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  1. Interesting, no questions or legal issues in becoming the largest retail management company in the world, has anyone played Monopoly or Lets Make a Deal, this is all about the "Deal", whats best for them and not whats best for the consumer or retailer, pure profit and control of all services to leasees. Brings up if Amazon will ever have Brick Shopping Areas or Outlet Malls in addition to their clicks, web shopping. Would be very popular to have products with Amazon branding in all areas. Micro and Minimalls would seem to be a good growth path for someone with significant financial investment to compete and grow. This is why Amazon is placing distribution within 2-3 hours of any major population zone in the country, same day shopping and delivery to your door. The next step for them is try it and buy it, if not return it. Virtual fitting for clothing. Really don't need tosee any goods in person except clothing, jewelry and eve that can be online. Why fight the traffic, why go to the mall, crowds, traffic. Next trend is shopping in the country to get away from the city, destination shopping.

  2. Chip thinks big goverment is great - enough said. It's not his fault, he watches MSNBC and is a product of the public schools.

  3. umm - in case you havent heard the senate and oval office are run by democrats, and the one in the oval office couldn't care less about congress or the constitution. I suppose you still blame Bush

  4. I disagree with Max. Since while yes I won't disagree smoking is different than voting rights, you can't deny that anti-smoking groups with an agenda don't already try to greatly exaggerate the effects of cigarette smoke. If smoking is as dangerous as anti groups always like to claim, then these groups should've been advocating for the outlawing of cigarettes years ago. I still believe that as long as cigarettes are legal, that ANY adult-only establishment that doesn't serve minors should be allowed to set their own policy on smoking. The new Indy smoking ban is still wrong to me, since it treats other adult establishments(I.e. private clubs, and OTB/sports wagering businesses) differently than bars and taverns in exempting them from the smoking ban. Either all adult-only establishments should be covered under the ban, or all such businesses should be exempted. At least the Evansville court case, rightfully struck down that city's smoking ban!

  5. Marijuana prevents this disease.