Sarah Fisher grows race team

August 17, 2009
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fisherSarah Fisher arrived blind-folded at 10:50 a.m. today at her race shop on the city’s west side. But she wasn’t being kidnapped and dragged to work. Fisher’s own team put blinders on her for a surprise sponsorship announcement.

The announcement, team officials said, is a monumental one for the two-year-old team and 29-year-old driver and owner of Sarah Fisher Racing. SFR officials said Wichita, Kansas-based Hartman Oil Co. stepped up with a commitment that will allow the team to purchase a back-up car. Her crew surprised her with the car this morning.

Fisher’s team raced in three races in 2008. With the help of primary sponsor, Dollar General, the team expanded to a six-race schedule this year. Team offials said today they'll have another major sponsor announcement next week that will put Fisher on the track at the Indy Racing League's Miami race Oct. 10.

Though SFR officials are still finalizing plans for the 2010 season, they hope to have Fisher on the track for all the oval races. A back-up car will be critical to making that growth happen, and achieving the dream of racing the entire series.

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  • THat there is a reel woman and a hiro of the IRl
  • Real men, or women, race in front of 150,000 oblivious drunks at a street festival. Sarah doesn't even run on street courses. I hate her.
  • Good for Sarah. The league needs a solid mid-packer with no chance of winning to fill empty space on the track.
  • Hooey:

    Sarah's a good kid. Respectable, hard working, industrious, and well liked by everyone. She's trying hard to make something successful out of less than favorable circumstances dictated by others she has no control over. She should be praised for her efforts. She certainly doesn't deserve scorn and hate from you or anyone else. So, stick it in your oversized piehole You are such a louche.
  • Hey Berwick Girl, I thought you quit? Wow. Bummer.
  • Congrats Sarah!!! Fantastic news!
  • Wow....sensing too much hatred here.
  • Sarah Fisher would be a good story in any line of business and in any sport. She's fought some pretty long odds for a very long time. Her and her team's progress is commendable. And anyone in open-wheel racing knows there is a lot of respect for the O'Garas as well.
  • Wink Hartman, the man behind the $300K that helped buy Sarah her back-up car is a very solid person. He's a self-made businessman and he's good for racing. Nothing to sneer at here. You've got people investing in the series, growing a team and little by little providing jobs. It seems like there's something here for all of us to cheer about, especially in this economy.
  • How many Nomex's had to killed for that BIG yellow driving suit?
    Oh the humanity, when will the killing of the little Nomex's stop!
  • If you reAlly want Me to tell you wHat i think of sarah thEn i'll wRite it down. i tRuly believe that she Is a Good downHome sTand up peRson and am glad to know hEr, it is An honoR. i have to say thaT and If you'RE Good at deciphering yoU'll know whY.
  • You bunch of blow offs are disgusting. GROW UP!

    Anthony, for goodness sakes, here is a great article you wrote about a wonderful woman that deserves all she gets and this bunch of hate mongers come on here and spew all of their degenerate comments. Can we say STOP?
  • Hi kids, the real Da Hooey is here. there is a fan club out there and you can always tell his posts as he always refers to drunks in his posts. This is an obvious parody by someone from Tr&&*forum, prolly mgmnt.

    Anywho - great news for Sarah (meatballs anyone?) Too bad nobody gives a rats as$ about this stupid series.
  • The real Count Tracula, aka Tommy Hubbs, thinks Sarah Fisher is good person and her efforts at competing in the series are to be applauded. She is in inspiration to that end and I wish her well. That being said, she leaves me unimpressed with her Indy Car racing skills.

