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  1. If you don't know about the AG's record you're "uninformed" is what I meant. You may be uniformed also but you're still uninformed.

  2. You need examples CC? Well AG Zeolot has spent his time - a.k.a taxpayer money - pursuing legal action against the Affordable Care Act and same sex marriage (and highly partisan moves of defending the former Sec of State Charlie White from being removed for voter fraud and taking court action against Supt of Instr. Glenda Ritz in her battle with the State Bd of Educ.) If you don't know that you're uniformed. As for consumer protection, I filed a complaint when a television service provider over-billed me. The AG's office asked the provider to explain, and it simply denied the charge. It was good enough for the AG. My complaint was dismissed.

  3. I immediately thought of the deli scene in WHEN HARRY MET SALLY.

  4. Agree that Mega bus is not much cheaper and a bigger hassle. I took the train recently to Chicago and had a good experience. If they could take care of the delays outside Chicago and even upgrage the track to allow slightly faster speeds, it would rival driving in terms of speed. I took Mega Bus back because of the lack of train service when I needed to return. It was a major free for all in the street when 8 busses pulled up and several hundred people were trying to load and unload with no signage to direct you to where you needed to be. The bus was cramped and stuffy and overall uncomfortable. if they can speed up the train and add departures along with adding light food service and wifi will make it much more enjoyable.

  5. North of 96th Street is Carmel, though some have Indy addresses. It's a post office thing.