IndyCar Series appears headed to Rhode Island in 2013

September 11, 2012
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A deal is in the works to take IndyCar to Rhode Island in 2013, according to officials of the open-wheel series.

The Weekend of Aug. 9-11 has been tentatively set aside for a road race in Providence next season. Those familiar with planning for the race said it will take place on a 2.1-mile circuit with considerable elevation changes. The course is set to run past Brown University and Rhode Island’s state capitol.

Along with a road race in Baltimore, the Rhode Island race would be the open-wheel series’ second foray into the Northeast, which is seen as a key market to growing IndyCar racing.

IndyCar officials this year were taking a hard look at holding a 2013 race in Boston. But as they studied the area, Rhode Island officials approached them about hosting a race in Providence.

Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee and Providence Mayor Angel Taveras have been actively involved in talks with IndyCar officials, said those familiar with the discussions.

A group of racing insiders and Rhode Island business leaders have formed New England Grand Prix LLC to act as race promoter. Promoting and operating IndyCar races—and keeping them financially viable—has at times been challenging. The race in Baltimore as well as one on an oval circuit in Milwaukee have struggled financially in recent years.

While many IndyCar fans clamor for more oval races, IndyCar Series CEO Randy Bernard said the series has to do what makes sense financially, adding that often times street and road courses draw bigger live crowds and generate more revenue.

IndyCar Series officials said the unveiling of its full 2013 schedule will likely be done shortly after the series’ Sept. 20 board of directors meeting.  

The 2012 series concludes Saturday with a race in Fontana, Calif.

  • Lamentable
    Anthony, you and I have both spoken to Randy over the last umpteen months, and he keeps saying "the series has to do what makes sense financially, adding that often times street and road courses draw bigger live crowds and generate more revenue." It's not about drawing bigger crowds; the helicopter shots from the TV coverage show that no urban event has had more than 50% of the grandstands filled. It's about sanction fees. IndyCar is so bloated and unprofitable that the sanction fee has become grossly unreasonable. ISC won't pay it anymore, so the series doesn't race at ISC's ovals (or the Glen, for that matter). The only alternative for IndyCar is to race in venues that are willing to pay. Whether or not there is a place for a legitimate race track is irrelevant. They're prepared to put up the cash, and IndyCar keeps the financial wolves from the door for another day. The TV numbers continue to drop. Baltimore's numbers indicated that fewer people watched that race on TV than watched the Indianapolis 500 live. Cut the costs, cut the expenses, increase the profit margins. The new car is still too expensive. Yes, I've had this conversation with Randy many times. But the prevailing wind tunnel is blowing from another direction.
    • Indycar
      Attempts to impress by referring to conversations with "Randy" are futile. You don't get it. Indycar is a terrible excuse for an alleged high-level pro series. The golden era of an American open-wheel series is long gone thanks 100% to T. George and will not be revisited as long as goofs continue to bring up the "high cost" and desire for more "ovals". Time to wake up.
    • Oval track owners
      aren't suckers. City and state politicians are.
    • LOL: TG The Root Of All Evil
      "Indycar is a terrible excuse for an alleged high-level pro series. The golden era of an American open-wheel series is long gone thanks 100% to T. George and will not be revisited as long as goofs continue to bring up the "high cost" and desire for more "ovals". Time to wake up." It is often beyond my ability to comprehend such a vast level of complete ignorance about Indy Car racing, particularly since fans of one (of many) era that began in 1979 and ended in 1995 continue to mistakenly blame the failure of their favorite series on Tony George. Many may not like the ownership structure of the series today, but without Indy there is no series. It would behoove the heel draggers to figure out a way to work within that reality and evolve. It would also be more adult to stop stereotyping those whose opinion is not lockstep aligned with those of road racing and/or F1 enthusiasts. The right path for IndyCar is a mix of circuits that showcase variety. Hopefully they do not add another putrid temporary event unless it's something worthwhile. Not sure how Providence would fit that bill. Pocono with a 500 mile race? That's what we need in that particular geographic region.
