, parking in the area sucks and I certainly wouldn't want to deal with it, but if you don't like it, 1) you shouldn't have moved there and/or 2) you should move somewhere else (i.e. carmel, fishers) where there is ample parking.
                            Don't stop progress simply because you made a poor decision about where to live.
                            • Parking, etc
                              The bizarre thing about this whole situation is that the assumptions seems to be that the restaurant in question wants to have an inadequate amount of parking. Odds are a business is well-equipped to determine how best to serve potential clients. It is true that there will not be a parking spot for every seat inside. It is also true that that this is not a Chili's in Fishers. The reason this area's property value has continued to rise over the last 5 years is that people want to live in safe, walkable areas, a rarity in Indy. Perhaps not a majority, but a sizable minority of the places along this corridor serve people on foot. That's great for everyone and it should be encouraged. The way to keep this going is to allow actual development.

                              As for the alcohol question, it is clear that some bars have real externalities. However, high-end places serving ceviche and $10 drinks don't tend to. Nor places with $50 bottles of wine. This area isn't going to be flooded with drunk 22 year-olds. The places are simply too expensive. The average alcohol consumer in this area is a 32-year-old professional with a quarter to half million dollar home a couple blocks away. I'm not worried about them, nor should anyone else be.
                            • Re: Too Much
                              My family moved into this neighborhood more than a decade ago. When we made our "decision about where to live" the commercial landscape was much different than it is today. We have been happy with the redevelopment of our neighborhood thus far. We have been involved in supporting the good and fighting the bad ideas that have come our way. Calle 52 is one of the bad ideas that will have a negative impact on our neighborhood. I think people like yourself have a view of our neighborhood that is incorrect. I presume you think it's full of 20 somethings. To the contray, my closest neighbors have lived in their homes for 20-50 years. They too, think this massive bar is destructive to our way of life. So pull your head out of the sand, and THINK about the people who live nearby! Do you think my 80 year old neighbor made a "poor decision about where to live" 50 years ago and so she should just move to Carmel or Fishers? NO!

                              We have earned the right to defend ourselves against bad ideas and negative commercial development. And as US citizens, have the right to use the government channels to appeal poor planning.

                              Again, ask yourself if a bar that will hold 200 people (patrons & employees) with only 21 parking spaces was going to open next door to your house, would you just roll over? Would you blame yourself for making a bad decision on where to live?

                              If your answer is yes, God help America.
                              • Local resident: Supporting Calle 52
                                I live at 52nd & Carrollton, so Calle 52 is literally at my door step. I moved in to SoBro with full knowledge that it was an urban environment and parking is sometimes an issue. I really don't understand the closed-minded people here who only want certain types of businesses here and obsess about parking. If you want vast surface lots and asphalt as far as your eye can see, please move NORTH to the 'burbs, they'll be happy to have you. Enjoy Wal-Mart while you're at it. To JRM - what in the world were you expecting? You'd rather the old Movie rental store stay vacant and serve as a den for squatters and drug dealers? To the individual who posted the (17) establishments on College - why not one more? There's obviously demand.

                                Thanks SO MUCH for discouraging local growth and local business owners. Absolutely inexcusable.

                                BTW - what's happening with the Uptown development, anything?
                              • Go, reply
                                "Again, ask yourself if a bar that will hold 200 people (patrons & employees) with only 21 parking spaces was going to open next door to your house, would you just roll over? Would you blame yourself for making a bad decision on where to live? "

                                In short, yes. The majority of the houses along College near this development are rentals. If they don't like it, they can move. More likely, though, the moved there exactly because that's what they wanted to be near. Honestly, I have no idea why it appears people are pining for 10-15 years ago when the area was far sketchier. If people really hate it, they can move and make a killing on their house.
                                • Get real with the big picture....
                                  In response to "Go", I DO own a home in the neighborhood. On College. Sounds like you don't, but obviously you and everyone else are entitled to an opinion.

                                  Now a bar/restaurant is possibly scheduled to open in a place that has sat vacant for far too long. What did everyone think would happen to that space?

