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  1. I am working with a group of others to stop a swine CAFO from coming to our neighborhood. Only 750' from the city limits of Greenfield! After we beat this one, I want to start a proactive campaign across the state to get legislation changed. Anyone want to put their power to use?

  2. The proposal tabled by the council committee was Ballard's attempt, once again, to raise residents' property tax by eliminating the homestead property tax credit. The bill was not about pre-K. Mayor Ballard just wants property taxes raised without any strings on how the money is spent. The council has already been duped on these tax increases before. Just weeks ago, Ballard pushed through a 43% increase in the public safety tax to hire new officers. Now we find out the administration is not going to spend more than 14% of that increase on new officers. This comes on the heels of a 65% increase in the COIT in 2007 also for new officers and we ended up with no increase in police officers. I'm a Republican and I would like nothing more than to blame the Democrats. But Democrats are the only ones acting with some fiscal responsibility. Mayor Ballard and his Republican councilors I'm ashamed to say have never met a tax or fee they didn't want to increase. And now they want to start a new entitlement program, pre-K, which by most credible studies offers no long-term benefits.

  3. I am a real estate broker(00357375) with listing zoned for senior care center. Owner wants me to contact a developer to start a conversation about selling this property to a developer. The property in in Oakland Ca. 36,000sf lot with an adjoining property corner of 105th Ave and international Bl. with 1.2ac, total 2.0 acres. Please call 510 583-5420

  4. The title of this email really sums it up. I really looked forward to the morning crew on WISH. Not now...if it was not for Lauren and Scott...I would move. Be thankful for them.

  5. This is an unusual problem because as an industrial hygienist, my first thought is not who should be sued but where did the PCBs come from? A Wal-Mart warehousing operation has nothing to do with PCBs in it's normal business routine. PCBs are no longer used to any significant degree. PCBs are not volatile at room temperature, so they must be transferred physically from surface to surface. That being said, there are 2 likely scenarios: 1. The building was already contaminated from a previous use prior to Wal-Mart moving in and the problem has just now been discovered; 2. Or if Wal-Mart built the building from the ground up, pallets or containers may have been contaminated elsewhere and carried the PCBs with them to this building (and probably others as well). Since Wal-Mart runs the facility, they will likely want to take care of their people but I'm sure their lawyers are looking for those responsible for the contamination to ultimately pay the bill.