    • See my
      previous comment Dipsicle of Indycar the always bloviating champion of the destruction of indycar racing, as long as it the George family doing the destruction
    • It never ceases to amaze me that the haters continue to come on here and rant and rave about TG and how he destroyed open wheel racing when it is obvious Cart killed itself. The press has said it. the cart owners have admitted it and even some of the more enlightened haters have admitted it. Cart was run the way a race series should never be run. By the team owners. Lets look at the major racing series. NASCAR, nope, one central figure who owns and runs the series. F1, nope, one central figure who owns and runs the series. NHRA, nope, privately held and run by a board that does not consist of team owners. Do you see a trend here? It is funny that the haters continue the same arguement and lament the loss of their dearly departed series without realizing, or admitting that the fault for the demise lies in the series itself. Oh well, such is the life of a hater.
      • Prediction
        With this series so obviously declined into minor league status and no longer popular, save the Indy 500, I would have to think it either becomes a sort of semi-pro/amateur, SCCA-like street racing series or ceases up altogether in the next two to three seasons, if that. The numbers are just not there. The TV audience appears to be about 250,000 a race. Even when the series is live on network TV, the ratings are dismal. My local paper runs a paragraph, two tops, on Monday morning, and NO boxscore. I was at Fontana for the Wednesday night practice. I went from one end of the designated seating area to the other at 6 PM. It took twenty minutes and I counted 449 people, INCLUDING photographers and what apepared to be track personnel. 449 people for the first ever night time Indy Car practice at Fontana. In a metropolitan area (the Inland Empire) of 4 million-plus. And with millions more 3o minutes to an hour away. There is no way this sport makes it as is. It is SCC, WoO-level popular now. Truly, a minor league, made up to look big.
      • Tony George
        did grate
      • They can't stand that CART was better
        Better at Fontana...Better at Toronto, Better at Gold Coast, Better in Brazil, Better in Long Beach, better anywhere. Such a shame CART haters here try to tarnish the great unified legacy of AOW sport with their jealousy and hate filled diatribes. Racing at Rhode Island should reinforce your insecurity even more. Is there an oHval at Rhode Island? Will Thurston Howell III be there?
        • Conway has smelled enough of this stink
          Stepped out of AJ Foyt's junk and walked away from his gnarly operation to live another day. Good for Mike. Two near beheadings, sandwiched with the death of a colleague, will do that to a fellow. Maybe Conway realizes the shredding of carbon fiber awaits in Fontucky and would much rather view the impending carnage from the safety of the sofa. Cannot blame him. Cannot blame him at all. After this weekend, the series is in for a real soul-sarch.
        • The past
          I think people should stop living in the past and who was better when, and start thinking about solutions. If not there won't be a series to watch. The arguments here are the same ones you had a year ago. I know this doesn't sound like so much fun, but come on it's gettng old.
        • Solutions?
          It's Indyman, not us haters. It's IMS's problem, not the haters problems. Tony Goerge had a better idea....this is the fruits of his labor. Enjoy!
        • Lunch with Randy
          Fontana is a sellout. Key metrics up in targeted demographics across the board. TV ratings up 50%. Joyce Julius report indicates $2 billion in exposure for Indycar sponsors . Ferrari, McClaren and Red Bull in attendance and will meet with Randy and Tony George as he is really still in charge. Barnhart is also Beaux Barfield's boss, regardless of what Barfield says. 36-40 cars next year.
        • Lunch with Bernie
          F1 is dropping the fees it charges to tracks in fear of a complete take over by the Indy Racing League.
        • In NASCAR
          the fans know the names of all the drivers. In the IRL the drivers know the names of all the fans
        • In NASCAR
          the drivers sit at tables to sign autographs while the fans file through. In the IRL, the fans sit at a table while the drivers file through. Long live the visions.
        • Zzzzontana
          I saw a pickture over at Trackforem where the glare from the sunset showed the barren aluminum seating at the track. Looked worse than the old Marlo Klain weddings the IRL used to have a Homestead. maybe the Indy Cars can return to Homestead. V I B R A N T. What there was of a crowd was there apparently by NASCAR season tix freebies. My sources say IZOD is gone, and serious questions are evolving about the economic stability of the series. 0.18 TV ratings are causing most potential promoters to laugh in the face of the ICS asking $2M for a race sanction fee. IMHO, the IMS has really fixed this sport good. Great job whoever started the death-spiral back in 1994.
        • Hey Chief
          that's not what I heard from Mike "300% ROI" Kelly
        • Where is Mike Kelly?