                                  Here is the way the homeowners/tenants should be answering themselves: *"Gee, I bought a house right down/up the street from a great big empty retail space on a well-travelled, north-south avenue with plenty of parking. Someday it could be something I have no control over. How did I not see that coming? Darn it, I probably miscalculated my home purchase. Poor me, I poured my soul into this home that's right on College. I actually thought this would be a quiet neighborhood, even though its on major artery in Indianapolis. A valet service will constantly be driving by my front door until 1am 6 nights a week, (REALLY? If you honestly foresee that being the case, who can I call to invest? No, seriously, I mean it.) And the business 3 generations of my family patronized that's now in danger of closing because the parking they were using (that never belonged to them) is now off limits. I'm going to hurry over and buy all my landscaping needs this weekend to support them!"

                                  Me and my neighbors will be fine. Bash and badmouth the Calle 52 people all you want, but the reality is, while neither party in this situation wants anything bad for the neighborhood, no one else has stepped up and put a serious offer on the table. We are all for progress, development and contributing to the vibrancy of our wonderful, eclectic urban neighborhood, and we fully support anyone willing to invest, create jobs and clean up that corner the way the Calle 52 folks are willing to.

                                • Re: Go, reply
                                  Those of us against Calle 52 are not anti-development. We are concerned about the high intensty use a bar of this size will have on our neighborhood. Meaning: parking, traffic, hours of operation, and the violated property rights of the Clark building and it's tenants.

                                  We desire a lower intensity use such as retail, cafe, flower shop, bakery, etc with normal business hours. Someplace we can patronize for goods or services. The Movie Gallery was a wonderful business to have in our neighborhood.
                                • Go, reply
                                  Do the Clark Building owners have an easement allowing the use of the property to the North? If they do, then they have a claim. Otherwise, there's no reason anyone needs to surrender their rights to the tenants in that building.

                                  The neighborhood already has a flower shop, multiple cafes and plenty of retail. Fresh Market has a great bakery and there's been rumors of a bakery going in where the Circle City Pizza was. Just because you don't like this restaurant doesn't mean it isn't a good use of the space.
                                • Eh
                                  What should go in there?
                                • OMG!
                                  Um, Mark, do you not realize that a fair amount of the population don't have a choice in where they live? At my family's budget, we had 3 choices where to live. The safest choice was here in Broad Ripple, on College Ave. Yes, I would MUCH rather live in Forest Hills or Meridian Kessler. That, however, was simply not affordable. I'm so sick of people saying "you made a bad choice where to live." That's like telling the lower class that it's their fault they live in a crime-ridden, drug-filled area. Grow up, look around, and get out of the little box that you and your rich friends live in!
                                  One word: degentrification! (you might have to look it up)
                                • My guess is it's about competition...
                                  Had my first experience at the Aristocrat a couple of weeks ago and it was incredibly underwhelming. Neat atmosphere, lousy food. When you don't have a value prop for customers, it's easier to take steps to stifle competition.
                                • Re: RM
                                  "One word: degentrification! (you might have to look it up) "

                                  There's much cheaper safe places to live in Indy than along College. To say this argument strains credulity is a understatement. Most people would rather have a nicer house or apartment, but to claim you live in one of Indy more expensive areas and that you have no choice but to live there doesn't compute. Also, College from Kessler to 38th IS Meridian Kessler.
                                  • how objective
                                    "When you want to buy a car where do you go where the car dealers are...when you want to go to a bar you go where the bars are at....when I want to go for food, drinks, and friends I'll go visit the Nicole and Tim...not the aristocrat, it sounds stuffy and boring..."

                                    Hmmmm...sounds like Eddie W knows "Nicole and Tim" on a first name basis. How objective. I wonder how many other Aristocrat bashers are friends with them or have a personal investment in the issue. Just like always, big money wins.
                                  • more expensive?
                                    Yes, I understand that this is one of the more expensive places in Indy to live. In OUR situation, however, we had to buy a FORECLOSURE. It was the only thing in our budget the wasn't in a run-down, drug-infested neighborhood. Of course, I could always shut up, stop caring about my neighborhood, find a different job, sell my house, and uproot my family to Haughville. Yes, that sounds like a wonderful idea. Thanks for the support of the working class.
                                  • WILD RIDE
                                  • SoBro Bro
                                    A local business wants to try a new concept in a previously abandoned building and now all of the sudden its an attack on the "working class" and "big money wins." Haha! I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. Does JRM have any connection to reality or is he trying to open a business where Calle 52 is himself?
                                  • Point Made
                                    Enough with the clarifying who owns Union Jacks Pub. We got it after the first 15 people posted the correction.

