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  1. It is a nice strategy to approach parents or patients families for research. I really hope there will be a good progress especially in duchenne muscular dystrophy research.

  2. Mary, I've heard from several people that adding an interchange at 96th and Keystone is an 'when' not 'if' project. Brainard had tried and failed on at least one or more occasions applying for federal funds saying it's a shovel-ready project but ultimately that won't stop the project from getting done. I had also heard that completion of the interchange is on hold until the US 31 Hamilton County project wraps up at the end of 2015. If I was a betting man, I'd say before the end of the decade you'll see the elimination of the 96th street stoplight.

  3. I wonder what he really has to say about Carl Brizzi. They’re in litigation, so the best juicy stuff probably won’t ever make it to Charlie’s blog. But I’d love to be a fly on the wall when he spills his guts out loud about Brizzi. Please God, let Charlie White get drunk some night and blog the nasty backstory about Carl and the day he decided Charlie’s trial was such a slam dunk he didn’t need to put on any defense. I love to hear that story. Tell it again Charlie.

  4. JK, you fail to mention that many physicians (radiologists specifically) feel that the imaging quality of the scans at these non-hospital based facilities are of an inferior quality. Just something is cheaper doesn't mean it's the same quality! Also, you HAVE to be kidding when you say Anthem/insurance companies have been resistant to force health care providers down on price. Every time our physician group renegotiates with Anthem, they want to give us less for more work. Your statement shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how negotiations occur within health care!

  5. Perhaps a diagram of all the network connections of all politicians to their supporters and those who are elite/wealthy and how they have voted on bills that may have benefited their supporters. The truth may hurt, but there are no non-disclosures in government.