          Though he was out out to pasture after this "300%" IRL debacle and subsequent lawsuit?
        • A Family in Indiana
          spent 700 million dollars to get a 0.1 TV rating for the last race.
        • I Thought The Topic Was About A Street Race in RI
          I see it did not take the obsessed kiddies long to veer completely away from the actual topic to parrot OCD-like digs borne of sheer ignorance. With devout followers like that is it any wonder the sport is dysfunctional? LOL.
        • VIBRANT!
          On topic, will there even be a series to race with at Rhode Island? TV ratings down 50% in 2012, FOntana grandstands empty and TV rating for final championship race nets 0.1x rating. The sport is dead bro...The Truth is right. $700+ millions and only 227K tv watchers and about 10K in-person even bothered to care. Explain to us how that is "moving in the right direction"? Explain how that is VIBRANT? Where are the car kits? Where are the fans going to come from? So many questions the great bloviater chooses to not answer. For good reason.
        • Once Again, The Topic Veers Wildly Off Course
          "On topic, will there even be a series to race with at Rhode Island?" Yes. Most definitely. "TV ratings down 50% in 2012," Look, I am aware the extent that the mental dexterity of the 'end is near' kids is limited to panicked evaluation of 12+ overnights without any regard whatsoever to numbers that actually sell spots, and I will wait, in vain, for something that resembles intelligent dialog from the kids. Until then, I shall just guffaw at what is really pretty weak, pointless retorting. "FOntana grandstands empty" Actually the 25K to 30K crowd was a pleasant surprise and something to build on, especially with a 500 miler at the end of the season. Just look at all the attention it's getting from your handful of li'l buddies. "and TV rating for final championship race nets 0.1x rating." Again, get back to me with numbers that sell the spots. "The sport is dead bro...The Truth is right." Oddly, it certainly draws an inordinate amount of attention for a sport that is 'dead.' "$700+ millions and only 227K tv watchers and about 10K in-person even bothered to care." Oddly, no one has ever actually quantified this mythical 700+ million expenditure (that's what it's up to these days - LOL). "Explain to us how that is "moving in the right direction"?" In the context of 2012/2013 I would say that things are actually moving forward. "Explain how that is VIBRANT? Where are the car kits? Where are the fans going to come from?" Cultivation of a younger demo for starters. The old folks should not really fit into the marketing equation. "So many questions the great bloviater chooses to not answer. For good reason." I wish intelligent questions could first be asked.
        • All i read was
          blah blah blah, blah blah blah. blah blah
        • Another Popular 2nd Grade Tactic
          When you have nothing to offer, type 'blah, blah, blah' or something equally insipid.
        • More than 10,000 Chief
          I normally agree with you, but a correction on a factoid. 21,000-plus actual tickets were sold. Total attendance was approximately 30,000. I was there. No question the attendance figure was at least in the 25,000 to 30,000 range. Those in attendance were enthusiastic and cheering much of the race. The atmosphere was actually quite good. The old IndyCar Series can still turn in a compelling, major league event. Fontana was it. Sadly, so few are watching. So few. There will be a 2013. As for a 2014, one more season like this one just finished, and I would say it is 75-25 that season would occur, less than 50 perent chance for a 2015. As is, that is. The series can change up and drop the street races and road course events and focus on a handful of high-speed, Indy 500-like oval races, because that is the image of an "Indy" car. Gimmicks have to stop. Why do you think Allmendinger is being considered for a Penske seat? NASCAR. Somehow the Albert's at IndyCar must think a mid-pack. nobody in NASCAR will bring in fans, past open-wheel success notwithstanding. Smacks of desperation. A lot of does. They out on a good Fonatna, but they have so much to do. The Series is of such little interest to the general public. I agree with the numbers pointing to about 250,000 fans in the USA. That is about smack dab, right. Sadly, it may be an overestimate. The future of the series: Indy 500. Pocono 500. Fontana 500. Milwaukee and Texas in June. Iowa. Gateway. Chicagoland. Phoenix in the Fall.
        • In the new IRL
          Ovals=Track Rentals
        • no Sportscenter
          the next morning after Fontana, Sportscenter had nothing. what/who will pay for IndyCar? the fees are too high, attendance is too low, and the audience approaches zero. how about trying the Free Sample plan? "here's your free ticket, thanks for attending." i've been to NASCAR races that have done exactly that (kinda...."thank *y'all* for coming"). IndyCar's got to try something different.