                                    Secondly if the parking lot goes with the video place then whoever rents the building should get the parking also. And heaven forbid someone has to walk home 2 block after parking. Try living in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago or even New Orleans and having to walk 10 or more blocks after parking.
                                  • And a hypocrite shall lead them
                                    I live close by on Illinois. A friend mentioned to me that this blog had heated up and so I decided to check it out. First impression is lots of people making good points on both sides. I am also sort of anti-boycott in general so glad to see that died down, but the thing that really strikes me and I had to re-read a few times to make sure i had it right, is that the guy that is filing lawsuits and leading the charge for the opposition DOES NOT HAVE A VARIANCE FOR HIS PROPERTY. Those that are supporting him, please think about this for a moment. HE DOES NOT HAVE A VARIANCE FOR HIS PROPERTY. Frankly, I am hard-pressed to think of something more hypocritical.
                                    What kind of a person acts like that? Further, has anyone that appears to be "drafting" off this guy's "leadership" thought for a moment that if Rising-Moore did not own a business and a property that would be impacted by this Calle 52 place and thus only had a civic interest in the proceedings, whether or not he'd be so heroically trying to "save the neighborhood"? Given that this is the same pillar of the community type that decided that laws did not apply to him such that when he wanted to expand he was above fussing with the variance process. Do you people think someone that arrogant and hypocritical would be standing up for everything that's good and right and just if he had not gotten nailed on the fact that his tenants really don't have the parking that he must have advertized to them? C'mon folks, let's get real.
                                    Taste is a GREAT restaurant with NO parking that I can see and they keep on expanding. Where is the indignation from Rising-Moore over that? They create traffic, no? I guess he doen't own anything connected to that place.
                                    Hey, I like the City Dog place. I pop in there all the time for treats for my golden "Sherm". I do often think though that small retailers like that run risk when they locate outside of strip centers where parking is not assured.
                                    Neighborhoods change all the time. There is development risk embedded in all of them. If your neighbor does a remodel that you hate, that was a risk you embraced when you moved in. To those telling people to move if they don't like the situation,I'd suggest a little more tact. This is just a restaurant after all folks, not life or death.
                                    I'll close by saying if your best advocate is a hypocrite, you probably have a flawed case.
                                  • Re: On Street parking
                                    Some commenters are saying that having "business" traffic parked on College Avenue is somehow detrimental to the houses along the street. Nothing could be further from the truth! Anyone who has driven on College can observe that vehicles travel about 20 MPH faster along the segments where parking is infrequent or prohibited. On-street parking is one of the reasons that College retains some level of neighborhood friendliness, as opposed to auto sewers like Meridian and Keystone. I say bring on the parkers, and let the rest of us walk or bike to places like this!

                                    Oh yeah, and let me say to the guy calling for 4 lanes of flowing traffic on College, you must be commuting from Homeplace, because otherwise you would know that such action would be a disaster for this neighborhood!!
                                  • "we desire..."?!
                                    "We desire a lower intensity use such as retail, cafe, flower shop, bakery, etc with normal business hours."

                                    First of all, ANY business going in that space would require parking for their patrons. Would it necessarily lessen the growing demand for street parking? Who can answer that with any degree of accuracy? No one can.

                                    Additionally, a "lower intensity" business would have to charge alot for their product/service to be able to pay the rent and/or have longer operating hours than what traditional retailers have. How about a Furrier? Or a Car Dealership? Perfect!

                                    One would hope that any business in that space would flourish. If not, the people paying the price for that experiment would be the owners of the building, who would have to go through the whole process of finding a good tenant sooner rather than later when your "cafe, bakery, flower shop" fails. How can you presume to dictate to the building owners what kind of business they should lease to? Are any of you in the kind of business that the general public can tell you how to run? What a wonderful world THAT would be.
                                  • Details
                                    Hi Cory, can you share further details on the status of the lawsuit and when it might be resolved?

                                    This blog post probably sets the record for most responses!
                                  • What the heck
                                    The reality of this whole thing is that this world needs businesses like Calle 52 or whatever goes in this space to create jobs, spike the economy and enhance the community. Mr. Rising's fear is that people would now have a choice to go away from his establishment to try something new. Should he want to waste all of his resources and money fighting a winless battle, I hope he does. Besides he can't take the money w/ him when he passes anyway.

