Kilroy's plans new restaurant in prime Broad Ripple spot

July 11, 2011
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Kilroys Broad RippleOut with the fitness, in with the stuffed breadsticks. Kilroy's Bar n' Grill has applied for zoning approval to take over the Broad Ripple building occupied by Cardinal Fitness. Kilroys Broad Ripple
                              2The plans call for the restaurant and bar to take the entire 7,750-square-foot building at 831 Broad Ripple Ave. Kilroy's would convert a parking lot between the building and a Jimmy John's sandwich shop into a 4,800-square-foot outdoor seating area, complete with a fire pit. The Broad Ripple Village Association is expected to oppose the proposal, but the group has not yet weighed in formally, said city planner Melanie Mullens. They're wary of another large bar and concerned the outdoor dining area will remove too many scarce parking spaces. The city's Board of Zoning Appeals was scheduled to consider the proposal  July 19, but that hearing will be continued to Aug. 16, Mullens said. The 1950s building is owned by BR Associates Inc. of Jasper. Click on either of the renderings for a larger version. What do you think?

  • Clone
    Hmmm...Looks interestingly similar to a certain sports-themed restaurant with a fire pit in Downtown Indy that prefers snazzy marketing over quality victuals...
  • I like it
    I'm glad that they are turning a small parking lot into something useful. I'm sure the NIMBYs in Broad Ripple will object to the parking lot being removed, but with the new giant garage going in, that kind of removes the arguement for needing more parking.
    I'm sure there will also be objections to yet another bar being built in Broad Ripple. Like it or not, that is why people visit and spend money on the strip.
    • Is it needed?
      I purchased a home in Broad Ripple because I love the atmosphere of the village and wealth of options when it comes to dining and drinks, but I am hesitant on this new development- Removing parking spaces in an area that needs them so badly and the sheer size of the proposed bar (including the outdoor seating) seems unnecessary.

      Is Cardinal planning on moving to another location in Broad Ripple or are they moving away from this area of town completely?
    • Great Idea
      That Cardinal fitness is a complete dump of a gym.

      Anytime someone wants to come into Broad Ripple and improve an existing building, it should be approved.

      • yes and no
        I don't mind infill development that would take place at the current parking lot. However, I also like the fact that there is a gym there. It adds something different to the strip and the neighborhood. However, there is a much better LA Fitness nearby.

        Overall, I am leaning toward this new project, just because they are getting rid of the parking lot (and increasing density).
      • Broad Ripple
        Broad Ripple doesnt need another bar like this. Big chains like this will kill a fun cool area. Brothers was a mistake and so will this. Broad Ripple is great because for a while we have kept out big bars. Don't sell out BRVA.
        • Who Is Selling Out?
          Nick, the BRVA is neighborhood association that weighs in on various neighborhood issues, including zoning. However, it has no authority at the end of the day to determine zoning decisions, as that power rests entirely with the city.

          Also, the article mentioned that the BRVA plans to oppose the project based on the loss of parking and its large scale. So, how would the BRVA "sell out?" Unless, you are saying the developer would somehow bribe the BRVA board for its support, I am at a loss for how a neighborhood association would "sell out."

          Personally, I believe a building occupied by a tax-paying business is preferable to an empty dump sitting on the market for months, or longer. For several years now, Broad Ripple has been a trendy shopping and dining hub that transforms into a late night party zone. Whatever funky charm it once had disappeared at least 20 years ago. One more bar will do absolutely nothing to alter its character one way or another.

          As for the loss of a small parking lot, I say good! A dense urban area needs less parking, not more. The use of public transit and walking should be encouraged over attracting more cars. Nonetheless, the loss of a few spaces will be more than offset by the monster garage that will soon be constructed. So, the loss of the parking lot will have no effect one way or the other--just like the addition of one more bar to the dozens already there will have no effect on the character of the area.