        • The tale of the take
          MLB to get $1.55 billion per year from Fox/ESPN/TBS. NFL gets $4.9 billion per year IRL ~ $8 million
        • NBC Sports Network
          is not the noose around Indycar's neck, Indycar is the noose around Indycar's neck
        • The League that Doesn't Care
          or doesn't know enough to care: Because at Las Vegas, drivers had many concerns. They had them as far back as the spring, when Andretti and others presciently forecasted the pack racing conditions considered one of the key variables in the fatal accident. They had them, four-time series champion Dario Franchitti said, after the series conducted a test and deemed the high-banked, freshly paved 1.5-mile track a suitable venue for league CEO Randy Bernard's year-end showcase. "The variable was Vegas. Period," Andretti said. "I'm not going to sit here and talk about poles on the race track. ... It's the racetrack we were at. It's a situation we were put in, unfortunately. I was screaming it before the race, we shouldn't have been there, and guys tested there and said we shouldn't have been there."
        • Hey Dipsicle
          what are the demo-specific numbers for the .08 from Fontana?
          • Rumor has it 21K were freebies
            That's what I'm hearing. 21K freebies and 10K paid. Wasn't it Milwaukee that said 40K to break even for a weekend? Regardless, who lost money at FOntana? I'm betting it's Indy Car. As if the 0.18 TV viewing audience means anything. Heck, NBC sports don't even list the hapless leeGuE in their promotional series. Robbie Gordon's new super truck series had a blerb at the bottom about all NBC sports programming. IRL wasn't on it. But Robbie is on NBC main network. Ouch, that's gotta hurt...huh Randy?
          • Media dictates what will be popular.
            If the NFL were on say, ESPN2 and Spike only, it would be about as popular as the WNBA. TV made the NFL into what it is today. Media portrays it as something that must be seen. Lemmings follow the orders. Same with any popular show. If American Idol was a 1/2 hour program once a week on Lifetime, nobody would talk about it. It would not get 20 million people voting for a contestant who can't sing in the first place. Media dictates what the lemmings will consider important because the media will tell the lemmings what is important. Rush Limbaugh got on hundreds of radio stations everyday and repeated the "us vs. them" mantra over and over and over again until the GOP members decided he must be important. He's on the radio everyday. He must be important. Now look at them and look at the polarization. Media dictates what is important to the lemmings by telling the lemmings what is important. If ABC put on lawn darts every night at 8 PM and repeated the mantra that a lawn dart champion shall be considered a God, the lemmings would follow and you'd have shwo with a 10.0 rating. ESPN Sports Center tells the lemmings NASCAR is God. And the lemmings follow suit. IndyCar is left off the sports report in part because NASCAR has ordered ESPN not to report on it, and in part because ESPN has no interest in promoting a sport for which thy do not receive coin in order to tell the lemmings in is important. If the INDYCAR Series provided ESPN SportsCenter with $10 million in coin, they would inform the lemmings the series is important, and the lemmings would follow suit. Million would watch and not know why. Americans are followers. They live vicariously through the endeavors of a few others. They are told what to do and when to do it and what is important. America's alleged 'rugged individualism" is a myth. It is a nation of followers who are informed by the media what is important. They do what the media tells them to do. IndyCar is a niche sport, as many here have noted. So be it. It has a small, loyal following of people who choose not to be a lemming. I think that is the sports strongest asset. It has fans who love it and see it for what it is. Ask yourself, would you rather sit and watch a race with a few thousand IndyCar loyalists or tens of thousands of lemmings who give the finger to Jeff Gordon or cheer for a marginally-talented, if that, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and stupidly call him the "greatest race car driver since his Dad." Most American sports fans I encounter are undereducated, uncouth lemmings. Not all. Most. Underachievers. Most IndyCar fans I have encountered, and there are not many, are of way above average intelligence and present themselves well. IndyCar racing may not be popular with the mass of lemmings. But it is in good standing for those who appreciate true individualism and do their own thinking. It is a good sport and will survive as is. Somehow it will survive and those who follow it will appreciate it. Ask yourself, would I rather be a slob lemming or an individual who appreciates quality over mass-media driven quantity?
