Long Beach race reveals IndyCar issues

April 16, 2012
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IndyCar Series CEO Randy Bernard has two troubling things to ponder in the wake of Sunday's Grand Prix of Long Beach.

Well, three if you want to count attendance. Event organizers said the crowd assembled over three days was 170,000, about 5,000 fewer than a year ago. But the attendance downturn was mostly due to a rainy Friday.

Still, with all the excitement generated from the 2012 engine and chassis formulas, you’d think more car-loving Californians would come to check out the new wheels.

Speaking of wheels, that’s at the center of Bernard’s first—and most serious—concern that surfaced at Long Beach. When Marco Andretti hit Graham Rahal from behind on lap 23 Sunday, Andretti’s car went airborne and was closer than anyone would like to see to flipping upside down.

The accident happened at road race speed, which is much slower than speeds attained on an oval, especially one as big as Indianapolis. Clearly the new coverings on the rear wheels aren’t enough to keep the cars from going airborne when the front tires of one car touch the rear tires of another. Any maybe nothing save enclosing those rear wheels altogether will do that.

Closing the rear wheels any more than they already are would be a major departure for open-wheel racing. Still, safety concerns may push Bernard and his technical crew to do something more radical with the back wheels.

But what must also be troubling to Bernard, not to mention the IndyCar safety and engineering crew, is that the new Dallara chassis might be as prone to take flight as the old chassis retired after last season.

The risk for the IndyCar chassis taking flight has long been a concern among IndyCar racers and teams. That was magnified after Dan Wheldon was launched into a fence and killed in Las Vegas last year when his car ran up on the back end of another.

Andretti’s quote after the accident was enough to make IndyCar officials shiver.

“I’m lucky I didn’t get upside down. I could have been killed,” Andretti said.

Though it pales in comparison to the concern over drivers’ safety, Bernard and his marketing crew must also be concerned about how many people at the Long Beach race lacked basic knowledge of IndyCar racers’ identity.

Sure, the 24 food trucks allowed into the track for the first time this year were a big draw, and Long Beach has always been almost as big a draw for the party as for the racing. But when scores of people failed to recognize the IndyCar driver who qualified on the front row, you have a marketing problem.

Josef Newgarden, who had qualified alongside Dario Franchitti on the first row for Sunday’s race, was just having fun when he took off his race suit, grabbed a mic and roamed among the fans asking them if they knew who Josef Newgarden was.

While the YouTube clip is entertaining and showcase’s Newgarden’s off-track talents, the takeaway is that IndyCar marketers have a long, long way to go. A dozen people asked by Newgarden himself who “this kid Josef Newgarden” was, hadn’t a clue. Several said they had never heard of Sarah Fisher Racing.

Has Newgarden won the Indianapolis 500? No. Has he been at the top of the series leader board? No again.

But Newgarden can drive—the rookie was last year’s Indy Lights champ and he’s one of the series’ most promising up-and-comers, and if a marketer can’t sell this 21-year-old American’s personality, they need to get out of the business.

Newgarden didn't help his own cause by crashing out on lap one Sunday, but for the IndyCar Series to go from niche to hip its most engaging personalities have to be recognizable by the people coming to series events.

At one point Saturday, Newgarden pulled out a post card with his picture on it, stood right next to Long Beach Grand Prix attendees without his sunglasses and asked if they knew who that guy was who qualified in the front row.

Lots of blank stares. The good news, at least most of them knew who four-time series champion Franchitti was.

  • IndyCar Series Is Nameless, Faceless
    I was there. I overheard two fans ask the whereabouts of Danica Patrick. They thought she was still in the series I guess. And one fan kept cheering for "Mario" Andretti, thinking it was the old man himself. That is the state of the sport today.

    In my section the "fans" were mostly sunning, drinking beer, watching the "eye candy", and many were twittering or blackberrying or messing with whatever little hand-held techno-devices they had.

    What is ever worse for Randy is this overriding sense that Indy Car racing is just not cool. There is a strong "geek" factor. The cars are tencho-geeky and akward. Most of the drivers have the look fitting right in on Big Bang Theory.

    Racing in visceral. And teh IndyCar Series misses to that end on almost every check box.

    I would say the series needs to end. The whole thing needs to be reinvented as a much smaller, Indy 500-centric, basic Indy Car, five to six race oval series with Indy Cars that can be had for $250,000 tops and $1,000,000.00 to run a season.

    That would attract teams from all disciplines of racing...ALMS, NASCAR, WoO, SCCA, etcetera...

    It about Indy.

    The current idea is psuedo-F1 (not popular in America), akward in appearance, and with too strong a "geek" image to do well.

    Indy Cars should look something along the lines of the 84 March, sound like the 80's Cosworth, or a stock-blocker Chevy, and be driven by mostly guys that are like the ones in NASCAR right now with the an Helio here or a Justin Wilson there that give it just the right amoung of international flair.

    The series has never gotten this and that is why it is in the toilet.
    • Oval Racing Only!
      I agree with the above comments. Get rid of street racing (or psuedo F-1) because it's just plain boring! Who wants to watch follow the leader - I can do that while playing with my granddaughter. Oval racing is where the roots of IndyCar are and they need to go back to that. Much more exciting - and surely it would be less costly in the long run. From a fan who grew up in Speedway!
    • None of you Speedway
      placefans will pay to see an oval race. that is why there aren't any and why Tony's visions failed and why the open wheel fanbase is minuscule. Americans won't pay to see open wheel oval races. And Burl has it as wrong as anyone because Indy fans only go to Indy and you can't build a series with Indy only fans. This has been demonstrated over and over again. Being an Indy 500 fan doesn't make you an open wheel racing fan. It makes you a one race place fan. But he does have one thing right: shut it down, it will only be missed by the one race a year yokels.
      • A Question for Mr. Schoettle
        Where all the new fans the IRL supposedly attracted during the Super Bowl festivities? Maybe they all think it is a one race series as well.
      • half-empty
        You seem to go out of your way to portray INDYCAR in a negative light.
        • Maybe the truth is half full
          Well, Marco's car definitely went flying through the air. And no one at least in Newgarden's own video seemed to recognize who he was. The thing that got to me is the guy who didn't recognize the Sarah Fisher moniker. Now that's surprising. Anyway, I don't think pointing out two obvious truths is going out of your way to be negative.
        • Not wrong
          Notice I said "smaller." The whole concept of a series is not a very good one. But the Indy 500 as a stand-alone, one-time, once-a-year event is not practical.

          A small-scale series of five or six races, on ovals, here and there at places like Iowa, Fontana, Pocono, what have you, with no expectations beyond what a good truck race would draw is ideal to at least make it beneficial to teams to run an Indy Car as a "side" operation to what they normally do. Cost reduction is everything here. Everything. From the cars, salaries, ticket prices, everything.

          I think with the history and lure of the "500" plenty of small teams and certainly eager race car dirvers would line up, especially if there were a couple other races during the year to keep sharp, run fast, and always be thinking "Indy." They'd draw 18,000-25,000 at most races and we would all have to accept this is the sport as we know it.

          I used to attend races at Texas World and Ontario in the old USAC days. 25,000 people and a far smaller, almost hokey atmosphere was the norm. But there still was a small series and a chance to "rev up" for Indy.

          USAC could run it and the "500" would have cars, drivers, and teams, SCCA, USAC, WoO, ALMS, ARCA, whatever...think a guy like Joey Saldana and his team wouldn't run the "500" if Red Bull only had to find a qaurter of a million for a shot at glory in the most famous race in the world? Think a Dyson or Highcroft Racing wouldn't take a shot at it? We might even seen NHRA teams.

          250,000 for a car/engine tops. A basic March-like Indy spec, but open to run watcha brung as long as it meets that basic spec. Same with engines.

          An Iowa night race here, a 500-miler at Pocono there. Maybe a twin 250 at Gateway, what have you. Five, six races, tops with economics such that if you are going to go Indy Car racing, you'd better be in some otehr form, NHRA, WoO, Rally Cars, whatever, for your bread and butter. Indy Car is supplementary income (maybe), and if you win Indy, here is your Two Million check to help your Indy program and your ARCA team.

          Again, American racing is visceral, loud, dangerous, fast, red, white, and blue, and racers come from the backwoods to the boardroom, Boston or Bloomington, all nuts, and guts, and loud, and proud.

          It is not a psuedo-F1, tassle-loafered, tofu, techno-geek sport. It is just the opposite. NASCAR identified that visceral need, and ran with it. They are number one.

          No, I am not wrong. The Indy 500 and a handful of economically-conservative oval races that make it the worth while for real race teams from real race series like WoO or Trucks ot the NHRA to run the biggest race in the world.

        • Ask any sports fan
          I think you are being unfair. Just because I like football doesn't mean I should know every player on the field. Same with any sport. Just because I enjoy the sport or attend the event, it doesn't mean I know all of the players.
          Obviously you haven't seen the new series that CBS is doing. INDYCAR 36 cameramen and reporters select individual drivers and following them for 36 hours in order to introduce them to the public.
          It's a great start.
        • Well I don't
          It's not out of my way at all. just shine a light on it. You can see it in all of its putrid essence. Oh, and you will need take your Vision glasses off as well.
        • That's News to CBS
          i'm sure it will be as successful as facebook cartown at doubling, ney tripling the fanbase. Oh and that hotwheels jump at indy was so successful. More gimmicks always worked for snakeoil salesmen.
        • To Headoff the Giddy Gomers
          Percentages are meaningless when your base number is already a fraction
        • The end is near
          We are just witnessing the slow, agonizing death of the IRL. Call it IndyCar, if you will. Whatever. It is headed for extinction and there is nothing the big boys can do. There is just not enough interest in the sport. It cannot sustain at current models.

          If you think the ratings are cesspool now, wait until you see the number that comes in from the Brazil race.

          I have read the series must get a 1.0 to 1.5 to remain an entity. If so, now way it makes it.

          The IndyCar Series is the soon-to-be Chicago Motor Speedway of a series. Chip, know what I mean? Uh-huh. Thought so.
        • LOL
          I see the children remain in an absolute obsessed frenzy, as usual. That is the primary reason why IndyCar will be around long after the kids have grown up, hopefully matured and eventually become pickled worm food.