          The only definite effect will be the increased tax revenues flowing to local government from a successful bar/restaurant, and that is something both the city and IPS could certainly use.

          • Responses
            A few answers for you.

            Scoop: It's just a rendering. That's not the final look of the patio.
            Butlerflop: Tru is in a cursed building anyway. Nothing has been successful there in a long time. Yes, the concepts have been bad but no smart operator will go there.
            JoeP: Correct. LA fitness has taken all of Cardinal's business anyway. If they were making money, this transition would never even be possible.
            Nick: Chain? Kilroy's in Indianapolis is owned by one guy who was raised in Indiana, went to IU and lived many years in Broad Ripple. This is a locally owned business. Two bars by no means makes a chain.
            Chris: Absolutely agree. Time to embrace what you are. More people move to Ripple for dining and nightlife than anything else.

            In this economy, we shouldn't be against anything that will generate tax revenue and add jobs.
          • Violators will be Towed
            The last time I drove through that parking lot (a few weeks ago) there were signs posted "No Parking - Violators will be towed." So, who's actually worried about losing parking spaces? I drive down to BR from Noblesville once or twice a month for dinner and walking the monon/canal, and have not usually had trouble with parking. I don't mind walking in the area, that's what it's for. And if a new establishment can hopefully offer a *unique* and tasty concept, it might draw more folks into the area.
          • @A Friend
            While Kilroy's isn't a Chain, they do own more than 2 bars. 2 more in fact already in Bloomington.

            Also, for all of you saying, oh my we are losing parking... we never had the access to those spots for the general public anyway. They were always there for the patrons of Cardinal Fitness. If you broke the rules and parked then when not going to Cardinal, well tough luck. But this is not a loss of parking to the general public, just to the patrons who went there and could only park there. I saw move forward. You all want a village atmosphere, then you need more gathering places outside for winter and summer. This will help address that. It will create a good atmosphere from streetview. Just like driving by La Jolla gets excited to be in Broad Ripple because of all the people outside.
            • What Parking?
              The use of the parking lot for non-parking purposes should have nothing to do with the argument. No one can park there as it is now anyways, unless you are using the gym, which apperantly no one uses.Plus the new parking garage should alleviate all/or most of the parking issues in BRipp. I think this would be a great addition to the strip and should end the "curse" on this building. Also, Broad Ripple needs more places with large outdoor seating areas.
            • time for higher density development
              Bring on the new parking garage...and 4 story mixed-use development for Broad Ripple. Oh, and btw, the COLLEGE AVENUE STREETCAR connecting B.R.V. to MASS AVE will be highly appropriate
            • Just Do It
              It's not like Kilroy's is a TGI Fridays. It might be a chain, but it is a local one. As many have stated, we're not really losing parking, and on top of it, it is a very attractive use of an existing structure. I honestly see no negative here. It's a bar/restaurant district, and it is high time they accept it. Otherwise, I'm sure it could become a very nice Halloween store.
              • BR Development
                I'm torn between liking it and hating it. Personally, I think that entire corner should be torn up and redone (move Jimmy John's, create a "real" corner).
                Oh, and I would really love to see further development east of "Thr3e Wise Men" along BRipple Avenue. Hm, maybe retail and housing with a large parking lot hidden behind it would be good.
                No, nevermind. We should put a medium-sized parking garage in the worst location possible at College and BRipple Avenue. Can't wait to hear about all the drunks that get hit crossing the streets to get to their cars...
                • Parking
                  new garage only has 150 spaces. they should make it two stories with open air seating on top.
                  • 350 Spaces
                    Hoff, if you are referring to the planned new garage to be constructed in Broad Ripple, it will have 350 spaces, not 150.

