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  1. The city really needs to look at converting Pennsylvania, Illinois, Washington, and Maryland streets back to two-ways in order to breath life back into the ground floor commercial spaces. It's no accident that all of the best, most stable restaurant/retail corridors in downtown are on two-way streets: Meridian, Ohio, Market, and Mass Ave.

  2. I will be glad to see Comcast leave the state of Michigan i thought i would like them, i am a new customer never had Comcast before, i am suppose to be at the 49.99 plan but they have me at 65.00, and what is worse they prorated it for two months in advance, i have only had Comcast since the beginning of august, they have also charged me a tech visit which i was told there would be no charge since i called within the 30 day offer, i am not satisfied with Comcast at all and i will be glad when Time Warner and Charter can come in just speaking my opinion, it has a lot of potential but not for me, the cable plan i have with them is limited basic tv and internet and that is all. Wide Open West isn't ant better

  3. At the end of the day, it's just another bus. An expensive one at that. This will be a joke in 10 years.

  4. This seems to be a neverending discussion. Silence the politicians and just build it. Put a tax on food proceeds for the red line and then an east/west blue line and be done with it. Other cities are light years ahead of Indianapolis, we are at least 15 years if not 20 plus years behind other major thriving cities. Build it and business will thrive along the lines and industry and other developments. We spend city money on stadiums, basketball arenas, but no simple transport across the city with trunk lines feeding into it from surrounding counties. The airport doesnt even have rapid transit to downtown Indianapolis, what major thriving city does not have a major mass transit system, only Indianapolis.

  5. Went to Cincy a month or two ago. Guess what? Their building a light rail system... Oh my how backwards we are. Build it! For once dream about what this city can become and not merely what it is today.