          This 'slow, agonizing' process has been going on for sixteen years. That seems like a long time for unsustainability to be supported.

          How many more decades will the kids make themselves look foolish? It is gratifying to know so many of the critics either went or watched.

          IndyCar and its sponsors thank all rabid fans for their support.
        • What in the name of Dan Wheldon is the new cars FLYING again?
          This must be a new IRL record, getting a car airborne in only it's 3rd race!

          Not too shabby if i say so myself. I saw the clips all over the internet. The car is a piece of crap.

          Indy awaits and the car is unstable at speed and can't do 220mph.

          Seems to me the next *Perfect Storm* is brewing. Lotus is in deep trouble, cars flying from limited contact, Randy sez ratings stink and need to get better (+12's), PenaltyGate has the press calling IRL leadership *numbskulls*, TV ratings averaging 0.5 for 3 races, Dallara is clueless as to how to make a racecar.

          Who ya gonna blame it on now Disciple? The haters? That is some serious momentum Indycarz are building up...hopefully no one gets killed because the drivers are spooked.

        • As usual...
          ...Disciple goes to the "been around 16 years card." He does this when things are so indefensible he has nowhere to turn. What fails him is the fact that 16 years of descent is moments away from impact, explosion, and certain death.
        • The Wah Wah Machine Is Set To High
          ...just like every year since cart decided to boycott IndyCar prior to killing itself. Twice. And every year it has turned wheels. All of these dark, childlike fantasies of folks who are actually huge IndyCar fans and follow every detail more closely than even the most rabid actual fans never quite seem to come to fruition. That is why the handful of you still shrieking look so consistently foolish.

          It was amusing for the first few hundred times, but now it's more of an annoyance. Like a lice infestation.
        • grand master d speaks words of truth.
          "This 'slow, agonizing' process has been going on for sixteen years. That seems like a long time for unsustainability to be supported."

          We all agree on that. Lets hope the H/G clan cut off funding for the hapless league after wasting >$600,000,000.00 "fixing" AOWR. :roll:

          BTW, if you find people annoying and lice like here, perhaps you should stick to posting on your own blog, where you have like minded, delusional, racist, place fans a-plenty. Oh, wait...
        • Hater Wanna Cracker?
          And perhaps your little cult should develop even a whiff of a clue about actual reality then think about joining the rest of us adults in it. Random parroting of ridiculous, fictional statistics; e.g., 600M (or whatever it is this week) consistently make your ilk look foolish.
        • Kudos to Anthony
          Hey Anthony, looks as if you are the ONLY journalist willing to ask the question "Why are these cars still flying?". Kudos to you as Robin and the SpeedTV gang didn't even mention it....you know, to coverup and keep the great LB triumph front and center.

          Looks pretty clear to me someone's gonna have to be killed for anything to be changed....again. In fact, what has changed? The Marco airflight proved the new car failed at each of the supposed safety functions it was designed for. What were those safety improvements again? Yup, they were never released. Lip service....in memory of Dan Wheldon.

          Stay on them Anthony.
        • Once again...
          ...Disciple goes to the "child" card when addressing those whose opinions differ from his. For the record, I wasn't predicting the death on Indy Car racing as we know it sixteen years ago. But I am now. Key phrase, "as we know it." I think it will survive, but something akin to the USAC-era of the mid-to-late 1970's. I can see no other model working that would sustain and support the Indy 500 in a practical manner. It is not practical to have a stand-alone event. At the same time, a series is clearly not viable as a business entity because so few are interested. Middle-ground will have to be the site of foundation.

          I stated what that is.

          Let's see if the powers-that-be listen. So far they have proven to be rediculously off the mark.

        • Lemmings
          What is really foolish is Captain Lemming and the 100 or so at Trackforum who still lap up anything IMS* puts out like gravy. 16 years of scorched earth, unsafe cars, 75% decline in TV ratings, spec cars and a general lack of public interest isn't enough for the Gomers to buy a clue.

          If the twice fired Lord Sagamore announced a new "Vision" tomorrow with 5hp Briggs and Stratton go carts the Lemmings would be all for it especially if it banned foreign drivers.

        • I concur with Chief
          Anthony is no doubt a thorn in IndyCar Series side. And only because he has been the devil's advocate, rightly so, in a city of Miller and Cavin-esque lap dogs.

          If a car can fly like that on a city street, imagine what it might do at 200-plus miles per hour at IMS.

          There may be a fair amount of pooped pant at the Speedway this May.
        • Flying Pigs
          Boys the cars have been flying since day one. Billy Vukovich, Johnny Rutherford, Mario Andretti, Salt Walther, Swede Savage, Greg Moore.......only to name a few. The cars go fast and its dangerous outside. Think of all the F-1 talent that has died. Come out and take your blinders off. This is a dangerous sport that is so much safer today than it ever has been. You guys try to act like racing has suddenly gotten dangerous because of the IRL. Please find a new argument.
          • Revisionist history
            When was the last time someone was killed in F-1? The drivers killed and seriously injured from 1996 to 2011 in the IRL*/ICS* were the result of a poorly designed car with too much downforce and a heavy rear end. We were told the DW12 was not going to launch like a NASA rocket and it clearly did in Long Beach.

            By the way, the term "IRL" was canned, just like Tony George.
          • Racing is fly
            Race cars are fast, brutal, and dangerous. We get that, Grandpa. We like that. We are simply pointing out the latest epic failure of the IndyCar Series what with their goofy, indoor go-kart track rear bumper bar thingy-ma-jiggy. Smarter would be to put a complete, polyurethane wrap-around bumper with a Safer-barrier type shock-absorption set up. That way the cars just bounce off each other. Coupled with the ability of IndyCar officials to turn-off the engines when the cars get too close to each other, it'll be more safe.
          • Twisting Reality To Fit A Prejudice
            "...Disciple goes to the "child" card when addressing those whose opinions differ from his."

            Wrong again. The child card is merely a reflection of the hypocrisy of your obsession and the whacko, tin foil hat types of theories about which the handful of you continually fantasize. Some are worse than others, using epithets like 'gomer,' 'Captain Lemming,' 'Lord Sagamore,' etc. Nursery school level stuff.

            Once in a great while someone with a lick of sense; e.g., Mario above, drops by to state the obvious. Racing at high speed can result in airborne behavior even when driving bricks with wheels. The incident at Long Beach is probably more the result of the Andretti-like driving of Marco.

            The only thing missing from IndyCar is the requisite level of class from its most obsessed fans.

            That said, credibility might be enhanced by spelling words such as 'ridiculous' correctly.
          • Once again...
            ...Disciple flails madly at the air, unable to do anything but attack those who make salient points regarding the sorry state of series he finds so increasingly difficult to defend.

            At any rate, onward to Brazil for another low TV rating and bizarre exhibition of psuedo-F1.
          • Then, take the stupid bumpers off
            ....and knock down the SAFER barriers. Who needs them, because the sport is dangerous anyway. While you are at it, get rid of carbon fiber crumple zones and HANS devices too. All because it's dangerous anyway.

            DON'T proclaim the new car is safer by proving in your 3rd race with it that it wasn't. THE NEW CAR IS A FAILURE.

            It was so important for the speedway to give the *impression* something was being done to prevent the circumstances of Wheldon's death rather than do something, apparently. None of you 'speed kills' advocates seem to get that.

            In just two weeks "killed" has appeared twice in print regarding the new car. You can't change perspective by covering up failure and incompetence. Wake up IMS numbskulls.
          • Dipsicles 16 years
            of defendering has only cost Pole Day at Indy about 130,000 fans
          • Touching, Yet Pigeonholed, Concern
            Dear Chief,

            Your concern for the three IndyCar drivers killed since 2000 is touching.


            Bob Akin, Michele Alboreto, Blaise Alexander, Ove Andersson, Scott Baker, Tom Baldwin, Ryan Bard, John Blewett III, Possum Bourne, Peter Brock, Dennis Brooks, Jeff Clinton, Ashley Cooper, Dale Earnhardt, Guido Falaschi, Fritz Glatz, Shane Hammond, Kenny Irwin, Jr., Bert Jackson, Scott Kalitta, Billy Kimmel, Steve King, John Lingenfelter, Mark Lovell, Eric Martin, Stewart McColl, Eric Medlen, Mark Niver, Marcelo Nunez, Carlos Pardo, Michael Park, Neal Parker, Stan Perry, Adam Petty, Wanda Phillips, Mark Porter, Tony Roper, Darrell Russell, Gustavo Sondermann, Rafael Sperafico, Henry Surtees, Nolan White and anyone else killed since 2000 in a racing vessel other than an Indy Car.

          • Typical nannering nabobs of negativity
            Well Burl & Truth are out in the all their perceived glory. These two are truly legends in their own minds. and they can't wait for any article about the IRL or the 500 to express their continued disdain for all things open wheel. Well boys, and you are, go grow a pair and do something productive except come here, article after article, and spew your hatred.
          • Truth hurts, Burl reckons
            Just calling it like it is. Differing viewpoint on the series. And our viewpoint is that a once great sport is now essentially a semi-pro, shell of its former self with dangerous, akward race cars, driven by chicks and F1 retirees, on city streets and motorcycle tracks in front of a national TV audience not much larger than the population of Corpus Christi, Texas. Add akward, helter-skelter officiating, boy band-like American drivers sipping Starbucks and Tweeting like school girls, and a series leader from the fair and rodeo circuit who thinks Rubens Barrichello is a drawing card in Peoria and Pacoima, well.......it just comes down to the pile of Marco suit poop the series is. We are entitled to our opinion. And that is what blogs are for.
          • The total lack of class Disciple of Indycar
            Hey Disciple, you like the human sacrifice for Indy racing, don't ya? Your incredible morbid post reflects that, along with your opinion that Indy drivers should shut up and just race....anywhere the series numbskulls tell them too. Deathtrap 1.5 milers like Texas and Las Vegas, Indianapolis and the others.

            That's a fitting tribute to Mr. Wheldon, Mr. Brayton, Mr. Dana and Mr. Renna. And all the countless other IRL/Indy drivers who had their backs broken in the car that both flew and went into the wall backwards.

            For 9 year the series knew it was a crapwagon death trap....only admitted it in silent fashion because Dan died. Now, you want to ignore again. We've seen this picture before.
          • Still Seeking Intelligent Discourse
            'Just calling it like it is. Differing viewpoint on the series.'