          • Lemmings
            followed the H/G clan as they "fixed" AOWR so well, it's now about as popular as Ebola. BTW, the real Intelligent OWR fans will be watching F1 from Singapore this weekend, and avoid the .1rl, except to LOAO at it's countless epic failz.. :rolleyes:
          • Sorry Blah
            Having been to 18 F1 races over the years in: Portugal, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and all the USGP's held since the first Detroit Grand Prix F1 back in the 80s, I must say, rumors of F1 fan intelligence are, to quote Mark Twain, "greatly exaggerated." Greatly exaggerated, indeed. Believe me, there are plenty of NASCAR-ish dunderheads. Doh!
          • clarification of previous post
            ALL entrances were free. not some paid and some didn't. 28K and vendors pleased with the crowd. IndyCar might not have to go that far. they will have do more than before to drive revenue.
          • it doesn't matter
            quote: No matches found on search for: indycar ratings Try broadening your search criteria.
          • The Quandry
            2012 TV ratings stunk, maybe as much as 50% DOWN. IZOD does next to nothing in promotion. Does the series want to die? I think not...but it can't sustain itself on 0.18's and track rentals costing $500K and paying NO sanction fees. I propose two solutions...DUMP/BUYOUT of the NBC contract. DUMP/BUYOUT of IZOD. You wanna be a big fish, play like one. Get on ONE network...and if it ain't ABC, then DUMP THEM TOO. Let's face it, with average TV ratings hovering around 0.2 and DROPPING, what does the series have to lose? The outlook is BLEAK otherwise...
          • The Thing For Which I Am Most Grateful
            Thank God Almighty they do not allow obsessed Internet children to do anything in Indy Car but pay attention to it.
          • We pay attention
            and it's sayonara Edmonton. F1 makes money for Octane, but all the clown car league can do is lose lose lose. :P
          • ????
            Did Edmonton not hear about Special Ed's big win? I thought they would be sold not by now.
          • ANOTHER market destroyed
            Edmonton is done, just another AOW market that the IRL/IICS couldn't survive in. Makes ya wonder how 200K fans crammed in their, not. Has the braintrust at 16th and Jonestown done any market surveys in ALL of the 30 or so markets the IRL/IZODcarz have destroyed in just 16 years? Qingdao and Edmonton just this year alone and Baltimore, Milwaukee hanging on by threads of taxpayer dollars too. WHY has the fans REJECTED AOW since the merger? Randy, you should have apologized!
          • Thanks for Watching
            Let me guess...the series is DOOMED. LOL. You know what's amazing? The obsessed kiddies scooped about every other media outlet with the news. It would appear you youngsters are big fans of the series. Thanks for watching. Perhaps this is why they are entertaining a street race in Providence instead of an airport race in rural Canada. As previously indicated it's a good thing the handful of haters are not allowed to do anything but follow every minute detail about the series.
            • LOL
              Thanks for watching, all 229,000 of you. LMAO.
            • It's easy to scoop the media when it comes to the .1rl
              because when they know nobody gives a rat's behind, they don't bother to report it. ;) Can't wait for Anthony's piece on how much money the league lost this year, what with all their huge success with track rentals drawing 15k, cancelled China race and falling tv ratings. :lol:
            • the .1rl's events are dropping, while...
              Singapore re-signined with F1 for 5 more years. And get a load of what a real top tier series can get when they build all the events up, rather than tear down everything except "the only race that matters". "S. Iswaran, Singapore's senior minister of trade, industry and education, revealed that under current terms the event cost £75 million to host - with the government funding around 60 percent of that." Source:
              • USGP
                Austin F1 race sold out two months before race. Amazing what interest there is when there is a real race track and not the Mickey Mouse track that IMS* had.
              • Proof is in the pudding
                How about them ratings?
              • Fontana's 0.2
                Tv Rating for season ending champiionship...0.2 So, what is the series going to do about it? What happens when nobody wants the product you're selling? Business folks, chime in here please....
              • Need To Determine Whether Everything is DOMED
                Anyone got the 12+ overnights for F-1 in Singapore for that street race?
              • IZOD Indy Series TV Ratings DIlema
                TV ratings for the series are now the lowest in the HISTORY of the sport. Why has popularity in the series spiraled to near DOOMED levels? F! has a worldwide audience that far surpasses the piddly 277K fans the Indy series draws.