    Tommy Hubbs hides behind nothing. Count Tracula is for fun.
  • Ahh, I see someone has stolen my handle. I can assure you I didn't write the above that is credited to me. First, I like Sarah Fisher; second I've never even heard of half of those drivers in that paragraph attributed to me.
  • Serious question: How come Sarah Fisher only runs ovals? Why would someone only want to finance 1/2 a season? She has no chance to win....and she doesn't enter the other 50%. The IRL vision is dead, right?
  • Diversity is king in the IRL...Tony George, Brian Barnhart and Tony Cotman sez so. So does Timmy Cindric, Mike Hull and AGR. Didn't Dollar General and Sarah Fisher get the memo?
  • I'm still scratching my head as to what could possibly replace IMS on the land/site that would generate the kind of tax revenue to justify taking it down. The only thing I can come up with is building a MLB-class baseball stadium to gun for an expansion team or a re-locating one. What else could they build that there isn't already plenty of, thanks to the econ?

    Yay Sarah - I hope she doesn't end up the victim of betting on the wrong horse. Get some clues, IRL!
  • Oh, you'll never guess what is to be built at the site of IMS. Remarkable, no amazing. Revenue projections are over a ten to twenty year time frame and they far exceed an annual Indy 500/Brickyard 500 when examined in the aggregate, no pun intended.

    It is a fact. Indy ends after the 2011 500.
  • I had the occasion to meet Sarah back in 2007 and I must say not only was she a gracious and motivational speaker at our Adipose Adult Stem Cell Conference in Indianapolis but a delightful young lady and ambassador for her sport and our state. She deserves all the success that comes her way and I wish her the best! A strong and accomplished professional woman with a positive attitude and presence.
  • Hey Berwick Girl, I thought you quit?

    Yup. According to the time codes, Berwick couldn't even last 48 hours away from posting on The Score. I like how he tells people to stop the hate AFTER calling other people louches and blow offs who make degenerate comments. Hey Berwick, we'll stop if you stop, but we know you've already lied about doing that with the past week. Isn't there somewhere else on the Internet you can embarrass yourself instead of here?
  • Sarah Fisher, Ed Carpenter and Shiggy Hattori made the IRL into a household name. Right up there with Oxiclean and Shamwow.

    Indyman, when your racing series gets, on Versus at MId-Ohio and Kentucky, about the same number of viewers as a Billy Mays or Vince infomercial, it takes more than just Fisher, Carpenter and Hattori to plunge you that far into the abyss.
  • I had the occasion to meet Sarah back in 2007 and I must say not only was she a gracious and motivational speaker at our Adipose Adult Stem Cell Conference in Indianapolis but a delightful young lady and ambassador for her sport and our state.

    A friend of mine has a special-needs son. They met Sarah in a mall one day, and she understood right away about the young man and was very kind to him. Sarah is quality human being. I'd love to see her have great success with her team.
  • Funny how everyone bashes Milka Duno. An equally gracious, kind, and decent person who, in all actuality, exceeds everyone in the IRL in her generosity with her time toward fans.

    Also, by far, the most intelligent person in the paddock. Pure class.

    But ignorant, xenophobic, dim-witted, IRL fans bash her endlessly while singing the praises of Sarah Fisher. Neither female are very talented Indy Car racers, but Sarah gets the nod.

    Way to go IRL fans! Reinforcing the Great White American racist stereotype! So how about some right back, you gap-toothed, slow-brained, Hoosier hicks!

    Whoop! Come out swinging now, hilljacks. You always dish, but just cannot take. It is funny to watch.
  • Count, you're right. We should all upgrade the level of discourse on this site. I apologize as well.
  • mE Too. Sorry.
  • I love that Count Chocula can string racism, stereotype and hilljack in the same sentence. Its always fun to see the pot meet the kettle.

    Thanks Count-we pray for your coronation as King. He!! we'd even tell Dave Wilson to sit down for you!
  • Obviously someone is having fun stealing all of our names. Sad, but this is what this forum has degraded to. Anthony, if you want this blog to survive, you may start requiring some way of registering names, otherwise this blog will be clogged with imposters and fade away.

    That said, I am assuming this was your actual quote Da Hooey, Too bad nobody gives a rats as$ about this stupid series. Well 30+ posts in less than 24 hours shows someone cares enough to take the time to post.