            Say what? You are merely offering a consistently hostile, contrary opinion based mostly on subjective prejudice. But at least you spell most of your words correctly.

            'And our viewpoint is that a once great sport is now essentially a semi-pro, shell of its former self with dangerous, akward race cars, driven by chicks and F1 retirees, on city streets and motorcycle tracks in front of a national TV audience not much larger than the population of Corpus Christi, Texas.'

            What, in your esteemed opinion, made it great and when was that exactly? Why is it a shell of its former shelf? Why are the race cars (note correct spelling) awkward? I thought Katherine Legge was the great chested hope; the Danica alternative for the boycott crowd. Did your little klatch rejoice in ecstasy when 'ol Rubhino joined the fray? What is different about that than several other periods of history? Have city streets not been a part of the mix since your 'good old days?' Perhaps you should visit Barber before condemning it. It has a museum your kind would drool over and Indy Car has turned that motorcycle track into a relatively exciting event attended by tens of thousands of people every year. Do not knock it until you try it. You can even pickle your liver and act like delinquents there, just like the good old days at Road America. Is your claim that Indy Car is any different in the 2012 television universe than the vast majority of other entertainment options? If so your tendency to pigeonhole only what fits your prejudice is even more pronounced.

            'Add akward, helter-skelter officiating, boy band-like American drivers sipping Starbucks and Tweeting like school girls, and a series leader from the fair and rodeo circuit who thinks Rubens Barrichello is a drawing card in Peoria and Pacoima,'

            Uh, Mr. Barnhart got bumped upstairs. Your crowd is supposed to be excited about that Barfield fella. He has been a road course man. Lots of your little obsessed buddies are excited about Beaux. Should you not be gleeful? After all, look what that bunch did pumping up Rubens. Bernard’s gullibility bought it hook, line and sinker. Again, it is 2012. Like it or not, the short attention span average Joe and anyone with any celebrity tweets. That is a reality not present in the 90s.

            'well.......it just comes down to the pile of Marco suit poop the series is. We are entitled to our opinion. And that is what blogs are for.'

            That is correct. Opinions. Opinions (even those complete with gratuitous scatological references) that have proven laughably, nearly 100% incorrect for sixteen straight seasons.
          • Obsession Manifests In Many Forms
            Oh Chhiiieeefffff....where is your indignant angst for race drivers killed or injured in general? Why the selective outrage with respect to Indy Car? You can do better than that, son.
          • LMAO
            Texas TV ratings: ESPN2's live telecast of the NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Texas Motor Speedway on Friday night, April 13, earned a 1.2 household coverage rating, averaging 1,656,186 viewers, according to the Nielsen Company. The rating and viewership grew from last year's event, which earned a 1.1 rating and averaged 1,466,234 viewers. Ratings for the NASCAR Nationwide Series are up five percent so far this year across ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC compared to this point last year. Four of the six races have seen ratings and viewership increases over last year.(ESPN)(4-17-2012)

            Nationwide gets a 1.2 on Friday night on the deuce. That 10 year deal with the former Outdoor Life Network is looking beter and better for the ICS*. LOL
          • Lower Long Beach ratings
            Looks like, if Jenna is correct, the final Long Beach number is lower. Looks like no matter what chin spittle Disciple types on his keyboard keys, the series is averaging 0.49 to 0.55 on the tube.

            Good lookin' out IndyCar!

            No, hey, look, sorry to report, Disciple, but the series is just not popular. In fact, it is fading into almost total obscurity. The Indy 500 in May will help it along awhile. But I'll make a prediction: Bad TV ratings for 2012. Real bad. AM I going out on a limb here Disciple? Do you have different numbers indicating we are all wrong? In fact, millions are watching right?

            The series needs to shutter the doors this Fall and call it good. Well, call it bad, but you get my point.

          • Off In A Different Direction Again
            OK...so now we're back onto the 12+ overnights as a basis for slamming. The ADD-like panic of the obsessed is running at a fever pitch. We'll get this pointless reply thread up to 100 in no time with this scattershot approach.

            Have any of you youthful Internet television executives cast your gaze at the breakouts so we can actually discuss numbers that actually sell spots? Have you noticed some of the blue chippers buying time; e.g., Budweiser?

            Hey, it's your impediment, and if you'd like I will keep chucking at your collective expense.
          • Even Randy admits Disciple is wrong
            "We can't live with the ratings we are currently getting" - Randy Bernard

            You can't develop popularity if no one can see your product....and it's compounded by the fact no one wants to see your product anyway.

            It's worrisome problem #4, Anthony just doesn't touch TV Ratings anymore because of the pathetic-ness of the series makes them look so bad. With 0.07 ratings point growth each year, the series will be 6 feet under in no time. Except if the Hulman's keep rolling $$$ into the $799million PLUS moneypit called the IRL.
          • Good stuff
            Rockingham truck race a .88 ,F-1 a .29. So the ICS* is lower than NASCAR trucks and an F-1 race in China? Sad.

            Didn't Budweiser used to sponsor an Indycar? I wonder why they don't anymore? LOL.
          • NASA Engineers
            Brett,Burl,Chief you just don't get it do you. You don't like road courses, you don't want chicks driving, you don't like ovals with the cars running at breakneck speeds a few feet from each other, you don't like the design of the cars, you don't like the TV ratings, Chief makes stupid comments that since racing is dangerous anyway get rid of the safer barriers, HANS devices, and carbon fiber. Burl actually went to Long Beach and then complained that fans were sunning, drinking and watching eye candy--Hello Burl this is what happens at race tracks and has for many years. You guys and all your simple solutions. I'm sure NASA is looking for some engineers.
          • HAy, Mario
            I loved AOW once, before the IRL was foisted upon the world. It didn't need to happen and we (all fans) are NOT better for it, and neither is the sport.

            Danica was used as a marketing ploy by the IRL, but when they used her that way it detracted from her talent and belittled the sport. She's gone, the sport is better for it. Milka Duno was exactly the same, a worthless ride buyer and field filler with D-cups. not much to like there.

            I always enjoyed the diversity of the sport, roads, streets, ovals. The IRL wasn't diverse then, but it is now...go figure. And I still refer to it as the IRL so no respect from me.

            Hundreds of driver injuries from 16 years in IRL cars that flew, gratered and punched holes in wall with broken thoracic arteries, fractured femers and forarms, drivers burnt up, killed, backs shattered, all with the knowledge the car was at fault...but the IRL refused to do anything about it.

            There is plenty to hate about the IRL and the current day Indycar series. As long as they still run it like the IRL, it will NEVER have my respect.

            So, take my comments in the context they were offered....typically with a healthy dose of sarcasm mixed with occasional facetiousness. Why? Because the series is crap, from spec flying crapmobile with faux safety features designed to act like the series did something about Dan Wheldon's death...in which they did nothing. Your mileage may vary.
          • SOmeone also used +12 ratings
            I was totally bored earlier and needed a good laugh so I went to this blogs favorite 'other' blogger and defender of everything. Well look at tonight's joke! This is his opening paragraph:

            "The Long Beach street parade for 2012 is in the books and by most measures (if you discount the predictable screeching by the handful of obsessed IRL-hating imbeciles) it was successful. Great crowds, a celebrity factor, wide ranging sponsorship, increased 12+ overnights and not a bad race for a festival o’ speed. As an added bonus the weather on Sunday was a chamber of commerce postcard."

            I'm sure everyone can tell who the blogger is by the wording in the parenthesis. Makes you wonder why he seems to use the much hated +12 ratings does it not? Is it because they are up?

            Oh well...seems a bit dishonest in its own right. But you have to do what you have to do when you are a defender.
          • Things That Defy Logic
            'I loved AOW once, before the IRL was foisted upon the world.'
            I loved AOW in the early 1960s when the rear engine revolution began. Fortunately, as I became older than 6 my emotional maturity also evolved. Then guess what happened? As an actual, real racing fan I enjoyed IndyCar through all of its evolutionary iterations even though whoever was running the sport at any given time made it difficult. I did not do something as stupid as planting a flag in one evolutionary iteration then refuse to budge while screeching like a classless idiot for sixteen years.

            'It didn't need to happen and we (all fans) are NOT better for it, and neither is the sport.'
            Yes, it DID need to happen. The leadership at that time advocated marginalization of IMS and de-emphasis of the Indy 500 in favor of a diverse, worldwide series to compete against Formula One. That is the wrong approach. That has been conclusively proven, twice, over the past sixteen years.

            'Danica was used as a marketing ploy by the IRL, but when they used her that way it detracted from her talent and belittled the sport.'
            Gee, ya think? LOL. At least she had enough talent to finish high consistently, qualify well, and win a race that has driven the obsessed tin-foil conspiracy theorists crazier since.

            'She's gone, the sport is better for it. Milka Duno was exactly the same, a worthless ride buyer and field filler with D-cups. not much to like there.'
            ...as opposed to what? Katherine Legge? LOL.

            'I always enjoyed the diversity of the sport, roads, streets, ovals. The IRL wasn't diverse then, but it is now...go figure.'
            It appears from your level of obsession, commentary and attention to even minute details that you remain one of the biggest fans of the sport.

            'And I still refer to it as the IRL so no respect from me.'
            Do you understand how absolutely and completely stupid and out of touch the handful of you who remain appear to actual adults?

            'Hundreds of driver injuries from 16 years in IRL cars that flew, gratered and punched holes in wall with broken thoracic arteries, fractured femers and forarms, drivers burnt up, killed, backs shattered, all with the knowledge the car was at fault...but the IRL refused to do anything about it.'
            Actually, IndyCar and its leadership have consistently led the way in safety enhancement, from funding and testing of the SAFER system, HANS, continuous evolution of machinery, etc., and takes the subject much more seriously than positioned by some random enthusiast of a series that killed itself. Twice. Your attempted positioning of IndyCar as the only place where serious injury and death occurs is well beyond clueless. Yesterday, for example, I cited 42 instances of death in other forms of the sport since 2000. You should see the list of serious injuries. Heck, ask Christiano DaMatta or Alex Zanardi how their careers are coming along since their days with the boycotters. When your ilk spouts nonsense like the death and injury card, you prove you have a lack of even the most basic understanding of motorsports in a general sense. Your credibility vanished around 1998. All you do with crazy woman ranting like that is dig that particular hole a bit deeper. Grow up.

