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  1. Too bad this wasn't being placed on the NW corner of 52nd and Keystone... The large strip retail complex contains an empty former Marshalls, a Marsh 'Hometown Market' that will likely go belly-up if Meijer opens, and a bunch of mobile-phone stores. (plus a good reuse= Washington Twp Offices... and Porter Paints where they are always friendly... but, that's off topic). Anyway; I wish they would redevelop 52nd and keystone... at least the former Cadillac dealership building looks nice... instead of tearing down functioning businesses and leaving a crater at 52nd&Keystone.

  2. ITT will soon be shut down or taken over by a better run company in the "for profit" education business. The only value ITT has left is in a few of their company owned locations. Those properties will be liquidated to pay creditors and ITT will be "history".

  3. I see nothing unfair about Lou's review. It is pretty complimentary overall, understanding of the variety and historical quality the menu encompasses and that the logistics of preparing dishes beyond the standard fare might be causing a few issues, given the haste to reopen. He said he'd prefer to mix and match tacos, the Chimi was overly fried, and he raised legitimate complaints about the arrival time of certain ordered dishes and wait staff errors...was he supposed to not mention that?'s a review, not an advertisement...he's openly rooting for, and anticipating that the kitchen and staff will come together quickly...I am too...anyone who ever ate there before won't be dissuaded by this review...but if you are open for business, you are subject to review by anyone who walks in. How sad it would be for someone who had never eaten there to say they wouldn't go back because of one or more of the issues pointed out. Lou did them a favor by putting it in print.

  4. Yeah, we got upfront money, but how again was that something we couldn't have gotten anyways if we had just increased the tolls ourselves? Now we are going to have to spend millions every years just in contract enforcement. The operator will spend the least amount of money possible in upkeep, and cut corners to take their shareholders profits. The future of the toll road looks extremely bleak.

  5. So much concern about fraud in elections, but no concern for fraud in firearms ownership?