                                    As for the parking, it's been this way for as long as I can remember. I remember trying to get beef tenderloin from Atlas and not finding a parking space forever, and they had a large parking lot! If you own a home in this area (I don't and I like my driveway and 3/4 acre lot), surely you knew about how parking works in your neighborhood. If you didn't, you're a MORON! Think of it this way, a rental property beside you that has young adults that party all the time and frequent visitors often take up those parking spaces. Calle 52 is an UPSCALE Latin restaurant, not Mexicana Rose or even Cancun. There's not going to be late night partying going on. I have spent a night or two liquored up in the Aristocrat (never again by the way), and I'm sure the patronage at the Aristocrat will be less desirable than that of Calle 52. This, I believe, is what Mr. Rising fears.

                                    The truth is, and I believe I read it in an earlier blog, money talks and BS walks and Mr Rising is full of it!
                                  • Never a dull moment
                                    City Dog proprieter disparaged/vilified all who didn't support (i.e. drink the koolade) of the Uptown Development. What goes around comes around.
                                  • Take a step back
                                    Everyone, take a deep breath. For my 60 years, parking at this corner has been terrible, except when the subject property was an appliance store. Remember, it you use parking that belongs to someone else, it's tresspassing. It all depends on what the customer wants. I worked for Sidney at Atlas in high school, parking was just plain bad. Does anyone remember the Shell gas station then Cath Inc that was on the corner, but no one complained because it was something people wanted. If people want products from City Dogs, they will come. If their customer service ot attitude is not what it should be, then the business model needs to change. On the other hand, in the space where Posh Pedals was located, a Thai restaurant is opening. No out rage? Where's their parking? Too small to worry about?

                                    In response to Go, taverns make their money on alcohol. Of the places you listed that will have a parking problem in the next few weeks, it will be Moe & Johnnys if Butler keeps winning. Remember, Atlas had twice the amount of beer and wine to sell than Fresh Market has now. The argument that there is too much alcohol already on College Ave is bogus. Obviously, the ideal businesses won't or can't make a go of it. The florist moved and movie rental closed.
                                  • r u kidding
                                    I have grown up and still live in Broad Ripple, and own a home in Forest hills. I am offended that someone who lives a block away assumes that because I live 8 blocks away this doesn't effect me. most houses along college and streets adjacent have other parking options, garages and driveways, they choose not to use them. I actually did attend the parking variance hearing and was glad that calle 52 was granted a variance. Let's do more to create jobs for our community and stop hating.
                                  • Who is arbitrary & capricious and abusing discretion?
                                    Reising-Moore told his tenants that they could park in the video store parking lot, even when he did not have permisssion from the owner? Reising-Moore is running an outside cafe without a proper Variance? In turn, Reising-Moore is suing the City of Indianapolis in order to keep the owner of the video store building from leasing thier property? Seems like the owner of the video store should be suing Reising-Moore for just compensation. Seems like the City Dog owner ought to be suing Reising-Moore for lying to them about thier parking rights. Seems like the City should shut this guys outside resturant down until Reising-Moore deciedes to play by the rules. Lastly it seems like the judge needs throws this law suite in the garbage where it belongs.
                                  • Bringing diversity
                                    One of the arguments that has been made by those opposing the Calle 52 project is that by allowing this project by way of parking variances to take advantage of a property that is ill-suited to the parcel and the neighborhood denies the possibility of other better suited operations to take use the parcel as it "ought to be". Someone commented to me during one of the contentious meetings that "sure, it would be great to get Anthropologie out of The Fashion Mall and into a space like this -- but that generally, restaurants and bars are the first to return to an area that is perceived to be "back to its way on up" ".
                                    That returns us to the issue that the economics of the restaurants seem to necessitate that alcohol be part of the business equation in order to be profitable. The fact that College Avenue does have this proliferation of businesses whose goal is to cash in on the desire for alcohol should be a concern and I applaud everyone who has fought to bring this to the forefront. We should be just as concerned about the guy who comes in from a long, hot round of golf and knocks back two cocktails and a half a bottle of wine with his wife when he eats at Northside Social as we are when a bridal mob goes down for a chocolate martini/lemondrop packed evening along Broad Ripple Avenue. If a vet, florist, shoe shop had knocked at the door initially and been able to negotiate a lease with the property owner to begin with we would not be here -- but those folks were not in line -- the Oprisus were there first to take advantage of an opportunity. They jumped through all of the necessary hoops to lay their plans out. They used attorneys not money under any tables to make their arguments. They came to multiple meetings and made offers of more meetings which were met with derision and an "the only place I'll see you is in court if I have to" attitude. I have zero connection to this issue other than the fact that I attended meetings and watched hearings on cable television regarding this matter. I have no interests beyond hoping for a vibrant, safe neighborhood. One of the facts about the Broad Ripple area and the College Corridor is that people are not ready to increase density and leave behind their cars and 7-passenger SUVs. This is flagrantly on display by the fact that the Broad Ripple Envision process that went on for over a period of a year resulting in plans for a giant parking garage to be built in order to solve the parking problem rather than a more progressive solution of making the city see that public transportation is the real solution to increasing commercial viability on the corridor AND providing an amenity to residents. As long as this kind of thinking guides the landscape -- we can just hope to watch more of these arguments emerge -- Fire on Ferguson comes to mind next. We deserve what we are getting because no one is really ready to push for true, visionary applications for the environment.
                                  • Violations
                                    Who in the city gov't can we contact about Reising-Moore's zoning violations?
                                  • JRM - Couldn't have said it better
                                    "Of course, I could always shut up, stop caring about my neighborhood, find a different job, sell my house, and uproot my family to Haughville. Yes, that sounds like a wonderful idea. Thanks for the support of the working class."
                                    You COULDN'T have said it better. Go ahead and do that.

