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  1. How about concentrating on drunk driving instead of setting unenforceable and unscientific alcohol limits? Why is the limit the same for a tiny Asian lady or a big Hoosier guy?

  2. So there was no Indiana company that could have handled naming rights for the Coliseum at the INDIANA State Fairgrounds?

  3. Apples to oranges. Elian's biological father, a Cuban national, demanded the child be returned to Cuba and the courts ruled that ONLY HIS FATHER could petition for asylum. This had nothing to do with democrats. But nice try.

  4. I remember it was the Democrats who held a family at gunpoint with jack-booted, armed swat teams in order to return Elian Gonzalez back to Cuba, a tyranny his mother died attempting to get her son away from. She was looking for a better life for her child too. But then, Elian was Cuban and was likely not a future Democrat. For the left, this is all about boosting its voter base and giving its big business campaign donors cheaper labor.

  5. I don't understand how this will be enforced - how will they keep someone from coming back and having three more in an hour - and then three more in another hour. I don't understand why three is the magic number - when some people can handle ten and some people can't handle one. I don't understand why they'd push so hard to include alcohol at the fair and then put an artificial cap on the number of drinks - unless they're just trying to show some social conscience to protect their reputation or market it to the media. I don't understand why, if they're going to have alcohol at the fair, they don't use reasonable standards that are applied by state law to restaurants and bars. I don't really understand why they're having alcohol at the fair in the first place - because you know that someone will be arrested for going in and having a few drinks while they let their small children run free through the fairgrounds. But, most of all, i don't understand why they have to have some sort of compromise - either have alcohol at the fair or don't. Don't play games around some sort of artificial limit that isn't enforceable. It just looks silly.