            'There is plenty to hate about the IRL and the current day Indycar series. As long as they still run it like the IRL, it will NEVER have my respect.'
            Then it defies logic that you would follow it so rabidly. That makes no sense. If you 'hate' it, why on earth would you follow it and comment abut it for sixteen years? That is indicative of a serious lack of both sense and maturity.

            'So, take my comments in the context they were offered....typically with a healthy dose of sarcasm mixed with occasional facetiousness.'
            Frankly I do not believe your kind is bright enough for that. It appears more like abject immaturity several levels deep.

            'Why? Because the series is crap, from spec flying crapmobile with faux safety features designed to act like the series did something about Dan Wheldon's death...in which they did nothing. Your mileage may vary.'
            It is not a matter of mileage. It is a matter of maturity. My advice: Try to discover what makes a real fan. Maturity, the ability to evolve, a willingness to try in positive ways to affect future evolution, etc. If you are unable my advice would be to get out. Find something else to follow. The sport needs more fans, but not your ilk. There are not enough of you to make a difference, and given your obvious tone you bring nothing to the sport. In short, leave.
          • Advocate
            I advocate for the betterment of the sport. You are a pure IMS lemming. That is the difference between us. I want IMS held responsible, you want them to do as they wish. That doesn't work. 0.32 kisses to ya'
          • Self Accountability
            That brief, unclever, immature retort proves my point about your kind. You apply a grossly incorrect stereotype, base a childish name call on it, then prove your complete lack of understanding about the role of IMS in the sport.

            If you want IMS 'held responsible' because a band of mutinous boycotters decided to off themselves, twice, then you have far bigger problems than those that are readily apparent. Grab a mirror, kid.
          • Hypocrite
            Maturity? As in posting pictures of Zanardi's wreck? Racist post at Smackforum? Being banned from every relevant racing forum on the net? I'm sure it's only a matter of time before you hang yourself here. One only needs a quick look at the Defender/Disciple/Insert new name here free space blog to see that level of "maturity". LOL.

            Zanardi and DaMatta are still racing and walking, the same can't be said for Simon Pagenaud's owner. Another victim of the ill designed IRL* sled
          • Another Shining Example of Points I Have Made
            Whatever happened to the tenet of sticking to a topic? You appear to have problems ill suited to this particular interchange. Grow up.
            • Laughable
              That's the only way to describe this discussion on here. What a waste of time for all of you. LB was a compelling race. A FULL day of rain only scrubbed 5,000 from attendance and the TV ratings near doubled from last year. Who cares what "type" of fan was at the race Hurl? I don't go to a football game to analyze the people sitting around me, ha ha! If you are surprised that a vehicle traveling in excess of 140 mph can get airborne, then you are driking the kool-aid.
            • Injured Drivers?
              Are people really surprised that some racecar drivers have been injured while driving race cars really fast? And you want to blame anyone other than the person who willingly decides to strap into cockpit and step on the gas? GET REAL!

              That is like a burgalar getting injured while breaking into your house and then trying to sue YOU for it!

              You people are delusional.
            • An unpopular series of minimal note
              The fact remains, the IndyCar Series gets such low TV ratings that is of such deep concern even drivers were opining about it at Long Beach.

              The IndyCar Series is almost non-existent on the national sports concious. It seems larger and more relevant to all of us who follow the sport because we follow it daily, for better or worse, and either watch or attend the races. Some us here at this blog watch and attend just as much as the pro-IndyCar folks. The difference is we have a counter-opinion to the "sun is shining on IndyCar" position people like Disciple take.

              I attended the Long Beach Grand Prix lst weekend. My previous Long Beach Grand Prix races were: 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 2003, and this year. This year's race had the same, SoCal atmosphere but with far fewer people and virtually no buzz about the IndyCars. The fans seemed more interested in the ALMS cars and the celebrity race. Further, there are fewer grandstand seats, in my estimation, than ever, EVER, before.

              Back in the late 80's, when the sport was strong and things were run correctly, this race was HUGE! Now the IndyCars are almost an after thought. Sure, it is still the main event of the weekend. However, the "buzz", the "atmosphere", the whole "aura" of the Indy Car race has an unmistakable sense of unimportance and irrelvance.

              Brazil should help. Brazil is mega with John and Jane from Jamestown. Onward to Brazil!

            • Flying DW12
              Last question on this topic for me:

              In Marco's flight at Long Beach did the rear wheel enclosure (bumper/bodywork) work as described, fail or was it totally circumvented?
            • Answer Man
              Two thoughts for the obsessed:

              1) The 1980s are not coming back. Get past it. Even the reincarnated cart we have today is not meeting your lofty expectations. Television 12+ overnights for IndyCar are roughly akin to most other sports and entertainment programming. The job of the leadership is to squeeze some more out, and that process continues.

              2) The Rahal/Andretti accident was more side by side and the rear end mechanism was not a major part of the brief flight.
            • Another Attempt at Deflection
              Grow up on this.

              ICS* TV ratings are lower than NASCAR Nationwide and the truck series. Congratulations.

              The DW12 was "designed" to stop NASA moon launches. It is a failure. RIP Lionheart.

              The Baltimore GP is in major trouble. Maybe Budweiser or another "blue chip" sponsor will step up. LOL.

              The ICS* is a failure. 16 years of burying your head in the sand won't change it. Ask your hero Tony. Fired by his Mother.

            • Followup Question
              What DW12 safety enhancements were adopted to minimize or eliminate wheel to wheel side-by-side contact? I believe this was one of the tenets set forth by the founding fathers of the DW12 along with the rear bumper assembly. Answer please.
            • Attribution
              • Here is a link for you disciple of trash racing
                Who ever said they want the 70's, 80', 90's and early '00s back?

                Let see if you can give a real answer to that instead of your usual and very tired talking points.

                Who said that because some don't like current racing we should give up on hoping the sport can make a comeback once someone with a brain figures out that what some of you are willing to accept is unacceptable to others?

                Answer no one.

                This just goes to show that all you are is a bully. Some of the others too.

                The "don't like it take a hike" method is a proven bully tactic.

                I rather think the folks that are "fight for what we like and what is right" are better and just as big a fan as you.

                Get over yourself...maybe for once, But I fear you are totally incapable.

                I bet Randy B. just loves your tactics. Maybe you can discuss your methods with him. I would wager he would want Chief and Burl back and could possibly do with out you.

                I think you need a rethink of who and what is mature and who needs to grow up.

                If you do't think others think the same of your ilk...maybe we should buy you a mirror.
              • Does Anyone Recall Exactly When
                indycar racing began to become so unpopular? I mean it is so pathetically unpopular now that the defenders are relegated to crowing about a 0.04 rise in year over year ratings. If the unpopularity continues, in 15 years, they still won't achieve that coveted 1.0. I think John, Jim, and Jan are reaping the reward of their hard work. I mean they must get something for convincing the CART owners to allow the Hulman family to fund their racing programs, twice. And someone must have something to show for that 600 millions dollars, plus.
              • indycar nascar future
                they should have keep old rear wing make it bigger and wider down to middle of the wheel that were rear wing sopose to end the bumper is the wing there is no 1 inch wheel the bumper does not need to go down to the ground that just useless weight and a ugly the rear wing should look like f1 wing and champcar dp1 the new car sidepod should be close to front wheel not like f1 sidepod the old sidepod was close to wheel conway hit it at indy still whent airburn probly would have end up in the stands the new car lower sidepod is easy to go airburn any way open wheel cars are too low to ground so they are easy to go airburn every car go airburn hit at the back i saw nascar did that at the glen open wheel cars are dangerous no roll cage too light open cockpit fiber glass too low to the ground most open wheel crash go airburn at the front wheel cotman should get the pink slip for new car slope down duck front is ugly i like missil look or hump front european formula is not working old fans are not coming back go back to american racing that not working ether its too slow sell it to nascar
              • Translation?
                What language is that and can we get an interpretation?
              • 25/8
                It started in 1996, see how far the TV ratings for the 500* went down and have continued. For me it's a travesty to have the weekly NASCAR race have better TV ratings than the 500*.

                What is missing is speed, innovation and technology. Three things that seperated the 500* from NASCAR and the rest. Now the powers that be decide who gets what engine package and TEAM funds. After you sign your engine lease please.

                Did they really need an ICONIC committee to come up with this package? The rule that an engine has to be tied to a manufacturer is ludicrous.

                All of the place fans who like to point out CART's failures embrace and encourage some of the same things that lead to CART's demise that are in the ICS*. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
              • Here's your attribution link
                "11) INDYCAR will continue to work with Dallara, its teams, its tracks and those involved with advancing safety in the wake of the Las Vegas crash, and of all the determinations that came from its investigation report, the lack of a single, hard fix is likely frustrating for some.

                Some changes are a must: pack racing needs to be eliminated, the ability for cars to launch over each other must be greatly reduced, and the ability for a driver's head to contact a steel pole or hard object in a crash--at any track--must be reduced.

                Beyond those measures, there's little else deemed as an immediate and actionable item at present."


                Marco's car got airborne, when will the IMS put out a public statement describing what they are going to do about it?
              • OCD Can Be Treated
                When hell freezes over. Auto racing is a dangerous sport. It does not matter what kind of racing vessel is being piloted.

                With what part of that basic truth are you having difficulty coming to grips?

                And where is your cutesy outrage about accidents in other forms of the sport?
              • And they wash their hands of it, like usual
                Offered without comment.

                "IndyCar satisfied with DW12 safety features after Marco Andretti's aerial crash at Long Beach"

              • Neither Graham Nor Marco, For Example, Lost Their Legs
                Exactly the right thing for IMS/IndyCar to say.
              • 1996? Seriously?
                'It started in 1996, see how far the TV ratings for the 500* went down and have continued.'
                Hey, what is the deal with all the cutesy use of the asterisks? Is there some point? Very few events in 2012 have the television ratings they did (if they were even around) in 1996. We are over a decade and a half removed from that evolutionary period. Actual racing fans have a tendency to evolve with the sport. At least that is my experience, which began first hand in 1959. Back then everyone had an Offy and a roadster. I did not stop, stomp my feet, screech like a little girl and become obsessed for the next sixteen years. That is not what real racing fans do.