                                    BTW, you bought a foreclosure. I guess you're getting what you paid for! If you can't take the price of progress, then go elsewhere. You live in INDIANAPOLIS, not Fishers. If you want a quiet Fishers spread-out environment, move there!
                                  • Typical Indianapolis attitudes
                                    So much for civil discourse.
                                  • Facebook
                                    John, please post a link to the Facebook page you are referencing. I did a search and couldn't find it. Thanks.
                                  • BTW
                                    Where are Dahoowie, Thundermutt and the rest of the usual suspects ? Only commenting on what goes on in Center Township?
                                  • Reising-Moore - pot calling the kettle black
                                    I agree to Kevin's comments. It's far too obvious Rick is only worried about competition vs. an arbitrary variance. He "borrowed" others' parking spaces for far too long and now he's just crying.
                                  • JRM - You DO live in Meridian-Kessler
                                    This has bothered me since I first read it . . . . JRM -- you DO live within the boundaries of Meridian Kessler Neighborhood - a fully recognized, identified by its boundaries community. And even though I disagree with your position on Calle 52 -- we should all be thrilled that you chose to invest in one of our homes that had fallen victim to foreclosure. Like you, the Calle 52 folks saw an opportunity to move into and invest in a property that until that time had seemed valueless or overvalued by others. While everyone is identifying this area as SOBRO and while you might actually be living south of Broad Ripple proper, if you live anywhere west of the Monon in between Kessler and 38th Street all the way to Meridian Street, for what it is worth, you can proclaim that you live IN Meridian Kessler. Furthermore, everyone needs to recognize that College is a unique thoroughfare and is a well thought out mix of commercial AND residential and that it's make-up and nature is CHANGING. While there are plenty of inexpensive and minimally maintained doubles that are rentals along the street, there are just as many single family homes that are owner-occupied. In some instances, the doubles that have been rentals are being renovated and divided into condos or are being occupied with an owner/landlord living in one side and managing the second side as an income producing rental. There will always be a certain "messiness" to a street that can't be so easily contained. It's part of what makes living on and near College challenging, frustrating and rewarding.
                                  • Solutions
                                    Until the City proceeds with better public transportation, we will always have parking problems near College Ave. because the development occured before automobiles became indispensable. We need to come together as a community and address parking as the former video store will be rented eventually and there will still not be enough parking to suit everyone. SO what do residents want? Parking meters? Striped parking on the street so that one car doesn't take 2 spaces? Stickers for residential parking and marked areas for commericial parking? "Shared Parking" agreements among all businesses make sense too. Sparkle Cleaners lets Taste customers park there when they're closed. Better maintained alleys go without saying. Let's talk solutions. And by the way, on-street parking is city property, for which we ALL pay taxes. Neither residents nor businesses can claim it's theirs. It belongs to whomever parks there.
                                  • Rick is right
                                    Rick invested in 52nd when it was rough. He gentrified it. He bought houses and put in a parking lot for the Aristocrat. He owns the buildings that will be adversely effected. Calle 52 is preditory. Think of the weather this winter. Alternate forms of transportation are a pipe dream. The price points needed at Calle mean older wealthy diners, not just 20 year olds on bikes, rain or shine.
                                  • Shame
                                    Shame on IBJ for such poor journalism. Shame on Calle 52 for not caring about their possible new neighbors (there are 10 businesses on the corner that have united in opposition). Shame on Danny Marr for being greedy and not allowing someone better suited to move in. Shame on the MKNA for only caring about "their side of the tracks". Finally, shame on all you Rick Rising Moore bashers. He invested his life on that corner and has every right to defend it. Without his three surrounding properties that corner wouldn't be nearly as desirable. He is a wonderful neighbor.
                                  • Amen!
                                    I couldn't have said it better!
                                  • You've got to be kidding
                                    To "Shame"