              • Singapore ratings
                are good enough that they signed up for another 5 years with F1. Edmonton with the league on the other hand... :lol:
              • NBCSN down 27%, ABC 15%
                TV ratings continue to make headlines. Sports Biz Journal reporting/confirming IRL/IICS series in free-fall. This is great news for the series. Don't forget Indy fans, the IICS is LOCKED into the NBC contract until at least 2017. Down 27% on NBC, down 15% on ABC. Why has the AOW fan turned away...and what is IMS gonna do to fix it?
              • LOL
                Off the track, IndyCar must address declining television ratings. According to Street & Smith’s SportsBusiness Journal, IndyCar pulled its lowest viewership to date on NBC Sports Network, averaging 292,000 viewers, down 27 percent from 402,000 in 2011 and 62 percent from the 778,000 it averaged in its last year on ESPN in 2008. ABC races were down 17 percent from last year.
              • Simmer down kiddies
                I see the children need their pacifier. Look, on Gulfstream ride back from Fontana, the Boss and I discussed the ratings numbers over a throaty cognac and delightful shrimp, dipped in an amazingly tangy goat creme sauce with just a hint of dangleberry. It was otherwordly. But I digress. The point is, you felt you little ones are missing the point. Yes, the TV numers show an audience of apporximately 250,000 to 300,000 nationwide. But the breakouts show the numbers are significant in teh key, targeted metrics. Those are the numbers you shoudl look at instead of stupidly rehashing the admittedly epic low genreal 12-plus number. The real data shows all 34 Trackforum fans are either watching the races on TV or actually attending them, despite the presence of Zoomie and Doc Austin at some of these events. All 34 have purchased Izod gear, drink Sundrop for breakfast, and would buy Gieco insurance if they owned cars. The Boss intimated this to me and showed me the data from the "insider Trackforum polling." The reality is, this series has 34, maybe as many as 39, truly hardcore, dedicate followers who sleep, eat, drink, breathe, and even defecate (in their Izods) Indy Car racing. That kind of loyalty is worth a lot more than a .20 average rating. - The One Of The Guys Dicipher of IndyCar Racing
              • For the LAST Time
                It's not the media partner, it's the product that stinks. Randy could buy the league a spot on Nickelodeon that gets 2 million viewers for a spongebob rerun and still no one would watch.
              • Jackson, Wyoming
                Ah yes, let's all go on a retreat....the doldrums of Indianapolis certainly taint the decision making. Take Brian Barnhart with ya too. That's some 'think-tank' that has brought this series and sport to it's knees. So, go get'em Randy! Show'em how it's done. And get rid of Firestone and add some doubleheaders. That's what the sport needs.
              • Because nothing says Indy Car racing...
       a 55-mile per hour hairpin turn in Providence. Nothing! I mean, Randy knows! These missiles were built for the streets of Providence. And Baltimore. And St. Petersburg. And Long Beach. And that municipal park in the middle of the Detroit River.
              • Nothing gives the midwest
                dirt track racer a shot at Indy like 15 street races
              • FRANCE FAMILY
                It will be better if the France Family buy the indycar series and put them to race before the sprint cup at every oval. If is too dangerous, put the street/road kit. Ifs not, oval kit. Indycar also could race at other placese that Nascar (and Grand AM) race, like Road America, Glen.. they got now Road Atlanta, Sebring... Im hope for this...
              • Never will happen
                If it was financially viable, the IRL/Indycars never would have left ISC nascar tracks. Just like all the other once-successful race tracks, IMS/Speedway priced themselves out of the market after the merge. So, it'll never happen unless the IRL rents the tracks or charges no sanction fee...which is why they are near death now in the first place.
              • Mass Indy Car Layoffs Happening
                Appears to be an early Christmas for the Indy Car Series. Many teams have begun to layoff all of it's employees, and it's only September. Panther, KV, Ganassi. Sorry guys, IMS has screwed this thing up good.