                    Also, as others have pointed out, the small parking lot on this development site (the site where the bar is proposed) currently can only be used by patrons of the gym and is usually empty, so the loss of it would have little effect on general parking in the neighborhood since it currently serves few people.
                  • actually adds parking
                    Has anyone else noticed that because they are closing the drive off of Broad Ripple Avenue to install the outdoor patio space, there will now be enough for two more metered parking spaces on the avenue? All of the parking on that Kilroy's/Cardinal Fitness lot is private, but the new layout will actually will give two more public spaces on the prime street front where it is needed.
                  • I'm with Micah
                    Let's not cry about reduced parking; let's reduce the need for parking. College Avenue is one of the most heavily-travelled corridors within the city proper; 1-2 bus routes use it every quarter hour. Why don't we approve a reasonable tax on Broad Ripple's bars and put light rail on College Avenue to serve their patrons?
                  • lesser of the evils...
                    First of all, I hate the idea of the building in question sitting empty. Broad Ripple Ave already has it's fair share of vacant storefronts (see McVan's, Paco's Cantina and Retroware).

                    This neighborhood is definitely a destination for food/drink and Kilroy's would surely contribute to that reputation. My problem is the type of individual this spot would appeal to: the Kilroy's downtown serves a slightly different demographic than the one(s) in Bloomington. I feel as though this new Kilroy's would be more similar to the Bloomington location than downtown. Do we need another "let's do shots all night" bar in BR? Or would you rather have a place that focuses on food and happens to also serve alcohol? I feel like there are already enough places to get wasted here on the strip. It's a fine line to walk, I realize, but the city is the one with the final say in this: not the neighborhood. I think the city of Indpls will do whatever appeals to its bottom line and, in this case, that's allowing a zoning variance to create a large tax revenue stream. Sorry existing bars...

                    Also, wasn't the new parking structure designed/proposed to serve existing businesses? How many spots would Kilroy's need to serve their customers? How many spots would their new (smaller) lot allow? The new garage only has 350 spots and I'm pretty sure those will all be spoken for, once the permit parking goes into effect on the residential streets...
                    • Facts
                      Kilroy's is not a huge chain like the ones you speak of. These owners purchased the Kilroy's Name from the original in Bloomington and started their own concept. There is not a bar like this in broad ripple and it would be a great addition. Good food tons of drinks and a big patio??? Scarce on the strip. And no I don't work here I don't even hang out there much. I am more into clubs. Just wondering why anyone would refuse such a nice place.
                    • Facts
                      Kilroy's is not a huge chain like the ones you speak of. These owners purchased the Kilroy's Name from the original in Bloomington and started their own concept. There is not a bar like this in broad ripple and it would be a great addition. Good food tons of drinks and a big patio??? Scarce on the strip. And no I don't work here I don't even hang out there much. I am more into clubs. Just wondering why anyone would refuse such a nice place. Its a Bar and Grill....Does this sound like a teenage drunk fest???? Not Really.
                    • As long as they operate responsibly...
                      Isn't at least one Kilroys in Bloomington under investigation for allowing underage drinking in relation to the Lauren Spierer case? I would hope that any establishment in an area such as Broad Ripple, where underage drinking has been a problem, would be carefully scrutinized before being approved.