                                    Shame on you and the supposedly concerned "neighbors" at that corner who's only real concern is their own pocketbook and not the community at large...who through their narrow minds cannot see the forest through the trees, in that the continued upgrading of the local real estate will actually bring higher property values, more and better jobs, additional tax revenue so the potholes can actually be filled, and so long term vacant buildings can be brought back to life and become am active role it's own surroundings. Isn't this what you profess Mr Rising-Moore attempted to do many years ago? Take on underused real estate and make it more productive? Is he the only person allowed to do this on that corner, just because he was one of the more recent people to do so? He certainly seems to think so, as reflected by his willingness hire highly paid lawyers to try to stifle a new kid on the block from entering his backyard. This looks like the old bully on the playground to me, not a civic minded citizen trying to protect the neighborhood from harm. So shame on you and Mr Rising Moore for your selfish antics and your pathetic attempt to stop what the obvious majority of local citizens want---progress, not just the "same ol' same ol' tired dining option currently offered at that corner by none other than the Aristocrat.
                                  • Union Jack
                                    Sorry to have lumped Union Jack into this mess, please continue going there!
                                  • He said it
                                    I think that JRM summed up the crux of our argument when he said "Yes, I would MUCH rather live in Forest Hills or Meridian Kessler.". He (and obviously others) just doesn't understand that College Ave is an urban commercial district, and as such, should not be subjected to parking requirements. If you have to walk a block to your house from the nearest parking spot, then so be it. If that bothers you, then maybe it's not the right spot for you. Emulating suburban development patterns will get us nowhere. Until we allow more density in our city, we are going to continue to falter, because we can't sell a crappier version of the suburbs, we need to have something different to offer.
                                  • I agree with this comment
                                    IBJ did a poor job of reporting. Rick is a good steward of the neighborhood he helped revitalize. Calle 52 tried to pull a fast one by not notifying neighbors and not having open discussions before the hearings about the variance. I don't think they will be any more considerate as permanent neighbors.
                                  • Please quit lying
                                    To "Rick is right"...How absurd to claim that proper notices were not sent to neighbors prior to the hearing. If notices were not sent, then the hearing would not have been allowed to occur--plain and simple! And your claim that Calle 52 didn't meet publicly with neighbors and other interested parties to discuss the issues is also false...I was personally at three such meetings. So you are either severely misinformed or you are just lying to try to get your point to resonate with someone. And to make the statement "Rick is right" seems to be out of place in light of his "I'm above the law" approach to running his own business--expanding the seating to add outdoor dining at the Aristocrat without filing for a variance?? Seems to me that "Rick is wrong" would be a better moniker for Mr. Rising-Moore.
                                  • JRM - What?
                                    If you live on College near this place, you do know that you also live in Meridian Kessler, right? Are you calling yourself a hater? Also, if you can't walk one block, I think you have some issues. Walking is good for you. Get over it. "Oh, no. not a huge high-end restaurant. That would be horrible. I don't want nice high-end establishments in my neighborhood. I want cheap dirty places that have crappy service like the aristocrat." I also live in Meridian Kessler by the way.
                                  • kidding right?
                                    You are concerned with having a driveway and having to park down the street to get to your home? You realize that you don't live in Pike Township right and you're not in a subdivision? For that matter, you realize that you are not living on 46th and Washington Blvd, right? You live in a denser urban environment with a mix of uses adjacent to a major arterial roadway...If you never anticipated the range of externalities or possible development in the area where you live, you did a disservice to yourself and didn't do your homework. I grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y. in a neighborhood very similar to yours, so I have a different context.
                                  • srg52
