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  1. There is a relatively easy fix to this that does not involve shaming corporations - corporations that have duties to shareholders. Un-American? There is nothing more American than being maximizing revenue. So how do we do it? Steps 1 and 2 have to happen at the same time or the plan will not work. Sorry to ignorant politicians who vow never to increase taxes (by the way - do you just tell the credit card company your not paying the bill?) Step 1: Decrease corporate tax to 10 per cent. Step 2: Increase personal taxes for exceptionally high income earners and people who do not pay taxes. Everyone should pay taxes to some extent, and if you cannot afford it, you can help pick up trash, work at an animal shelter, or provide some public good. There should be individual tax brackets for billionaires 50% of income; 100s millionaires 47%; 10s millionaires 44%; then the current tax rates for everyone else. Then people at the bottom should either pay a tax or lose their standard deduction. Sorry, we all live here and have to pay our way. Now, how does this fix the matter? If Corporations have low tax rates and individuals have high tax rates, it will stimulate employment, growth and quit Obama's whining (Personally, I love the guy, voted for him, but, sometimes, I am a little confused at what he is doing.) Rather than have Mr. CEO debate whether to take a huge bonus that will be taxed at a higher rate, she will keep the money in the company and the company in the country where it will use those dollars to higher more employees and increase business. This tax system existed with much higher personal and corporate taxes in the late 40s, 50s, and 60s which, by the way, witnessed the greatest economic growth in the history of the world. The change in this policy to increased corporate taxes and decreased individual taxes has lent more to income inequality than any other policy. Reasonable Dems and reasonable Republicans would agree to these terms. Unfortunately, stubborn tea party reps and bleeding "I hate corps" dems will never let it out of the house. Obama needs to stick to solutions not whine about problems. We have a great opportunity to implement these policy changes just after the midterm elections. Please Vote!

  2. Isn’t it strange that the Clay Township Regional Waste District hasn’t hosted a public meeting with all of the homeowners that will be impacted? I pointed this out to Drew Williams when I spoke to him yesterday. If this is such a well thought out and beneficial project you would think that they would be seeking publicity.

  3. How in the heck does soccer even get brought up for this story... Dumb---!

  4. This all came about because the 35% corporate tax rate is the highest of any industrial country in the world. Simple answer: reduce the tax rate to a competitive percentage and inversions will slow down. Obama and his ilk are socialists (some are communists). As long as socialists are able to make policy, believers in free-enterprise will look for other free-enterprise economies. And if you are leadership of a public company, you are duty bound to do that which is a). legal and b). in the best interest of the shareholders. How dare the worst, most anti-American president in American history ever call anyone else unpatriotic. That guy will say anything.

  5. Shame on the Ballard administration. They have millions of dollars for cricket and to enrich their campaign contributors, but don't have $300,000 for this?