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  1. What Universe have you beeb living in? The man is evil personified. Tim Berry tried to make Mourdock the Face of the party,as you can see thats not working out too well.So now we get to pay this dweeb an extra $12,000 a year and listen to his racist rants forever..

  2. Indot did shift the alignment to the west. This is why they closed/moved the Taco Bell and McD's. State could not buy school property. Once construction started on US31, the school system put it up for sale, because they do need the $.

  3. He is a disgrace to the sport and the city.

  4. I thought Richard Mourdock embarrassed the State of Indiana in the national press and looked like a fool. He lost the election because he was wasn’t smart enough. He upset women nationwide with his backward, Christian thinking and then he stumbled and bumbled his way around his explanations. I get tired of these type guys dragging us all down. Republican men should just stop talking about rape. Mourdock was one of two guys who lost important elections that year for stupid rape comments. Nobody did this to Mourdock. He lost all on his own, and I’m glad. These tea party, deeply religious Christian conservatives with their backward ideas about women and gays; they might as well be fundamentalist muslims. They don’t represent me.

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