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  1. These horrid conditions may be "common" due to government officials "interests" in protecting factory farms. Common practices does not constitute what's humane let alone environmentally friendly.

  2. Cut/Paste is ineffective and inappropriate in a comment forum. Give us a link or a web address in the future. Thanks!

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  4. Sierra Club and the tens of other environmental organizations have the facts about carbon pollution and global warming on our side. All one needs to do is read with an open mind. The tobacco industry used the same formula decades ago to maintain the status quo. For the practicing religious person, listen to what faith leaders have published. Yes, we have to change our habits and source of energy. Study solar and wind power. Both, as well as wave poser, hydropower, cannot be used up. Oil, coal and gas and finite as well as polluting. Clean energy is neither, and as a bonus will add more jobs and build the economy. EB Indy - this is not a liberal issue. It is a human and environmental issue.

  5. The answer to this is place special fumigators toremove or dissipate the smell from his farm, perhaps blowing a counter smell onto his farm that is nontoxic touche