                                    In the early years the Clark building and 5215 College were owned by the same family, with the ACR appliance at 5215. After ACR closed, the two were sold to different owners. Parking was always shared and everyone got along. Rising-Moore eventually purchased the Clark building and did a complete renovation, as he did with the Aristocrat. Rising-Moore has always been a good neighbor, his restaurant is not dirty and the grounds are beautiful. I don't recall him ever having a car towed. All this name calling is silly, especially by those that are not affected. I personally believe that the size of the proposed Calle 52 is too dense for this intersection and will cause parking and traffic problems. Any one that has seen the proposed plans can see that there will be only a few spaces in front of the restaurant and a very difficult to negotiate rear parking area, with no alley access and no room for cars to pass while entering or leaving the rear lot. I think they gave up on the valet parking idea. This would have taken parking off of College to provide for the pick-up and drop off area. The valet lot was also two blocks away. I can't imaging the wait to get your car when leaving. There are other uses for the 5215 building. It sat vacant for more than a year before any renovations were done. It even appears they had thought of having more than one tenant occupy the building. You can see that the have placed two separate front doors. The parking would not only affect those on College, but homes on Park, Broadway, Carrollton, Guilford, 52nd, 51st and 53rd. In fact, it already does with the existing restaurants. There are garages and alley access to many of these homes, but many still prefer or possibly need to park on the street. I, for one, would be using rear parking if available. But, these residence have just as much right to park on the street and have parking available for visitors.
                                    The Calle 52 hours are not clear. They say they will only serve dinner at first, but what happen later? The condo owner to the north of 5215 says he supports the restaurant, but some of those that have purchased from him do not. He has yet to sell all of the units, and I don't think a late night eatery/bar will help in sales.
                                    The owner of 5215 put up a huge chain link fence to keep people from parking in the lot. Is that neighborly? Does that show good intent? They previously had no parking signs. A car was towed while parking in the Clark lot, by the service contracted by the owners of 5215, then the fence went up and the property was tagged. The graffiti is still there for all to see, as well as the fence.
                                    Why are the for lease signs still up?
                                    I just don't think it is right for other merchants to have to worry about whether they can stay in business for the sake of another.
                                    • Who's being Neighborly?
                                      The whole proplem with this premise is that it ignores the fact that Reising-Moore is using the old video store parking lot for use by his tenants. The video store owners were allowing this to occur until they leased the building. Now that they have a tenant, Reising-Moore and the tenant's in the Clark building are doing everything they can to stop them. Reising-Moore ought to be grateful that he was allowed to use that parking lot for a considerable amount of time, not spiteful.
                                    • Zoning
                                      Why on earth is no one talking about teh archaic zoning ordinance that requires 56(!) parking spaces for such an establishment? That's the biggest problem here. The practical difficulty here is extremely apparent. They property in question lies within a zoning district that allows a restaurant use, yet there is no possible way that 56(!) parking spaces could be provided. It's not like they were asking for a use variance and trying to shoehorn a non-permitted use onto the site. It was already allowed. There's albsolutely no way that this case wins in any judge's eyes. FIndings of fact are satisfied, and the BZA's decision will be easily upheld.
                                    • "Old" pub
                                      I only want to respond to the many folks who keep using words like "old, tired, decrepit, worn out, etc." to describe the Aristocrat. Folks, this is a pub...a place that wants to give the feeling of a neighborhood pub in the UK. If you've ever been to England or Ireland nearly all of these words could be used to describe a local pub. They're not supposed to be slick, shiny, and trendy. Yat's is another good example. If you want glossy and new go to Clay Terrance and eat at Red Robin or Mitchells or some other chain. PS - the Aristocrat, as shabby as you think, is no less sanitary than most any other restaurant.
                                    • bravo
                                      Well said, we agree that it is a biased blog. We live right next to the Calle 52 site.
                                    • Sorry to re-hash
                                      Has no one noticed "JRM" J Rising Moore?

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