                'For me it's a travesty to have the weekly NASCAR race have better TV ratings than the 500*.'
                Why? NASCAR also uses minimal, carefully regulated specs, race primarily on ovals, and is accessible to its fans. As an added bonus, most of the drivers are American and so are the venues, which occur with alarming regularity. They did not suffer through an owner boycott, scorched earth or a lack of ability to promote themselves. I would not call it a travesty. I would call it predictable.

                'What is missing is speed, innovation and technology. Three things that seperated the 500* from NASCAR and the rest. Now the powers that be decide who gets what engine package and TEAM funds. After you sign your engine lease please.'
                Good ideas. In this day and age, however, who gets to pay for it? Who is willing to do so? Another thing that is definitely not the same as it was in some subjective utopia is the economy. Those of us who work for a living are acutely aware of the economic conditions that exist today.

                'Did they really need an ICONIC committee to come up with this package? The rule that an engine has to be tied to a manufacturer is ludicrous.'
                It does, however, ensure participation and a certain degree of safety, and given the aforementioned economic conditions and recovery mode of the sport is such an approach unwise? Perhaps in your deluded fantasy world. In the real world common sense must take precedence.

                'All of the place fans who like to point out cart's failures embrace and encourage some of the same things that lead to cart's demise that are in the ICS*. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.'
                This is perhaps the most perplexing of all the hater slams that get tossed out there. If the IndyCar of today is the cart of yester-decades why is it not as popular as what you folks believe you had back in the utopian days of yore? And what, exactly, is a ‘place fan?’ Most of the people I know attend races of all disciplines at venues around the globe. My annual agenda, for example, usually includes off road, Formula 1, NASCAR and others most every year. You?
              • Neitha Renna nor Wheldon
                will drive a race car this year
              • Point?
                Nor will Bob Akin, Michele Alboreto, Blaise Alexander, Ove Andersson, Scott Baker, Tom Baldwin, Ryan Bard, John Blewett III, Possum Bourne, Peter Brock, Dennis Brooks, Jeff Clinton, Ashley Cooper, Dale Earnhardt, Guido Falaschi, Fritz Glatz, Shane Hammond, Kenny Irwin, Jr., Bert Jackson, Scott Kalitta, Billy Kimmel, Steve King, John Lingenfelter, Mark Lovell, Eric Martin, Stewart McColl, Eric Medlen, Mark Niver, Marcelo Nunez, Carlos Pardo, Michael Park, Neal Parker, Stan Perry, Adam Petty, Wanda Phillips, Mark Porter, Tony Roper, Darrell Russell, Gustavo Sondermann, Rafael Sperafico, Henry Surtees, Nolan White and anyone else killed since 2000 in a racing vessel.
              • Zanardi
                Lived to race another day unlike others. Hell, he even walks. I look forward to Kenyon midgets Saturday night at the Speedrome and the the pinnacle of motorsports, F1 from Bahrain on Sunday. I wonder if Eddie Underacheever will be at the Speedrome scouting talent? LOL. The road to Indy? LMAO.
              • Immaturity Has No Limits For The Six Of 'Em
                Is that the same 'underacheever' who is tied with the entire Andretti family for Indy 500 wins? The one that had a nice run in F-1? Why the immature name calling?
              • You can always tell when the Dipsicle
                has run out of any thing useful to contribute. He always reverts to making light of drivers who were injured
              • Jetfighters in a gymnasium
                The same Underacheever who was 0 for his career in F1 and CART. He had to move to the IRL* to "win". I still don't know how he was able to beat Marco Greco, Dr. Jack Miller and Andy Michner for the win.

                One would think that someone "who has attended every 500* since 1959" would be able to decipher the decreased level of talent.

                If I recall Cheever's big win did not help him retain his main sponsor Rachel's Potato Chips and he was then dumped by Red Bull for a lack of results.
              • We'll Have This Thread Up To 100 In No Time, Kids
                That probably beats drumming yourselves out of business. Twice.
              • same same sa me
                indycar have no fear about rating that why they have ugly car
              • Grasping at straws
                It definitely beats being fired by your Mother.
              • Oxygen Deprivation
                What about being run out of business, twice, by your peers?
              • Snoozville
                I think we should have a piling on penalty (Oh i forgot they don't do those anymore). Disciple of INDYCAR I think you should just let these numsculls (Chief is that how you spell it as you are an expert on everything?)rant among themselves for a while. My guess is they will find a way to beat each other up with their insane commentary. INDY CAR is not perfect, never has been, never gonna be and neither is most anything else in the sporting world. I am going to go away and enjoy some races (open wheel and NASCAR), some NBA playoffs,some MLB, watch my daughter play LAX, soccer and basketball and then come back in 6 months and I bet the idiots will still be yammering about TV ratings and poor car designs, and flip flopping on road courses vs ovals, pack racing vs too much danger, cars go too fast or only hitting 220, diversification of drivers or only Americans, wanting open platforms which creates the halves and halve nots or want tight competition...the list goes on and on and on. Enjoy your summer boys, I know I will cause I don't HATE everything about open wheel racing. Take a long nap--it will do you good.
              • Mental Illness
                Yes it was sad to see Oldsmobile and Northern Lights fold after being associated with the hapless IRL*.
              • Cheever Cleaver
                Edward was dumped by sponsors for being, well, Edward, Indy 500 win not withstanding. But let's give him credit for that win. Steve Knapp, Billy Roe, or Stan Wattles could have easily snatched it right from him but good ol' boy, personable, feel good guy Edward held sway. Good times. Good times.
              • Ahhh, Such Great Memories
                It's just so quaint when the cart flat earth crowd harkens back to the late 90s (evidently they were just as obsessed back then) for slamming purposes. Here is why drivers like Steve Knapp, Billy Roe or Stan Wattles will always have my respect. They showed up and they raced. They took advantage of opportunities that would otherwise have not occurred. They did not allow the politics of the day to spoil the purity of the sport. Look at what happened to some who foolishly bought into the boycott. Al Unser, Jr. eventually became a pickled recidivist over being kept away from Indianapolis. Instead of running in the Indianapolis 500, Alex Zanardi lost his legs. Jimmy 'who needs milk' Vasser became the answer to a trivia question after one of the most clown-like starts in motorsports history. The arrogant selfishness of smug boycotters deprived fans of much enjoyment. It was rather refreshing to see fields of drivers who were there to actually strap in and race. Not gripe, whine, or otherwise act like entitled prima donnas. It was, in short, a golden period for the sport.
              • Expert Analysis
                Thanks for the complement Mario! The only true expert is Defender, he's got all the answers.

                It was Norris McDonald, the sage writer from the great white north who penned the classic "NUMBSKULLS" reference to Indycar management this past weekend. I can not claim credit for that, but thank you for giving me the thumbs down.

                Looks like LOTUS is in danger of not even making the 9 days of May. Also, there appears to be some concern about the Penske/Chevy alliance and the fact Penske has won all 3 races and builds the Chevy engines too.

                Mario, enjoy them races racefan! There are storm clouds on the horizon....
              • Funny
                When you don't have any arguments other than screaming CART, bankrupt, twice, scorched earth and other delusions then I guess your only choice is to change your "handle" and bring up A CART drivers injuries. LOL

                Thanks to the CART safety team Zanardi was able to race again and is not in a wheelchair.
              • Hilarious
                Breach of contract filed against Lotus per Speed. Hilarious!

                Did anyone at 16th and Jonestown conduct any due diligence on Lotus? How many cars did Lotus sell in 2011?
              • Fans Of The Past Certainly Are Classy
                Isn't Jonestown the sight of one of the worst cult murder/suicides in history? Classy reference.

                How long as Alex Zanardi operated IndyCar and Indy Lights teams, conducting more business with his tongue than most others accomplish with their entire bodies? Oh, that's right. None.
              • Lotus has the edge at Texas because they tested
                Will Lotus even make Texas? Maybe an Actual Adult can comment....will any of the cars even be there? Perfect storms on the horizon.
              • Off In Yet Another Direction
                What happened to all the obsessed angst about ratings? Turns out the finals were way up from the overnights for LB. So, if I am to understand correctly, Lotus shenanigans will now be the end of IndyCar? I apologize. I guess I am getting the various youthful, scattershot taunts mixed up.
              • Rockin' with the Skinflints
                St. Pete 0.9
                Barber 0.25
                LB 0.32

                That's a marketer/advertisers dreamboat right there. Putting that in perspective....of 700 Million possible viewers on the third tier outpost Versus, only 0.45% bothered to watch.

                No angst here, them ratings suck.
              • Opps...correction
                Only 70MILLION possible viewers on Versus/MSNBCSN. Still about 40 million shy of ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, ESPNOcho.
              • Only A Dozen More to 100
                OK, so it IS lack of ratings. Can you kindly tell me when I should began frantically pulling out what hair I have left and run shrieking down Georgetown Road that the sky is, in fact, falling?
              • Panic?
                Apparently only the loss of Hulman buck$ as your stipend and losing the Texas oval next year for a Houston strret race will panic you. Relax friend, enjoy the bumbling of the "Most Important Race In The World". This one should be colossal. Any stunts gonna take place? Any centennial era hangover? Gas prices are headed to $5...I hear William Hung is singing the national anthem, should be interesting. I'm sure you'll be pal'ing around with him fer sure....
              • Only 8 More To Go!
                ...soooo....I should panic NEXT year then. Got it. Thanks.
              • Question
                If it's all about Indy* and the 500*, why do geriatric IMS* obsessed place fans need to pollute racing forums to defend it and create quaint litte blogs on "create your own free blog here sites" to talk about how great the ICS* is?

                34 cars? LOL
              • Family Feud!
                Good thing the IRL brought back the stock block where the neighborhood mechanic could wrench his own 500 special. No more CART engine leases! Freedom from CART!

                Ah yes, the wonderful 90's. Seems like light years now from even Honda's spec lump 3.5 of just yesteryear. Now, teams wanna get out of leases, switch teams mid-season, Indy in jeopardy. Three races in and tv ratings suck, engines squabbles, and a car that got airborne when the new safety devices on the DW12 worked as designed. Banner week this is...oh forgot Lotus is headed downward in a swirling motion in what equates to more cars down the drain. Great week!
              • No CART for Burl
                Lifelong, I never was a CART guy. I was at Disneyworld in 2006, Phoenix after that, and most certainly, Indy in May of 1996.