                      I would love to see something more similar to a Binkleys take over the space.
                    • Variances for what?
                      Cory, what are the specific variances that are required?
                    • Hmm
                      The hopeful side of me is thinking maybe this will finally create the critical mass to bring live music back to BR. Then I remember that we're not cool...
                    • Kilroy's
                      Kilroy's on Kirkwood/Kilroy's Sports/Kilroy's on Dunkirk are all located in Bloomington. They have allowed the use of their name for the location in downtown Indy and this proposed establishment. Other than selling stuffed breadsticks, the Indianapolis version of Kilroy's is more Texas Roadhouse than any variation of Kilroy's in Bloomington. Just think suburb strip mall bar on steriods.
                    • Sounds Good
                      I like the idea of having a large outdoor location there. There isn't a place like this on the strip. Plus there aren't a lot of places that are good to watch sports at. Hopefully it can add this aspect as well. I like that it's a local business. I think it will be successful.
                    • BR is Burning
                      Really, Kilroys....doesnt BR already have the college crowd eating out of its hand? BTW, the TRU bar, or whatever its being called these days has definitly brought the villages appeal down a few notches with the wanna be thug presence.... I live on the canal and witness the weekend trash coming and going...what a shame greed has presented on the once appealling BRV.
                    • What will sit empty?
                      The building will not sit empty if Kilroy's doesn't move in. Cardinal Fitness had no intentions of moving until Kilroy's approached them. If Kilroy's doesn't get approved then Cardinal Fitness will stay. So the argument that you don't want a building to sit empty is not relevant at this time.
                    • BRVA
                      Also, if you don't think the BRVA has influence on this go ask a business owner in Broad Ripple. The BRVA has more power than you think.
                    • Crossing streets
                      Hard to believe these comments about people having to cross streets. Do you realize how many hundreds of people walk across streets to get from parking garages downtown to their favorite restaurants along N. Illinois or Mass. Ave? Go look at Chicago for example. Folks, this is an URBAN setting, not Castleton Sq. Mall.
                    • Franchise
                      Also, buying the naming rights to open a similar establishment with the same name is a franchise.
                    • parking
                      Everybody seems to think that parking is going to be magically fixed with this parking garage but nobody remembers that after they build it they are planning on changing residential street parking in the area to permit only. That will effectively remove hundreds of parking spots currently being used. It could be a wash when all is said and done. Also, Cardinal may not be the best gym, but if you just want basic facilities it's a good deal at $20 per month. LA Fitness is really nice, but they can't touch that price.
                    • another bar
                      any bar ----just what broadripple needs. We need some great resturants not more bars!!!!!!!!!
                    • parking
                      arent those "valuble" parking spaces fillued up by a taco truck when the parking is actually and issue? There's plenty of parking in the ripple, just not free anymore... might have to walk and extra 50 feet
                    • parking
                      Oh? The garage is going in? For sure? You have an opening date thats signed sealed and delivered?
                    • What about Calle 52?
                      how can this repurposing possibly be OK'd with Ripple's Parking situation while just down college ave Calle 52 is being kept from opening? using an old video store shouldn’t be that much different than a former record store/fitness center?

                      at the same time, if this goes through they'd better bring their A game: the food in Ripple is getting better and better every month!
                      • the solution is transit not concrete
                        A couple of details - Calle 52 is actually in Meridian Kessler and the BRVA is not the neighborhood organization associated with the specific piece of real estate where Calle 52 would like to locate. However, the BRVA is free and welcome to give their opinions and support or remonstrate against any project that they feel impacts their community. Parking is at the core of problems all along the College corridor. The solution is not to pour more concrete but to increase a reliable, inexpensive, frequent circulator style bus up and down the Corridor from Downtown to Carmel. Many members of the community have suggested this - I can't take any credit for being original -- but the city refuses to connect to an idea like this and instead connects to the idea of a parking garage. This solution was generated as a possible answer to the problems of parking through the process of Envisioning sponsored by Harmoni,the BRVA and the city. Latching on to the idea of this parking garage - in this prime location - just continues to demonstrate the "old boy network" and the lack of progressive thinking that characterizes Indianapolis projects. "Parking revenue" is something easily conceived and comprehended - whereas understanding the economy of improved transit as an impetus - even as primitive as a circulating bus - is not. Furthermore, creating residential parking permits for the village will do more harm than good for the business located there. But as ever in Indianapolis, que sera sera.
                      • Nothing bad ever happens at Kilroy's
                        except for their over-serving underage girls who then go missing...but other than that, it'd be a great addition.
                      • Nice!
                        I like this idea - for the most part. The current arrangement at that corner is a bit dumpy (Cardinal Fitness + garage repair shop??). However, the sheer scale of the project seems out of place for the location. I think I'd rather see 2 or 3 new bars/restaurants here, instead of 1 sprawling complex..
                        • Nice!
                          Passwater's Collision Repair is a longtime Village fixture that along with Cardinal Fitness provides different reasons for people to be in the village and different hours of the day. This reduces "empty" streets that can attract crime.
                        • More Development
                          Cory, do you have any information regarding what company/restaurant is replacing the now demolished Noble Roman's on East 96th Street near I-69?
                        • P.M. is a Gimple
                          This new Kilroys would be great for B-Rip, if only the owner wasn't full of Boo!!
                        • Dying for a Kilroy's in Brip!
                          Nick, how exactly was Brothers a mistake? It's packed every time I go and is great because it's non-smoking. I'm sure Kilroy's would be the same way since the one downtown is non-smoking as well. This is exactly what Broadripple needs. It has a very recognizable name, which will bring in IU alumni, and is a great college bar. Which, face it, Broadripple is in a college area.

