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  1. So let me get this right: gun permits online are fraud proof, but voting is as easy as 1-2-3.--But at least we agree that someone without a photo ID cannot be trusted with a gun.

  2. As long as we are bashing the ACA, please see link from article about GAO report...Feds accounting system can't track expenditures: If this were a business, the leadership would be fired...but this country is so misinformed and uneducated it has no idea about the consistent failures in government.

  3. They want to play politics, then vote both Lewis and Barth out the next election. Indy has always had good two part rule up until recently. The Democrat council has decided to adopt the national play book and be an obstacle to progress. I really don't care about Rebulicans and Democrats, what I and I think most people care about is moving the city forward. Vote out who ever stands in the way of this.

  4. As a racing fan I remain dismayed Zanardi (like a lot of others) allowed themselves to get caught up in the ill-advised, arrogance-fueled, futile dead-end known as cart. Hindsight is 20/20 of course and karma is a b!+@#. The series that kept him from racing on the biggest stage probably should have taken the weekend after 9-11 off (like most everyone else). Smart decisions were never their forte, however.

  5. Just how many legislators "work" at Ivy Tech? Maybe it would be easier to list those who don't.