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BECK: Democrats left big JJ dinner energized, unifiedRestricted Content

June 13, 2014
One of my favorite parts of serving former first lady Maggie Kernan involved county Jefferson-Jackson Day dinners. Call me crazy, but I enjoyed countless evenings at JJ dinners, whether it was fried chicken in Parke County or a standing-room-only crowd in Starke County.

BECK: Committee might dent the sexual assault epidemicRestricted Content

April 19, 2014
I hope you will join me in observing Sexual Assault Awareness Month, which is marked each April across our country.

BECK: Get to know those the amendment would affectRestricted Content

February 15, 2014
Since the General Assembly convened in January, it seems that nearly everyone I’ve talked to has an opinion on House Joint Resolution 3, the divisive constitutional amendment that defines marriage as between a woman and a man.

BECK: Bipartisanship makes big things happen

November 30, 2013
Sid and Lois Eskenazi Hospital recently opened downtown to justifiable fanfare. The state-of-the-art campus is the city’s only public hospital. Formerly known as Wishard Hospital, Eskenazi Health has long served some of our most vulnerable neighbors.

BECK: New hope for early childhood education

October 5, 2013
My son started kindergarten in August. Within a few days, it became apparent that his kindergarten experience is significantly different from that of his parents. Homework every night. Reading that must be logged and initialed. High expectations for reading, math, technology and the arts.

BECK: Jobs, marriage amendment don't mixRestricted Content

August 3, 2013
The morning the news broke that the U.S. Supreme Court had struck down a key part of the Defense of Marriage Act, people across the country did a double-take. Was it possible that the members of the highest court in the land rendered one of the greatest wedge issues of our time obsolete?

BECK: Fascinated with Indiana's first ladiesRestricted Content

June 1, 2013
It’s hard not to miss first lady Karen Pence these days. From reading to kindergartners to supporting the arts to visiting schools in Fort Wayne, she’s everywhere.

BECK: New Democratic chairs will deliverRestricted Content

March 30, 2013
I’m optimistic about the future of Hoosier Democrats, particularly at the state level and in Marion County. Why, you ask?

BECK: Let's talk reasonably about gunsRestricted Content

February 2, 2013
I didn’t want to write about guns. The subject is fraught with complications. If I thought the political commentary on Facebook was extreme during the election, it became downright ludicrous following the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

BECK: The biggest and worst of the electionsRestricted Content

December 15, 2012
For the political among us, 2012 was solely focused on the election. From the early days in January with the Iowa caucuses to the ongoing transitions at the state and federal levels, the year was packed with action.

BECK: Republicans received no mandatesRestricted Content

November 17, 2012
A super-majority doesn’t necessarily mean good government.

BECK: Reasons why debates still matterRestricted Content

October 13, 2012
In the days leading up to the election, there are countless opportunities to learn about the candidates who are running for elected office. With Election Day just weeks away, chances are you are getting bombarded by campaign paraphernalia in the mailbox, on television and radio, the Internet and in your neighbor’s front yard.

BECK: Still lagging on early childhood educationRestricted Content

August 18, 2012
When Melina Kennedy ran for mayor of Indianapolis last year, childhood education was a cornerstone of her campaign. The issue caught the attention of parents, employers, educators and the media, and Kennedy made a compelling case for investing in our community’s human capital.

BECK: The case for domestic partner benefitsRestricted Content

July 14, 2012
We often hear that government should be run more like business.
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  1. How can any company that has the cash and other assets be allowed to simply foreclose and not pay the debt? Simon, pay the debt and sell the property yourself. Don't just stiff the bank with the loan and require them to find a buyer.

  2. If you only knew....

  3. The proposal is structured in such a way that a private company (who has competitors in the marketplace) has struck a deal to get "financing" through utility ratepayers via IPL. Competitors to BlueIndy are at disadvantage now. The story isn't "how green can we be" but how creative "financing" through captive ratepayers benefits a company whose proposal should sink or float in the competitive marketplace without customer funding. If it was a great idea there would be financing available. IBJ needs to be doing a story on the utility ratemaking piece of this (which is pretty complicated) but instead it suggests that folks are whining about paying for being green.

  4. The facts contained in your post make your position so much more credible than those based on sheer emotion. Thanks for enlightening us.

  5. Please consider a couple of economic realities: First, retail is more consolidated now than it was when malls like this were built. There used to be many department stores. Now, in essence, there is one--Macy's. Right off, you've eliminated the need for multiple anchor stores in malls. And in-line retailers have consolidated or folded or have stopped building new stores because so much of their business is now online. The Limited, for example, Next, malls are closing all over the country, even some of the former gems are now derelict.Times change. And finally, as the income level of any particular area declines, so do the retail offerings. Sad, but true.