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Indiana ethics cases draw watchdog frustration

August 4, 2014
Lawmakers say they are going to look at new transparency rules after public officials skirted the law in three separate ethics cases this year.

Pence, Bayh, crowd 2016 field with questions

July 27, 2014
In the 2016 political landscape, a pair of the state's political big dogs—Republican Gov. Mike Pence and former Democratic U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh—has potential candidates holding their breath and waiting on them.

Indiana Democrats deal with education split

July 21, 2014
The fighting has exposed a deep rift within the party over how students are educated.

James spurns Miami, returns to Cleveland Cavaliers

July 11, 2014
Four-time NBA most valuable player LeBron James said Friday that he felt a calling to be a leader in the city where he started his career.

In mad dash by state lawmakers, errors can happen

June 22, 2014
When Indiana's legislative leaders called the General Assembly back for one day last week, it was because they had discovered a handful of mistakes made earlier this year that just couldn't wait until the next session to be fixed.

College recruiting: Next promise could be paycheck

June 22, 2014
Just what the future of big-time college athletics may look like if the NCAA loses a landmark antitrust suit is beginning to come into focus as attorneys representing former UCLA basketball star Ed O'Bannon and others press their case in court.

Improving jobs numbers mask painful recovery

June 9, 2014
The U.S. economy has finally regained the jobs lost to the Great Recession, but a smaller percentage of Americans are actually working and median household income has declined considerably since before the recession.

Financial questions hound Indiana state treasurer candidates

June 1, 2014
Financial questions from years-old deals are dogging two top candidates seeking the Republican nomination for state treasurer and evoking memories of previous intraparty battles.

Pence noncommittal, but stoking talk of White House bid

May 16, 2014
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has been saying for months that he is "listening" to national conservatives interested in seeing him make a presidential bid. Meanwhile, he has been out meeting with influential Republicans and conservatives.

Marriage vote fallout limited to few Indiana races

May 5, 2014
A handful of Republican legislators are facing tough primary battles from challengers who blame them for delaying a constitutional amendment that would solidify the law.

Negative ads shake up 2014 GOP primary battles

May 4, 2014
What has otherwise been a fairly sleepy primary cycle suddenly started to wake up in the past week, when negative ads from an otherwise soft-spoken veteran lawmaker hit the airwaves in Indianapolis.

Turner case tests bounds of 'citizen legislature'

April 20, 2014
Lacking black-and-white guidelines on Eric Turner's actions, the members of the House Ethics Committee will have to examine shades of gray in deciding which conflicts of interest are acceptable and which ones go too far.

Report: State political leader had millions on the line

April 17, 2014
Documents show House Speaker Pro Tem Eric Turner earned nearly $8 million selling nursing homes in the last two years and stands to earn between $1 million and $2 million on projects now being developed, thanks in part to legislation he helped block this year.

ANALYSIS: Turner stood to lose big in Statehouse fight

April 10, 2014
A top Indiana lawmaker, his family and investors in their company risked losing millions in future profits if a proposed ban on construction of new nursing homes in Indiana had become law this year, an Associated Press review has found.

Election map aids Indiana GOP grip on House seats

March 31, 2014
Indiana Democrats don't expect their election prospects to improve soon after Republicans drew election maps that led to the GOP picking up two U.S. congressional seats in 2012.

Statehouse victories tempered by Senate, budget concerns

March 16, 2014
Gov. Mike Pence and House Republicans entered the 2014 legislative session with big plans for education, taxes and roads, but they often found themselves running into Senate roadblocks.

Companies, including WellPoint, use buybacks to boost stock

March 11, 2014
Companies have been spending big on buybacks since the 1990s. What's new is the way buybacks have exaggerated the health of many companies.

Legislative studies often precede tough action

March 9, 2014
Indiana lawmakers have only a few more days this week before they wrap up the 2014 legislative session. But that doesn't mean they're totally done for the year.

Delph gains names recognition in fight with own party

February 23, 2014
When conservative state Sen. Mike Delph took to Twitter about gay marriage and ultimately lost his formal vestiges of power within the Senate Republican caucus, he gained something far more valuable in the world of politics.
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  1. How can any company that has the cash and other assets be allowed to simply foreclose and not pay the debt? Simon, pay the debt and sell the property yourself. Don't just stiff the bank with the loan and require them to find a buyer.

  2. If you only knew....

  3. The proposal is structured in such a way that a private company (who has competitors in the marketplace) has struck a deal to get "financing" through utility ratepayers via IPL. Competitors to BlueIndy are at disadvantage now. The story isn't "how green can we be" but how creative "financing" through captive ratepayers benefits a company whose proposal should sink or float in the competitive marketplace without customer funding. If it was a great idea there would be financing available. IBJ needs to be doing a story on the utility ratemaking piece of this (which is pretty complicated) but instead it suggests that folks are whining about paying for being green.

  4. The facts contained in your post make your position so much more credible than those based on sheer emotion. Thanks for enlightening us.

  5. Please consider a couple of economic realities: First, retail is more consolidated now than it was when malls like this were built. There used to be many department stores. Now, in essence, there is one--Macy's. Right off, you've eliminated the need for multiple anchor stores in malls. And in-line retailers have consolidated or folded or have stopped building new stores because so much of their business is now online. The Limited, for example, Next, malls are closing all over the country, even some of the former gems are now derelict.Times change. And finally, as the income level of any particular area declines, so do the retail offerings. Sad, but true.