    For those who are ripping on Sarah, or Hartman Oil, then you are truly sad, little people. Sarah is a story that any sport would love to have. A talented racer (contrary to the haters who post, you have to be talented to run an Indycar), who has mortgaged her life savings many times to live her dream. She has begged, borrowed and scratched her way into more races than you can count. She has the heart and drive that you would want in a racer. While watching the Danicas, Helios and Dixons are fun, it is the underdogs like Saraha that really give you someone to root for.
  • If problems continue with people posting under other posters names, I'll be forced to check IP addresses and delete the messages that don't match up with IP addresses from previous posts. If you feel your message has been wrongly deleted or if someone is posting under your name and you'd like me to check it out, feel free to email me at: Also, please try to keep the teanor of the conversation here to a reasonable roar. I think I've given eveyone an ample opportunity to express their views, so let's not go overboard. Thanks for reading.
  • Thanks Anthony.

    It is sad it has come to this. You should not have to be a babysitter.
  • Thanks Anthony for removing the post submitted by the imposter using my handle.
  • Only one Da Hooey. I think berwick is making apologies for everyone. Maybe he got a little to much Scotchygen in his blend last night?
  • The IRL is the punchline to a bad JOKE! You guys are arguing about nothing, NASCAR is KING so eat it NERDS!
  • Triumphant Ranting On Laugh Line:

    neckcar is for rednecks. Enjoy your trailer as you swill down your Keystone Light and smoke your generic cigarettes.
  • NASCAR is a low-brow version of motor racing. Their fan base is decidedly low ecehlon America. The men have little education and work mostly name tag jobs. The women watch Oprah and read Star Magazine. They like Dr. Phil. And tend to be fat. Some very fat. Their children have spiky hair cuts and do poorly in school. Their incomes are pretty good, however, and many have nice travel trailers or motor homes. They tend to be extremely ill-informed conservatives, fundamentalist Christian, an xenophobic. Any male not like Toby Keith or a a cleanerd up version in Ward Clever is a homosexual. Any woman not like Tammy Wynette or Roseanne is a hoochie be-otch. That is the NASCAR fan demographic. Low. Class-challenged. Future prospects for their children: poor. Many will go into the Army. It's a Southern thing. The boys at least and some girls that look like that girl that mistreated the Iraqi's in the prison. The rest of the women will become pregnant by age 20 and might get a cosmotology license at best.
    • 2009 Daytona 500 rating 9.2/2009 Indy 500 rating 3.9. Your misconceptions of NASCAR fans are hilarious, not only has the mainstream racing fan embraced NASCAR but corprate America. All the sponsors who used to be in CART racing and in the Indy 500 are now in NASCAR hell even international mega mogul Dietrich Mateschitz can't resist having two Cup cars. Face it when that George fellow got rid of CART Indy car was doomed and now we are KING, plain and simple.
    • nascar is for plain nitwits, simple is for the Trolls

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    1. Yes sir keep cashing those 300K a year checks direct to IMS, while millions disappear from the teams like Rahal's. Guess there wasn't enough ka- ching going around to keep Sarah Fisher in business without their "merger". LOL._____.Meanwhile back in Realville the series with the "best racing in the world" drew what appeared to be about 5000 live spectators ( and probably 1500 of those Target "freebies", and was beaten in the ratings by a series that reportedly consists of "parades" and aired while most people are still sleeping. That will generate those big ka-chings for sure. :-). But, hey, as long as the Speedway gets the cash who gives a damn about the teams?

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    3. If I could actually get the prices...I would do this on my own. We need laws that force provides to publish the costs they will charge. Everyone else gives you the price in advance...except hospitals.

    4. I was under the impression that fencing is not allowed on a front yard and that on a corner, both sides are considered "front" yards, therefore can't be fenced without a variance. Also impedes the visibility for drivers at the intersection. Am I understanding this correctly? Might be why a fence was not included in the plans and a request for a variance will have to be made?.

    5. I was a big fan of Cowards and Carrots, which I got a chance to see at the show. It's currently on Kickstarter, but the designer also put out What's He Building in There last year, which got a fair amount of buzz.