              • Taxpayer funded Racing
                what Jan, Jim, and John have been calling for for over 20 years
              • In racing news that matter
                2008 World Drivers Champion Lewis Hamilton is headed to Mercedes, leaving 7 time World Drivers Champion Michael Schumacher set for retirement, while current Sauber/Ferrari driver, Sergio Perez is slotted to take Hamilton's vacated seat at Mclaren. I remember when AOWR was top tier, and I didn't give a rats behind for F1. But then, the H/G clan stepped in and fixed everything, just dandy. Now, I just can't get enough of that F1 goodness, and don't care to watch AOWR!
              • They Say They Don't Care But Their Obsessive Commentary Proves Otherwise
                When will your lack of interest include just ignoring it then?
              • I was at Indy this year
                and heard Tom Carnegie call out those 9 or 6 new track records. It was grate.
              • INDY CAR
                Indy car used to race at Louden New Hampshire, it was pretty full and awesome to watch, I drove 4 hours each way to go see it. Now I tune in sometimes on TV but its not the same before the split. I was sad to see Las Vegas taken out of the schedule but can totally understand why.
                • Why Vegas was taken off the schedule
                  was because ole RB rented the track and gave away >80,000 tickets for free, but could only get <20,000 to show up for Death Race 2011. It was epic failz before the DW crash.
                • Vegas-Fontana-Iowa-ish...
                  ...crowds, say 20,000 to 30,000, reflect what IndyCar will get with the exception of the Indianapolis 500, down itself to about 225,000 give or take but still strong, and the only true reason the series exists at all. CART days are long gone. Sullivan, Mears, Fittipaldi, Long Beach Grand Prix glitz and glam, mainstream, big shot stuff is long ago and never more. That was an anomaly, propped up by the new found excitement and hype of the sleek Indy cars all of a sudden on live TV in the Miami Vice, MTV, early-era cable TV times. People got curious. Sort of a junior-NASCAR fad. The only thing that really came of age that became even larger than life and still benefits today, is the Indy 500. Still on live TV, still of some note. IMS itself was ushered into the modern sports stadia-era, one of the nicest facilities in the world, a true icon. Street races, and cool, hipster, mainstream Indy Car drivers and the whole Miami Vice-MTV thing it is not anymore. Now it is more like a basic, hardcore sport, with a basic, hardcore audience. Maybe 300,000 tops, probably lower. More like the 1970's, Ongais, Sneva, Unser-era. Like when they ran at Trenton and Texas World, only much more professional, modern, and yes, with a somewhat larger audience, better educated, mainstream-ish but with some class and sophistication that distances itself from the NASCAR redbilly crowd. Sort of like a major league baseball crowd in St. Louis. There is your crowd. So it is all good in a way. The sport still survives, fast, sleek, unique. Smaller audience than twenty years ago, but loved by the hardcore followers. Good, competitive racing. Niche sport? Yes, for sure. But a good one. A cool one with a one, major, monumental and beloved event that is part fo the American cultural fabric, yes, in a somwhat diminished way but holding its own as one of the "majors." Pocono is a good idea. Going back to Fontana is a good idea. Iowa, Texas, Milwaukee. This is the sport. Road racing is a sports car thing, and Randy needs to know this and move on it. Make street money for a couple years to pare down debt, get some fiscal solid ground, and then run the series for what it oval series, high speed, incredible racing, that is Indy Cars. Six, seven, eight ovals races, maybe ten, and the Indy 500. 25,000 average will show and a .25 audience will watch. That is the sport right now. Later, maybe 40,000 watch and 0.75 to 1.0 watch, especially if they can get the races on something other than an obscure dippy-do, nobody station. ABC is tradition but so was/is Firestone. Maybe it is time for CBS or NBC? If so, keep it classy. The Indy 500 is not a NASCAR race. Oh yes, the IMS Radio Network, keep it. Even NAIA Division III football programs have radio broadcasts. The IMS Radio Network covers the races very well. Gives it color and intrigue. All about the Indy 500 these days and the fast and competitive oval races elsewhere. Things will work out. Focus on Indy and some great oval races. Stay classy, Indianapolis.
                • Happy Halloween
                  Heard for Halloween Randy Bernard's costume is: Ex-IndyCar CEO. Question then, is this a trick or a treat?
                • Open Wheel Racing
                  in America died 10 years ago. Let Elvis rest in peace.
                • What is this I hear
                  the IRL operated at a loss again in 2012. Say it isn't so Dipsicle of INDYCARS

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