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  1. What's really laughable is to read all these posts. Should be a high rise, wrong architect, try a different site and sit and wait.

  2. The State wins no matter what. We get to keep the money no matter what. The lease is broken if the operators go belly up and we get to keep the Toll Road. I consider this a bargain in every sense, and cannot imagine reasons other than politics that Bauer still thinks it was a bad bargain. If Bauer and his colleagues had the spine to raise tolls years ago, as they should have, the lease and issues of maintenance would never have arisen. Th Indiana Toll Road was envisioned as a revenue center...and it is turning out to be that but in an unlikely manner.

  3. to mention the rest of Molly's experience- she served as Communications Director for the Indianapolis Department of Public Works and also did communications for the state. She's incredibly qualified for this role and has a real love for Indianapolis and Indiana. Best of luck to her!

  4. Shall we not demand the same scrutiny for law schools, med schools, heaven forbid, business schools, etc.? How many law school grads are servers? How many business start ups fail and how many business grads get low paying jobs because there are so few high paying positions available? Why does our legislature continue to demean public schools and give taxpayer dollars to charters and private schools, ($171 million last year), rather than investing in our community schools? We are on a course of disaster regarding our public school attitudes unless we change our thinking in a short time.

  5. I agree with the other reader's comment about the chunky tomato soup. I found myself wanting a breadstick to dip into it. It tasted more like a marinara sauce; I couldn't eat it as a soup. In general, I liked the place... but doubt that I'll frequent it once the novelty wears off.