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  1. The element that goes to Bleeker Street doesn't represent the average black person. Further, the same is true for the element that is responsible for the violence in Broad Ripple. The average black person is like any other person - concerned about his/her safety, wants to have a fun time in a positive environment, and wants to be treated with respect and dignity. The element that IS causing the issues is representative of low class blacks. African-Americans who are low on the socio-economic ladder who have limited resources and education, and perhaps, less to lose. If you don't want to patronize these types of Americans (irrespective of race), you do so via dress code screening - ex. no white tees, no gym shoes, no hoodies, no hats/head coverings, and in making sure the advertising appeals to your target demographic.

  2. I don't get this... Indy runs out the homeless for sitting on a corner and shaking a cup but the WELCOMES someone sitting on a corner pounding a bucket? So if we teach the homeless to do a little dance it'll be OK? Since there's no permit involved I can guarantee several will do just that... I for one will NOT be visiting downtown when this JOKE takes place...

  3. Lee, I never fail to be surprised at the people who think that being close to a jail is less safe than being away from one. It's like living next to a cemetery - the people there are dead and can't possibly hurt you. The people in the jail are locked up and so you are safer from them than you are the ones walking on the street.

  4. Finally someone who is tough on crime and he resigns to join a corporate law firm?? What a waste, Joe. Please stay in the criminal arena and fight the good fight. We need you.

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