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  1. That's because trickle down economics is a sham, a scam and a lie. Its not working and our current situation is the proof of the pudding.

  2. It doesn't say anywhere in the article that drones or their photography is illegal. The writer should have looked into that to complete the picture of his story. This is the start of a new hobby with many potential opportunities. How exciting! Often times, many things are illegal until that are better understood and then the laws/rules evolve so commentators need to stop freaking out that he is doing something illegal and going to get in big trouble...The device only goes 900 feet up- not exactly a problem area for aviation

  3. Drone usage for commercial use is an inevitability. If an Indianapolis company has the wherewithal to "push the envelope" and be a trailblazer for something that is most definitely going to happen, I say go ahead. As long as they keep it from going to high and are responsible about battery life, they should have the every right to profit from their footage.

  4. Very interesting story. Looking forward to going on an IU road game or two! :)

  5. John, you're right on that! How a precarious financial situation of their own making can then be risk reduced using another $21M tax revenue reserves to restructure debt without constituents up in arms is just amazing in the worst way. Granted, without that move Carmel would have likely gone into default. That might be the only event that will shake some sense into Carmel voters. Good lord, people. Great stats on education and income, pathetically low on supporting civic fiscal accountability from the executive. You're shareholders, folks. Act like it!