                          I'm so looking forward to this Kilroy's so that I can go for my stuffed breadsticks and pink lemonade long island fix without having to drive all the way downtown and try to find non-existent parking due to construction!
                        • Broad Ripple Does Not Need This
                          Are you kidding me? Seriously, if you have ever been to Broad Ripple on a weekend night, you know there is already a parking problem. Why would anyone even entertain the thought of adding another bar, especially one with the square footage that Kilroy’s is proposing. The future parking garage can’t be taken into consideration at this point. Even if they were to get the garage approved in the near future, it will be well over a year (probably closer to 2 years) before those extra spots are available. What do you do with all of those extra cars in the mean time?

                          From the article you can see that the total square footage that they plan to use is 12,550. At 15 Sq. Feet per person (fire code for a restaurant), that’s an occupancy of over 800 people. Now I realize that some of that area will be used by kitchen and restrooms, but even if you cut that number in half, there is no way you can safely fit that many more cars in Broad Ripple.

                          What people don't realize is how saturated Broad Ripple already is. I have many friends who own bars in Broad Ripple. Everybody thinks that they are pulling in money hand over foot. This is simply not the case. If you look back to when Brother’s was allowed to open, at the same time that the economy tanked, many of the more popular places were one bad snow storm away from being out of business. Luckily Brother’s became known more for their poor service than anything else, and things leveled back out. If you add another large venue to this market, what will happen? Rather than see one empty space filled, you will eventually see MANY more empty spaces from businesses going under.
                          If the current bars go under, one of two things will happen. There will either be a high occupancy level in Broad Ripple or their businesses will be bought out by people who don’t care about Broad Ripple as a whole. Most of the bar owners that I know either live in Broad Ripple or own property. They run their businesses with the betterment of the area in mind.

                          That building is not zoned to be a bar right now. It does not need to be a bar. The only people it will benefit are its owners. It will certainly not improve the area. If they do get re-zoning approval without the needed parking, then our city government has failed us once again and should be investigated.
                        • Zoned for a bar?
                          Is it zoned for a bar? Yes. And no (sorta). Actually, the site is zoned to permit a bar/nightclub, except for the fact that is located too close to the post office, which for some silly reason is zoned as a residential district (huh?!), and the zoning ordinance's requirement for lots and lots of parking.

                          From the City's website:
                          Variance of development standards of the Commercial Zoning
                          Ordinance to provide for a bar and grill within 40 feet of a protected
                          district (100-foot separation required), with 37 parking spaces (119
                          parking spaces required).

                          I think this might also require a variance for the amount of outdoor space being too high in relation to square footage of the building.
                        • Broad Ripple Needs This!
                          Hey Indy 500 Fan, tell your friends that own bars to run them better and maybe think about some upkeep. If piece of crap Brothers almost put them out of business, then there is something wrong with their businesses. For too long, the people of Broad Ripple have been stuck with the same crappy bars and restaurants with the same poor service because there were no new options. The face of BR is changing thanks to places like Northside Social, Usual Suspects, 10-01, 3 Wisemen, and now hopefully Kilroy's. The only competition you have in this business is yourself. If you offer a quality product with good service, you should never worry about a new kid on the block. Instead, embrace the improvement to the neighborhood.
                        • Parking
                          They are required to have a certain number of parking places that are not shared with another bar/restaurant in order to get their zoning. Given the number of bars in Broad Ripple that have had to claim spots for their own zoning, I don't see how they can legally get this done. That's why I said that there should be an investigation if they are approved.