                Al Unser Jr., Jimmy Vassar, Paul Tracy and company were idiotic shills for an arrogant, self-important series very few were interested in.

                I've been an IRL guy since Day One. Sadly, the series became CART all over again and now the suck has never been so big a suck.

                The IndyCar Series today is a poor man's, ugly CART copy.

              • Oh just be done with it...
                Put Penske in charge of Indycar and be done with it. He runs the show anyway. He'll fix it.

                Or Chip. Yeah, Chip and Rog. Together they can not be stopped.

                Fix that series right up...
              • Only FIVE More To 100
                I know you kids can do it....
              • 97
                Weak, Disciple. Very weak. Again, why do you come on here and flail away like a cornered kitten? Especially, when you ave run out of relevant data? The Series is in dire shape so just deal with it. When it finally flatlines, another series of some type, smaller in nature, will appear to keep the "500" going. Maybe USAC will run it. I don't know. But as long as you can accept this you'll be just fine, Disciple. YOu'll be less inclined to make yourself sound well, sound just so.......I don't know....I guess.....dorky.
              • 22 cars in Brasil?
                Can an Actual Adult answer as to why the IRLcarz are only letting 22 cars go to Brasil this week?

                Did 4 cars drop out all of a sudden? Is it because of Penske building his own Chevy's? Lotus is slow and going bankrupt? Honda upset with lack of turbo regulations? Not enough safety devices for all cars?

                Where's Randy when leadership is needed? WHY is their only 22 cars going to Brasil? How are the 0.45% of 70 Million NBC Sports Network fans going to get the FULL IRl series on their TV's? I think the series is too cheap to send 26 cars....can an Actual Adult please answer? Thx.
              • One More To Push 'Er Over The Top Kids!
                Oh no....another sign of impending doom. Whatever will we do?
              • This serves to prove
                Anthony's blog is more popular than the IRL ever was and it didn't cost its owners $600,000,000.00 I also heard the Dipsicle has a bloggy thing that apparently is about as popular as the IRL, or why else would he need to come here to get attention. Waaaah, Dipsicle. http://www.clowncostumes.com/Supplies/Stickers/Sticker%20I%20am%20special%20copy.jpg
              • Grater News!
                Lotus DUMPS two Indycar teams! WOOT! This great news for the series, no doom and gloom here.

              • That is great news
                Good to see Lotus focusing on a bite they can chew. Servia and Tagliani will be better served with a Honda and Chevy. I rather suspect it will be one of each.
              • Jourdain Jr. to RLL
                That should sell the unsold. Wow! Now of they can just sign up Bernard Jourdain it will be a sell out. Maybe Ted Prappas and Didier Theys can jump in cars.

                Indy! Home of Headline makers!

                The sport is in such awesome shape!
              • Indycar car counts DOWN 15%
                Spectacular news! Brasil car counts for IRLcarz DOWN 15% from previous race at long Beach!!!

                No doom and gloom here, just FACTS! Woot!, this is GRATE for the series! Prized demographics and +12 vanity numbers with be benefactors for sure, even though the IRL doesn't even use them, they are going so well now. !
              • Tony and Laura hosted a garage sale
                and According to Curt Cave-In, the family subsidized the rancid hIRL teams to the tune of $39 million this year
              • A third concern...
                I'd like to ask Anthony if maybe he should address a third concern for Randy B.

                Is it concerning to have a full 33 car field for the big race during the partial month of May?

                I was reading some of the posts at Track Forum.com and I see where many are growing worried with the Lotus engine problems and the lack of spec chassis, there might be trouble getting 33 cars.

                Some think it could be a negative reflection on the Indy 500 in general and send some bad messages to the media which will use it all to bash the sport.

                What are you hearing Anthony?
              • What happened?
                That trackforem website has a thread named "This is why I miss a meaningful pole day"...

                They show comparison footage from pole day 1992/1994 and compare it to pole day 2011. I gauge that 2011 had less than 10% of the attendance of 1994 pole day.

                Where did all the fans go? Why didn't they come back? HaY Randy, maybe you should have apologized?
              • The Kids Remain Obsessed
                Oddly, I have been attending qualification days at Indy since 1959. Never once had a problem finding a good seat. If you think the crowds in 1994 were good, you should have seen them in the 1960s. In actual fact, the 2011 crowds were great in the context of the day. We could compare, say, carb day crowds in 2011 with 1994 but that would not support your cutesy little straw man thingy.

                Thanks for watching!
              • Is RC Cola a bluechip?
                Whatever happened to the tenet of sticking to a topic? You appear to have problems ill suited to this particular interchange. Grow up.
              • Hay Dipsicle
                you got any notion of how to replace them 130,000 pole day fans you ran off and how about them CART owners raking in the family dough whilst TOney is selling his stuff cheap
              • Hay Dipsicle
                Lot of good questions in this blog you seem to have skipped over. Some defender you are
              • Straw Man?
                Did SkyNyrd play out behind the Pigoda back in 1994? How about Papa Roach or Kid Rock?

                Who won the 1994 Freedom 100? Did they have a "centennial era" back in 1994? They sure packed 'em in in 1994 without the luxury of a condensed Indy 500 schedule or a change in date from Thursday of race weekend....did they?

                Why did all those fans come back in 1994, anyways? I still take 1994 for a winner over lame 2011 anyday...maybe no one likes sitting next to you Defendered.
              • Questions?
                When does the 9 days of May start?

                Didn't someone say that one of the reasons for the now dead IRL* was that CART teams wanted to "emasculate" the month of May?

                Will Lynrd Skynrd travel by bus or plane to IMS* on "carb day"?
              • Let's See If I Follow...
                I find it disturbingly humorous that the obsessed little kiddies follow the activities of the George family to the point of discussing supposed garage sales. As long as IndyCar has fans that rabid (potentially in a foaming-at-the-mouth, diseased way) it will continue to be around long after most of us join 'ol 99 up there at the pearly gates.

              • Warped!!!
                Disciple of what used to be great Indycar,

                You sure have a warped sense as to what makes some of the folks posting in this thread actual " rabid fans!"

                And you say you know about marketing???

                Could you kindly point out some kind of info that would 'defend' that take on how disgruntled former fans can be considered good for the sport and good demographics for the advertisers as they are?

                Oh, and by the way...I have been in advertising and marketing and even race PR for years. I think it would be hard to make such a case. But, I know you'll give it a good ol' college try...or jut flat make something up.

                LOL, LOL, LOL!!!
              • Bupkis
                He's full of them....Disciple can't answer important questions about the series.

                How pathetic is THAT? When the IRL's numero uno falsifier and resident BS artist can't even lie to coverup the atrocities of the Indycar Series in year 2012, man, that IS pathetic. Too funny!
              • Solution To Your Quandary
                Ask intelligent questions that have merit.
              • Side impact
                Curt Cavin's journalism career has worked out better than Paul Dana's.

                Did TG sell his helicopter at his little garage sale?
              • So Dipsicle
                after 16 years of defendering, the CART owners are still raking in the dough and TOney is still on the outside looking in. Worked out well didn't it?
              • Confirmed?
                Can the resident Indycarz insiders give confirmation that Newman-Haas Racing has withdrawn Jean Alesi's entry to the 500? Seems there is engine supply problems with the 3 BIG engine manufacturers at the IRL.

                How are they going to fill the field on fill the field day at the speedway fer the 500 without no engines? I love how the new evolution of Indycars in 2012 has that element of surprize and suspense. Beats 1995 hands down, and gives that Tony Stewart fake out a few years ago a run for it's money.
              • Who cares?
                I have attended every year since 1959 and will make my trek to mecca gain this year.

                Tony George said 33 is just a number (He is God like!) Who cares how many cars start as long as the rightful heir Ed Carpenter does? Anyone who says anything negative about IMS is a juvenile delinquent CART obsessed maggot who doesn't know the history of real INDYCAR racing that was invented by Tony George in 1996.

                Please stay on topic and grow up.
              • Tiny D's
                tightywhities are getting bunched. You know there's more bad news on the horizon, cause Tiny D has all the inside scoop. And he will come here to get the expert analysis on any breaking news. Hey Dipsicle, I heard they are going to line up 33 Bobcats this May, cause TOney said you IMS toads don't care what is on the track because you aren't real open wheel race fans. sux 2 b u did TOny sell any of your favorite items in his garage sale? Maybe that's it.
              • Since 1980
                I cannot say I have been going to IMS since 1959, like Defenseless claims. But I have been to every "500" since 1980. Every one of them. And I've been there many times for practice and quals as well. My most basic observation of the place, outside the changes in infrastructure, is the fact the crowds have steadily dwindled each year since about 1996 to the point that, like last year, daily practices were so void of fans it looked as though the place was closed for private testing. In the 80's and early 90's, a typical practice day easily had three to four times the number of fans walking around the infield or paddock, sunning in the grandtsnds, and visiting the various vendors around the outside of the Speedway. You could feel the energy a mile away. Buzz! Excitement! Something big was going on.

                Now the atmosphere is so non-existent, it almost makes me call into question why not just make it a regular race weekend. Ok, it is the "500", so maybe open for practice on Monday. Practie Tuesday and Wednesday as well. Qualify front to back on Thursday. Two-hour practice on Friday. Parade on Ssaturday. Race on Sunday. Go home. Why even have the dorky dinner thingy they do? Oner week tops.

                The "500" just isn't important enough to warrant all the other and the Pole Day TV ratings and lack of attendance at practice and Quals clearly show that it is not a big deal.

                One week. Tops. If that. IT coudl also seriusly be considered to make it just a regular race weekend. Practice Thursday. Qual Friday. Parade Saturday Race Sunday. If it rains, points set the field. Only 26 cars? Add seven "promoters options" if 33 is so magical. But is it really? No.

                The "500" is not a nig deal anymore. People cling to traditions that are old and irrelevant.

                The sport today is for spec cars, chick drivers, and international rich guys, "playing" race car driver in the "500". That is the image. People see that. Mixed in are about ten real race car drivers who apparently don't know any better.

