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  1. I just read the memo the CECI submitted to the US Dept. of Education. (Thanks to the link a commenter provided.) What a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. This is an embarrassment to the state. I feel sorry for the US Dept. of Education staff that had to read through this lengthy and detailed and disjointed memo. It lacks perspective and any argument is lost in the detail. It reads more like a detailed critique of a draft report. The childlike behavior of our state officials gets worse and worse.

  2. Mr. Muffley, I admire your tenacity and loyalty to your brand-just don't become consumed by other people's ignorance and/or lack of vision. It will make your head hurt.

  3. ...and...

  4. The HIP has high deductibles and called for medical savings accounts neither of which promotes affordability. Moreover, the proposed plan puts Indiana citizens at a disadvantage over citizens of other states that do not have these so-called "freedom and flexibility" requirements.

  5. I have watched this dysfunctional situation unfold over the last 2 years. I believe the Governor is responsible for this sad situation. Had he tried to work with the duly elected Superintendent in a constructive way rather than stack the Board against her and then create another organization to undermine her responsibilities things might not be where they are. I think Pence showed a total lack of leadership in this situation; it was pure political posturing. On the other hand, had Ritz had some leadership experience she could have done a better job of trying to work through the situation. Nevertheless, Pence is responsible in my opinion.