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  1. Signs up on the old Circle City Pizza (52nd and College) indicate renovation. Any ideas what this will be?

  2. You're right about downtown needing sushi and there's a new express sushi place going over by IUPUI. 10th and Indiana where the old Quizno's was. Will be a cool concept that you build your own roll, kind of like building your own burrito at Qdoba or Chipotle. Fresh and quick. Opening next week I believe, Scott. You should include it in the next roundup.

  3. MEGA rickets still available for the Brickyard 400. MEGA. What happened? At least Indy 500 better with ticket. NASCAR suffering big time with the sales of ticket for 400. It will be, aas they say "ghost town" this comign weekend.

  4. You've got it wrong. We are not celebrating the fact that people are uninsured (for any reason). We ARE celebrating the fact that this is another win for those of us who do not desire to sacrifice individual liberties for the sake of financial convenience. Just as we celebrate that the Seventh Circuit decided that we can retain our rights to raise our children in a state with traditional morals. Sometimes it IS necessary to protect the majority from the tyranny of the minority. So yes, we are celebrating this win, but you've got the reason wrong. We are celebrating a win for the freedom of not caving in to the desires of the two-percenters. It is a win for freedom from oppression.

  5. They can do with their endowment what they please, and Lilly can throw penis-pill money at it all they wish. But clearly, the teaching of theology isn't what needs "strengthening" in the US. It's the teaching of science, creativity, and critical thinking that needs a big fat Lilly shot in the arm.