                And Defenseless, face it. Your sport is near death. Our sport, I should say. Difference is, we accept that, sad but true. It is a sport that can no longer sustain. What a minor league, irrelevant entity it has become.

                The Indianapolis 500. R.I.P.
              • Is Disciple Anthony?
                Is Disciple Anthony?

                He sure does seem to come of like this is his blog.

                I guess he has to defend Anthony. Well,defend him except when he doesn't like when Anthony writes stuff like how much money the Hulman/George families have had to spend to keep their visions visible.

                I sort of feel sorry for Disciple. Less places on the internet that allow him to defend the way he defends, troubles with engines, car counts, fans, ex-CART team owners running the sport.

                Life in Speedway is tough!
              • Their Obsession Continues...
                I think it's funny when the obsessed kiddies, out of one side of their mouths, boast about how former cart folks are running the sport...then out of the other side of their mouths tell me how badly the sport is doing.

                Sometimes the best comedy is unintentional.

              • What ohval are they racing on this week?
                Did ya see where F1 is getting the jump on Indycarz by developing a "cage" to protect the drivers?

                Maybe Bernie is expecting the IRl to call it quits and wants to be ready to take over at the speedway? Betcha the brickhouses will have the plumbing fixed, I garontee!

                Where's the series this week...must be on a an oVal warming up the coiled snakes for the brickyard! Anyone know?

                Also, seen MEGA Kentucky Derby 500 advertisements...none for the Indy 500. What's going on? I thought they were gonna promote the 500? The zip-lines and static old carz in downtown on cold Super Bowl evenings in the winter just ain't gonna cut it. Did they advertise the series during NFL football or NCAA basketball tournaments? Hmmmm, set up for a 4.0 again I suppose...iCarly gets that on a regular daily basis. Betcha Defenerer watches that show.
              • Intentional or not
                I crave attention. I can get it it here or on my blog, it helps my self esteem and gives me motivation to work off some pounds.

                May is coming up, it will be a struggle to stay away from tenderloins. One day at a time, one struggle at a time.
              • If that is directed at me...
                Disciple, if "boast about how former cart folks are running the sport" is directed at me, you could not be more wrong.

                That comment is borrowed from your own postings here, at Track Forum and your own blog. YOU are the one that complains about former CART owners running the show and fooling Randy, etc.

                There is really nothing for me to be boastful about.
              • Getting Funky With Zombies
                Hey, speaking of that (sort of)...in honor of the fifth anniversary of the asset sale/bailout the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will be featuring the undead in a concert after the gun fires on Pole Day. Here Come The Mummies will be performing at IMS that day. See you there!
              • Agree with Burl
                I think this Burl fellow is on to something. I like the idea of the Indy 500 compressed into a week, tops. It just makes sense. Or, better yet, a Thursday through Sunday affair. Granted, weather is always a factor in Indianapolis during the month of May. But it just does not pencil to have the IMS facility opened every day in anticipation of or for the potential of rain washign out track activities.

                At one point in history, making this a month-long event may have made total sense. Race cars were developed and improved on right at the Speedway on lazy May afternoons, day after day. It was a different era for motorsport and life in general. Those days are long gone.

                Today the sport has a single, spec chassis and a couple of engine manufacturers and that is all. Granted, the car this year is new and so are the engines. Things are unproven to date. But the time, money, and energy spent on development of this car/engine has been spread out over multiple race tracks and events leading to Indy next month. I think they have a good amount of time next month to work the car and engine up and toward the "500". But the days of teams and fans needing to be there for even two weeks now is a thing of the past.

                The Indy 500 is still an important event on the annual sporting calendar in thsi nation. It is a bug race. Still. But the truth is, the way the sport has unfolded in the past few years, it has become something of less impact and importance overall. For auto racing it is big. For sport in general, not so much.

                A better and more interesting use of time and capital would be to condense the schedule to something more reflective of the times and the attention span of people and the media. Everything is quick, hurry-up, now.

                So, I submit the Speedway opens for practice the Sunday before the "500" with an Opening Day "festival"-type atmosphere and then a practice. Practice would follow on Monday through Wednesday. That is four, solid days of practice, to include Rookie Orientation. On Thursday, Time Trails would be held and would be a simple process of lining them up and qualifying 1 through 33 and then whoever is left over would have the opportunity to bump until 6 PM. Field set. A two-hour "Carb Day" practice on Friday, downtown parade on Saturday, the "500" on Sunday. Factoring a Saturday "load-in" day, and a banquest Monday night in Indy, the teams and personnel would be engaged for one week and two days.

                Again, with rain a potential factor, it is acknowledged events could be washed out. If Qualifying was washed out, Friday would be available. If that does not work out, then set the field by practice speeds. This also makes practice all the more imperative.

                I think a condensed, critical, short-period of practice and qualifying would be of more interest even if only slightly more so.

                The low TV ratings and woeful attendance of Pole Day and other qualifying days coupled with the almost non-existent attendance at regular practices is evidence the "old days" are long past.

                A week long "Indy 500 Festival" type atmosphere, condensing it all into a compact, basically seven day format, is both realistic and most likely much more palatable to those remaining few who actually have an interest in events beyond race day itself. It would cost-effective, challenging, potentially more action-packed, and possibly of more intrigue.

                Ther old gray mare ain't what she used to be and past models, though long in tradition, are really no longer applicable to the modern, 21st Century reality of what is left of this nominal sport.
              • The Reason The Sport Has Existed For Over 100 Years
                One might think that by now most smart people would understand that any continued marginalization of the Indianapolis 500 is a death sentence for the entire sport. Yet there are those who will never learn from the past who continue to bang that particular drum. Pathetic.
              • Disciple marches to his own beat
                Seriously. Who is really manning the drum sticks here, Disciple? Think about it. Daniel made some interesting points.

                And because he has a different approach and/or opinion, you dismiss it as "pathetic."

                Who is really pathetic, Disciple?

                Indeed, thought so.
              • Eliminate Mistakes of the Past
                Burl/Daniel/Whatever-Other-Name-You-Select to essentially try to make the same point over and over again ad nauseum, learn from history son. It has the power to teach. You need to learn how to pay attention.
              • Dipsicle and Tony
                the original marginalizers and condensers of the the Indy 500 and the Hulman family bank account
              • and the month of May
                and the fanbase and the TV audience. Just like a crapwagon, they did a bang up job
              • 25/8
                I am nothing but a place fan, don't forget it.

                I don't know anything about racing, I spend most of my time at the track in the john or trying to catch a glimpse of the Tiger Woods of auto racing, Greg Ray.
              • Disciple, an important fan
                In fact, you are the face of the IndyCar Series so far as fandom is concerned, pops.

                And therein is the answer as to why so few in theis country watch the sport. So few indeed.

                And for that we can be grateful oh great paddock loiterer.

                Grateful indeed.

                Have fun chewing the fat, literally, with your brethern like Zoomie this May, pops. Have good fun. There will be plenty of room to stretch out.
              • average 500 place fan
                Just substitute the 500 for Matlock. ;-)

                http://www.fortunecity.com/lavendar/thundercrack/224/matlock.wav :lol:
              • Down to 33
                Newman Haas is out, official.

                Lotus killed them. No doom here...this is great for the 500! WooT!!!

                Hate never sleeps.....
              • More Meaningless Trivia From The Obsessed
                Hardly surprising. Paul is pushing up daisies, Carl is knocking on the door, and anybody who is anybody is latched on with other teams. I could form Disciple Racing and have a better chance. Much ado about nothing, just like always. Try again, kiddo.
              • No Streaming? WHY
                Folks in Brazil, Indiana can't get internet streaming of the Brazil practice and qualifying because....?

                A. Indycar is too cheap to offer it

                B: Brazil needs Indycar blackout for attendance reasons

                C: Indycar can only afford to send 22 pilotos

                D: No one cares about Indycar
              • Big Mo
                Much ado about nothing pretty much sums up the ICS* and the 500*. LOL

                But the 9 days of May are about to start! I guess those CART teams did end up emasculating the month of May. LMAO.

                Will qualifying for the Brazil monsoon be live on the former Outdoor Life Network?

              • Trackforem reports....Portuguese
                ...is now the officiale language spoken in the all american Indycar series! AND, they got intrernet streamers too! WOOT!

                Just sell the series and speedway to the Brazilians...they'll fix it. The morAns at 16th and Jonestown couldn't light a match with a handful of fire.....
              • Indycar FINES John Barnes for tweet
                THIS SERIES IS A JOKE! Barnes said nothing but the TRUTH. I'm done with this stupid series
              • They Remain Obsessed
                When will those who claim to be 'done with the series' put their money where their typing fingers are and actually go ahead and leave? LOL.
              • Is this what got IMS toadsuck Barnes fined?
                "Nobody cares about open-wheel racing and the Indianapolis 500", Barnes said.
              • Context is Always Important.
                ...more than I do."

                You forgot the rest of the sentence.
              • That's what TOney said
                too. That is why it's condensed
              • Disiples context
                "Today is the day to resolve TURBOGATE! I hope @indycar gets their act together. It has been embarrassing."

                That's the tweet from John Barnes. Seems a bit sensitive on indycar's part, don't ya think? $25K LARGE for a twitter quip especially if the rest of the world sees Indycar with egg on their face. SAd state of affairs over their.
              • IndyCar Indoor Go Karts
                Watched Brazil from a sports bar Sunday. No other patrons watching, of the 10 or so in there at the time. But one note: The waitress in there looked up at the TV a coupel times as she made the rounds and said the "sports cars" look like big go karts.

                Now that is funny.

                Randy has so much to work on. Even the Indy cars that the average person thinks looks like a giant go kart.
              • Poor Brazil TV Ratings
                Of course. We knew they would be. 0.23. BUT, but, but....apparently ratings are up 6 percent overall this season. That is great news isn't it Disciple?

                But hey, while we have ya, since Brazil got a lowly, and we mean LOWly 0.23, which means hardly anybody in America was watching, can you please give us the REAL number?

                Surely there are several million fans unaccountd for in the target demographics.

                How did those numbers come out, Disciple. I mean, I know a ZERO POINT TWO-THREE (0.23) rating is unimportant when there are so many fans watching.

