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  1. Keep in mind that sports is a distraction that takes the voters minds off what the politicians are not doing for them and are doing to them, take the money and run.

  2. So in essence, the money flows toall who are not the athletes, including multimillion dollar salaries to coaches, colleges reap billions, and merchandise is a major moneymaker. So the NCAA, College Coaches and Staff, and many others are the equivalent of a multibillion dollar business, professional business and the athletes are amateurs in the name of earning for them, but not for the players. If this is the case, if and when players are good enough for the pros, they should jump at it, because the NCAA does not care if they graduate, make it into the pros, or have a career, they only want to protect their money machine, endorsements, broadcasting revenues,ticket sales, merchandise, and executive box seats and ticket revenues. Wow, that is hypocritical, we want to have the amateurs remain amateurs because that iswhat draws the big bucks for the colleges, coaches, and the NCAA. Perhaps they are just a middleman and have no purpose in college sports except to exploit it for billion dollar revenues. The athletes in the major sports should have revenue funneled into funds for when they graduate, a fair amount to fund them in starting a business, buying a house, establishing a future. The colleges and NCAA need to take part of their revenue, lets say 25 percent and put it into a player fund to be doled out upon graduation from the college.

  3. Let me get this straight. We can't afford to maintain existing road infrastructure and are faced with a diminishing tax base, so the solution is to raise taxes and build NEW roads? Of course, you can always count on Indiana State representatives to be oblivious to what is happening in the rest of the world, but come on...they still think road building is the key to economic prosperity? This is a great example of stupidity mixed with corruption.

  4. Really? This is what the US Senate is working on right now? Whether the NCAA has an appropriate role in amateur sports? This is definitely more important than the IRS fraud, collapse of Iraq, conquests by Russia, influx of illegal aliens at the southern border, Benghazi, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.

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