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  1. At least Rick Snow is showing some class here, which is more than what you can say for Henri Najem. The micro-compensation offered could have been paid off by a typical fast food manager these last four years.

  2. @ Rodney - No, the interstates would absolutely still exist, but they would exist only to do what they were originally intended to do, which is move people quickly between the outskirts of two places, then gradually narrow and slow as they turn into surface streets when they reach the edge of whatever town/city they are entering. Limited access highways in the middle of otherwise densely developed areas create a huge opportunity cost for development and seriously detract from the quality of life of the neighborhoods around them.

  3. Why is it necessary for some people to always pull out the race card? Yes, some areas that are blighted by abandoned houses are better off being torn down and having other uses. Binford down to Keystone is decent, we just need to finish the job. It's not fair to Indianapolis for other areas to get all the new interstate construction.

  4. Wow - what a waste of a great opportunity to showcase Indiana breweries and wineries. This seems like a complete waste of time for those businesses that were looking for exposure since there will be so few "samples" that will be sold.

  5. Better off paved? Who decides what neighborhoods are better off paved? I suggest we pave over Rodney's house. Or better yet, let's run an interstate through his neighbor's backyard so he has to live with the sound and air pollution from it. Suburbanites, people like Rodney give all of you a bad name.