                OH well, the Month of May is here and 32 cars are poised to attack the Speedway in a couple of weeks when they open the place up.

                0.23 is just a number. The Greatest Spectacle In Racing Awaits the 32 coiled snakes.
              • Tony's vision
                Remember if the numbers are up then they are good, if they are down then they are irrelevant and misleading. Of course they are up due to last years "race" being a typhoon.

                It's all just part of the ongoing Vision. Just wait till May, all 9 days of it. The coiled snakes will strike just like jet fighters in a gymnasium. 33 is just a number.

                You don't know what Qingdao means.
              • The inaugural Brazil race was highest rating...
                YUP, I remember they were like 0.9 or sumptin. IF you factor in the rain last year...this is a net LOSS over all. Like, down 75% overall from the first year.

                Hows that for loss of interest Indycar leaders and paid propagandists? Fans are not liking what you are dishing up. This 7 year contract with NBCSN is the curse of death.
              • SO CHief
                you are finally agreeing with Defender that the problem is the media partner and NOT the product?
              • I Wonder
                if I could find anybody down on Monument Circle who knows it is THE MONTH OF MAY?
              • Bwahahhahha! Mike Shank taking on the Indycar through the media!
                Heck no Truth...the product stinks as does the people who run it. Folks too stupid to realize their announcer referred to Brazil as "Canada" while on air deserves all they can muster.

                BUT, this Michael Shank Racing taking the absurdity of the Indycar's engine unavailability issues is startling! Robin Miller just piled on over at SpeedTV, and their were other writers getting on board this AM too.

                Man, Randy's got a ****storm hitting the fan today. Too funny! I guess they'll just have to fine and penalize everybody everywhere!
              • The Rubens Factor
                While it is true the Series is averaging a 0.45 overall, give or take a point here or there and a zillion uncounted fans over there, Randy KNOWS Rubens Barrichello will take Indy by storm this May. The hype is unreal! EVERYONE awaits Rubens arrival. Surely, the arrival of Rubens will propel the Series to household name status.

                I'll bet Rubens is why Brazil got a 0.23 instead of a lowly 0.20.

                Good looking out Randy! Good looking out!

                I'm bullish on the future here. I don't know about you fellow Gomers, but I am gettign misty-eyed at the prospects this May!
              • Absurdity
                I was wrong...2010 Brazil got 0.40 on Versus. Here's the ratings shakedown:

                2010 = 0.40
                2011 = 0.08
                2012 = 0.23

                That looks to me to be a 45% DROP in TV rating from the first Brazil race.

                WHAT happened? IRL even advertised the race during NHL hockey playoffs! This is not good news.

              • What happened...
                ....I'll tell ya'. In this country, all but the Trackforum posters,two guys in Pacoima, and a guy in Des Moines are even aware the sport exists.

                IndyCar is DEAD! DEAD! Not even the 9 Days Of May and 32 coiled go karts will save it.

                People DO NOT CARE! and DO NOT WATCH!

                A couple people at the sports bar the other day thought it was "The Indy 500". Does that not tell you how BAD things are? All-American, nach-munching, beer drinking sports guys thought Brazil was the Indy 500 as in "Hey, the Indy 500 is on that screen over there."

                IndyCar Racing. Done.
              • Just in
                The real ratings were just emailed to me. Worldwide viewership for the Brazil race was 170 million in 99 countries.

                Key metrics in targeted demographics were up 150%.

                Joyce Julius indicates that Ed Carpenter's 9 crashes in Brazil generated $1 billion dollars in television exposure for Fuzzy's Vodka.

                And I just got off the phone with Roping Randy who said that 67 cars will compete for one of the coveted 33 spots. No 25/8 this year!
              • No 25/8....
                ...plus we get Katherine Legge! Wooo-hoooo!!! Danica who?

                I can't wait for May 12! Or 19th or 20th or whatever it is.

                It's May baby!
              • IBJ needs to check their calendar
                why are today's posts dated May 1st, don't they know it's April 31st, the 9 days of May hasn't started yet
              • The Youtube revolution!
                Indycar has announced all races will now be broadcasted on Youtube. This is a stroke of marketing genius!

                Can any media insiders or speedway spokespeople PLEASE highlight the revenue sharing deal here? How much is the IRL getting? Bwahahahahahaha! NBCSN (VesUS+) must be getting ready to jettison the re-broadcasts as non-money makers. Too bad....WHAT HAPPENED?
              • Low Ratings
                The 0.toosies and threezies will eventually break ya' down to free content on the Tube. Yeah, there, hey. So it goes.

                What's really gonna be funny is when the Indy 500 TV numbers come on about one month from now. We'll be looking at the lowest rated ever. My prediction.

                I predict a solid 3.0, maybe a 3.4.

                The Indy 500 is small taters anymore.
              • Object example of why...
                ..the league and Randall are inept, per a CC story..."IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard, who has been trying to help Shank, is in China securing details for the August race in Qingdao."

                So while a 100-percent American racer, the real deal, cannot find anything other than the dud Lotus, Randy is off in Qingdao nailing that one together.

                Because after all, when you think Indy Car racing over the past 100 years you don't think of guys like Michael Shank. You think of Qindao.

                If I were Shank and I wanted an open-wheel race team that turned left I'd tell these IndyCar Series dingleberry's to stick it and start a WoO or USAC team. There if a guy had everything in place and needed an engine, a wrench, a water jug, some duct tape, or a can of oil to get out on the track it would happen. Heck, the fans would come down from the stands to help.

                The INDYCAR Series is Dead. Randall? You resignation please.
              • SHAZAM
                No Gomer Pyle for the Gomer's this year. Maybe Goober is available.

                32 cars and no Gomer sounds like a great start to the 9 days of May!
              • TV Facts
                NBCSN is in over 75 million homes. Each race, no one in over 75 million homes watches. So if NBCSN was to get into more homes, that would mean more people wouldn't watch. But then the demographical metrics would skyrocket.
              • So...
                ...if NBCSN is in 75 Million homes, it doesn't look promising to potential sponsors when the facts are laid out.

                "We are on a network that is available to 75 Million Homes," proudly states (insert name of IndyCar guy here).

                "Really?", responds the Potential Sponsor Company guy. "And how many watch the races?"

                "Well, uh, well, uh, the thing is, no, what I am saying is, well, uh, er, you see, uhhhhh, the fact is, well, er, oh lordy, I guess what I am sayin here is, uh, well, errr,", stumbles the Gomer.

                "I asked you sir, how many viewers do you have for these car races? Is it 75 Million? Half that much? Ten million viewers? That's not bad. We could see ROI in that."

                "Uhhhh, well, sweating here, uhhhh, well, you see, it is uhhh, the thing is, well, errr...sorry, whooops, yeah, that was me, uh, yeah, that one smelt, uhhhhhh, well, you seee...it's uh, oh what the hell, I'll just spit it out....250,000 watch our races. BUT, we have the potential for 75 million. You don't know what Qingdao means!"
              • 0.45
                0.45% is who watches out of 75,000,000. Statistically that's 0%.

                Pathetic...and they fined Barnes for twitting what we all know and think.

                Haven't seen any promo for the 500. WHAT'S HAPPENING?
                • Chief, check the math
                  Chief, where are you getting 0.45 percent from? Nearly half of NBCSC's households are watchign the races? By my calculation, if the generally accepted number of 250,000 IndyCar Series fans is accurate, and it appears to be based on published evidence, then 0.003 percent is the actual number of viewers. ZERO POINT ZERO.....ZERO....Three.

                  Let's take a look at that one more time...


                  Of that is accurate, and I am just ballparking here based on published evidence, it does not bode well for attracting sponsors does it?

                  I think we can conclude that the current IndyCar Sreies is, essentially, an epic failure, the powers-that-be stupidly attempting the CART/Champ Car/OWRS model once again.

                  I hope I am wrong by these numbers. If even close to the real score, it is TERRIBLE.

                  The only hard evidence I have that thigns are that bas is the fact at the last race, in the sports bar I was in, while the race was on a screen, NOBODY was watching. NOBODY. And I had to ask to have it put on. Only one person looked up, and they thought it was the "Indy 500."

                  Qingdao may solve all the problems, however.

                  Qingdao is everything.
                • Jenna Fryer
                  She sez 0.45 is Brazillian rating for folks who have Verusu/NBCSN. 0.45% of 75,000,000 is 337,500 viewers who have versus/nbcsn bothered to watch the IRL last week.

                  On a national TV audience, the IRL/Indycar series did a 0.23, that against all people who have TV sets but didn't bother to get MSNSNBC/verUSes or howveer they measure the mess.

                  It's pathetic, so I guess Jenna just divided it up to try and not make it look so pathetic. Only magic and ToNey George can do that.
                • 0.45 is just a number
                  It means nothing. Because we are told there is a "hidden" or uncounted for, if you will, core audience of fans who watch the series religously in some very key demographic-ish metrics thingys.

                  And remember, we have been informed that "sponsor-spend" is really on the upswing. That might explain why Sonny's BBQ is on board and Michel Jourdain Jr. is back at Indy after a 16-year absence. Money must be flying out of board rooms and into Gasoline Alley due to this key target metric system dealy-o.

                  And with Katherine Legge, Simona de Silvestro, and Ana Beatriz all going elbows out, blue flame, and red rotor this May, even with the awful absence of superstar, fan favorite Pippa Mann, I have to think this year's "500" is going to give all racing a beat-down on credibility and outright intrigue.

                  I mean, Ana Freaking Beatriz? Who wouldn't watch to see her go nost-to-tail, wheel-to-wheel, grass to marbles, with Michel?

                  Things look up!

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                2. Not a bad paper. There is a need for local community news and city government issues. Don't really need the owner's constant national political rants. We all know where they stand by now.

                3. What nice people. Menard should've known better than to team up with the guy who robbed and drove Conseco to ashes. I'm surprised Timothy Durham isn't involved in this.

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                5. It is beyond me how anyone can think this was a "bad deal" for the state! If they could take the money back then, yes, but they can't! Protections were built in the agreement. Now, if they roll the roads up and take them away, I will agree that it was a bad deal. Otherwise, the only way to have paid for the infrastructure that was badly needed was for the state to issue bonds....that is a four letter synonym for debt folks!!