                          Quote from Paul: "From the City's website:
                          Variance of development standards of the Commercial Zoning
                          Ordinance to provide for a bar and grill within 40 feet of a protected
                          district (100-foot separation required), with 37 parking spaces (119
                          parking spaces required)"
                        • Parking
                          broad Ripple definitely don't need another bar and more congested traffic. As for the new garage being the answer to the parking problem, that's not really correct. All of the neighborhood will become permit parking only, so everyone parking in the neighborhoods will have to park in the garage so those garage spots are pretty much already accounted for.
                        • traffic? really?
                          Have any of you been downtown on the weekends? Or better yet, have any of you been to other cities where parking on the weekends is nearly impossible(Chicago comes to mind)? Broad Ripple is popular enough that people are willing to deal with traffic to go there. This is the only area of our city where this is the case. If every city prevented new businesses due to parking issues, everything in this country would be like glendale. Its time for Indy to embrace Broad Ripple as its best neighborhood for growth and for keeping young people from leaving for a "cooler" city (probably with MORE parking issues!).

                          As for Kilroy's, Brother's, etc., ruining the old "village vibe" it should be expected. Every cool neighborhood in every city eventually experiences gentrification - both with housing as well as retail/dining. So the "cool" crowd may have to start heading down to SoBro to "keep it real", big deal. There is enough space in broad ripple to make everyone happy (perhaps some density/TOD, and a streetcar line would help).
                        • Less Parking Less DUI
                          Folks, having less places to park is a great thing! Broad Ripple is a nightlife destination... If people know parking will be a huge pain in the keester, then they will call a taxi. Spend their money at the bar on booze. Then get into another taxi and go home.

                          This is what happens in bigger cities. Atlanta, Chicago, Elletsville, etc...

                          I also agree with "Kilroy's Fan" if the owners of dumps like OPTs, Chumleys, Mudsharks, Manshaft, BRT, dont like the new blood coming in, they need to step their game up.

                          Worries only happen when something is being done wrong.

