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  1. The answer to this is place special fumigators toremove or dissipate the smell from his farm, perhaps blowing a counter smell onto his farm that is nontoxic touche

  2. Oh yeah another bar/eattery woo hoo!!! so with all the people moving back downtown when will the mall give them stuff they may go to because they need it. like a target, hardware store, something unique to downtown Indy oh wait we only do something after we see it successfully done somewhere else.

  3. Pork shouldn't be eaten, plain and simple. It's not good for you, it's an incomplete protein and has been proven again and again to be an unsafe product for consumption in the long term. Standard farms are no longer a simple "we're raising a few hogs here" type of operation, these industrial hog farms are deadly for EVERYONE, the air, the ground water everything ends up completely polluted and ruined for the next 50 years. I feel sorry for these people and they certainly have the right to a "Quality of Life" suit and this judge is about as fair as what comes out of the hogs when they've been fed corn.

  4. We told you the "right to farm" bills were written for corporate interests by the group ALEC, but did you listen? No. You went ahead and supported it all the way through. It's probably safe to say that the hog farm neighbors voted for the politician that voted for the bill and made it into law.

  5. Sounds like the citizens who either can't afford so called 'renewable' energy and prefer to live with less expensive electricity need to refocus on making the Sierra Club and citizen's action coalition spend their time and resources on other issues so they don't ruin the lives of others. Isn't that their typical method? It is amazing to me how such a small percentage of the population can have such a negative affect on the rest of us.