                        • Parking
                          I completely agree with American and MassTransit. I cannot understand everyone whining about parking. If you want a sea of parking go out to Avon. Less parking will create more of a need for people to use cabs, car pools, bikes and transit, which is a good thing!
                        • Beer & Sandwich for LT $10?
                          Why can't you get a beer and a sandwich in this town for under $10 before tax and tip?
                          • more than $10
                            Frank, apparently someone has to pay for a new garage in BR?
                          • Good News!
                            Nick I have good news for you. Kilroy's is not a big chain. There are 3 distinct versions in Bloomington, where the original was started and there's only one outside of there in Indianapolis. Brother's is a large chain in multiple states. Kilroy's is not. So no need to be wary anymore!
                          • Change is good, parking is bad
                            I have to agree with the comments on here about parking. I simply cannot understand why so many people are obsessed with the need for more parking. The zoning ordinance needs to be updated into more of a flexible zoning ordinace to allow for dense urban areas like Broad Ripple. Businesses should not have to scrap plans because they cannot supply 119 parking spaces. Parking in BR is not the nightmare people keep claiming- you just have to look around for a few moments to find a spot. If that means you have to walk a few extra blocks that should be a good indicator that the neighborhood is thriving. Having a great neighborhood like broad ripple means encouraging new development and new bars/restaurants. We are never going to have enough parking spaces to accommodate everyone- and we shouldnt advocate for it! We shouldnt be paving everything and making an already auto-centric city worse. We need to focus on sustainability and urban density. The parking garage is an awful idea- it looks like a giant walgreens in the renderings. We should get more public transit options and look a little harder for a parking spot- even if it means walking your butt a few extra blocks. We don't need BR to look like suburban sprawl and santitize what makes BR so unique.
                          • D&D
                            I'm not sure encouraging people to drive and park at bars is a good public safety policy.
                          • Parking
                            Every time I've been to BR, whether it be at 10am, 5pm, or 11pm, I've never had an issue with parking. Can you park on BR Ave at 11pm? No. No, but if you go north a few blocks on the Monon (Monon Food Co, La Piedad, etc), you'll find open spots. If you're too lazy to walk 5 minutes to the strip, you have bigger issues.
                          • safety
                            A big reason why people complain about the parking is because of the safetly issues with being off the beat in path in Broad Ripple. The Monon is not lit and therefore isn't safe to walk at night. Parking is a major issue in Broad Ripple at any time of the day. I feel like you haven't been to Broad Ripple or you're a plant if you say parking isn't a problem. Again, the big picutre is missed. Broad Ripple isn't just a bar area, but people want to turn it into one. For the people who live in Broad Ripple (which the avg age is 40 y/o) another bar on the ave is not what we need.
                          • Kilroy's
                            I live across the street from the building that is being proposed for use as Kilroy's. I routinely every week witness trash being thrown, drunks, fights etc. I have lost count of the times I have called the Police. Another bar to add to the highest concentration of bars in the county will cause more mayhem.

                            Broadripple is over crowed with bars and the crime associated with over population of liquor licenses. I have lived in Broadripple over 29 years and we who reside and pay property taxes in Broadripple need to
                            vigorously stop this.
                          • Meeting
                            Variance hearing Tuesday, July 19th, at 1 p.m. at the City-County Building. If you live in Broad Ripple and don't want this bar come and show it today.
                          • ?????
                            You live across the street?

                            You live at Chumley's?

                          • Let's grow up
                            The LAST thing Broad Ripple needs is another frat bar. This development was originally "sold" as a family friendly, non-smoking establishment. There is so much more to this village in terms of culture, arts, and community. It is unfortunate that more business cannot realize this potential... Unless Kilroy's development team can present a more sophisticated and significant addition to Broad Ripple attracting those who value community, contribution, and good commerce, let's do not allow this to proceed. At a minimum, it needs to be better than Brothers, add some entertainment and dining with a richer element than drunken early 20 something's staggering around and leaving an absolute mess of trash, reversed food on the sidewalks, and pieces of clothes strewn down the street and in the neighborhood home's yards. I walk this gem nearly every day in the early morning. The stretch with LandSharks, Average Joes, OPT, etc. can all be improved... Starting with keeping out another of this genre... Then maybe making the street pedestrian, merchant, and community friendly by eliminating motor traffic altogether along BR Avenue ala our friends in Colorado villages where people do not have to drive and be obliterated to enjoy life.
                          • Bring It
                            We have an opportunity for another Indiana based business to develop in a thriving community which obviously fits the perfect picture of their ideal demographic. Why the heck wouldn't the town want to do this? Yes, parking is an issue in Broad Ripple but the additional garage being built on the corner of College and Broad Ripple Ave should combat that. Let's talk about filling the other space that is void too (Barley Island, Hardware Store, etc.). Can we get additional developments in those as well?
                          • Not following the logic here
                            "Big Chain".... remember that Kilroys started in Bloomington Indiana and is an IU/college staple. They have expanded to other college towns (similar profile to Scottys and 3Wisemen). I say SUPPORT Indiana grown businesses and recognize that multiple locations doesn't make a venue "evil".

                            For the parking issues... this little lot didn't/won't help. The garage planned for summer 2012 is the only option to help with this. Bloomington successfully solved much of their parking woes with a similar garage on their trendy Walnut street area.

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